Late Last Night


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 ::Chapter One::Like a Virgin::Madonna

"But this dress is so gorgeous." Amy said. She really wanted me to go to that party ith her, huh? Even though it was nine days away.

"No." I said flatly.


"Hells no." I added.

Amy put up the short black dress against my body and I took a step back.

"B*itch move one more time and it will be me and you on the floor, wrestling." Amy hissed. Her nostrils flared and she took a dangerous step towards me.

Amy Little is well, little, but she's scary as hell. I gulped once and stuck my chin in the air, ready to retaliate, when another voice cuts me off.

"Woo! Girls wrestling. That's sexy!"

Amy and I gave our best friend, Ronnie, a look.

"Is there going to be mud?" Louis asked.

Louis was another one of my best friends. I only have four, Amy, Ronnie and Louis. Amy was what we called the bitch. Ronnie was the gay sl*t and Louis was... sl*t number two. 'Sept he was straight.

Amy grabbed a hanger and threw at him. "Shut the hell up."

"Ow! It was just a joke!" Louis cried. Ronnie batted his eyelashes at Louis.

"I can kiss it better." he said. Louis rolled his eyes.

"I rather Nadya kiss it than you." Louis shrugged. I blushed at that even though I knew he was joking.

"Aww." Ronnie cooed. "She's blushing." I rolled my eyes as the cooed at me. I huffed and pushed myself on the Amy's bed.

"Let's face it. I have nothing to wear. So I might as well not go!" I said. Amy growled-a habit of her's- and tackled me off the bed.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I yelled.

"I'm wrestling you." she laughed maliciously and pinned my arms down. I grunted and bit her arm. She Drew back and I tackled her.

"Who's laughing now!" I jeered. My victory was short lived because she pushed me off and then punched me in my breast.

"You mofo!" I yelled. She laughed at me and pointed.

"Don't mess with the king, b*tch!"

"Whatever," I grumbled, still rubbing my precious boob.

That sounded so wrong.

Louis laughed at us, "You guys are so hot when you wrestle. Do it again."

"Shut up, Louis!" Amy and I shouted in union. We both got up and sat back down on the bed.

My favorite part of this room was the picture that Amy took. She was into art, and she painted, drew, or took photos of everything that meant something to her. On the left side of her square shaped bedroom was a picture of all of us. Louis' arm was around Amy's waist and his other arm was around Ronnie's shoulder. Louis had one of those dimpled grins that we rarely see. His blond hair had tints of brown in it and his hazel eyes were sparkling. Ronnie had his arm around mine and was kissing my cheek. His black hair was covering my eyes and forehead. I remember telling him to move because I couldn't see. The camera only saw my lips that were formed into a smile and my blush.

Amy had rushed to put the timer on and run back to be in the photo. Her eyes were on Louis and she had a smile on her face. She was really gorgeous in that picture, the smile lit up her face. She claims it was because he said something funny but I knew that she was really in love with Louis.

Despite the fact that I can't stand my friends sometimes, I really loved them.

Amy gave me a smile when she caught me looking at the photo again. She knew I loved it.

"Can you please just wear the dress?" she begged. She gave me her puppy dog eyes. I shook my head at her and sighed.

"I better not get raped."

Amy screamed and jumped around. "Victory is mine bitch! Suck on that!"


The next day my heart was pounding frantically.

My crush, Marc Daniels, was running towards me-shirtless.

I couldn't help it. My hormones controlled my eyes and let it wonder all over that glorious bod. Hot damn, I thought.

"Hey Nadya," Marc smiled. "How you doin'?"

I tried not to smile to hard, but I couldn't believe it. He remembered my name! Suck on that!

I really need to stop hanging out with Amy.

"I'm fine. You?" I politely asked.

"I'm better now," He grinned. My heart fluttered-literally. This must be a dream.

"Listen, I wanted to talk to you..." he said. He lifted his hand and picked at a stray strand of hair that fell in front of my eyes. This boy just wanted me to die from a heart attack.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"You going to the party next Friday?" he asked. Damn him, he was taking too long to ask me out.

I wanted to scream Hell yeah. I also wanted to kiss him.

Most of all I wanted to jump his bones. Not that I’d know exactly how... But that didn't stop the urges.

Instead of doing all of those things- one I was too shy and two we were on public school grounds- I calmly nodded.

Marc grinned wider, "Awesome. I'll see you there." And with that, he sauntered away.

I couldn't help but watch his ass as he walked away. Damn the things I'd like to do to-

"Nadya!" my friend Hillary called. "Are you practicing or what?"

"What?" I asked. The girls giggled.

"Come on. Get over Marc's ass and let's practice," she laughed. I sighed, gave one last look to my fantasy man, and walked over to the rest of the squad.

I was the co-captain of the cheer leading squad at my school. We were called the "Hawks", stupid I know, but I loved cheer leading.

We got in formation and started to move to the music.

It was totally cliché. The head, alright co-head, cheerleader and the head of the football team. But I didn't care. Marc was to sexy, and sweet to let a stupid cliché stop us from going out.

Well at least I think we were going out.

Rehearsals went by quickly, and I was making my way to Ronnie. He was the wide receiver of the team, and he was pretty good. The guys really didn't care that he was gay, they kind of guessed before he came out anyways.

Phillip Daniel smiled at me as I approached. He wasn't as sexy as his brother but he was good looking, none the less. "Hey sexy." I rolled my eyes and pushed past him. I sat outside the lockers, learning last time that their actually naked in there, and wanted. Phillip smiled at me and entered the lockers.

"You don't want to join? I'm taking a shower." he winked.

I screwed up my nose. "Hell no."

"But-" Phillip got shoved before he could finish the sentence.

"Move," the boy growled. He had messy black hair and clearest blue eyes that I've ever seen. I cocked my head to the side; I've never seen him before.

The mystery boy walked off without sparing us another glance.

"Who was that?" I asked Phillip.

"An *sshole," he answers with a clenched jaw. "Do yourself a favor and stay away from him. A sweet virgin like you has no business with him."

Virigin. How the… "How do you know I was a virgin?"

"Come on Nadya. It's pretty obvious," Phillip pointed out. He gave me one last look and then walked away.

Pretty obvious.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

::Chapter Two:: Because of You::Kelly Clarkson

"You are not going to do that," I retaliated. Ronnie scoffed and nodded his head as he cruised towards McDonald's.

We just came from practice and decided to take a bite, when Ronnie decides that his next sexual encounter will be Phillip Daniel. Marc's brother.

"Phillip isn't gay, though," I said. "He hits on me all the time."

"So?" Ronnie asked. "I flirt with you all the time. Heck, everyone flirts with you."

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Because your a virgin," Ronnie shrugged.

"Again, what does that have to do with anything? so what I didn't have sex-not everyone had sex, yet."

"But your the biggest virgin, darling. That's the point. Your so hot and naive. A lot of the football team wants to shag you but your all about Steve."

"Who's Steve?" I asked.

"Analogy, darling. Like Sandra Bullock, your all about Marc." he stated. He cast me one of his signature 'I-know-everything' look that he reserves just for these occasions.

"I am not all about Marc." Well not enough to follow him across the damn country.

"Yes you are darling. Every time he's either mentioned or near you, you even start to drool." Ronnie says. He lolls his head to the side, cast a dreamy look at me, and deliberately started drooling.

I realized two minutes after he was supposed to be imitating me, "I do not look like that!" I slapped Ronnie and told him to move to the drive-thru.

He chuckled and drove up. "What do you want?"

"The usual," I replied. He ordered my kiddie meal and his Angus Burger. We drove up to the station where we receive our food when he spoke again.

"Why was Marc talking to you earlier?"

I blushed and looked down. "I think he kind of maybe, asked me out?"

Ronnie gasped. "Shut the eff up! When was this?"


"Don't actually answer that. I'm just surprised." Ronnie said. I scrunched up my nose, what a hot guy can't ask me out?

"If you haven't notice Marc is kind of shy." Ronnie told me. "So I'm just suprise he had the guts."

"Excuse me," the cashier asked, looking like he's been waiting for a long time. "Here's your order." Ronnie turned his head towards the guy and literally eye-shagged him. I shook my head, he has no shame.

"Thanks darling," Ronnie smiled. The cashier's eyes widened and cleared my head.

"Do you need more condiments?" the cashier asked.

"What?" Ronnie questioned.

"Condiments," he replied back, pointing to the yellow sign taped onto the side of the window.

"Don't you think your being a little forward, sweetheart. Besides, I have enough condoms. So if you want to shag..."

"What?" I yelled. "Ronnie. Condiments are sauces. Not condoms!"

"Oh shit!" Ronnie said. He took the food and put it in my lap. "Sorry about that."

The cashier nodded, with a slight smile on his face. "Have a good day."

"We can still shag if you want. I'm a large," Ronnie winked then drove off before he could get an answer.

"Sl*t," I muttered.

"But I got the number." Ronnie laughed, showing me a black scribble on the receipt. "I'm to sexy to resist."

As soon as I reached home, I realized something was wrong. My house was still intact, two story and a boring brown color. But there was a red Honda in the driveway.

"Your mom's home?" Ronnie asked.

I shrugged and got out the car. My jaw tensed as I walked up the driveway. Ronnie watched me from the car, probably wondering if he could come with me or not.

I guess he decided against it, because he drove away.

My mother and I never got along. It didn't start when I became a teenager, more like when I was born. But it did get worse from when I turned fourteen.

I shook my head, shaking the memories from that year out of my head. That was four years ago, the past, I reminded myself. I entered my house that I usually had to myself to a three year old little boy.

"Nagya!" my baby brother smiled. I laughed at his version of my name and scooped him in my arms.

"How you doing Maxie?" I asked. "I missed you!"

"Of course you did." Maxie smiled. His little arms wrapped around my neck and I carried him to our kitchen where my mother was trying to cook.

"Hello Nadya." she said dryly. I nodded back and set Maxie down. He laughed, oblivious to the tension, and ran off.

"It's good afternoon," she spat at me.

"Coming from a person who left her daughter, you don't get that respect." My words cut her like a knife, I could see that. But she deserved it. She left me alone in New York after Max turned one. No explanation-no nothing. It was days later I learned she moved to Florida.

She only arrives 2 months at a time. Stays a total of three days-only to disappear again, taking Maxie with her.

I hated her for doing that. But I hated myself for forgiving her everytime we try to sit down and settle it, only for her to get back up and leave me again. When I was smaller, my father died. I remember hearing her cry all the time at night. Trying to comfort her was a waste, she's stare blankly at the wall in her room, at nothing else but the hanging picture of my father when he was taking his military photo.

I remember when I tried to take it down. It was like a devil had possessed her. She snapped out with a frenzy. She started wailing and thrashing at me. I dropped the picture, causing the frame to break.

The deafening crack of the frame froze both of us.

And then she slapped me. We never mentioned it. She just packed our things and we moved to NY.

It was when Max was born that we started to try and get along, for his sake.

But it only made it worse because we's always disagree about the father. An asshole who ran as soon as he heard he impregnated her. I tried to encourage her to take him to court for child support, though it would hurt both of us to see his face again, we desperately needed it.

But of course, she refused.

She pisses me off like no one else.

I then very dramatically stomped my way up to my room like a true teenager and slammed the door shut. I huffed and put on my IPod. I then lied back onto my pink colored sheets and sank into the music.

Anything to take me from this hell hole.


"I can't come." I told Louis over the phone. I was picking at my sheets while Snow Patrol belted out "Chasing Cars" in the background. It was one of my favorites and was playing on repeat the whole day to block out my mother.

"Why not?" he asked. "Did you get laid? If you got laid and you didn't come their something wrong. The sex must have been bad."

It took me a while to get what he was actually impliying. "No!" I yelled. Why is everything about sex now a days.

"Then what..." Louis asked. I stayed silent, not really wanting to talk about it again. "Your talking about the party aren't you."


"Why can't you come?" he asked. Knowing him he was probably having a hard time syaing it with a straight face. Before I could answer though, he guessed.

"Oh your playing Chasing Cars. Your mom," he confirmed. I rolled eyes at him.

"Sometimes it feels as if you all can read my mind." I sighed.

"Your just predictable darling." he laughed. "Just sneak out."

"Are you crazy?" I yelled. "I can't do that. She will now."

"Hold up, Nadya, I have to close my porn site."

I sighed and waited for him to close it. The first time he told me this, I got freaked out, but I realized it was just his girls that he called his porn site. the ones that he usually kicks out of bed after their time together.

This is one of the many reasons I wanted to wait to have sex. If I would have given the big V to a jerk who'd just kick me out of bed after, I'd probably die. Maybe I'm being dratic, though.

"Get up. Wake up, Claudia." I heard Louis say.

There was a mumble and shuffling.

"Claudia." he said again.

"I'm up! and its Lola!" the girl said.

"Whatever get out." he replied. "Anyways, darling. Sneak out. Say your going to Amy's or Ronnie's and come to the party."

"I don't know. You know I suck at lying."

"Just do it." Louis replied hastily. Then he hung up.

::Chapter 3::Call Me Maybe::

You are crazy," said Amy. Her newly manicured nails tapped against the plastic surface of the lunch table.

"No." I said. "I'm not."

Amy sighed, "Listen. Just because he said 'I'll meet you there' doesn't mean he asked you out."

"What does it mean then?" I challenged. Amy smirked.

"He will meet you there, duh." she said. I rolled my eyes and looked at her salad.

"What's with the tree?" I pointed.

"I'm on a diet." she shrugged.

"What?" I asked. "Your like a stick!"

"I'm huge." She dead-panned. "I'm like hanging off the freaking seat." I glared at my best friend. She over exaggerates to much.

"Your taking up a quater of the freaking seat. Your tiny, I don't understand why your starving yourself." I countered. I took a bite of my Subway sandwich and waved it in her face. "This! This is food."

Amy wrinkled her nose, "You don't know what they put in that stuff. And I'm not starving myself I'm planning on going veggie. It's healthy."

"Your killing innocent plants, your such a bitch." I muttered. Amy ignored me.

"As I was saying, I doubt it's really a date." she continued.

"And what I'm trying to say was, you didn't see the look he gave me."

"He flirts with everyone!" she yelled.

"No he doesn't," I argued.

"Yes," she said. "He does. He totally flirted with both me and Ronnie the other day in Science."

My eyes narrowed, "And your just telling me this now?"

"We didn't think it mattered." she muttered, stuffing her mouth with salad so she doesn't have to talk. Thankfully, Louis and Ronnie walked up to us.

"Hello darling, the queen bi-o-tch has arrived," Ronnie smiled. He looked down at Amy's salad. "What the hell are you eating!"

I laughed at his reaction and turned to Louis. "When a guy says 'I'll see you there' does it mean he's going to take you out."

Louis raised and eyebrow, "A guy's gonna meet you somewhere?"

I hesitated, looking at Ronnie and Amy, they seemed to be in their own conversation. "Marc."

"Well the guy is shy as hell, so I guess that's his way of asking you out." Louis shrugged. He attacked his sandwich and chewed with his mouth open. I actually used to have a crush on him, sad to say.

"Where's he going to meet you?" he asked. I was about to answer when a bunch of chewed lettuce from his sandwich flew from his mouth and onto my face.

"Oh my God." I said.

Louis laughed, "Ah shit! I'm sorry." But he didn't sound sorry at all. Amy and Ronnie turned to me and laughed.

I felt the bile raise in my throat and I got up. I have to wash and sterilize my face with bleach. I stumbled my way across the cafeteria, eyes half-way closed. It was a stupid idea now that I think of it, but I was concentrating on not puking until I made it to the nearest toilet.

I was doing pretty good until I bounced into someone. I lost my balance and grabbed for the nearest thing. I grabbed what felt like an arm and tried to stay on my feet.

"What the hell!" the person asked. They shoved me, even though they say me teetering on my freaking feet already. I opened my eyes when I hit the ground.

"What the fudge is wrong with you!?" I screeched. I looked up and realized it was the same guy Peter told me to stay away from. Now I know why.

"Me? What about you? You were walking around like a f*cking drunk b*tch with your eyes closed!" he cursed again, like he didn't curse enough in that sentence.

"Half-closed idiot!" I yelled trying to get up. "You kiss your mother with that mouth?"

The boy shot me a glare, "I'd rather f*ck my mother than be around you. You made me spill my apple juice." I realized that I did make it spill, on his pants. I cracked a smile, he looked like he peed himself.

"Oh wow!" I fained sadness. "I don't give a sh*t." I was surprised with my words, I could tell he was too, but he was so annoying.

"Wow. Little Ms. Virgin just cursed, what would Jesus think?" he said sarcastically. He walked away then, getting the last say. I glared at him.

I sighed and tried to get up then, being on the floor for to long. Marc came up to me and helped me up. I blushed. "Thanks."

"No problem," he smiled.

"Who was that?" I asked him.

"Lucas Tale." he answered with a sour voice.

"I'm taking you don't like him," I said. He snorted.

"I don't but I have to tolerate him," he shrugged. I noticed that his hands hadn't removed from my arms.

"Why?" I asked.

"He's family," he sighed. I raised my eyebrows. He laughed at my reaction, "Not related. Our uncle and aunt married each other."

"I'm so sorry for you." I said. He smiled.


"You have lettuce on your face." he laughed, when he did this his blue eyes shined.

I shoved him away playfully, "God this is so embarrassing." I muttered. I tried to walk around Marc and head to the bathroom. Marc grabbed my wrist.

"Your still cute even with chewed lettuce on your face," he chuckled. He kissed the cheek that didn't have the lettuce on it and smiled before leaving me alone.

Holy crap, what just happened.

"And-and you made him pee his pants!" Amy laughed. "And the whole time you had the lettuce on your face!" Louis and Ronnie were joining in on her laughter. They were leaning on the lockers around mine sharing the embarrassing moment.

"That boy is so annoying." I said. "He called me Ms. Virgin! Why does every one know that?"

Ronnie snorted, "It's obvious!"

"No it isn't!" i argued, slamming smy locker door. I shoved my bag up my arm and gave them all a look. "The next time someone comments on my sex life-"

"What sex life?" Amy scoffed. I glared at her and continued.

"Is going to get punched." I finished. Louis laughed at that.

"Do you even know how to throw a punch?" I balled my hands up into a tight fist and punched Louis in his jaw.

He stumbled back and cursed. "Where the hell did you learn how to bunch!?"

I laughed, "Come on we live in New York, I have to know how to defend myself."

I waved good bye to my friends who were laughing at Louis and headed off to practice.

Who said a virgin couldn't punch? I thought smugly.

::Chapter 4: Crazy::

I cheered for forty minutes straight.

My legs were aching and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much, I still loved it.

My mother hated the fact that I cheered. She thought it was just for sluts to kick there legs up for the guys. She didn't know it was all about cheering people up. Well for me it is.

I sighed and dragged my rag across my forehead. The girls locker room didn't have many showers and I have to wait for Mary Winters to wash her hair and deep condition. I was sitting outside the locker room looking at the remaining guys on the football team play. I didn't see Marc but I did see Lucas.

Lucas. I can't believe Marc had to deal with that. I saw Lucas a couple times since the incident, he sneered at me and kept it going.

As I watched him play I watched as he avoided the other teams advances. He wasn't quarter back, but he's pretty damn good. Lucas scored and laughed at the others. He raised his arms in victory and danced around them. I was so busy watching the guys on the field I didn't notice Mary was out of the showers. She tapped my shoulder and told me she was done.

I smiled at her and finally went in to take my shower. I washed my hair with my favorite mint shampoo and scrubbed myself with my peach shower gel. I sang to myself the whole time and didn't hear someone come in.

"Wow you have a good voice."

I screamed and jumped away from the voice. I knew it was Lucas. I covered my body automatically even though he couldn't see me unless he drew back the curtain or peeked over the top.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I yelled. "Get out."

"Don't worry little virgin I just wanted to see who was singing so well," he laughed. "I don't need to see what I've seen on hotter girls already."

I snorted, "Like you ever had a girl."

"Please I have a more of a sex life than you do. A freaking cockroach has more of a sex life than you do." he laughed. I clenched my hands over my body. When I'm out of here I owe this ass a punch in the face.

Maybe in that cocky mouth of his.

"Please leave." I pleaded. This was getting very uncomfortable.

"Aw. Please?" he said. "Since you asked so nicely."

