Debunking the Myth: Is ReadersMagnet a Scam?

Is ReadersMagnet a scam and not a legit company? Let’s take a closer look at the company whose existence has affected the lives of self-published and relatively unknown authors who only want to share their stories with the world.

For almost two years now, authors Khristina Chess and Christopher Schmitz have been spearheading the campaign to tag self-publishing company ReadersMagnet as a big scam. While the issues pointed out in their respective blogs may have been true, these issues have been long dealt with properly by the company. The constant updating of the blogs and solely for the purpose of maligning ReadersMagnet and its effort to provide quality publishing and book marketing services is most distasteful.

Some of the published books by ReadersMagnet

A Legitimate Business

First things first, ReadersMagnet is a legitimate business that maintains an office at 10620 Treena Street, Suite 230, San Diego, California, USA. Its operations started in 2017, first as a book marketing services provider, and later providing publishing services for authors all across the United States. Furthermore, ReadersMagnet is a business listed in various business listings online. Since July of 2018, ReadersMagnet is Better Business Bureau accredited. It holds a BBB rating of A, which is the second-highest rating on the BBB scale. It also has an active LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a network of professionals and legitimate companies.

Partnerships with Legitimate Institutions

Since its establishment, Readersmagnet has partnered with legitimate businesses to ensure that all the services they are offering yield the desired results. Publisher’s Weekly is one of ReadersMagnet’s oldest partners. Kirkus Review, Foreword Clarion, and BlueInk Book Review are third-party review companies that have an active partnership with ReadersMagnet.

For most of its events, ReadersMagnet partners with the Combined Book Exhibit (CBE). Some of these national and international book fairs include the following:

  • American Library Association
  • Public Library Association
  • Bolognia Children’s Book Fair
  • BookExpo New Title Showcase
  • Sharjah International Book Fair
  • Beijing International Book Fair
  • Frankfurt International Book Fair
  • Guadalajara International Book Fair

Outside CBE, ReadersMagnet participated in other prestigious book events such as the 2018 Miami Book Fair International and the 24th Los Angeles Times Festival of Books held early this year.


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This year is another exciting year for radio interviews. Recently, ReadersMagnet teamed up with award-winning National broadcast personality, Kate Delaney. She is a host for the show America Tonight Radio. Kate Delaney has over 16,000 interviews in her 20 years of radio and television career. What makes having Kate Delaney is the fact that she is also an author. Delaney’s book Level the Playing Field is an Amazon best-seller.

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