"Thank you,"I sighed. I dropped my hand and continued my shower.

"Whoa. You have a nice ass."

I screamed and looked up to see the devil peering over the shower wall peering down at me. I flashed hot water in his face making him drop.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" I grabbed my towel from the rack and covered my body. I turned off the shower and stepped out. I tunred to where he was ready to really punch the idiot down.

"Where'd he go?" I asked. I shook my head and looked for my clothes. I searched the hooks for my clothes and realized it was gone.

I clenched my jaw and stomped out of the showers. "Lucas you mother sucker give me my clothes!" I yelled. The remaining of the football team laughed at me and watched as Lucas ran across the football field my jeans and shirt in one hand, and my bra and panties in the other. My bright pink lace panties from Victoria Secret.

"You better not drop those!" I shrieked.

"Hey Nadya you can model for us if you like," one of the boys I didn't know said as I stepped closer to the football field. I have no idea how he knew my name but he was about to get punched.

"Do I know you?" I hissed. The guys laughed.

"Oooh!" they said. "Burn." I rolled my eyes and tapped my flip-flop covered foot on the grassy ground below me.

"Where the hell is that idiot going with my clothes?" I asked myself. He was still running around with them in his hands. I didn't want to run after him and end up having my towel fall.

I thought about my best options. I can shoot him dead and get my clothes. Or I could get one of these guys to chase him. I sighed. If Marc was here he'd do it for me. Or Louis.

Where the hell are these people when I need them?

"She's taking this well." a guy said.

"No she's turning red, look at her face." another commented.

"She had nice legs," said someone else. They all grunted in agreement. I cast a dark look over my shoulder and tightened my grip on my towel. I stalked away from them and towards Lucas who had stopped near the flag pole. I narrowed my eyes.

What is he up to? I walked faster when I realized he was tying my delicates to the flag pole.

"What the hell!" I yelled. As soon as I was close enough I tried to stop him with one hand. It was a failed attempt. The boy was strong and easily fanned me off with one muscular arm. He raised my pink lace underwear set all the way to the top of the flagpole as I raised fist on his back and screamed profanities.

He turned to me when it was done with a laugh and a mischievous look. He handed me my jeans and tee shirt. I snatched it form him. "You are mentally unstable and should go die in a roach infested pit."

"Aw. You don't mean that." he said. "Plus you could have gotten your cheer leading uniform."

"We don't get those until a performance." I snapped.

"Is it locked away somewhere?" he asked. "And wouldn't you have the key."

He was right. I did have the key. But I wasn't allowed to take out the uniforms. I told him this and walked away. I heard his laughter follow me as I tried to angrily walk as fast as I could away from this devil.

"Your so goody two shoes." he said.

"whatever." I said when I reached my car. I took my keys from on top of my tires and unlocked the door. I climbed in my car and looked up at him. "Can you leave now."

Lucas shook his head and closed the door. I shooed him away and watched as he walked away from the car. This time I actually waited and looked around before I took of the towel. I crouched low so no one could see me and swiftly put on my clothes. I had no underwear and it was extremely uncomfortable.

I pulled myself up and started the engine.

I remembered my underwear, I should get it. I looked up at the flag pole and realized it was gone. I looked around for Lucas and realized he was too.

Bout to put it out of park , determined to find the bastard, when someone opened my passenger door. I, for the millionth time today, screamed. Lucas beamed at me and buckled up.

I sighed, "Why are you stalking me?" I asked. He shrugged.

"My rides not coming so I want you to drive me home." he said leaning back so far that if someone was sitting in the back seat they'd be squished.

"Get the hell out my car. After all you did you expect me to drive you home after everything?"

He smirked, "I decided I don't hate you."

"Doesn't answer my question."

"So since we are friends you'll take me home." he raised my underwear at the end of the sentence. I pounced for it, basically tackling him and reaching for them. He stretched his arms out in an incredible width so that I couldn't get it.

"I love being friends with you," he said with a breathy voice. His eyes were fixed downwards, I followed his gazed and I realized how my braless chest was rubbing all over his. We so close that I could feel his breathe fanning over my cheeks and my neck. It gave me goose bumps. I've never been so close to a guy before.

I pushed away from him and glared. "If you give you a ride will you give me my underwear?"

"Sure." he said. "Vaminos!"

I rolled my eyes and reversed out of my parking spot and drove out od the parking lot.

"I'm bullet proof! Nothing to loose!" Lucas sang. He was shaking his head back and forth belting out the lyrics. "Fire-away fire-way!"

"You shoot me down! But I won't fall. I am titanium."

He had a good voice, yes, but he was still annoying.

"Come on Nadya, sing along.":

I wasn't even aware he knew my name. I thought.

"Come on!" he chanted. "Join me." I sighed.

"I am titanium," I sang.

"Woooo!" he cheered. We sang the rest of the song until it ended. And I was actually smiling. I stopped in front of a blue house with a huge driveway.

Lucas grinned at me. He thanked me, surprisingly this guy doesn't seem to have any manners, and handed me my underwear.

"You have a nice rack by the way." he said. I glared at him and put out my hand for my bra.

"Give me my bra."

He laughed, something he does a lot. He held it up between us. "But I love this! Will you model for me?"

I snatched them. "Good bye Lucas."

He grinned. "See yah later Racy Lacy."

He climbed out the car while I yelled, "My name is Nadya!"

"Your middle name is Lacy." he answered with a mischievous smile. How the hell did he know that? Not even my best friends know that. I hate my middle name.

"How do you know that?" I asked finally but he was walking up the driveway. I shook my head and drove down the street.

Lucas drives me crazy.

::Chapter 5::

"Since when are you and Lucas Tale bestest of friends?" Amy Little asked me the next morning. She had her hands on her high-low skirt covered hips. She had matched it with a strapless top.

I stared at her. "You look really nice today!"

She blushed and waved off my compliment, "No more than usual."

"No I mean you actually look nice. Why?"

"What do u mean I actually look nice?" she asked. I closed my locker and clicked my tongue.

"Nothing." I said in an innocent voice. I walked towards my first class of the day waving good bye to the little girl I called my best friend. She rolled her eyes and called out, "And you still didn't answer my question!"

"Good bye Amy!" I yekked back turning around. I laughed at her frustrating expression and turned back around.

Running straight into the devil.

"My name is Lucas, Racy Lacy, not Amy." Lucas smirked.

I tried walking around him, "I was taking to Amy dude. Not you."

"I thought I was your best friend. Did you cheat on me?" he said. He said it in that teasing voice I've come to learn. Its the same voice he uses before his blue eyes sparkle with mischeif and he does something completely unexpected.

I narrowed my eyes, "Whatever your planning to do, stop. Now." Lucas smiled.

He patted my head like a dog and sauntered away from me. I shook my head and headed to class.

We are all going to die, I thought. My jaw dropped as I stared at the alien who walked through the classroom enterance.

He was wearing a button shirt, one he swore he's never wear. Slacks, something he said was for sissy's. And God help us all, dress shoes.

I didn't even know he had dress shoes! Let alone know what those were.

The girls in my class checked him out and I could hear a collective sigh.

What the hell?

"Louis?" I asked. He turned his head towards me smiled. He sauntered over towards me and sat down into the seat next to me. Sat, not plop down and spread his legs out so that no one could pass like he usually does.

"What's up doll face?" he grinned. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"What the hell happened to you?" I asked, scanning over his attire again. Louis smirked, obviously thinking I was checking him out (which I sort of was).

"I gots a date," he said with a cocky grin. He popped his collar for effect and then quickly fixed it back.

"You don't go on dates," I said slowly.

"That you know of," he said slyly. Licky for him the teacher walked in. I gave Lucas one last stare and turned my attention back to the teacher.

Something weird is going on.

By lunch, I was totally confused. "Ronnie please stop jumping up and down, you look like your humping the table."

He bit his nails, "I can't help it."

"What are you so nervous about?" I asked smoothing my hair back out of my face so that I could see if Amy or Lucas walked in the cafeteria.

"What are you looking for?" he snapped back.

"Amy and Lucas," I answered, not bothering to snap back.

Ronnie snorted, "Probably making out somewhere." I stopped looking at the enteracne and looked at him.


"Well they do got a date tonight," Ronnie shruuged. He was still bouncing in the seat as if it this was nothing. I was shocked, not only by his bad grammer but the fact that I'm just finding out.

Ronnie stopped bouncing and looked at me, "And you didn't know that did you?"

"No!" I yelled. He laughed at me.

"Ha! You were the last to know!" he taunted. I slapped him in the face. He gasped dramatically and stared at me. "Why the hell are you slapping me!"

"You were being a poopie head!"

"Really. We are back to the baby curse words again?" Ronnie glared while rubbing his cheek.

"Oh go fluck your fapper," I hissed. I stood up and stalked away from the drama queen.

I can't belive they didn't tell me about the date. I didn't even know Louis liked Amy back! Why woudn't they tell me and why would the tell Ronnie? I was routing from them from forever.

"Whoa you look mad."

I stopped walking and glared at Philip. He was sitting at his lunch table with his obnoxious friends. He had his arms over this irls waist as she sat on his lap. She didn't even pay any attention to me, she was busy staring at his face.


"What I can't be mad?" I asked. Philip and his frineds laughed.

"I heard you were really mad when Lucas had you lacy underwear on the flagpole," he replied cheekliy. I thought he didn't like Lucas. My gaze darkened.

"How did you know about that?" I whispered.

"Lucas told me and I didn't believe him." He grinnned. "But you just confirmed it." I clenched my hands at my sides.

"I'm surprised you even have lacy underwear." Philip said. "I thought you wore bloomers."

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever." I finally started moving again and bumped into someone again. I sighed and backed away. I didn't have to look to know who it was. The only guy I bump into would be the devil, just my luck.

"What's up?" he asked. "Your always bumping into me." Lucas grinned and took a sip of his apple juice.

"What's with you and apple juice?" I asked.

He shrugged, "It's good." I wrinkled my nose.

"I hate fruit," Lucas looked at me weird, like he's never heard that before.

"What?" he asked. I shook my head and tried moving around the boy who decided he wanted to have a conversation in the middle of the cafeteria.

"Come on pee boy, move." I said. I could hear Philip laugh at my diss.

"You always leaving the cafeteria for some reason." he said, still ignoring me. I sighed and shoved him. He teetered on his heels and almost toppled over.

"Whoa." he cried. "My apple juice." I took the oppurtunity to leave and look for Amy.

"Hey! Wait." he called. "My apple juice is safe, no need to run in guilt." He ran after me, waving his juice in one hand, a ridiculous smile on his face.

"Leave me alone! Rape, fire, someone help!" I yelled as I started running down the hallway. I heard him laughing as he chased me down.

It was a stupid idea, to run from a guy on the football team. He reached me, without breaking a sweat and takled me to the ground. We fell together, our arms and legs tangling and his precious apple juice spilled all over us.

"Oh ew!" I cried the same time he went, "Oh f*ck my apple juice." I shoved the idiot off of me.

"What is with you!?" I yelled. "Are you that stupid that you can't even think properly?"

"I was trying to get you so that I could ask you something but YOU decided to run like a freaking sissy and make me spill my apple juice."

"Will you shut up 'bout your apple juice?" I screamed. "Look what you did to my favorite shirt." I pointed to my favorite yellow shirt with the huge stain on it.

"You look like a freaking banana," he snorted. "I was doing you and everyone with eyes a favor."

"Well your shirt is stupid too." I said pointing to his 'YOLO' tee. What the hell does YOLO mean anyways.

"YOLO is the sh*t man, you obviously don't know music." he retorted crossing his arms over his stained tee shirt.

I shook my head, "I need to go change."

I started to get up but Lucas grabbed my ankle. He peered up my skirt with a silly smile on his face. I aimed my foot for his face as I called him a pervert. He dodged and laughed. I kicked free from his grasp and tried, for the fifteen millioth time, to leave the dude.

But of course he followed me.


"I don't have a shirt." I whined, digging through my gym locker.

"Haha." Lucas taunted. "You would if you'd just take the cheer leading shirt."

"I told you I'm not supposed to." I said. Lucas snorted and went silent.

Finally. I bent over and looked deeper in my locker. "Where the hell could it be?" I muttered.

"You have one nice ass," Lucas whistled. I jumped back and stood up.

"Were you staring at my butt again?" Yes, again, he's been doing that the whole time I was walking.

"Yup." he said shamelessly. "Can I grab it."

"Listen," I sighed. "I am not interested in you. So if you could stop with the flirting-"

"First of all," he said cutting me off and raising a hand in the air as if stopping traffic. "If I was flirting you could not resist me."

"I doubt that." I said. "Anyways I like someone else."

"Marc." he deadpanned.

"How'd you know?" I asked, crossing my arms defensively and raising my nose in the air.

He bat his eyes and starting drooling, "Oh Marc! Yes you can kiss my cheek."

I narrowed my eyes, "How'd you know he kissed my cheek?"

"Gossip," he shrugged. "you and my cousin is really disgusting. Especially since you could have me." He said the last bit with kisses.

"I don't want you." I said slowly. "Get that through your head dude."

"You say that now. But I just want you to know that you will want me later."

I shook my head, "Whatever."

Chapter 6::We Are Young::Fun

"So when were you planning to tell me that you and Luis were going out!" I yelled.

Amy stopped short on her way over to me. We agreed to meet up at McD's at 12. I got here first of course, I'm more punctual than her.

"At least give me sometime to come sit down." she hissed hurrying over to me. I shoved he McCafe at her.

"I got your favorite because I'm that awesome of a friend." I said. "And when Marc asked me out. I told you, because I'm that awesome!"

"First of all," Amy said raising her hand between us. "He said 'I'll see you there'." I snorted and stabbed at my salad. "And why are you eating a salad?"

"I ordered it for you," I said. "And I tried it and it taste like doodoo."

I shoved it at her. She stopped it from tumbling off the table. "What's with you?" she snapped.

"You didn't tell me! And you always give me grief about not telling you things right away and I have to hear from Ronnie-"

"Ronnie," she said, interrupting me. "Did he talk to you?"

"No." I said confused. "I there something I should know?"

"Umm." She looked down at the salad and stuffed her face.

"Oh my God." I moaned. "There you go again, not telling me."

She shook her head, "He said I should wait till he does."

"What can no one trust me anymore?" I asked.

After that it was silent.

I slammed the front door behind me. I stomped my way to the kitchen and dumped myself on the counter.

"Wow, you look like sh*t."

I sighed and ran a hand down my face. "Why the hell are you doing in my house Ronnie?"

Ronnie chuckled, "You're the genius who gave me a key." I sat up and looked at him.

"You're right. I should have to took it back. After that frat party you threw when I was out of town."

Ronnie scoffed, "It was a good-bye good luck at championships party. I just had a bunch of gay friends over."

I laughed, "You had a freaking or*y."

He smiled like a Cheshire cat and climbed on top of the counter with me. "See this is wy we are friends. You have no parent supervision and I clearly don't need any."

I put my head on his shoulder, "Dude we all know you need parent guidance more than me."

Ronnie intertwined our hands, "What happened to your mom?"

"Left along time ago."

"You know my mom's drunk right now." Ronnie said quietly after a long silence.

"I fugured. You only come over when that happens." I said.

"That's another reason why we're such good friends. We both got bitchy mom's who don't deserve us."

"Alright enough mopping!" I cheered. "Let's go do something. Long time I hadn't been with my gay best friend in a long time."

"You wanna get drunk?" he asked hopefully.


"Aw, come on!" he whined. He gave me his best puppy dog face. I looked away form his gorgeous blue eyes.

"You know your being unfair right now." I said running my hand through his soft hair.

"Your pretty close, Nady, yah wanna kiss me?" he smirked. I pushed his head away.

"That was one time, dude. And it was a dare." I said wagging my finger at him. "Now come on, we said we'd do something."

"Oh! Let's go dancing!" he said suddenly.

"No, I hate dancing."

"Yes. Oh it's perfect." he clapped enthusiastically. "Go get dressed in the sluttiest thing..." He trailed off when he realized it was me.

"You know what." he snapped at me. "Go get your mom's clothes. She's a slut." I shook my head at him. Though it was true, I really didn't want to wear her clothes.

"Go before I stuff my toe in your mouth." he threatened. "And you know I will." I shuddered from the last memory.

Ronnie is weird, but I still love him.

"Oh my gosh!" Ronnie yelled over the music. "Woo!"

I covered my ears and glared up at him, "You bastard."

"Oh shut up and enjoy." he laughed, swinging his arm over my shoulders. Hr pulled me through the crowd of grinding guys.

"I can't believe you carried me to a gay club," I pouted. Ronnie kissed my cheek.

"Aw it's not that bad.Let's have fun and be young!"

"Not even a lesbian club or anything. Just a bunch of tight clothes wearing guys." I complained. Ronnie smiled and left me alone.

Damn him. I pushed through the guys and everywhere it was either a "Hey daaarlin'!" or a "Girl you lying!" or "Bitch please his ding dong could not fit in my ping pong!"

I shook my head and headed to the bar. Sitting down I watched my best friend lead a gang of boys by the bat of his eyelashes.

I have to admit, the guy gots game.

"Hey sexy."

I jumped and turned to the guy. He was obviously gay, the lipstick for one.

"Um. I'm straight." I said. He laughed.

"Yeah sure, that's what all the cross-dressers say."

"Holy sh*t." I cursed. "You think I'm a crossdresser."

"I've got to admit, the boobs are really sexy and real like." he stared. He reached a hand out and tried to poke them.

"What the hell dude! You don't poke my boob!" I cried, hitting his hands.

"Come on sexy, I know you want me."

"F*ck off dude. I'm a girl. These a real C cups!" I said lifting my boobies. "R-E-A-L!"


Oh, no.

I sighed, I knew that voice anywhere.

"Hey Marc." I said. He smiled at me as wiped down a bottle. He put it down and flung the towel over his shoulder.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Working," he said. "You?"


He grinned, "He's a regular here, I'm not surprised." I scrunched up my nose.

"A regular?" He nodded.

"So do you want anything?" he asked. "On me."

"Aren't you to young to be a bartender?" I asked. Marc smirked and put a finger over his lips. This is the first time I've seen something considerably bad about Marc.

I kind of like it.

"So you want anything?" he asked again. I shook my head. "Do you want to ditch?"

"Aren't you working," I asked. He shrugged. "I really should'nt leave Ronnie."

"Really, he seems pretty busy." he smiled nodding off in Ronnies direction. Sure enough Ronnie was kissing two guys at once.

I looked back at Marc, "Okay."

"Good. It's a date."

Chapter 7:: Untouched:: The Veronicas

"Hey! Lacy!"

I tried walking faster down the hall. Math was just around this corner. I skimmied past a couple of freshman and sophmores and started to jog.

"Racy Lacy!" he called out, not sounding that far away.

"Leave me alone!"

"Nuh uh!" he laughed.

I turned my head back once and then sighed. He was right behind me. "Why are you so fast?" I asked stopping. Might as well stop myself.

He smirked and dust imaginary dust off his shirt, which was name brand. All the kids here wear name brand. His jeans were dark blue and hung farly low, low enough that I could see Calvin Klein band. His hair was a mess, as per usual, hanging around his face. His har was this pretty brown with lighter brown highlights. And a peice of hair was hanging in his eyes, a stray hair he always tried to push away with his had but always made its way back into those gorgeous blue eyes.

If there was anything nice to say about this idiot, it would be his eyes.

"You done checking me out, Racy Lacy?" Lucas smirked. I shoved his shoulder.

"I was not checking you out!" I denied. Lucas laughed at me and pointed a finger at my face.

"Ha! Your blushing. Aw the color reminds me of your bra!"

My eyes widened, "Shut up. You said you'd never speak of it."

"In front of others," he said triumphly. "There's no one hear, Lace."

"And stop calling me that!"

"Okay Lacy."

I growled, "You know what I meant."

"What ever do you mean Racy Lacy?" he said innocently. He slanted his head to the side and that one stray hair fell into his eyes again.

"Oh shush," I said. "What do you want?"

"Oh I wanted to wish you happy Monday and I have a question to ask you." I looked at my watch and shrugged.

"I'm late anyways."

He grinned and jumped up and down like a little girl, "Okay so how was your date with Marc?"

I blushed, "How did you..."

"I live with the dude." he said waving me off. "Now answer."

"Why do you care?"

"I want to know what he did so I can beat him when I take you out."

I blinked at him then started laughing, "Your so funny!"

"I'm not joking Nadya, I will take you out." he said seriously.

I was shocked that he actually said my first name instead of my middle name. "Oh yeah sure."

He smiled at me and then hugged me. "I'll find out later. See you at band rehearsal!" He let go and started walking in the other direction.

"Wait! Band rehearsal?"

"Oh yeah I'm forcing you to come see my band later on today!" he grinned. "Buh Bye now."

"What the f*ck?"

"So I was like OMG you totally do not just pull my hair like that and she was like I can and I was like this is weave chick and I payed 95 dollars plus tax and she she was like whatever."

I blinked at Shirley Watson a couple of times. She was a sweet girl, really, it' just she talked so much and her sentences never ended. And she always talks about her weave. Everything is aboout her weave and how much she payed for it.

Hillary, co-captain, clapped her hands together. "Yo girlies!"

I was thankful for the interruption and looked at Hilary. "I just talked to coach and there is a football game next Friday and Saturday after that theirs a cheerleading competition."

"Wait the Friday of the party?" a girl asked, rasing her hand.

"No," Hilary sighed. "That's this week."

I narrowed my eyes at her and rose my hand too, though I don't know why I did. Hilary nodded at me. "When did you talk to coach and when since you start talking to coach behind my back?"

Shirley "Ooh'd" and flashed her fingers like she burned them. Apparently I just dissed Hilary.

"Well," Hilary said raising her head to look down her nose at me. "I think it's time we have only one captain. God knows that I care to the team and give my time up for it more."

I raised my eyebrows. Was she serious? I stood up now and put my hand on my hips. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me." she said. "Plus I heard your joining Lucas' band. You don't honestly think you can run the cheer squad and be a lead singer for a band at the same time."

What band is she talking about?

I narrowed my eyes. "For your information, I've been holding a 4.0 GPA and leading the squad while you follow my orders."

"Ha!" Shirley laughed.

"And I can play in a band and do this, too."

Hilary scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

I nodded at her and comanded the girls to get in formation. That'll show her.

Even though I have no idea what band she's talking about.

"Dude ther's someone at the door you should answer it!" Lucas yelled through the door.

"You have a key." I felt my heart flutter from Marc's voice. I blushed remembering our date on Saturday.

"No I don't," Lucas lied. I could see his key in his jeans pocket. Right below the Calvin Klien.

I raised an eyebrow at him and pointed to his key. He smirked and put a finger to his lips. "Come on! I'm your cosin. And your going to love me for who I brought over."

I looked around me, who is he talking about.

I could hear Marc hesistating. "Who?" he asked the same time I did. Lucas slapped his hand over my mouth.

"The girl you couldn't stop talking about on Saturday," he trailed off.

"Your lying," Marc scoffed. "Why would Nadya come home with you?"

"Because I'm sexier than you, idiot!" Lucas hissed, clearly offended.

"We both know that's not true." MArc answered. There was times MArc did act cocky. But he was still a shy sweetheart.

And yes he was hotter.

"Yeah, that's why your the virgin," Lucas laughed.

I shoved Lucas' hand away, "Marc's a virgin?" Lucas klaughed atr my face.

The front door opened and I saw a sheepish Marc standing there with his head down. Which didn't help his height, he was still way taller than me.

"I hate you," he hissed at a clearly glad Lucas. He turned to me and smiled, "Hey Nadya."

I blushed, "Hi."

Lucas rolled his eyes froom beside me and swung his arms over my shoulder. "You guys are such virgins." Marc glared as Lucas guided me through the door.

"Come on. I'll give you a tour." he said as he navigated me down the hallways. I looking at all the family pictures while Marc and Lucas gave eachother the finger.

Rolling my eyes as I looked at all the baby pictures, boys.

So this is the basement," Lucas finalized. "This is where we practice and stuff."

I nodded and looked around the colorful room. it had all sorts of instruments hanging off the wall and pictures of Lucas and his friends, who to tell the truth I never payed attention to before. His friend where sitting on the whote beenchairs legs spread apart. One had short blonde hair and was extre,mely tall. Like taller than Marc. Another had long hair than reached his chin. I could say he was one of the best looking. He had a strong jaw with stubble. He was also glaring at me.

The last guy had his shaggy blonde head hanging off the chair a guitar balancing on his lap. He was obviously asleep.

"So what kind of music do you do?" I asked.

Long hair boy snorted, "She hasn't even heard of us. Why the hell is she here?"

Lucas grinned, "Because I want her here, Mr. Grumpy!"

"My name is Nick. Not Mr. Grumpy." he said pouting. I smiled, he reallly was grumpy.

"Well I think it's awesome having a cheerleader in the band." extremely tall blonde boy smiled. He winked, too.

"Ay! No flirting with Lacy." Lucas said. "Unless you want Marc to chew you out." I gave him a look. Then why do you flirt with me, I wanted to say.

"Come on. Who's scared of Virgin boy?" Blondie smirked. "Am I right Eli?" He smacked his sleeping friend in the face.

"What the hell?" He grumbled. "Why would you wake me up, Drake?"

Drake rolled his eyes, "It's not my fault you were up all night."

Eli grumbled and looked around the room. "Whoa! Who's the sexy chick?"

Lucas grinned and pulled me towards him, "This is Sexy Lacy." I smacked his hands away.

"I told you my name is Nadya you idiot."

Eli and Drake laughed. "Whoa, she's sassy." I shrugged.

"Are we going to practice or not?" Nick grumbled from his corner. He took out drumsticks. "I don't have all day."

Lucas snorted. "Like you have a social life."

"I have a social life," Nick said.

"Your social life is like my friend Lacy's sex life," Lucas laughed. "Nonexistent."

And that, is when I punched Lucas' pretty white teeth in.

Chapter 8:: When I See You::Fantasia

"So your in a band?" Marc asked. He was leaning over a dining table in a wife beater and sweats. He, unlike his cousin, didn't have the band of his Calvin Klein showing. But he was showing his muscles.

"Uh, no?"

He grinned and walked over to me. Taking me by the waist he pulled me close. My eyes widened and I realized how cute this boy was up close.

Oh God we are up close.

"So listen I wanted to ask..."

"Dude we killed it with that last song!" Drake laughed.

"You mean I killed it." Lucas' cocky voice replied.

Then Nick, or Mr. Grumpy pants as I like to call him went, "We did all the work. You just flashed your hair like a willy nilly sissy." The boys walked into the kitchen after that sentence.

"Dude, what does that even mean?" Lucas laughed. "I swear you need to stop smoking that stuff."

"Whoa." Drake smiled a cheesy smile and pointed between both of us. "What do we have here?" Lucas looked at what his friend was talking about and rose a single eyebrow. A judgemental eyebrow.

Marc sighed and let go. Lucas raised his hands, "Oh don't stop on my account. This might be the beginning of you new sex life dude. Just don't do it on the table." Lucas and the guys left the room after that, not making eye contact.

I shook my head and turned to Marc, "Uh, what were you about to ask?"

Marc smiled and stuffed his hands in is pockets this time instead of touching me. "So the date on Saturday didn't go as planned..."

"Yeah, the little kid puking on me is a plus." I said sarcastically.

"Well that was my fault," Marc laughed. "I stepped on his toe."

I laughed with him, "He looked at you like you killed his mother."

"You have a freaking motorcycle?" I asked Marc Saturday night. We were standing outside the bar and Marc was leaning on the motorcycle with a cocky smile.

"Yup." he nodded.

"Wow." I said. "I'm impressed."

Marc broke on to a full out grin, "So you want to- AH!" He toppled over his own feet and fell over the motorcycle going down with it in a loud crash.

"Ohmygosh, are you okay?" I asked trying to not to laugh. Marc sighed and tried to get up on his own. After multiplied fails he finally accepted my offered hand.

"So you decided to say hi to the floor?" I asked with a sly smile. Marc shot me a look.

"Oh ha, ha, your so funny Nady." he teased. Our hands clenched around one another as I helped pulled him up. Tugging hard, Marc flew up and quickly stood on his feet.

"How did you just lift me off my feet." I smiled and showed him my biceps.

"Check out my guns," I smirked. The dress Ronnie stuffed me in was sleeveless and tight so it showed every part of my "womanly curves". Or that's what Ronnie described it as anyways.

Marc shook his head and motioned for me to put my arm down. "Check out these guns."

"Okay, that's not fair," I said pointing to his very impressive biceps. "Your a footballer."

"And your a cheerleader, all you lift if pom poms." he snorted and lifted his arms in a V with an overly cheesy smile.

"No, sweetie." Now I was shaking my head. "Stick to football."

Marc winked at me, "I like the nickname." I blushed and looked away. "Your blush is a nice color."

"Not the first time I heard that," I muttered.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing, lets's go."

"Oh my Gosh this is so exhilarating!" I yelled. "Oh my Gosh!"

Marc shook his head, "I'm going to be deaf." I laughed and slapped his head. Which I should mention, doesn't have a helmet. He insisted that I wore it.

"Where are we going again?" I asked.

"Secret." he replied. I rested my helmet covered head on his shoulder. My arms slipped from his chest down to his abs, which I was trying to avoid when he first told me to put my arms around him. I blushed and put it as far away from his abs as possible.

My fingers spread out and I felt him tense and breathe in and out. "You can hold on tighter."

"Don't get to cocky big boy." I teased. Marc grinned.

"You Nadya Sterling, are not as innocent as they say."

"Neither are you." I smiled.

"You carried me to Chucky Cheese?"

Marc grinnned and took a bite out of his pizza. "Everybody say cheese is funner."

"Oh the grammar is atrocious." I sniffed while grabbing the pizza out of his hand, or at least trying to. Marc has an incredible reach. Swiping at his arms I tiptoed and damned my height.

"Oh come on just one bite." I said pouting. I turned to him and showed him my master full puppy dog eyes. I was standing close enough to see that his blue crystal eyes had little flex of green in them. And that his nose is slightly crooked, but is really cute on him. There was no doubt Marc has the sexiest muscles I have ever seen.

"Are you done checking me out?" he asked. I narrowed my eyes and stepped even closer, closer. So close I noticed that he had little freckles on his nose. He grinned down at me and raised an eyebrow, like he was waiting for me to do something. I grinned back and snatched the pizza out his hand.

"Oh! I see what you did there!" he said pointing an accusing finger at me. "Oh you used your sexiness."

A sly smile slid on my face and I wiggle my eyebrows in a suggestive way, "You think I'm sexy?"

"Crazy sexy." He smiled.

"Ooh." I said and then I stuffed half the pizza in my mouth. Marc chuckled and wiped my cheek with his sleeve.

"So sexy."

For the third time, a guy approached me trying to make conversation. A bunch of teen guys were here with there little siblings. I guess their happy to see someone their age. The only fun part about the guys is Marc getting all jealous. He clenches his jaw and suddenly pulls me in his arms.

As the guy walked away, clearly sad of his manhood being damaged, I turned to Marc. "I'm not sure if jealousy is a good thing for you or not."

"Why?" he asked pulling me to a sombie shooting game.

"Secret." I smirked.

"Whatever," Marc snorted. "I'm beating you anyways." I laughed at him while I shot the zombie's with no effort at all. Marc was shoving his gun in the screen waving it around like an idiot.

"Moving closer to the screen will not help you."

"That's what they all say," he said. I shook my head and pulled him back by his shirt sleeve. Marc stumbled back, being his tall self, it took him a while to get on his feet. And this involved him stepping on this little boys foot.

The little boy gave a wicked glare to Marc, you would have thought Marc murdered his whole family.

And then he upchucked on me.

"It wasn't even my dress I was wearing," I said to a clearly amused Marc.

"Your face was the funny part. You looked like you wanted to strangle him and then you just walked away with a constipated look on your face." I gaped, offended, and slapped his shoulder.

"I did not look constipated. I never look constipated."

Marc snorted and rolled his eyes. The very blue eyes I'm going to snatch out his head.

"Yeah whatever you say," he gave me pretty pearly white smile after this. I smiled back, not actually believing I went on a date with the man of my dreams... and I got puked on.

Other than that, you can imagine my excitement when Marc put his hand on my shoulder and asked, "So you wanna go out some other time?"

I shook my head at him, "As long as I am not getting puked on."

"Aww Marc, you puked on your girlfriend again?"

I turned towards the entrance to the kitchen. I didn't notice a woman, in her forties about, standing there with her bag full of groceries. I looked at Marc and then to the lady.

Oh great.

"Hey mom," Marc said, smiling sheepishly. Obviously the woman was gorgeous. She was very shapely and had long brown hair, not a gray hair in sight. He stepped around me, while patting my shoulder sympathetically, and headed to her. Taking the groceries from her arms he took the load off the tiny woman.

She smiled at her son, having to crane her neck up really far and looked at me. "And who is this?"

"I'm Nadya," I said.

She made a face of recognition, "This the girl your stalking?" Marc's mom asked him.

Marc dropped the groceries on the sleek island and shot his mother a look. "Mom!"

"What?" she asked. "You better be using protection." She said this with her finger waging in between us.

She doesn'nt know we're the biggest virgin's in history, second to the Virgin Mary.

I blushed at her comment and tried to avoid this woman's intimidating gaze.

Lucas decided to walk in that very moment. I looked up at him, as he kissed her on the cheek.

"Auntie Margie,"

"Luky!" she giggled. "How is my baby boy?" From the corner of my eye I saw Marc roll his eyes.

I, on the other hand, was laughing at the name. "Luky?"

"Shut it, Lacy." Lucy glared at me.

I put up my hands in defense, "Whatever you say Luky."

"Lacy," Margie Daniels said. "Is this the girl yuo want to bag?"

This time it was Lucas' turn to give Mrs. Daniels a look.

"Margie," he hissed. He put a finger over his mouth and looked pointedly at Marc who was purposely ignoring them.

"What?" she asked, of course clueless. "Hey use protection yah hear?"


"Here I'll give you some." She wiped out condoms out her back pocket an handed him three condoms, then to Marc. The small dominant woman then marched to me and handed me five.

She gave me a wink and with that she was gone.

Looking down at the packages I laughed at the label.

"Extra Large?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Both boys asked defensively.

Chapter 9::Rock Your Body::Justin Timberlake

"She gave you condoms?" Ronnie laughed at my story, later that day. I rolled my eyes and snuggled into my big fluffy pillow in one hand and my hot cocoa in the other. I came home from Marc's house, a bunch of condoms in my pockets. Extra large.

As soon as I stepped in the door, Ronnie was there waiting for me. I didn't even have to ask why. Now we were snuggling over hot chocolate.

"Yeah," I shrugged. "Now tell me, what's been going on with you."

Ronnie sighed. "Remember how I told you I was going I blinked at my best friend a couple of times.

"Tell me, you didn't."

"Girl, I did."

"Oh my God, Ronnie!" I cried. Ronnie hung his head in shame. "You didn't do the dead did you?"

"You can say sex, you know. Your mom isn't home."

"She's never home." I said rolling my eyes.

"Sweetie," with a concerned voice.

I shook my head. "Not about me." I straightened my shoulders. "So you guys had sex?"

"No. I kissed him. And he kissed back. And it got really heated."


"I know." Ronnie shook his head. "Then he pushed away and ran off like a little p*ssy." Chuckling I patted my friend on the hand.

"Was it good?"

Ronnie pushed my hand off, "Pervert! Of course it was!"

We smiled at each other and giggled like little school girls.

"Okay, what is with you and Amy?" Louis asked me Tuesday morning. He handed me my extra sweet hot chocolate and drank his black coffee.

"Whatever do you mean?" I asked. I looked at my watch, class doesn't start for five minutes.

"You guys aren't talking." he said narrowing his eyes at me. I bit my lip.

"Well she didn't tell me you guys were going out. You didn't tell me!" I said stabbing his chest.

"Well, we weren't planning to say anything." he shrugged. "Ronnie overheard us."

I growled at him. "You are annoying. You both are." I walked around him and heading down the hallway.

"Nadya!" he called running back up to me. "Listen you should talk to her. It's weird that you guys aren't talking."

"Isn't the first time she'd abandon something..." Hillary said. She had on her cheer leading outfit on, ponytail high and mighty, and blood red lipstick on. I narrowed my eyes at her.

"You are not supposed to wear that." I hissed.

"And what are you going to do?"

"Whoa." Louis said from beside me. He stepped up and looked down at Hilary. "Is there a problem."

Hilary smiled her flirty smile, "Of course not, Louis." I wrinkled my nose. She placed her hand on his shoulder.

I stepped up now and shoved her hand off. "Watch that hand, trick."

She rolled her eyes. "You already have Marc and Lucas, you really need Luis too? Stop being such a slut."

I gaped at her, "Excuse me?"

She smiled at me and tossed her hair over her shoulder. She walked away after that.

"Did you hear what she said?" I asked Louis. "Did you hear what she said?!"

Louis opened his mouth to reply as the bell rang. "Come on. Let's go to class."

That b*tch

"Thanks." Amy said. She had approached me after cheer leading practice. I noticed her waiting for me but I ignored her.

Hilary was relentless. She kept demending what the squad should do and how they should dress.

I was just so close to punching the b*tch.

"For what?" I asked chugging down my water bottle.

"For telling it to get off my man." she said pointing at Hilary. Hilary noticed this and narrowed her eyes at us.

I shrugged, "It was nothing."

Que awkward silence. I nodded at my best friend and walked towards my car. I sighed and rolled my neck around.

"Do you have a sore neck or something?"

I smiled at Marc's voice, "Yeah."

"May I?"

I nodded, my back still turned to him. His hands fell gently on my shoulder using his thumbs he massaged out my tense muscles.

"That feels good," I said. Marc stepped closer so that my back touched his front.


I nodded, speechless.

"Wow I wasn't expecting it to be this easy," he chuckled.

"Wha-" I screamed when I felt he pinched my ass. Turning around I tried to kick him.

"Aw what the f*ck Philip?" I yelled. He laughed as I hit him repeatedly. His little followers were laughing too.

"It was a dare, don't be flattered." he teased. I glared and stepped away from him.

"Go away Daniels."

"Oh whats with the hostility? Aren't I your favorite Daniels?" he faked shock and put a hand over his mouth.

"Your an ass. Even Lucas is better than you." I snorted. He rolled his eyes.

"Just because I don't fawn and stalk you doesn't mean nothing."

"They do not fawn over me!"

"Uh huh whatever." Philip waved my off with his disgusting hands, the sad thing was Philip was handsome. His family is a bunch of good looking people. Too bad Philip Daniels is such an idiot. Sharing the same blue eyes as his brother and his mother, he gave me a parting glace and started to saunter over to his followers.

Remembering something I touched his arm. "Do not hurt Ronnie, yah hear?"

He turned back to me and glared. "How do you know that?" I smirked at him.

"Ronnie's my best friend."

Philip glared at me and turned back around putting on a mask on his face yelling, "I told you I'd grab that ass!"

Shaking my head I climbed in my car and went home.

As soon as I reached home I slammed the door closed. Dropping the mail on the dining room table and stomping my way up the stairs I made my way up to my room.

The good thing about living alone is that no ones ever home. So of course I started stripping, I needed a good hot bubble bath. When I got down to my bra and panties I reached my room. Kicking it open I started to unclasp the hooks when I noticed someone on my bed.

"Holy sh*t!" I yelled. Lucas laughed, looking comfy on my bed, in my room, in my house.

"Do not stop on my account," he grinned wolfishly.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked.

"Well I was in the neighborhood. Decided I should take my favorite virgin on a date." he said the last part with the wiggle of his eyebrows. I reclasped my bra and put my hands on my hips.

"How the hell did you get in my house?"

"Ronnie." he shrugged. "Said I looked like I needed to get laid. I shook my head.

"Just whatever." I was to tired, ignoring the hungry eyes I grabbed the robe on my dresser. Wrapping it around my and covering my body I sat down on my computer chair.

"I am not going on a date with you." I said.

Lucas sat up and help up my bra. "Oh look what I found."

"What the hell? Dude why are you so obsessed with my bras?"

"Its my favorite." he twirled it with his finger. "Mind modelling it, babe?"

I grinned and shook my head, "You just don't stop do you."

"Nope!" he laughed. "Now since you refuse to go out, and our wearing the third possible best outfit on a girl. we will just say hear.

"I am not going on any sort of date." I argued. Lucas shook his head.

"Fine. A friend thing."

I narrowed my eyes, "Friends."


"Then fine."

Lucas grinned and put my bra up to his chest, "To start things off do you mind trying this on... or should I?"

Chapter 10::This Little Girl::Cady Groves

"You pee long."

I screamed and almost fell of the toilet in the process.

"What the hell?"

Lucas lay in my bathtub, one that I have been avoiding to clean, and tipped his wine glass at me and smiled. "What's up?"

"I kicked you out a long time ago!" I sank back into the toilet and crouched over myself to cover as much as possible. This guy keeps catching me at moments where I'm either naked or almost naked.

"Don't stop on my account." he shrugged, taking a big gulp.

"Where did you get that?" I asked, through narrowed eyes.

"Found it in your underwear draw." he winked. "Naughty virgin."

I glared at the absurd boy, "Get out." He chuckled and stood in the tub. I noticed how unsteady he was as he climbed over the tub and past me to the door.

"I'll be waiting for you when your done peeing."

I locked the door after he left and finished my business. When I walked out Lucas was spinning around in my room, my hidden stash of wine in his hand. He was singing loudly and off tune.

"And it feels like I am just too close to love you! Dun. Dun. Dun. Dun. Dun. Dun."

"Your drunk."

Lucas stopped spinning and pointed a finger at me. He gazed at me unsteadily and said, "That is correct. Wow your smart." He started laughing after that. Shaking my head I approached the drunk teenager and took my wine bottle.

"You finished it!"

Lucas just laughed. I set it down on my dresser and looked at my clock.

"One o'clock in the morning. Seriously you came back?"

Lucas shrugged. "I told you I couldn't go back."

"Look I've been nice. I ordered food, which I payed for, and even allowed you to take my bra that your so obsessed with."

He giggled, "Lacy."

"Now can you please leave so that I can get some sleep?"

Lucas ignored my reasoning and started taking off his shirt. "Your room is so hot."

"Dude what the hell."

Lucas threw his shirt in my direction and I heard the squeak of my bed. I took the shirt off my head and mentally imagined stabbing the shirtless boy on my bed with various sharp objects.

I approached him and pulled him by his shoes, "Get the hell of dude!"

Lucas raised an eyebrow at me, "Good luck."

I pulled again and instead I heard the sound of someone passing gas. I stopped pulling and gaped at him in shock. "You didn't!"

"I did!" he chuckled.

"Ew!" I shouted, instantly covering my nose.

"Oh calm down!" he chuckled. He took out his phone and showed it to me. "It's my ringer."

I sighed and shook my head.

"Hello?" Lucas asked. "Calm down, I'm at a friends house."

Lucas rolled his eyes at whoever he was talking to and got up form my bed. Quickly I layed down on it and spread my arms an legs out so that he couldn't get back.


"Auntie," Lucas said. "I promise I'm fine. I wasn't hurt." Curiosity got the better of me and I got up and looked up at him.

His bare back was facing me and I narrowed my eyes trying to concentrate on the crisscross pattern.

I got up and gasped when I realized they were scars. Scars that looked like they could have cost him his life.

Unaeware of my actions I stretched out his hand and touched the one scar that stood out the most. The long line going down. Lucas stilled under my touch.

"I got to go." he said. He stepped away form me and gave me a cold stare. "It's not as bad as it looks."

I nodded, not really believing him.

"What happened?"

His blue eyes looked away from me and he clenched and unclenched his hands. "That's classified. Maybe you should ask your boyfriend."

"I don't have a boyfriend."

"Marc won't be happy to hear that."

I could see he's sober now. "Yet. I don't have a boyfriend, yet."

"Whatever." Lucas ran a hand through his hair. "Can I stay."

I shrugged. "Stay in the extra bedroom down the hall."


I kicked and twisted all night until my alarm woke me up. Shooting up I realized I slept through my first, third, sixth alarm.

I growled and grumbled under my breathe and began to get ready. Pushing a shirt over my head and a pair of shorts, ones that I think belong to Amy.

"Aw fudge sickle!" I stared at my but in the mirror.

Oh well.

Not bothering with making up I scooped my hair in a pony and ran down the stairs.

Then I stopped short at the view of Lucas standing in my kitchen. I smelled bacon.


Lucas laughed. "I went to the store. You have no food."

"Because I can't cook." I said through my drool. "Thank you." I grabbed a fist full of the crispy bacon and stuffed them in a cup.

"I'm so late."

Lucas shook his head and took my bacon cup. "Come on school isn't the most important thing."

I grabbed my cup. "Gimme my bacon." I growled. I stuffed the bacon crispy goodness in my mouth and walked to my car.

I hurried to stuff the keys in the keyhole as I chewed. Lucas walked out my house and locked my door. I didn't even comment when he locked it with his own set of keys. I was to preoccupied with the fact that my crappy car wouldn't start.

I slammed the horn in frustration. Lucas walked to my car with an undisturbed expression. He opened my car door which I hadn't closed properly in my haste.


"Well," he scoffed. "I was going to offer you a ride." He pointed his thumb to the car behind him.

"Isn't that Marc's car?" I asked, skeptical.

"So?" he shrugged. "Do you want to go or not?"

I sighed and climbed out the car, "let's go."

When we reached the school I ignored the looks of my peers. Yes I was walking out of Lucas' car, looking dishevelled while he was shirtless hanging out of the window with bacon hanging out his mouth.

"See you in your bed." he winked.

"Your not coming to school?"

"I'm not dress silly goose!" he teased.

I shrugged and continued my way up to the school. Lucas' beeped his horn, "Hey!"


"Nice ass!"

And like the coward he is, he drove off.

Amy was at my locker with a stern look on my face. So was Ronnie. But he looked proud.

"Um, hey?"

Amy snorted and Ronnie winked, "So you were busy huh?"


"You had fun didn't you?" Ronnie asked.


"When you slept with Lucas." Amy said flatly. "And didn't tell me about it!"

"Way to go!" Ronnie cheered

"What the fudge?"

Amy shoved her phone in my face, "Facebook."

I looked through the pictures, me stripping in my bedroom. Me sleeping in my bed with Lucas' arm around me. He was shirtless and he looked smug into the camera.He obviously took it.

The caption read 'jealous?'

That little...

I looked at the next picture and saw red. It was of me peeing.

Oh, he is dead.

Chapter 11::You Make Me Feel:: Cobra Starship

I felt like a ninja.

I looked over at Hilary, who was ignoring me thank God and took my moment to roll from my hiding spot to another.

I smiled at myslef for making it unnoticed. Suck on that!

I crouched behind the bush and looked at Marc. He was shirtless, God help me, playing againts the guys with shirts. He ran so fast it was hard for the other guys to keep up. He reached the little goal section thingy and cheered.

It's funny how I'm a cheerleader and I know nothing about sports.

I was determined to talk to the guy, he was ignoring me all day.

There was a buzzing sound in my ear and I swatted, trying to concentrate. All I need to do is wait 'till Marc's alone. I watched as he walked over to Coach Bells, a tough woman who coached soccer, football, tennis, and cheer leading. Though she barely pays attention to us.

The buzzing came back and swatted the fly furiously. I looked at the fly and whispered furiously. "Dude I'm tryna be a ninja, shush."

The fly buzzed back angrily. And then I realized that it wasn't a fly. It was a bee. I screamed and jumped from behind my carefully chosen bush.

I backed away from the bee slowly, trying to calm him down. But he was set on revenge. He buzzed and speed towards me and then he stung my nose.

"Shit!" I cried.

It felt like a very sharp needle. I gently rubbed my poor nose trying not to cry.

"Nadya?" Marc asked.

I cringed and looked over at him. "Oh hey Marc, what's up?"

"Where you spying on me?"

"No!" I yelled. "I was talking to a fly that turned out to be a bee, that's all."

"I saw you."

"Not possible." I said. My ninja powers are to bad ass.

He shook his head and stepped closer to me. I held my breathe trying not to let my eyes wander downwards. Nope, I am a good virgin, no wandering eyes hear. I looked up into his eyes as he moved my hand from my nose.

"Are you allergic?"

"To what abs?" I asked in a daze.

Marc smirked at me and laughed. "No bee stings."

"I don't know, this never happened to me before." I mumbled, blushing. I looked down at my shoes instead of the boy before me.

"Come on we need to get the stinger out." he said. He looked over at Coach Bell who waved us off. Marc took my hand and dragged me off the football field. Passing the cheerleaders, and the hater Hillary, Marc lead me into the abandoned school.

We walked into the girls bathroom and ignored the giggling cheerleaders. I gave them a look and they scurried out of there.

Marc didn't say anything as he held my face in his hands. He stepped closer and looked me dead in the eye. My heart thumped erratically. holy shoes, he's going to kiss me. He stepped closer again until his bare chest was on mine. My tee shirt was soaked and I probably smelled like sweat.

Holding my breathe I waited for gim to lean in.

But he never did. Instead he carefully took the stinger out my nose. I cringed a little and pouted.

He smiled and took up some soap and rinsed it with water.

"How do you know so much about bee stings?"

"I used to get stung a lot as a kid." he shrugged gently scrubbing my nose.

"I can do it you know."

"This is my excuse to being so close to you."

Narrowing my eyes, waited for him to finish. When he set the soap down.

"Then why won't you just kiss me already!" I asked. "And what's with the cold shoulder today?"

Shrugging he leaned onto the sink and looked at himself in the mirror. "I was jealous."

I snorted. "Of Lucas?"

"Well he was over your house. In your bed."

"So? He was drunk. He came to my house earlier the day. I let him stay for a while."


"I don't know." I said. "I just know every time I push him away he just keeps showing up. I kicked him out when I went to bed and by morning he was back."

"That's cause he likes you."

I rolled my eyes, that's stating the obvious.

"I can't stop that."

"But I can." he smiled. He approached me and took my hand. "You need to put something on that."

There he goes again. Every time I fell like he's going to kiss me or at least something close to that, he does or says something otherwise.

Stupid Marc.

"I'll do it when I get home." I grumbled. I took my hand away and left him standing alone.

My first kiss happened a long time ago. Freshman year, when I was in a different high school than now.

His name was Tyler Hood. He was tall handsome, and goofy. A lot like Lucas, but not as annoying.

He wasn't the most liked guy in the school, with his reputation and all. My reputation was the good little virgin. Even freshman year, people expect you to be experienced.

Tyler was always my friend. He smiled at me everytime we crossed paths. And I blushed, like the fool I was. Weeks of the smiling and passing he finally came up to me and asked me out.

People warned me not to date him. But I was to happy.

We kissed months after.

It was too perfect.

January 14th, on my birthday, I was asked to join the cheer leading squad. I ran home happy with the fact I was finally being accepted despite the fact Tyler was my boyfriend.

Back then my mother was around more. A year before Max was born. I stopped short when I saw Tyler's motorcycle in the driveway. He was probably hear for my birthday. I entered the house and put down my bag.

That's when I heard a moan. I cringed, my mother was getting it on, something she's been doing a lot lately. I looked around desperately for Tyler, hoping she didn't scare him off. Not finding him downstairs i climbed the stairs and looked in every door, purposely avoiding my mom's room. When I reached my own bedroom I opened the door.

"Holy f*ck."


Tyler got off my mother and looked at me. "Why..."

I looked at him to my mother. on my bed. Half naked. With a smirk on her face.

That's when I knew for sure I hated the woman.

I tried not to think of the memory again as I took my keys. I looked at my mother's car in the driveway in disgust.

I got out the car and headed inside, standing tall ready to face her. I opened the door and groaned to myself.

"Not again."

Ronnie looked at me with wide eyes. "Oh hey Nady."

I glared at him and Philip on top of my best friend.

"This is not yourfreaking bedroom man. I told you not to bring any of that business in my house."

Ronnie laughed and pushed Phillip off him. At least they were clothed.

"Marc's in the back." Ronnie smiled. I wrinkled my nose and walked past them.

"Don't mess up my coach." Phillip actually blushed at that. My backyard wasn't huge or impressive in anyway. I had a hot tub to the far corner a garden that I never cared for.closer to the Glass double doors I was standing in, was the seating area and a grill.

My mom worked hard to keep her image.

I walked out the back door and looked at Marc talking furiously with Lucas. Does Ronnie let everyone in the house!

I looked to right of them and saw Louis and Amy kissing each other. Full out tongue sword fight.


I looked back into my house and sighed. "Hey guys." Amy pulled away from Louis and gave me a smile. I raised an eyebrow and nodded at her and Louis, I remember when she said she never liked him. Sure.

Marc smiled at me and started walking towards me. Lucas grinned at me too, and then ran towards me.

"Racy Lacy, was up?" His grammer was still awfull.

"Why do you keep calling her that?" Marc asked, looking really frustrated. I gave Marc a look, remembering us from the bathroom.

"Cause he's an idiot." I replied.

"Maybe I should start calling you Rudolf." he smirked, pointing to his nose. "Did Hilary finally b*tch slap you or what?"

I pouted and covered my nose, "A failed ninja mission." Lucas chuckled and shook his head. He patted me on my shoulder.

"That's because you ain't a beast." I smacked his hand away and then punched his jaw. He snapped his head back with impact and rubbed his jaw.

"Damn," Marc smiled. Lucas chuckled again.

"I don't know why your so cheery, you posted pictures of us on the fudging internet."

"You fell into that one." he smirked. "Trust me there's only more to come." I glared at him as he walked away.

"You got a wicked right hook," Marc laughed. He hugged me to him and looked at me in a way I've always dreamed of.

I shoved him. "I'm still mad at you."

"For not wanting to kiss you in a smelly bathroom?" he asked.

"Well we were alone. For once." I retorted. I stepped away from him.

"We could be alone. Tonight." Narrowing my eyes.

Is he suggesting what I think he's suggesting?

Chapter 12::I Do Not Hook Up::Kelly Clarkson

All my friends, plus my crush, the annoying brother and cousin, sat at my dining table as I brought in the pizza.

Louis and Lucas cheered when they smelt the food. Sadly, they are a lot alike, so they tag teamed on picking on me.

"You should try wearing those short sexy maid outfits." Lucas said, waggling his eyebrows. Louis laughed and high fived him. Amy shook her head and elbowed him, which I could tell she didn't mean because she was laughing, too. I put the pizza down and pushed him off the chair. Everyone laughed when he toppled over and I took his old seat. Marc smirked at me and took three slices.

I avoided him for hours now, not wanting to actually do what he wanted me to.

I really wasn't ready to lay down on my back, for anyone. The one guy I was ready to do it with was ready to do my mother. I shuddered.

Amy narrowed her eyes and looked between the two of us. I raised an eyebrow at her hand in Louis.

"I'm freaking starving," Philip said. He grabbed five slices and noticed Ronnie flinch. He was on a strict no fat diet. He said he was not gonna look like some fat bitch on graduation. Obviously Philip didn't have the same concern.

"You want some babe?"

I snorted and covered my smile with my hand. So Phillip can't resist Ronnie.

Ronnie smiled at him and shook his head. "I am not gonna be some fat rachet bitch at graduation."

"You look good in anything."

Ah! I looked around to see if anyone else was hearing this. Amy and Louis were wrapped up in there own little bubble. Lucas was standing in the corner eating his pizza. And Marc was staring at me, laughing at my expressions.

I pointed to Philip with my eyes. He chuckled and shook his head.

"He decided to come out the closet." he said out loud. Phillip shrugged at me and smiled.

"Ha! I knew it!" I cheered. "I should have bet some money."

"Shut it Rudolf," Ronnie laughed. "I told you, you were convinced he was straight."

"Well with the flirting and the-"

"Everyone flirts with you, woman." Marc snorted. "I for one always knew."

Lucas snorted. "Um, I knew before you. My mom was the one who convinced him that it was okay to be gay."

Amy decided to say since she was such a boss she knew all along. But I was focused on Lucas. This is the first time I ever heard him say anything about his mother. I wonder why he's living with Marc.

I finally reached for a pizza and realized it was all gone. "You bitches!" They laughed at me. "You ate all the damn pizza."

"I told you to get more than two boxes."

I pouted and looked away from them all. Lucas stopped chewing his pizza and handed it to me.


"Ew!" I said. "This is diseased." I pushed it away. Lucas snorted and turned toward my fridge.

"Do you have any apple juice?" he asked.

"No! Don't touch my apple juice. You posted false pictures of me and you on facebook."

"Were they fake, darling?" he winked. I stood up and punched him in the face again.

"Oh!" Philip yelled. "Virgin got a wicked right hook!"

Lucas laughed with him and rubbed his jaw, "That's going to be a really nasty bruise." He still headed towards my fridge and I pouted and rubbed my hand.

"His face is so hard." I whined.

"That's not the only thing hard about me."

"Ugh ew!" I covered my ears, again causing me to get laughed at.

Ugh, I hate people.

"So your telling me, she has this house all to herself?" Phillip asked again. He had Ronnie on his lap, hands intertwined. They were really, really cute together I wanted to stab them with a damn spoon.

I wish that was me and Marc.

Amy was sitting next to me with Louis on her lap. He said he didn't want her fat ass squishing him. Which was funny because she's like the size of his bicep.

I wasn't sitting on any potential boyfriend. Marc was sitting on the love seat beside me and I was purposely avoiding him.

But he wasn't avoiding me. He whispered into my ear.

"After there gone we can play some board games."

I sucked in a breathe. Was that code for getting down with it? I leaned away from him.



For the first time ever I was glad for Lucas. He held my wine bottle in one hand and his apple juice in the other. I rolled my eyes, this guy was addicted.

"You have wine?" Marc asked surprised.

"You drink?" Philip asked same time.

"Oh yeah." Lucas laughed. "You don't know bout her hidden stash in her underwear draw?" I felt Marc stiffen beside me. He was jealous.

Amy laughed and clapped her hands. "You still have the stash?"

I rolled my eyes. "yeah."

"I'm confused." Phillip said. "I thought you were a goodie two shoes." Ronnie laughed at his new boy friend and patted his head.

"Back in sophmore year, her first year here, this girl was a party animal!"

Louis chuckled, "She was damn good at taking shots."

Amy sighed, "I miss that Nady."

I shook my head and hugged my legs to my chest. "The Nady who couldn't remember anything the next day? Would walk into school drunk?"

"You were free and fun."

"I was a nightmare." I demanded. "I was supposed to get rid of that." I mumbled. Marc looked at me and took my hand.

Philip sighed, "Well you sounded pretty cool to me. Let's drink."

So there they were, drinking and giggling. Amy turned on some music and gave Louis a lap dance. It was actually funny because she kept falling on the ground and getting up to continue.

Ronnie was back to his steamy make out with Philip.

And Lucas was pretending to do a strip tease.

Marc and I were the only sober ones here.

"Oh God." I laughed. Marc smiled with me and snaked his arm around me.

"Come on." he said. Oh no, he wants to do it.

"Well, you se-"

"Marcy!" Lucas yelled. "My favorite cousin. Come here!" Marc ignored him and tried taking me upstairs.

"Marcy!" Lucas called. "Wait up." Lucas stumbled towards us and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Whoa!" he yelled as he tripped. "I have to tell you a secret."

"What?"Marc sighed, obviously annoyed.

"I have a dick." he said. I choked on my own baby barf. Disgusting.

"Oh my-" Marc started to move away.

"Wait don't you want to know what size?" Lucas called.

"I already know, it's smaller than mine," he replied.

Oh, burn.

I looked back at Lucas but he was on his way to Amy, probably going to ask the same question.

Up in my room he closed the door.

"Hey." he said.

"Heey." I said dragging my words out. Marc smiled down at me. I took a step back and he took a step forward.

He took the back of my neck gently and used his other hand to tilt my head up to his.

Holy cheese.

My heart beat erratically and I tried not to fall to deep into those baby blues. He pressed his chest to mine and tilted his head downwards.

This was it.

It's just a kiss right? I mean its not like I'm going to hop into bed with him. Even if the bed is two feet away...

I shook my head. No I'm not ready. I'm not that type of girl.

Before his lips touched mine I mumbled, "I am not a hook up kind of girl."

"I know." he said softly and then pressed his lips to mine.

Good Lord his lips were soft. My body was tingling and I could see fireworks. Then he licked my bottom lip causing me to shudder. I intertwined our tongues together and nearly fainted from the taste of mint. His hands slipped from my neck to my waist and he pulled me closer. I stood on my toes and ran my hand through the soft hair that I loved and pressed my body closer.

"I'm bringing sexy back! Oh sh*t!" Lucas yelled bursting through the door.

I bit down on Marc's tongue causing him to draw back. "You bit me."

I giggled, "Sorry."

"Oh my Gosh guys, Marc is getting laid, come see some see!" Lucas yelled. Everyone was laready behind him ooh ing and ahh ing.

And Louis actually said, "So that's how virgins get in on."

"Who knew?" Phillip cried.

Good Lord.


"Girl!" Amy said. "You lying."

I laughed at her and closed my locker. "Nope."

"You kissed!" Amy yelled. I slapped my hand over her mouth and glared at the little girl. Amy ignored me and licked my hand.

"Ew." I whined.

"Well that's what you get." she giggled. "So... You guys are an item?"

I thought about it. After the kiss, and Lucas barging in, we didn't do it again. Marc carried everyone except Ronnie and Amy home. The goodbye was awkward. It was the kind of moment where we weren't sure if we should kiss or hug.

We settled for a wave.

I told Amy this and she thought with me. "Maybe he wanted to jump your bones so bad that he was so nervous." I snorted.

"Or he really doesn't like me."

"B*tch please!" Amy took up her school bag and waved. As she walked in the direction of the parking lot she called over her shoulder. "Have fun at practice." I winced thinking of Hilary, yeah, so much fun.

I turned in the opposite direction, towards the football field I stopped short at the sight of the devil.

"What do you want?" I glared. Lucas grinned and held his helmet up on his shoulder, one hand behind his back. He was wearing his football uniform with the number 5 on his jersey.

"You actually showing up for practice?" I raised my eyebrows. He gave me a once over also.

"Love the uniform. Thought you could only wear it for games." he smirked as he looked at my bare stomach. I put my duffel bag over myself cursed Hilary for the thousandth time. She convinced Coach that it would be easier to kick in our uniforms.

"I should thank her." he leered.

"Stop being a man whore." I snapped.

"Well if you weren't so damn fine I wouldn't have to be one would I? Lemme ask you, did you get to use those extra large."

"Boy, you know your not extra large," I laughed. Lucas raised his eyebrows.

"Whose to say I was thinking about you and me?"

He took a step forward and I took a step backward. He took another step forward and I took another one back. "Look I just want to ask a question."

"Well you could ask from over there." I pointed to where he stood.

He moved his hand from behind his back and grinned.

"What is that?" I asked.

Lucas squeezed the toy and it squeaked.

"What is that?" I repeated.

Lucas took my hand and stuffed the chew toy there. "This is my apology," he said.

"You gave me a chew toy." I said slowly.

"A bone chew toy." he said excitedly. "You squeeze it and it freaking squeaks."

I slapped him with the bone, "What am I a dog?"

Lucas grinned and I narrowed his eyes, "Watch it."

He rolled his eyes and changed the subject. "What's with you and Marc? Are you guys together or what?"

"You remember?"

Lucas snorted, "No. But Marc told me this morning. Told me to stay away and all that jazz."

"He did?"


"He had no right." We're not going out, who is he to be all high and mighty.

"Calm it Rudolf. I still gotta back off." he said. "Guy code and all." He put up his right hand. "Scouts honor."

"Your going to stop flirting?" He nodded. "Your going to stop trying to seduce me." He snorted but didn't comment any further.

"So we're friends." I actually smiled. He grinned back at me and stuck out his hand.


Friday night rolled around and the two teams were tied. Ronnie and Phillip were trying their best to keep the big ass opponents away from the ball, but of course Ronnie got distracted by Phillip's ass as he bent over.

I cringed as I watched Marc get tackled.

Hilary was being cliche and basically humping the air lke she's in an S&M video. I moved away from her as fast as I could and actually tried to cheer for Marc.

And we were bascically having cheer sex.

Hilary spun around and looked at me. "Stop eye humping Marc, your distracting him."

"Oh and you dry humping isn't having an affect on the guys?" I asked.

Hilary flipped her hair and looked at me, "You mean Marc."

I looked over at the field, where Marc had the ball and was making a b-line to end zone. Ronnie was doing a hip swivel thing cheering him on, and Phillip was tackling an opponent.


"Or your just jealous that I you can't attract guys as much as I can." she smirked. I gagged on my finger but I secretly knew she was right.


"Yes! Woo!" I screamed.

"Yeah! Woo-hoo!" Hilary screamed louder. I rolled my eyes and looked up at Marc who was heading my way.

"Hey!" I smiled.

He smiled, "Hi."

"Congratulations!" I yelled jumping up and down. I didn't know what to do but I lunged at him. He sort of hesitated and looked so scared you woulda thought I was going to kill him. He opened his arms though and caught me.

"Oh that God I thought you were gonna kill me." He chuckled. I snorted at him. That's exactly what I thought.

"It's just a hug."

Marc put me down and I was kind of disappointed. I was expecting something more I guess.

Hilary choked a laugh and flaunted off just as Lucas walked up to us.

"There you are!" Lucas yelled. He picked me up and spun me around. I squealed and told him to put me down.

He did and he slapped my forehead. "We won!"

I laughed, rubbing my forehead,"I know, congrats."

Marc cleared his throat, "Hey Lace you ready to go?" I nodded.

"See you," I smiled to Lucas. He looked at Marc instead and nodded.

"Yeah, sure. I'll be the the one drunk off my head."

"Of course."

Marc grabbed my hand, "lets go."

I wish Marc would have hugged me the way Lucas did.


I took my time walking to the house party. Amy was bounding towards the steps like a boss.

She wore sling back wedges short shorts and a crop tee to show off her belly ring. I being the modest girl I am, didn't wear the dress Amy wanted me to wear but my converse (which Amy passed out from) and my favorite sundress.

Ronnie ran up beside me, "Lets get wasted muffs fluffs!" He lifted me in the air and ran into the house.

"You lard put me down!"

"I got the virgin! Let the sacrifice begin!"

The crowd cheered and music got louder (total Ke$ha moment). It felt like my insides were vibrating when I said this out loud Ronnie grinned like a mad man. I swear my friend have issues. Ronnie put me down and grabbed Phillip's hand.

"Let's go make out!" He grinned. Phillip have him a love struck smile and lifted him up.

"Ronnie is totally the bottom," Amy said in my air.

"Bottom of what?"

Louis took Amy by the waist and carried her off to the dance floor so I never found out.

I sighed and look around for Marc. He said he'd meet me here after he dropped me off at home. Ronnie and Amy were waiting for me, of course wanting to get ready together.

I spotted him across the room but was stopped by Lucas. He smirked at me and licked his lips. I put up a finger, "No sexual innuendos."

He put his hands up. "Hey, I was just gonna ask you how your day is going."

"Fine but my insides are vibrating."

"You make it hard to keep to our deal, Lacy."

"Oh shush." I laughed.

"Lucas!" A familiar looking guy called. "Come on!"

"I gotta go." He grinned.


Lucas gave me the famous grin that told me he was up to not good and walked away. I shook my head and looked for Marc again but he was gone.

"Just great." I mumbled. Now I'm alone.

"Wazzuhp people!" Lucas yelled. I looked around the house but couldn't find him anywhere. People cheered and started moving to the backyard. I followed them and was surprised to seen Lucas on a patio rise and the rest of his band.

"I'm Lucas, of course, with my sexy self." The crowd laughed. "And this is my band, soon to be named later."

I rolled my eyes. Of course he's to lazy to come up with a name himself.

"You and I go hard, at each other like we going to war."

Oh, my gosh, I forgot how good he sounded.

"You and I go rough, we keep throwing things and slammin' the door."

Girls literally started screaming.

"You and I get so, damn dysfunctional we stopped keeping score. You and I get sick, yah I know that we can't do this no more."

"But baby there you again, there you again making me love you. Yeah I stopped using my head, using my head let it all go. Got you stuck on my body, on my body like a tattoo," Lucas sang. His voice was smooth and rough and it flowed through the melody as if he was made to do it. He was rocking all around the patio, singing like he was a freaking rock star.

"And now i'm feeling stupid, feeling stupid crawling back to you. So I cross my heart, and I hope to die, that I'll only stay with you one more night. And I know I said it a million times. But i'll only stay with you one more night!"

That was when Ronnie snuck up behind me. I jumped a little, I was so in tuned with Lucas I completely forgot my surroundings. He look discheivled and a little tipsy.

"Holy sh*t, did you know he could sing?" he slurred. When I nodded he started shaking me, "Why didn't you tell me that's freaking sexy as hell!"

Phillip glared at Ronnie, "Hey I'm right here."

Ronnie ignored him. "Girl child, I'm totally Team Lucas now. If you don't cuff him tonight, I might just carry him off with my baby and have an all night party."

Phillip chocked on air and I shook my head at my best friend. He was truly high, he would have never admitted something so dirty if he wasn't.

"Time to get you some water." Phillip mumbled.

"Go get you some of that ass girl! Wooo!"

"I'll keep you my dirty little secret, don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret."

The whole house was rockin' to Lucas' band. I felt bored and tired.

And most of all disappointed in the fact I haven't seen Marc all night, and this was supposed to be the big date.

Fudge that muffer fuffler.

"Hey, girl." Louis crooned. I looked down to see Lucas on the grass massaging Amy's feet. It was actually pretty cute.


"Nady!" Amy yelled. "Hi! Where's mister dream boat?"

I swallowed and shrugged my shoulders.

"Wait yo mean he ditched you?" Amy yelled. I shushed her. "Oh fuck this, where the hell is he?"

"Amy calm down. technically I didn't find him, so he couldn't have ditched me."

"No b*tch, he said 'see you there' he should have dog gonnit, seen you here." She was getting up now and Louis helped her.

Shoot nut I'm the only one without a boyfriend.

I shake that thought off, "I thought that didn't count as a date."

"Oh shush," she snapped. Taking my hand she led me through the crowd of teenagers bare foot. She gazed at Lucas as he banged his head to the heavy guitar solo.

"Huh, that's seriously hot," she said. I wrinkled my nose. What's with the random appreciation of Lucas. He was still a butt hole. A more tolerable bone head but still one at heart.

In the living room we searched for a specific boy, Amy mumbling how she could seriously hurt the guy for standing me up. We decided to split up and I promised her I'd call her if I found him first. I lied.

It was up the stairs and around the corner where I saw a sight all too familiar. I was sure it was Marc. I'd know those biceps and hair anywhere.


After spending an eternity in the bathroom trying not to cry, I stumbled to the bar and took a shot. I dropped the glass and gagged. Oh God that was horrible.

I shook my head and grabbed another.

"Whoa slow down missy."

I hiccuped and turned to the tall boy talking to me. Aw he was cute, with curly brown hair, nice brown eyes and chocolate colored skin. Like milk chocolate.

I wonder if he taste like milk chocolate.

The stranger grinned, "I'm pretty sure I don't."

"Oh god did I say that out loud?"

He nodded.

Damn, so much for privacy. Though I did move to a crowded area.

"If I wasn't gay I'd totally tap that." I blushed and hit his shoulder.

"All the good ones I tell you." I shake my head.

"It's not easy for us either, sweetie."

The stranger snorted. "All the hot guys are straight."

I was about to retort when Lucas walked up to me. I was momentarily distracted. I wonder if he knew what his cousin was up to.

By the looks of that grin I'd say no.

"Sup lace. You look kind of drunk."

"Aren't you supposed to be singin'," I slurred. He shrugged.

"We're done now."

I had totally forgot about my new friend until he gave me a smug look. "I told you so." He walked off when I realized exactly what he meant.

"Lucas doesn't count, he's not even that good looking."

"Ahem," he cleared his throat.

I rolled my eyes. "Yes."

Lucas rolled his lips into his mouth and shook his head at me. "You doubt my sexiness."

I grinned, "So you think."

Lucas' eyes widened. Shoot did I just say that out loud?

"Oh God, I must be very drunk." I slapped my forehead.

"Nope! I say that you are good!" Lucas had a cocky grin on his face. "Well, well, what would Marc think right now."

I turned around and tried to walk as far away from him.

"Whoa, don't leave me!" he laughed. "Where just having fun?"

Lucas wrapped an arm around me and pulled me close. "Lets get out of here."

I pushed him off me. "No!"

"Come on, let's go have some real fun." He wiggled his eyebrows.

I took my time walking. Lucas was skipping ahead of me waving his hand in the air. I squinted up at the sky and saw that we were at the community pool.

"What the hell are we doing here?"

"I work here." he called back to me.

"That still doesn't answer my question." I asked.

"We are here to skinny dip, girl child." He took out his keys and opened the door. "Come on."

"I am not skinny dipping with you." I made sure to say. I followed him inside and walked by the front desk, I wonder where the security guard is. I took my time walking to the double doors that I knew led to the pool.

Why am I even here?

I know I'm a little tipsy, but am I really that drunk that I'd follow Liam.

I realized that yes, yes I am.

Anything to get as far away from Marc as I can.

Lucas pulled off his shirt in one swift movement.

I blinked a couple times, remembering the first time I saw him shirtless. I never noticed he actually had a nice torso.

"Come on!" he said. He stripped off his jeans.

"I am not going in there." I said, shaking my head even more. Lucas looked at me and rolled his eyes.

"Come on, don't be a bore." he groaned.

"I'm sorry if I have morals."

Lucas sauntered over to me and I took a couple steps backwards. He cocked his head to the side. "I tell you what. Since your so uncomfortable, how 'bout we play a different game instead."

"I don't feel like playing games."

"Promise, this is fun." he smiled that Cheshire smile, the one that spelled trouble.

Okay so maybe I shouldn't have made a bet with the devil himself, I thought as I looked at the pool. My hands were covering my intimate parts, though that didn't hide much.

"Jump." the devil said. "You lost babe." He wiggled his eyebrows. From where he was in the pool he looked far away. But he was a fast swimmer. He'd reach me so fast I wouldn't know what's going on.

I took a deep breathe and jumped.

"I can't believe I allow you to do this." I shivered.

"I can't believe you did half that stuff." he snickered. I shook my head.

"You better not tell nobody!" I warned.

Lucas laughed. I jumped, he got so close to me so fast. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled my closer. I tensed up, very aware of the fact all I had was a bra and a panty.

The alcohol from the truth or dare game made me dizzy.

I pushed Lucas away. "Okay that's it."

'Whoa whoa, where you going."

"To safety." I said. Lucas swam up and grabbed me around the waist. He lifted me up in the air and then let go. I felt the air whip all around me then I fell into the water.

Lucas laughed as I jumped up, "You ass!" I splashed him with as much water I could. He snorted at me and splashed me back.

"Are you tryna make a freaking wave?" I yelled. But I was laughing, actually having fun.

"Your just jealous of my muscles."

"Ha!" I snorted.

"You dare make fun of me." he yelled. I swam up to him and showed him my muscles. "Now take a look at these babies." I said smugly. I look up at him and grinned. Lucas wasn't looking at my guns though. He was looking at me.

"What?" I asked.

He took my hand and laced his fingers in mine. I wrinkled my eyebrows. "What is wrong with you?"

Lucas wrapped his other arm around me again. His blue eyes were searching mine as he leaned closer to me.

If I didn't know better I would have thought he was going to kiss me.

But then we heard someone enter the building. "Is there anyone here?"

"Shit." Lucas muttered. He dragged me out the pool.

"What the hell is going on?" I asked. Lucas cursed again and picked up his clothes and mine.

"Lucas!" I yelled.

"Shut up, woman!"

I glared at him. "Your so rude. You can't talk to me like that." Lucas rolled his eyes and dragged me from the pool.

"We gotta go."

"I thought you said this was fine," I hissed.

"I never exactly used those exact words." he replied. We were running down a dark hallway. Our wet feet slapping against the cold tile.

I had no idea what I got myself into. I was still shivering form the pool.

I gasped when I heard heavy footsteps behind us. I looked back and saw a man with a flashlight. He shone his light down the hallway. "You there! Stop!"

"Come on!" Lucas yelled. He started running faster. I was stumbling over my feet, trying to keep up. We pushed past the double doors.

"Oh my God. I think my head is going to explode." I panted.

"We're not done yet." Lucas replied, not even panting.

My eyes widened. "How the hell are you still breathing?"

"Football team." he deadpanned.

"Oh yeah."

"Let's go." he said.

I shook my head, "My side hurts." Lucas cursed for the thousandth time and scooped me up in his arms.

"Your supposed to be fit, lil' miss cheerleader." he muttered.

"Whatever." We made it to the car just as the security guard got out of the building.

Lucas rolled down the window and gave the guard the finger, "Sucker!" He started up the car and drove off into the night.

Chapter 15::Can't Be Friends::Trey Songz

My head was killing me. I groaned and covered my eyes with my arm. I can't remember the last time I've been hungover. I could feel my heartbeat in my head and every time it pulsed I cringed.

"Will you stop moving?" a male voice said.

I stilled. What the hell?

"Thank you." then the owner of the voice wrapped his arm around me. I jumped up so fast I gave myself a head rush.

"What the hell?" I yelled. Lucas jumped up also, "I should be asking you that question."

I thanked my lucky stars, we were both fully clothed. God knew what a drunk Nadya would do. Lucas rubbed his head and groaned.

"You are crazy woman." he laid back in my bed. I put my hand over my pounding heart.

"I didn't know it was you." I said. "Wait what are you doing here?"

"Don't you remember?" he asked. He put on that damned smile again, so I knew whatever words that came out of his mouth is pure bull. "We had sex."

I shook my head and sat on the ground. "You really need some help." Lucas crawled across the bed and looked down to where I was. I peered up at him. Something was different.

"I am perfectly fine." he said seriously.

"Holy! Your eyes!"

"What?" he asked. "I was looking at your face." No he wasn't.

"They're two different colors." I yelled. Then regretted it. I hate drinking.

"Oh, yeah. I must have taken off the contact last night." he muttered. I scooted closer to Lucas and peered into his eyes, one green one aqua blue. It was weird and strangely beautiful.

"Why the contacts?" I asked. Lucas smirked.

"So the ladies could calm themselves, I'm already too sexy for words, my eyes would make the girls faint."

He was lying. He twitches his brow when he lies. Which is weird that I know that.

"Your eyes are beautiful."

"You're beautiful."

I swallowed. Remembering that time in the pool. Was he going to kiss me? Or was he just being Lucas.

I locked eyes with Lucas. He looked like a different person. Then I remembered, "Hey didn't you say that we were friends."

Lucas rolled on my bed, breaking our eye contact. "Yeah?"

"You broke that promise."

Lucas snorted, "No."

"Uh, yeah. Last night." I retorted.


"Yes. You did, when you were holding me like that. And looking at me like that. And when you almost kissed me!"

"I did all that, when?" he cocked his head to the side, faking ignorance. My eye twitched, he was really irritating.

"Last night, don't play dumb."

"Nope. I don't recall. Though I do believe you might be in like with me." he wiggled his eyebrows.

"What? No!" I yelled. Never. I like Marc. Not Lucas, anyone but Lucas. At least I think I still like Marc. But after last night, I'm not so sure.

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Admit it." Lucas got off the bed and stalked towards me. "Come on."

I shook my head.

"Say it with me. Lucas is too sexy."

"Your not sexy." I interrupted.

"For words." he finished.

"There are no words for your ugliness."


Ronnie can be amazing at times. He is always there for me, so I'm always there for him.

But Ronnie is who he is. A very stubborn, and very very annoying son of a motherless goat. And the only times he was really annoying was when he was in a mood, his father did something... or when he has a hangover.

"I told you, you shoudl stop drinking."

Ronnie moaned, his face buried in his mom's expensive looking cheap couch.

"Come on, Ronnie, I need to talk to you!" I poked him. "Muy importante!"

"Don't poke the bear, Nady, don't poke the bear." Ronnie warned. I shok my head at him. "And you know I don't speak French"

He damn well knew it was Spanish. His mother is Spanish.

"Well if you'd get up! This is important!"

Ronnie groaned. "You are so annoying."

"Marc was at the party."

"Okay..." Ronnie said.

"No he was like at the party." I repeated. "The one he was supposed to meet me at."

"Oh the one you thought was a date."

"It was a date!"

"Stop yelling you bum!"

I sighed and held the bridge of my nose. "I saw him kissing another girl."

"Holy shit!"

"Oh so you can yell?" I asked. Ronnie shook his arms in front of his face.

"Woman, that's not important. When was this and why wasn't I told sooner."

"I.. I don't know. I just didn't want to think. So I lied to Amy, got a little tipsy and went out with Lucas to a community pool where we kind of went skinny dipping after a game of truth or dare. And then he almost kissed me and then we had to run becasue the security guard was there."

"Wait what?"

"But this morning he denied everything like the bacon stealer, house breaking, hottie he is!"

Ronnie just stared at me.

"Oh gosh. Did I just call him hot?"

Ronnie nodded.

"I must me sick!" I thought. "What is wrong with me?"

"Come on, you're a girl with eyes. The guy is fine!" Ronnie said.

"I knew he wasn't ugly, but a hottie? No."

"Yes." Ronnie chuckled. "Admittedly, Marc's sexier. I mean have you seen his biceps." I cringed.

"Sorry." Ronnie apologized.

I put my head in my hands. I do not like Lucas. Me calling him hot means bup-kiss. Yup! That's it.

Nothing changes how I feel about that idiot. Not even last night.

Chapter 16::My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark::Fall Out Boy*

April was officialy done by Sunday and Monday was the start of May. Of course, May means prom and senior trip. And more importantly, prom means dates. 

I have no date. 

Marc has been trying to talk to me for the longest. But I just ignored him. After finally telling Amy and Louis about him, they actually helped me avoid him.

Luke is another story. And ever since I admitted he was hot to Ronnie, I haven't been able to think clearly. So I've been trying to avoid him. 

Trying but failing. 

"Hey Lace." I sighed. "Yes hi, Lucas." I was leaving cheerleading practice and waiting for Ronnie (my car broke down... again). 

He walked up to me, his brown hair matted down to his forehead. He had on his contacts again, and now that I knew how his original eyes looked, I saw how off the other eye looked.

"What's up?" 

I glared at him. "No." 

"What can't I ask you a question?" he asked. I combed my hair into a pony tail. Which he tugged down. 

"What is wrong with you?" 

I continued to ignore him and took out another rubber band and tied up my hair again. Again he tugged it back. 

"Your so annoying." 

"I'm not annoying if you'd tell me why your acting more of a bitch than usual." he snapped. I was actually surprised he was getting agitated. He's usually so care free. 

But he did call me a bitch, so I took a swing at him. He caught my fist in his hand and pulled me towards him. 

"No, stop." I tried pulling my fist away and when that didn't work I tried kicking him in the balls. Which he saw coming. Lucas kept his eyes on mine as he hooked my leg around his waist. 

I could feel every part of my body pressed on his. It made my insides tingle in a way that they really shouldn't. 

"Why won't you let go of me?" I asked. 

"Why won't you stop fighting me?" he retorted. He glanced at my lips and again it made me feel weird. Lucas leaned closer to my lips. As he closed the distance I lifted my chin. 

His soft lips landed there and I laughed and pushed him away. 

"No way, bub. You were gonna kiss me in the pool admit it." 

He smirked. "You want me don't you." Maybe.  

I threw my arms up in frustration. "Your so infuriating." 

"And sexy, don't forget that." he ran his hand threw his hair to prove it even further. I folded my arms. 

"Well, well." Hilary said. I tensed, this is not good. "I never knew that you got around, Nadya." 

I growled. "At least I'm not a community chest." I looked pointedly at her double d's hanging out of the cheerleading uniform. 

Lucas snorted a laughter. "You stole that from That's So 70's Show." I glared. "I love that show." 

Ew, we have something in common. 

"Don't worry, Marc won't hear about this." she giggled. "Bye Lucas." She wiggled her fingers, winked, and walked away. 

"Damn she's annoying." 

"You definitely have a better ass." Lucas said, staring at her ass then mine. I smacked him upside the head. 

"Why do you abuse me so?" he asked. 

"Oh, shut up!" I yelled. "Ronnie! Where are you?" I stalked away from the imbecile and ran towards the field. "Ronnie!" 

"Lacy! Where are you going?" 

I saw Ronnie, but not in the position I wanted him to be. 

"Oh good God." I groaned. "Ronnie! Your in public!" 

Ronnie pulled away from Phillip. They were both shirtless and heavily groping one another. I saw Ronnie sigh and look up to the sky. 

"You had me waiting for you while you were getting it on?" I asked. 

"We could have done the same is you would have let me kiss you." Lucas said. I shot him a death look. 

"Nadya. You had an opportunity to tap that?" 

"We are not having a three some with my cousin." Phillip said. Ronnie slapped his hand over his mouth. 

"Shush boy!" Ronnie hissed. "I was drunk." 

"I'd tap you too Ronnie. If I swung that way." Lucas laughed as he walked closer to us. I tried to slap him, his face really annoys me. He caught my hand and kissed it. Disgusted, and slightly happy, I punched him on the shoulder. 

"Aren't they adorable?" Ronnie asked. 

"You." I pointed to my best friend. "Are dead. Let's go." Ronnie sighed and pecked Phillip. 

He then git up grabbed his shirt and strut towards me. "I can't get laid man." 

"Tell me about it." Lucas chuckled. He looked over at me and winked. 


Later, at my house, Ronnie and I were watching TV. Well he was watching it. I was trying to study. 

He muted his soap operas, which he never does. Unless it's serious. 

"He tried to kiss you?" 

I put down my history book. "Yup." 

Ronnie squealed and pounced on me, "That is so amazing. He likes you." 

"He never made that a secret." I said, confused. "I mean have you seen him act around me? "

"Huh, you sound cocky." I shrugged. "And glad." 

I blushed. "I think we need to get back to our work." 

"You know I don't study," he snorted. 

"Well some of us aren't as smart as you." I said. I oped my book up back. "Mr. 90's and up on the Regents." Ronnie smirked. 

"And AP classes, don't forget." 

"I'm just glad to get a damn 80 or 70." My nose wrinkled. "I hate school." Ronnie crawled over to my side of the couch. 

"Come on lemme tutor you." he said. 

"No, no way." I hate getting help from people. Ronnie and Amy offered to tutor me millions of times before but I always denied. 

"I'm surprised you even got into college." Ronnie laughed, remembering junior year. "While you were drooling over Marc."

I never talked to Marc before I joined cheerleading, junior year. "Back when you were dating that 20 year old."

"He was sexy." 

I laughed in agreement. "Your such a slut."

He winced at the words. Which was weird, he never cared before. He embarrassed his sexual side like a boss.

"I lost my virginity to Phillip." 

"Wait what?" I asked. "How long have you guys been together." 

"No. I mean, Saturday. I lost my virginity to him. And him me." 

Oh. That was unexpected. 




Chapter 17::Paralyzed::Finger Eleven

Okay, so this has got to stop happening. Yes. I swear on my Ben & Jerry I will stop, almost kissing Lucas Tale!

I shook my head trying to shake off the image of his nice, suddenly very appealing, lips. What the hell is wrong with me? Last week I was cursing him to the moon and back. Now I'm envisioning my lips, on his.


I scurried my way from the locker room and down the empty school hallways. I was cold because of the AC, I was confused because of my feelings for Lucas and I was mad because of my feelings for Lucas. Which can't be more than... attraction. No way I like like him. Right?

"Oh God, please, tell me I don't." I groaned. I ran a hand through my hair, totally stressed out. I was so caught up in my mind I didn't realize I walked really far away from the football field. The competition was this Friday and I should go practice.

But I wasn't.

"Oh no, I think I heard someone." I heard a girl say. She was around the corner and obviously hiding something. Being the nosy person I am I tiptoed to the corner and listened for more.

"I didn't," a very familiar male voice said. I swallowed a gasp and dared to look around the corner.

Just as I suspected, there was Louis but he didn't have his arm wrapped around Amy, his girl friend. My jaw clenched and my nostrils flared.

That little disgusting pig.

"What ya doing?"

I jumped and turned to Lucas. I glared at him and shushed.

Louis' whore jumped up, "There it is again."

"Your going crazy, come on lets continue." he said. Lucas slipped his hand in mine and squeezed, understanding what I was doing. I knew that's what he meant but he made me swallow my heart. And it hit the bottom of my stomach. Hard.

I've got to stop feeling like this.

I couldn't watch anymore so I dug in my bra for my chap stick. Lucas squeezed my hand, probably seeing what I was doing. I bumped him with my hips and threw the chap stick at them.

"What the-"

"Let's go!" I whisper yelled. I ran with Lucas down the hallway and ran as far as I could. When we reached far enough, I let go.

"Wow, most girls would have went ballistic."

"Oh, I'm not done with him yet." I growled. He nodded.

"I didn't expect that yet," he said. "Lucas seemed like a good guy." I didn't reply. "More pressing matters, you wanna talk about what happened back there."

"With Louis?"

"You almost kissed me Nadya." I gulped. Uh-oh, he called me Nadya. "You like me."


"No you like me, you keep acting like I'm the only one with feelings here, but you like me." he smirked. I glared and kept my straight face.


I took my time walking from last period to the locker room but I could tell I was really early because no one was there.

I walked over to my locker and started to undress.


"Oh shooves." I yelled. "What the hell Lucas."

"Aw, not Narnia." he frowned. "But the next best thing, well hello, Lacy."

"You knew damn well I was in here." I sneered. I sighed and put my hand on my hips. Thank God I only got down to my tank top and underwear.

I slipped on back my jeans, ignoring his groan in protest. "What the hell do you want?"

"Oh. Yeah." he said. "Whassup?"

"Oh God." I can't believe this guy.

"Don't say the Lord's name in vain." he said.

"Oh shut it."

"Little school girl, tsk tsk." he teased. I clenched my jaw. Lucas walked up to me and smiled. "So... whassup."

"I was trying to get ready for practice."

"Then what's stopping you?" he asked. He cocked his head to the side and looked at me. His hair was growing longer now, really getting into those gorgeous eyes of his. Bleh.

"Leave." I said.

"Eh, no." he chuckled. He walked closer and I stepped backwards.

"Why are you always bothering me?" I asked. He laughed at that and shook his head.

"Why are you denying your feelings for me?" he asked. I turned around and took out my deodorant from my locker. I lifted my shirt a little and without flashing him I applied the roll on. Maybe if I ignore him, he'll disappear.


I took my rubber band and tied up my hair.

Lucas wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. I tensed instantly and pushed him away with my elbows. I turned around and glared at him, "Back up!"

He slammed his hands on either side of my head. The locker banged and I jumped. His green eye and blue eye bore into me leaving me paralyzed.

He grinned and licked his lips. Oh damn him, I thought as I leant in. I felt trapped between his arms, but safe. I actually wanted him to be here. And I was really losing my mind.

I snapped out of my trance and pushed him away.  

"I'm going crazy!" I ran towards the door.

"No, I think your perfectly fine!" he called after me.

"Oh, shut up!"


Lucas had the same grin on his face now. He blew me a kiss.

I'm seriously going to call the ambulance, I need psychological help.



Chapter 18:: Madness::Muse


Three weeks 'till prom.

Six weeks 'till graduation.

Graduation also equals college, something I don't like to think about. I already got into a school, not my first choice, but it's still a good school for me to go to and actually find out what I want to do.

I stopped thinking about the future and began thinking about the now. Not the fact that my best friend's boyfriend, who is also my best friend, is cheating on her. Nope. Not the fact that I'm attracted to a guy that I thought I hated. And the guy I had a crush on, is a douche bag.

No, I was focused on the cheerleading competion, and the fact that we were disqualified.

Because of me.

Hilary walked by me, two other girls at her sides. She was cradling her, now, broken nose. I was pretty sure she was glaring at me.


We were cheering when it happened. We were in sync, and going to the beat of the dance mix we all agreed on. Yes, we were wiggling our hips a little too provacitively, but the judges seemed to like the routine. Heck, they seemed to like us. I was sure we were going to win.

The problem was Hilary's hip piercing, which had ripped when she almost fell off the pyramid. I had tried to get her, but I got that stupid little piercing and it ripped her skin and down she went.

It might have been funny to on lookers if she didn't keep bleeding.

Basically a lot of girls have weak stomachs and we ended up losing.

Plus seeing Marc in the crowd didn't help things for me...

"Hi!." He said.

I just looked at him, "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to ask why you've been ignoring me."

"Seriously?" I asked, hands on my hips. Marc looked back at me with his "innocent" blue eyes. Like he was urging me to fall for them.

Too bad I wasn't that easy.

"I saw you Marc." I said simply.

His eyebrows met in the middle as he decifered what I said. I raised a single brow and waited for him to figure it out.

"I'm sorry, I have no idea what you mean." he finally said.

Then my anger got the best of me. I shoved his chest causing him to stumble back. "I saw you at the party you asshole! When you were supposed to be with me!"

His face paled, "Y-you saw?"

"Yeah, I saw." I growled. I huffed and turned away from him. Marc grabbed my arm and dragged me back to him. People were starting to stare at us. Ignroing them, Marc took me outside the gymnasium.

"Look please don't tell anybody." he pleaded. I gazed at him and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Why would I tell anybody?" I asked.

"Because you saw me kiss a-"

I held up my hand, "What you really should be doing is leaving me alone." I turned around and started to walk away.

"Nadya!" he called. "I'm sorry. Can you please forgive?"

I stopped walking. I was almost to the front door of the gymnasium. I looked at him over my shoulder. I breathed in and out trying not to yell at him.

Marc stood in the parking lot, his hands stuffed in his pockets, his now chin length hair blowing in the wind. He looked unbelieveably sexy.

But I wasn't ready to forgive him yet.

"I'll think about it." I said. I continued inside, not carrying if her heard me or not.


Amy and I were sitting in the park that night. I was telling her about Marc's apology as she snapped some shots of the pond for her portfolio.

"Well," she said. "Do you want my opinion." She turned to me and set down her camera.

I looked out over the pond and nodded.

"He didn't necasrily cheat on you since you guys arent together. But, it's basically like he did."

"So what should I do?"

"Forgive him, of course."

I looked at her, shocked.

"What? I think you guys would make a cute couple, plus, prom is two weeks away you need a date." Amy shrugged.

Sometimes I worry about her. "What if, Louis cheated on you?"

"I'd de-penis him." she said instantly. I giggled and shook my head.

"Then why do I have to forgive Marc?"

Amy looked at me, "I love you, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Your'e not going to find a guy in two weeks for the prom."

"So your telling me to settle."

"Der!" she said. "I swear sometimes your so dumb."

"What about Lucas?" I asked. Amy packed up her camera gear and walked over to me.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about him." she tapped her chin. "He'll do I suppose. But I don't know if he's your type."

"He tried to kiss me."

"Holy sh*t!" she gasped. "And you didn't tell me? You hoe!"

"I'm sorry I was occupied."

"Occupied my ass!" She guffawed. Then she looked at me. "Did you want to kiss him?"

"I still do."

Amy gave me a sympathetic look and layed her hand on mine.

"You are in some deep do do."


Chapter 19:: Secrets:: One Republic

The whole way home, I contemplating ways I could drop the bomb.

Should I just right out say it? Or maybe I should text her.

I cringed. Texting her would be low of me.

I looked over at my best friend, thinking how she doesn't deserve this. Nobody deserves to cheated on.

Amy's curly hair bounced with her as she sang to that new Ariana Grande song. She was smiling. She smiled a lot now a days, more so than usual.

And to think it was because of a cheating bastard.

Amy stopped driving and I looked up and realized that we already reached my house.

"Hey, um, you wanna come in?"

"Nah." She smiled. "I have a date tonight."

"No!" I yelled. "You can't go."

Amy narrowed her eyes at me. "I'm sorry, but why?"

I bit my lip and looked out the window.

"Nady?" She asked. "What do you have to tell me?"

"Louis is cheating on you." I said it. There.

I looked at her face. She was staring at me looking at every aspect, trying to see if I was lying.

"I'm sorry."

Amy's bottom lip trembled. "Goodbye, Nadya."

I cringed at her hard time and climbed out the car. "I'm so sorry, Amelia." I used her first name, showing her that I was indeed serious. She cringed at the name. Only her mother called Amy that.

And Amy's mom was gone.

I closed the door when she didn't reply and watched as she drove off.


As I walked up to my house I stopped when I saw a figure on my steps.

I sighed, "What are you doing here, Lucas?"

I approached him and watched as he stood to his full height. He smirked at me and I noticed he didn't "have the stupid contacts in allowing me to see his eyes.

Lucas examined my face, his cocky smirk falling, and stepped closer to me. I tensed as he wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me to him. I stumbled and braced my arms on his chest.

This was weird. I never recalled hugging Lucas before.

It was weird but nice. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled tighter.

"Come on." Lucas took my hand and dragged me up the steps. I took out the key and turned. Lucas and I walked throughout the front door one at a time.

"What are you doing her Lucas?"

He looked over at me. "I'm here to see my favorite girl of course." I rolled my eyes. "Hungry?"


"I feel like Chinese." he says, still ignoring me. He strolls over to my kitchen and opens the fridge.

"Are you aware that you have no food?"

"I believe in the art of takeout." I say. I climbed up on my island and pulled out the draw. I took out the Chinese takeout menu and wave it at him. He looked over at me and practically ran to me trying to grab it.

I held it away from him, "Nope. Tell me why your here."

Lucas leaned over me, bracing his arms on either sides as he looked at me. "I'll tell you..."

I nodded for him to continue.

"When I gets my Chinese."

"Horrible grammar." I tsked. I leaned away from his hard body and he stepped closer. Shocked I wrapped my legs around his waist and he raised his eyebrows.

"You better not get any ideas, sir."

"It's hard not to in this compromising position." he smirks. He seems to have forgotten take out and be solely focused on me. He trailed his eyes from mine down to my nose and then my lips. I involuntarily licked them and he smirked, pleased by my reaction.

I expected him to kiss me but instead he kept surveying me looking to my neck then my chest where his attention stayed.

"Hey, My eyes are up here."

He chuckled and leaned in closer to me. My heart hammered in my chest and my eyes closed. But instead of kissing me he placed his lips on my throat. I groaned when I felt his soft lips on my jugular start to suck.

"Oh God." I grabbed his shoulders dropping the take out menu and pulled him closer to me. My legs tightened around him and all I wanted was for him to freaking kiss me.

"Thank you darling." he said against my neck.

"What?" I asked, dazed. He stepped away with the Chinese menu in hand.

"I told you, after Chinese." he winked.


"Start talking." I demand as soon as I finish my lo mien. Lucas however was still chewing his chicken.

"Well I'm sort of busy." he said with a mouth full of food. I glared.

Lucas sighed and put down his food. "Fine."

"My parents are dead."

"What?" I coughed.

"They died a year ago, today." he says. I looked at him closely, as I process what he's saying. The only thing I saw was a calm boy in front of me which made no sense. On the anniversary of my father's death, I was never this composed.

Unless, it was just a face.

"It was a car accident." he continued. "We were all in the car heading back home when a little girl came on to the street. My dad tried to stop but-."

"But he wasn't fast enough."

I continued to stare at him and when I realized the tale was done I got up my seat on the couch and sat next to him.

"Is the little girl okay?"

Lucas cringed. "No. she was paralyzed from the waist down."

"Im sorry."

He cringed, "It's not your fault."

"I know it's not my fault." I said. "But I know how much it hurts."

"My dad died when he was away."

"Where was he?" Lucas asked.

"A Military base. It was raided and while trying to save another soldier he was shot." Lucas grabbed my hand. "My mom and I never really got over it. Hence why she's never here."

"Well it's her lost."

I smiled back at him, "So where are the scars from?" He closed his eyes and breathed out.

"Didn't forget that, huh?"

"And I didn't ask Marc, either." I say.

"It's from fighting." he finally said. "I fought a guy who had too much friends and ended up being beat so bad I was hospitalized for three weeks."

My eyebrows furrowed, now I'm confused. "But, why were you in a fight?"

Lucas ran a hand through his hair. "That, I'm not ready to talk about."

"Why are you telling me this then?" I ask. "You could have talked to your aunt, or your cousins, why me?"

"I just wanted to hang with my future girlfriend." he smirked, still not answering my question. But I could see he was really hurting. I shook my head at him and stood up.

"I can see that your faking." I told him, my hands on my hips. Lucas stepped closer to me and grabbed my waist. "You're not as happy as your pretending to be."

"Neither are you Lacy." He whispered, smiling at me in a way that made me shiver. I took his face and pulled it closer to mine and before I could plant a kiss on him I heard a baby' brother's voice.




Chapter 20::Sweater Weather:: The Neighborhood

"Nadya?" my mother asked. "Who is this?" 

I step in front of Lucas and glare at my mother. "My friend." 

My mother put down Max and let him run over to me. His little legs carried him all the way over to where I stood and I scooped him up squeezing him to my chest. 

"Well obviously, or he wouldn't be here I hope." my mother said. She was judging, like she always does. She thinks I party every night, taking advantage of the fact that she's never here. She even called me a slut one time when Louis was over. 

My mother closed the front door and looked at the Chinese containers all over the living room floor. "You've already eaten?" "Yes, mom." Lucas' eyes widened when he looked between my mother and me. The long brown curly hair and brown eyes. I looked a lot like my mother, something that I wasn't always grateful for. 

Max wiggled in my hold and I set him down. He walked over to Lucas and looked him up and down. "Are you Nagya's boyfriend?"

"Yes," he asnwered as I said, "No." I glared at him and he gave me the sweetest smile ever. Lucas bent down to Max's level and smiled at my brother.

"How old are you?"


"Wow, I'm 17."

"Old." Max said, shaking his head. "I know." Lucas smiled back. And it wasn't a mischievous smile that meant he was up to no good. It was a sweet smile. One that affected me more than I would care to admit. 

I couldn't even focus on the cuteness of the situation. My mother circled me and Lucas like we were the plague."I'm just here to drop off the checks." She said slowly.

I watched as she dug in her bag and I wondered what my mother actually did. We never discussed it before, not that we ever talked. Max looked back at me and my heart nearly broke at his expression. He didn't want to go.

"I got to go." Lucas said awkwardly. My mom just glared at him and I waved at him awkwardly. I never thought I'd see Lucas awkward but here we go. 

 As soon as Lucas left my mother went up the stairs not sparing me or my brother another glance. 

I sighed, looking down at Max, thinking how he doesn't deserve such a dysfunctional family. 

I bent and ruffled his hair. "You hungry?" He nodded vigorously. "Come on, I think I have some lo mien left." 


"I heard the she-devil is there." Ronnie said as soon as I called him. 

My brows furrowed. "How in the world did you know that?" 

"Lucas told Phillip who told me." he said. I rolled my eyes. People just love gossip.

"Does your boyfriend tell you everything?" I asked. I kicked off my converse ad dived onto my bed. I had been up with Max most of the night catching up while my mother was locked up in her room.

There was a pause and I thought he had hung up until he finally said something. Well I think he was trying to talk, I couldn't hear anything through the hiccups.

"Are you crying?" I asked, sitting up now. Ronnie never cried. Never. Not when his dad kicked him out when he finally came out. Not when his mom finally said he could come home again. Not when his father started beating on him. Not once, had I seen him shed a tear.

He didn't give a shit because he knew who he was and he knew he wasn't going to change. Ronnie was one of the strongest people I know, so to hear him crying, I knew something was definitely wrong.

"Honey..." I said slowly. "What's wrong? Is it your dad? Because I swear to God I'll beat the crap out of him if you'll allow me too." Remembering when Louis found out Ronnie was being abused, he was pissing mad ready to confront Ronnie's father, but Ron said he would handle it. No one told Amy, though, her temper is too short and she'd go after the man no matter what.

"No..." he hiccupped again. "I had sex with Phillip."

I blinked a couple times. "Okay... I thought that would be a good thing."

When he didn't reply I said, "Your not pregnant are you?"

"Oh God I wish." he muttered. He took a deep sigh. "Look, Nadya, you can't say anything."

"I won't." I said. "Come on, Ron your scaring me."

"I mean it Nady, not Marc, not Lucas, Louis or Amy."

I didn't mention I wasn't talking to Amy or Louis at the moment.

"Tell me Ronnie." I was gripping the phone by now, my heart beating out of my chest. Please let him be okay, I prayed silently. Please make it be him overreacting like always. I seriously couldn't deal with another best friend drama.

"I think Phillip infected me." he finally said. I dropped the phone and cursed so much I think I woke Max up.


I looked at my phone on the floor and picked it up. "Sorry, I was just in shock."

"How do you think I feel?" he snapped.

"Oh my God, Ronnie what are you going to do?" I asked. "What are you going to do?"

"I don't know." he whispered back.

I closed my eyes and thought of everything. Amy and Louis. Ronnie and Phillip. Marc and I. Lucas and I.

Everything was so effed up.

"I'm here for you Ronnie." I finally said. I said the only thing I could say to my best friend in a moment like this. "I'll be there with you through everything. I promise."



Chapter 21::Stay::Rihanna


    Three weeks later, and my mother is still here. I watch her warily as she sips on her coffee. I was so used to being alone in the morning, that her loud excessive slurps were grating on my nerves.

     "May I help you?" she finally asked, annoyed with my glaring. I stood up from the island and walked away. I didn't feel like dealing with my mother today. I had tried asking her why she was still here yesterday and she nearly chewed my face off. Literally.

     I grabbed my car keys, praying that my car would start and I wouldn't have to a beg a ride. I'd rather walk. I closed the front door behind me, descending the steps tot he driveway when I stopped.

     Louis was in my driveway, propped up against my car.

     I hadn't talked to Louis since the 'incident'. I've purposely sat on the other side of the classroom to prove my point. I was mad at him. So mad. And with everything going on with Ronnie right now, him refusing to go to the clinic, seeing Louis' face just mad me want to punch him.

     "What do you want?"

     "I wanted to talk to you." he pushed himself off my car, leaving a smudge on it from those black boots he always wore. Louis blonde hair grew longer over the past month and I realized he looked bigger. Like in muscles.

     "Have you been working out?" I asked absentmindedly, forgetting my anger for a second. Louis frown and looked down at himself.

     "Um, yeah, I guess." he shrugged. He shook his head an walked coser to me. When he was too close to comfort I backed away.

    He grapped my waist and pulled me to him, my face hitting his chest. Even that seemed bigger than usual. "What are you going to kiss me, too?"

     "I knew you saw." he groaned. His grip on my waist tightened and he looked down at me. "Look Nadya, I didn't cheat on Amy."


     "Listen." he said. "I like her. I like her a lot." My eyes narrowed at the lie. "It was her idea. Not mine."

     "Her idea for what?" I asked, confused. "Louis let go of me, please."

    "No. Not until you listen." he said. "I would never hurt Amy unless she hurt me first." I scoffed. "She cheated on me, Nadya."


     "It was her who cheated." he repeated. He watched my face and sighed. "You don't believe me?"

     "Why would the ladies man get cheated on?" I asked sarcastically. Tired of his bull I tried pushing him off me. He tightened his grip even more, making my sides ache.

     "Louis stop, your hurting me." I shoved at his chest.

     "I'm not the bad guy, Nadya." he growled, not releasing his grip. "Your best friend isn't as innocent as she seems."

     "Then why did she cry when I told her you cheated on her?" I asked. "And if you like her so much why would you talk so bad about her?"

     "I don't have to deal with this." he let go of me, practically shoving me. He let g so fast you wouldhave thought I was a disease. "I still like her, you idiot but I'm done with Amy Little, she's too much for me. But your still my best friend. I don't want our friendship to end over some misconception."


    "Call me when your really ready to listen." he said, cutting me off. He turned around and trudged down my driveway, leaving me with my mouth literally open. "Oh and while your at it, ask your best friend what really happened."

     And then he was too far away for me to even reply.

     It's like my life has stepped into an episode of Degrassi or something and I can't get out. I sighed and looked at my watch. I was definitely too late for first period, so might as well skip. I walk over to my car and climb in, trying to start it up.

     My car sputtered and groan in protest. "Oh no. Not now, please not now." I begged. I turned the key in the ignition again but it replied with the thing. "Crap!" I jumped out of the car and slammed the door.

    "This just isn't my day at all." I groaned. I took my bag from the back seat and locked up. I locked my car and headed in the direction for school, which was a good thirty minutes away.

     Just thank my lucky stars its not raining.

   But my lucky stars weren't on my side. Because as soon as I thought that it was like a bucket was thrown on me.

    Just... great.


     I reached school at around the end of second period, earning my self a demerit. I didn't even curse this time. I was too mad. My hair was drenched and soaping against my cheeks, my clothes were wet uncomfortable and clingy and my shoes were still wet from that puddle I tried to avoid.

     "Hey where have you been? I've been looking all over for you to remind you of our dress shopping date." I heard Amy say. I looked over to my small friend bounding up to me, her hair of curls bouncing along. "You look like hell." Amy said stopping as soon as she saw me at my locker. Seeing her reminded me of everything that happened this morning.

    "Your boyfriend."

     Her body tensed and her eyes narrowed. "He is not my boyfriend."

     I paused and looked at Amy. Ever since I told her about Louis she apparently dumped him and moved on. But that's what the rumors say. I could tell she wasn't moving on. This was the girl who was in love with Louis since forever. The girl who was mad at me for actually having a crush on Louis at one time.

     "What happened between you two?" I asked.

     "Nothing, why did he say something?" she asked hastily. "Because he's a liar. A bastard."

     "Yeah well according to him, your the one who's at fault here." I said pointedly. I searched my locker for my brush and I picked it up running it through my hair. This is going to be hell to wash later.

     "Me!" she yelled. "I'm the one at fault. You saw him yourself Nadya. He was kissing another girl."

    I don't know why I never noticed before but her reactions seemed kind of... forced. Like she was making this up as she went along. Trying to keep my face neutral I asked her again. "What really happened Amy... and don't lie to me."

     She looked down at her pink converses and sighed. "I can't tell you, Nady. You'll hate me forever."

     I put my hand on her shoulder, "I would never." Amy shook her head.

    "It's too horrible." she took my hand of my shoulder and stepped back. "I got some leave in conditioner in my locker that can get those tangles straight out."

     I could tell the conversation was done, but I wasn't. Why was everyone hiding from me? Why did they think I couldn't handle the truth?

     Whatever it was, I knew I was going to find out.


      Later that day, I walked into my house to find my mother, still there. Max was no where to be found.

     "Your faggot friend is here." she finally said.

    I cringed, she has never been a fan of Ronnie, and Ronnie her. "Where's Max?" I asked.

   "Outside playing." she replied dryly. "Away from that sinner."

   "Enough of the crap mother, you are not the person to be judging someone now."

   "Excuse me?" she asked, standing up from her seat on the couch. I watched her stalk over to me, an I rolled my eyes. I was officially done wit her. IT was time for her to leave.

     "Why are you here and when are you going to leave?"

    Her eyebrows rose and she finally reached over t where I was. "Why, I'm not going to miss my own daughters gradutation. Prom... Those are all very important things to a teenage girl. "

     So is her first boyfriend.

     "And also. There is someone here I need to see again." She turned her back to me and sat back on the couch. She turned on the TV, obviously done with me.

     I watched her as I climbed the steps to my room until she was no longer vivible. When I reached my bedroom door and turned the knob and I looked at Ronnie. He sat on my bed, his eyes not meeting mine. 

    "Your mother is such a hoe bag." he said. I shrugged, shutting the door behind me. 

    "I thought she was going to be gone." I said. I reached into my bag and dug out the plastic bag. I placed it on the nearny table and watched Ronnie as he stood up. 

    "She called me a fag." he said. "God, I hate that word."

    "So do I." I sighed. "But I don't think she'll be leaving soon though."  

    "Why?" he asked. I shrugged. 

    "That not important now."  I shook my head. "Come on, let's get this thing over with." I walked over to the plasitc bag and took out the home HIV testing kit. I turned back to my best friend. He still wouldn't look me in the eye, I knew he was disappointed in himself for not using protection that one time. 

    "You ready for this?" I asked. He sighed and grbbed the box from me.


    He walked over to my bathroom and closed the door. "I'm right here, Ronnie. I'm not going anywhere." 

    He didn't answer. My back fell against the door way and I slid down it. "I'm right here."


    After Ronnie left my house I went to the local mall to meet Amy for our "shopping date" and it already started off on the wrong foot. She was on her period for one, so she was agsty. Plus, she saw me with a shirt that Louis gave me for Christmas and practically tried to strip me in Starbucks. 

     All in all, Amy was one of the worst people to be around when she was in PMS Mode. And I had to endure it. I watched as she pulled me all along the Mall, looking for the perfect dress. Something that wasn't to short or tight but not long and poofy. She was picky and made a face at every suggestion I made. 

     "This is all wrong!" she yelled. People looked over to us and I even saw a mom shake her head at us. 

     "Calm down, Amy, it's only our fifth store." I said. I moved aside an ugly bright yellow dress and behind it was a sexy black one. It was a maxi dress with a sweetheart neckline and a slit up the rght side. 

     "Look Amy, I think I found one for you." I said. I shoved the dress in her face and pushed her in ther direction of the changing room. "Hurry up."

     "Stop being so pushy." she snapped. "Always so pushy. Damn it." She grumbled the whole way to the changing rooms.I sighed and explored the rack for something for myself. Even though I had no date.

     "Hey!" Amy said. "Where'd you find this dress, it's gorgeous!" I rolled my eyes. The dress did fit her perfectly.

     "I think thats your dress." I smiled at her. "While I'l be stuck in that dress I wore for Winter Formal."

     "That dress made you look fat and frumpy."  

     I gritted my teeth as she walked away into the dressing room. When she finally left the room she came back with the dress draped over her forearm.

     Enough bs-ing it I looked over to her. "Did you cheat on Louis?"

     She looked down and took along time to answer. "...Yes."

     I kind of guessed as much from her reaction earlier today. "Why?" 

     "I don't know." she bit her lip. 

     Frustrated I stomped my foot, "Stop lying to me. Why did you cheat on him and then lie to me like it was all his fault." 

     "Listen, Nadya, not everybody is as perfect as you." she hissed. 

     "You did not just say that." I said lowly. I could already feel my temperature rise and I'm not one lose my temper easy. 

     "Oh boo-hoo, your mother doesn't like you. Other people don't even have mothers." She growled out. 

     "At least you mother loved you. My mother is a bitch. She slept with my first boyfriend. She neglects me and treats me like shit. And you know what Amy, I suck it up. You don't see me talking about it all the time. You don't see me complaining. So don't you dare say that." 

     I left the store after that. Even though Amy was my ride, I rather walk all the way home. 

     I can't believe she said that too me. Our mother situtation has always been something we shared and understood about one another. Not paying attention I bumped into someone. 

     "I'm sorry." I looked up and saw a flash of fiery red hair that looked strangely familiair. 


     I gulped, I'd know that voice anywhere. "Hi, Tyler."


Chapter 21::Chandelier:: Sia

     Three days later and after the encounter with my ex boyfriend, I was standing in my room with a purple  maxi dress on. My hair was down instead of its usual updo.And I had used a smokey eyeliner.

     Sighing I shook my head and picked up my clutch.This night was supossed to be fun. Amy and I always dreamed that the day of our prom would be spent giving each other mani-pedi's and doing each others hair. 

     Instead I had to get my self ready all alone while my mother drank away down stairs singing off key to Babyface. 

    "You look pretty Nagya." I heard a small voice say. I looked towards my doorwayad saw my cute baby brother in his footie pyjamas. 

     "Thank you, little man." I smiled. 

     "Where are you going?" he asked whil shuffling inside. I sat on my bed and he joined me. 

     "A party." I said, caressing his cheek. 

     "Do you promise to come back? Momma says she'll come back, but sometimes she does not." 

     "What?" I asked. "How often is... Mother out?"

     "All the time and she sometimes come back before I go to school." he sniffled and rubbed his eyes. "But sometimes she doesn't and when she does sometimes at night she brings home her friends."

     "Come on you need to go to bed. I promise to come back, okay?" 

     He smiled and I scooped him up in my arms, not caring about my dress. The thing about my mother is while she is a total witch to me, she treated Max way better. And I was okay with her leaving for so many days and hours, as long as she took care of Max I did not care. She managed to send money to me when I needed, I never questioned what she did until now. 

     I kissed Max's forehead when I tucked him into bed. 

    I locked the room and walked down the hallway. My mother was waiting at the foot of the stairs with a cheesy fake smile plastered on her face. Cautously I climbed down the stairs, trying not to trip in my new pumps. 

     "Um, what's going on?" 

     "A nice boy is here for you." 


     I looked over my mothers shoulder and frowned when I saw Marc. "What are you doing here?" 

     His cute smile fell from hi face and I glared at him. "Um... Well.:

     "Aw give the boy a break Nadya." I heard Ronnie'svoice say. He rounded the corner looking very handsome in his tux with a red bowtie. He smirked at me and it was aif he never took that HIV test. My mother rolled her eyes at him and left the room. 

     "Come on girl." 

     I grinned and ignored Marc on my way to Ronnie. We linked our arms and made our way out of the house. As we reached the steps and the pathway that connected the driveway to the patio, I looked back to see Marc close the door beind us. He looked over at me sadly and smiled a little. 

      I sighed and looked back towards the front. 

     This is going to be a long night. 


     The gym was pink. Literaly. The lights had pink coverings over them. The tables set around the perimeter of the gym had a pink table cloth with pink chairs surrounding it. The stage was pink. Heck, under this lighting everyone looked pink. 

     "Jesus, it looks like we are inside a vagina." Ronnie scoffed from beside me. I shook my head amlittle and laughed. 

     "And how would you know?" I said cheekly. 

     Ronnie nudged me with his elbow. "Let's go dance the night away in this cheesy pink pathetic excuse of a ballroom." 

     "AKA the inside of the vagina." Max joked from behind us. I shot him a serious look and Ronnie gave him one filled with pity. 

     "It's only funny when I say it." he replied and then he dragged me by the hand. I smiled at a few familiar faces as I danced with Ron. When I started to feel a little too hot and overwhelming. I left Ron to be surrounded with a bunch of girls. Even gay, he still gets girls. 

     I walked up to the side bar and looked at all the various pink punches. 

     I guffawed, "Who came up with the ridiculous pink idea?" 

     "Hilary," a familiar voice said. I lifted my head to meet Louis' gaze acroos the table. 

     "Um, hey." I said, kind of awkwardly. The last time we spoke we weren't actually on good terms. 

     He gave me a fake smile in return. He then gestured to the multiple cups layed out in front of us. "Which Pepto Bismol would you like?" 

     I pointed to the dark pink one and Louis handed it to me. "So, um, what are you doing here?" 

    "Got detention, was forced to work on the dance committe." He shrugged. I shook my head not surprised. 

     "Your such a trouble maker." I replied taking a sip of the drink. I instantly recoiled. "God, this isn't juice." 

     Louis smirked, "Not fully." 

     "God, Loouis your going to get into so much trouble!" 

     "It wasn't me." he laughed. "It was my new partner in crime." His devish smirk had me suspicious. 

     "Oh please don't tell me-"

     "Well if it isnt the prettiest gall at the ball." I turned and looked over at Lucas. He actually looked cute, with his black and white penguin tux. His hair was messy and he had slight stubble on his chin that I found attractive. As he stepped closer to me with that mischevious smile on his face I realized he did not have those sily contacts in. His eyes shined one blue one green. 

     He grinned down at me, "Liked the punch?" 

     "Yeah, I'm sure my liver appreciated it." I retarted. I put down the cup and turned back to him arms crossed. 

     He has that smirk on again. That smirk that seemed to make me want to both choke and kiss him. "Your welcome." He stepped closer to me and I felt my stomach tighten in anticipation. 

     "So... want to dance or what?" he said, cocking his head to the side. 

     I raised a single brow and rolled my eyes, "Is that how your going to ask me?" 

     "Come on Lace." he said holding out his hands. "You know you wanna." He wiggled his brows. I looked back at Louis who was shrugging his shoulders. 

    "Nadya." Lucas said slowly. I looked back at those blue green eyes I love so much and put my hand in his. He pulled me to the middle of the dance floor and tucked me against his chest. I could feel my heart stuttering as I put my arms on his shoulders.

     Judging by the cocky smile on his face he probably knew the affect he had on me.

     I was feeling something for this guy. Stronger than with Marc, or even Tyler. I just don't know what it is exactly. By the time Lucas and I finally stopped dancing, I was dizzy and tired, but I couldn't be happier.

"What?" I asked. Lucas pointed and I followed his finger. 

"You look great Nadya," Amy said. I didnt reply on how pretty she looked either. She walked, more like glided over to me. 

Amy looked over to Lucas. "Hey...can I talk to her alone?" 

Lucas looked down at me for conformation and when I nodded he gave my waist a squeeze and left. 

"So I guess Marc is out of the picture?" Amy asked. I sighed and looked back at her. 

"Are you ready to tell me the truth?" I snapped back. Amy flinched and looked down at her dress. 

She nodded over to a secluded corner. "Let's do it somewhere less crowded." I followed her over. 

We reached a secluded corner and I turned to her.  "Your my best friend." Amy said. "And there is something I've been keeping from you."

I resisted rolling my eyes. Well no freaking, duh.

"That night at the party." She continued. " I got really drunk... And remember how you were looking for Marc and we split up?"

"I found him..." She said. "And we slept together."


"You pack a punch." Lucas smirked. I glared over at him, clutching my hand to my chest.

"Shut up." I snapped. "She deserved it." 

"What did she do anyways?" Lucas asked, he looked over to the nurse who just entered the room. He scooted over a little and I handed over my fist.

"She slept with Marc." I hissed. And Amy knew how I felt about that kind of stuff. Even though Marc and I were never official, and he did kiss that girl who was obviously Amy, I did like him. He was the first guy I liked since Tyler. And after what Tyler did to me, I don't just crush on guys anymore.

And what I don't understand is why. She had Louis, who I thought she loved. 

"I thought you were over him." Lucas grumbled. The nurse gently wrapped up my wrist and told me how to properly care for it and wrap it. She pointedly did say quiet though.

I didn't bother explaining that it wasn't that simple to get over a person. "Still." 

"Well Marc is an ass." Lucas stated simply. He grabbed the hand that wasn't currently bandaged and squeezed it. "But don't woory you still have me." He winked. 

"Whatever." I snorted. I felt my phone vibrate in my cardigan sweater and Lucas took it out for me. His eyebrows furrowed at the number. 

"Answer it." I told him, still paying attention to the nurses instructions.

"Hello," I heard him ask. "This is her phone. Wait, what? We are on our way." 

I looked over at him and I saw an expression I've never seen before on Lucas. Fear.

He took a deep breath before saying, "Nadya, your mom and brother are in the hospital." 


Chapter 23::Jar of Hearts::Christiana Perri

                                 ~PART ONE~

"Grief doesn't change you it reveals you." -John Green 

     The hospital was all white, cold, and smelt too clean. My heels scrapped against the white tiles and I wrung my wrist in my hands, ignoring my bandages. Lucas sat beside me, his arm around my shoulders. I didn't feel comforted.

        My mother, one of the things I hated moet in the world. After all she has done to me. How she treated me... I was worried sick. And Max, my little brother who deserved a better mother and sister. I couldn't lose him. I barely got to know him. 

        "This isn't right." I said. I jumped up from the seat and rushed over to the recoptionist. I could see her eyeroll but I really didn't care. 

        "Are you sure I can't see them?" I asked again. 

        "I told you miss." she sighed. "You can't see them right now." 

        "Can you at least tell me that they're okay?" I begged. "Please." 

        "I can't." she stressed. She clicked away on the computer in front of her and a urse behing her looked over at me. 

        "Fine." I truned away and walked over to Lucas. 

        "Come on let's get you something to eat." he said pulling me into the direction of the cafeteria. Other people sat in the waiting room. Some looked more anxious than me. I was the only on repeatedly bugging the resecptionist. 

        But I hated waiting. I hated it. My heart fell like it was trying to beat out of my chest and the whole room was closing around me and I couldn't breathe until I knew my family was okay. 

        "No." I snapped releasing myself from his hold. "I need to stay here. In case... in case they have something new." 

        "Nadya..." he said hesitently. "You suffocating in here. We jut going down the hall, we'll be back." 


        "Nadya." he looked at me and I felt it. He understood. 

        "Okay." I said. "Fine." I walked with him over to the general direction of the cafeteria. 

        I could hear the whirring of the hospital doors behind me. And someone loud came stomping in. 

        "I'm here for Max Sterling." 

        The voice was frightenly familiar. If I thought my chest felt constricted now, I could barely get oxygen to my head. Please... not now, not with Lucas here. 

        Lucas tunred around to look to check out the commotion and in return I was forced to turn with him. And there he was, Tyler. He looked like a wreck. His hair was a mess and he looked out of breath. 

        "That patient isn't allowed vistors at the moment." the receptionist said. 

        "But I'm his father." he shouted. And there it was.

        "I'm sorry." she replied, not really seeming to pay attention. 

        I held my breathe waiting for Lucas to connect the dots as Tyler looked over at us. Lucas looked at him curiously and then I realized, Lucas doesn't know who Tyler is, what he was to me and what he did to me. 

        "Do you know him Nadya?" he asked, still confused. "He looks a little young to be your father." 

        I took a deep breathe. "That's because he's not."  

        "Nadya." he rushed over to me. "Have you heard anything?"

        I clenched my teeth and took deep breaths. "No. They aren't telling me anything either."        

        "Who is this?" Tyler said tensely. Lucas straightened at the threatening tone in his voice.

        "Don't start Tyler." I hissed. 

        "Don't start what? Huh, Nadya." he said. "Why didn't you call me? My son's in the hospital and you couldn't call? To busy slutting it up?" 

        "Hey." Lucas said with a warning tone. 

        "Me! What about you? When you found out about Max you ran." I said. 

        "No, I didn't! You and your mother ran." he shouted. 

        "Excuse me." a nurse said. "If you can take this conversation outside."

        "No, because this jackass thought he could judge me. How do you think I felt, huh? Telling Max about his father and why he wasn't there." I pointed my non-injured finger at his chest. "You cheated on me Tyler. And you left me and my mother to deal with it, alone." 

        "I was fourteen!" 

        "I don't give a-"

        "Miss!" it was now a security guard behind the nurse. "I need to ask you to leave!" I didn't bother replying I was alreay on my way out. 


  It was quiet outside the hospital apart from the cars cruising down the road and the occasional honking of the horn. It felt good to actually breathe. I took a couple deep breathes clutching my torso as I closed my eyes and focused. I tried to think, willing this all to not be true. This cannot be happening. 

        "Nadya!" Lucas called rushing out of the hospital doors. I rolled my eyes. 

        "I'm over here." I said. He turned to me and gave me a hesitant smile.

        "I thought you would have ran away." he said. When I didn't reply he approached me. "After that, Tyler guy." 

        "He's my ex-boyfriend." I sighed. "And my brother's father." The look on his face told me he already figured this out but it felt good to say it. 

        "Your mother is a-"

        "Yeah I know." I snapped. She was. She was basically every bad thing in the book. The emotional neglect and abuse she put not only me but Max through... She deserved every name. But I still loved her. Even when my dad was alive, I was always closer to my father. He understood me more, since we were more alike. My mother was more on the sideline. They were both only child’s with parents who passed away, so it was just my mom and my dad. Then he died and my mom died to. She stopped paying attention to anything but her grief. And that day she snapped.

        I didn't realize I was shaking until Lucas wrapped his arm around me yet again. We didn't talk for a while and I just breathed him in. He was still in his suit and I in my dress. My makeup was probably ruined from all the crying I did today. 

        "This was not how I imagined my prom." I said finally. "Thank you." 

        "It's nothing really." 

        "No." I looked up at him and he looked back down at me. "Seriously. My best friend-or supposed best friend-isn't even here. None of them are. But you. I didn't have anybody when my dad-"

        "No, Nadya Sterling they are not dead. Do you hear me?" he said. "You deserve so much more than that." 

        "Not really." I smirked. "I was a real mess the last time I lost somebody. Grief doesn't change you. It reveals you.” 

        "So was I." he shrugged. "But this is different. I didn't have anybody either." I keep forgetting that he went through the same thing. Orphaned. Like I might me.

                I looked away from him and back at the parking lot. I watched the cars and the people. No matter what happened to my brother and my mom, time wouldn’t stop. The world would not stop. Because to them, this was just another statistic, nothing personal. I took a couple deep breathes and turned my body directly to Lucas. “Can you take me home, there is something I have to do.”


                He didn’t even hesitate.


Chapter 24 


Stay With Me:: Sam Smith

           My home was eerily quiet when I entered it. I reached over and flicked on the light. Stepping in through tht threshold, Lucas locked the door behind me. I looked over at him and told him to wait there. I gathered the skirt of my dress in my hands and climbed the steps two at a time. I reached the bathroom in my bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My makeup was ruined the so called waterproof was streaked across my cheeks. My face looked pale and my eyes were puffy. I was a mess.

                Sighing I untied my hair from its tie and run my fingers through it. I used my make-up remover and washed my face.

                Stepping out the bath I stripped from the dress and walked over to my bed. I bent on my knees near the edge and looked under the bed. I took out the little plastic bin.

                When my father died he left some things for me. I rarely ever go through it, trying to leave the past in the past. But it felt right, I needed to feel like my father was here with me. Opening the lid, some of the dust blew up in my face.   Coughing and fanning the dust around, I reached for the old college sweater. Underneath, there were pictures. Of me and dad, dad and mom and some, even, with my mom and me. Life was a lot simpler back then. Clutching the sweater to me I placed each picture aside. And at the bottom the cracked military picture of my father lay at the bottom gathered with different trinkets.

                I picked up the picture and finally I started to really cry. My sobs were heart retching and hurt my chest. I hiccupped as the tears ran down my face. I was crying for my daddy, the fact that he had to die and leave alone. That without him leaving Max probably wouldn’t have been here. That maybe my mom would have stayed with me.

                That I wouldn’t have been so alone.

                I was angry. Angry at everything. It wasn’t fair. Why did I deserve this? What did I do, what did Max do? I dropped everything in my arms and jumped over to one of my draws, digging in one of my draws I took out a Jack Daniels. I stared at the bottle, gripping the neck. Without any more thought, I popped the cork put the bottle to my lips, and chugged.

                The first drop hit me hard. It’s been a long time since I’ve drunk something but it felt so good as the burn rushing down my throat. I sighed after every sip, feeling the pain temporarily flood away. I wasn’t drunk. Yet.

                I took another long swig and turned to my bed again. Without dropping my bottle, I grabbed up the pictures of my broken family and threw it at the wall. Each throw felt like a release and I laughed from the delirium feeling I got. Then I started tearing up the room in anger. Ripping out drawers, throwing anything I could get my hands on. I was in frenzy and I did not have any control of what I was doing.

                And then two strong arms wrapped around my waist, pinning down my arms. I dropped the Daniels in surprise. Breathing out in pants I tried to fight the resistance. I wanted to break free and finally let loose all of the anger I’ve been trying to hold in. It took me a while to realize that I was actually leaning on Lucas. I turned in his arms and buried my face into his strong chest.

                He let me pour out all my tears and snot over his nice shirt. I probably looked crazy and not in anyway attractive, but at the moment I did not care. And I was grateful for the fact that he was here.

                When I finally calmed down we were both tangled up in eachother on my bedroom floor. My breaths were comng out in heavy pants and I sniffled a little. Looking up at Lucas he gazed back at me sadly. He also had a nother emotion that I don’t think anyone has ever had towards me before. The intensity of his stare kind of scared me.

Slowly he reached up and took a strand of my hair and put it behind my hair. His hand caressed my cheek and I leant into it.

                “I would kiss you right now but I know it is not the time.” He said. My heart stuttered at his admission and I swear if I could blush I would have. I did not say anything though, I could not if I wanted to. My throat felt soar from crying and screaming too much.

                This day has been too much. So instead I just curled up against Lucas’ chest and closed my eyes.


                The morning couldn’t have come fast enough. I slept horribly. Lucas slept with me the whole time. Eventually he moved me to the bed and after a few pleading looks from me, stayed in bed with me.

                When I woke up though the bed was empty, my and still ached, my head was pounding and my throat felt like I swallowed a handful of sand. Swallowing slowly I got up from bed and stood up. I did not even bother with the bathroom, not wanting to see my face after a whole night of crying. I went down the stairs and towards the kitchen where I could smell something cooking. Rounding the corner I found Lucas over the stove. He removed his dress shirt and was in a wife beater and boxers. His hair was incredibly messy but sexy at the same time. I couldn’t help but watch his muscle flex as he mixed whatever was sizzling in the skillet.

                He was incredibly sexy. And kind and funny. He stayed with me all night. Why am I not with him again?

                And then suddenly I remembered. I slipped.

                “I slipped.” I said it about loud this time. Lucas looked up at me and his eyes softened.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t go back to that person. The one who depended on alcohol and woke up like this.” My voice was gruff and it hurt to talk but it hurt mire to think of what I did last night.

Lucas shut off the stove and wiped his hands on a nearby towel. Heading over to me, he engulfed me in my arms. “If there ever was a time to slip, that would be the time Nadya. Do not beat yourself up over it.”

I shook my head, which was hard to do against his chest. “You don’t understand. Drunk Nadya is not a fun person. She’s impulsive and gets into stupid situations.” I instantly remembered the night. The night I finally divulged in alcohol.

I had been at a party and I was new to town. The only reason I heard of it was because of some girls in my class had been talking about it. It was just so I could get my mind off of my mother and the fact that she slept with my boyfriend. I walked into the house that smelled of booze, hormones and sweat. It took me some time to actually find the bar and when I did, I picked up the first drink I could.

                “That will never do the trick.” A voice said. I stopped chugging and looked behind me. There near the hallway stood a short girl with short curly hair. She wore an incredibly short shorts and tight top. But she as cute and she knew it. The short girl pushed off the wall wand sauntered towards me and I couldn’t help but notice that guys watched her as she walked.

                She must me one of those popular girls.

                “Come on newbie, let me show you how to really party.”

                I didn’t then how she knew I wanted to drown myself in alcohol. When I got to know her later I actually realized she does the same when she working to get over her mother’s death. Amy Little was a hardcore party girl and knew how to make herself forget. At least for the moment. She gave me multiple drinks and showed me how to do shots. Eventually the world was iridescent in color and everyone looked shiny.

                I was on cloud nine.

                And I forgot. All about my mother, my father and Tyler. I was having fun, for the first time in months.

                “Who is this adorable creature?” some guy asked while coming up to Amy. He put his hand around her waist and I thought they were dating. Which was a shame since he was incredibly cute.

                “My latest victim.” Amy said, a little proud. “I’m corrupting her you see.”             

                The guy nodded as if this was a usual occurrence. “Well my name’s Louis and if you need anything… anything at all. Tell me.”

                Amy pushed him with a smile but there was alright edge in her eyes. “Ignore him. He’s a pervert.”

                “Hey! She’s worse.” Louis pointed at the girl beside her. “I think she actually slept with more people than a politician.” Amy grinned and shrugged shamelessly.

                “What about you?” she asked. “You seem attractive enough.” It was a back handed complement.

                “Um.. I’m sort of a virgin.” Sort of. There was no such thing.

                Amy and Louis’ jaw dropped and they shared a look. Louis was the first to speak. “No boyfriend?”

                There was, I couldn’t help but think bitterly.

                I suddenly ws done with this conversation and all I wanted to do was dance. That was when another person came up to Amy and smooched her on the face.

                Amy pushed him off and did not look upset. In fact she was laughing. The guy wiped off his lips and turned to me. He was insanely cute too and I felt a little insecure. Here were people who were very sexual and okay with who they were.

                Ronnie looked me up and down and held out his hand. “Want to dance sweet stuff.”

                That usually wouldn’t work on me. But I was drunk, he was cute, and this was before he even came out. We grinded on the dance floor. Actually I grinned with all of them. We danced and drank and continued on in that cycle.

                The night was a blur, but it was the best I’ve had in years.

                So I continued to drink and party with my new friends. They were never interested with my past, all they wanted was a new party bud.

                As I recited all of this to Lucas he shifted from his position. We had eventually moved to the couch during my remembrance.

                “When did that change?”

                “Well my mother was pregnant and when she finally had the kid, which she had after we moved, we tried to work things out.” I shrugged. “I used to come home drunk and I’m pretty sure if she was not pregnant she would do the same.” I looked over at Lucas and smiled sadly. “I realized I didn’t want my brother to grow up in that kind of environment.”

                Lucas took a while to process this information. “What did Tyler do about Max?”

                “Nothing.” I snapped. I gripped my shirt in my hand at the memory. “My mother told him she was pregnant and the next day he ran away.”

                I sighed, “A few months later we were in New York.”

                Lucas took my hands which were still clutching my shirt. “After my parents died I found out that the girl in the other car was paralyzed.” I looked up at him surprised. He wasn’t looking at me though. His grip on my hands tightened.

                “I visit her as much as I can but she’s starting to wonder who I am.” He choked up a bit and cleared his throat. “My parents died in that accident and so did mine. But she doesn’t know the part about me being in the other car.”

                I squeezed his hands for him to continue. “Sometime I feel guilty. I was the one to actually walk away from that accident. And if only my parents hadn’t come to pick me up that day or at that time.”

                I pulled Lucas closer to me and looked into his gorgeous blue-green eyes. “No. Don’t you dare blame yourself.”

                “Marc blamed me.” He said. “He blamed me for year and we were finally getting along. And then you happened.” My eyebrows furrowed. Lucas smiled at me and caressed my cheek. “You are so incredible and you don’t realize.”

                “I really like you Nadya Sterling. I have since you that day in the cafeteria. You know after I got over the death of my apple juice.” He smirked and I rolled my eyes. Him and apple juice.

                “You have an obsession.” I grinned. Lucas smiled back and we hugged each other. WE stayed like that for a long time, just too broken people holding onto each other and trying to forget reality.

But of course reality had to ruin our moment. Again. The home phone was ongoing and Lucas reached over for it. He handed it over to me and I looked at the caller ID. My breath hitched it was the hospital.

I answered the phone and held my breath, hoping for the best. 


Chapter Twenty-Five


            The hospital was still cold and smelt of cleaners. I took my time walking in. I told Lucas to go home. He has already done so much for me. And it was time for me to face it alone.

            The automatic doors closed behind me and the nurse behind the desk looked up at me. She recognized me automatically and waved me over. I walked over hesitantly and put my hands on the desk.

            “Nadya Sterling, right?”

            I nodded.

            “Doctor Carrey will be out to see you in a minute. Wait here.” I almost chucked something at her. Waiting. It always comes down to waiting.

            It felt like I was waiting forever. I watched the tile under my feet with disinterest.

            About five minutes later, a man came to stand in front of me his dress shoes gleaming in the fluorescent lighting.  “Ms. Sterling.” I looked up at him. He was an aging man who had peppering hair and smile lines going across his cheeks. He wasn’t smiling now, though.

           “Will you come with me please?” He motioned behind him. I got up slowly and together we walked past the receptionist. She gave a sad smile, and I knew that it wasn’t good news. We continued walking until we reached a private all white room. The doctor paused at the door and motioned me in first then closing the door behind us.

            “My name is Dr. Sparrow.” He smiled warily. “I treated both your mother and your brother.” I nodded, urging him to get on with it. “Your brother is fine, my dear.”  He started to explain that because of his seatbelt he suffered minimum damage, just bruising in his ribs and broken leg. Clean break, easy to fix.

            “What about…” I gulped. “My mother?”

 He looks down for a second before looking back up into my eyes.

            “I’m so sorry.”

            And then I felt my world crumble in ways I’ve never known possible.


            The problem with grief is that there is no real way to approach it. With my father, it was the hardest time of my life, trying to get over the unfairness of it all. In a way, I have already mourned my mother, when she stopped being a mother towards me. But I realized that this was true grief.

            I was an orphan. Max lost his mother.

            And I have no idea what to do.

            The doctor left me in the private room by myself. I guess that’s why he took me away from everyone, he knew I’d need to be on my own. But I wasn’t on my own for long.

            “Nadya,” A familiar voice called. I looked up at Ronnie as he reached arms wide open.  “Oh babe, I’m so sorry.” I fell into his arms as he rocked me.

            “How did you know?”

            “Lucas called.” He said. “And Tyler is outside.” Ronnie was the only one who knew what my mother did to me. Well know Lucas knows.

            “Okay.” I took a deep breathe. “He Is here for Max.” Without my mother, he would want custody. “Oh, God. He cannot have him. He doesn’t know the first thing about Max.”    

            “So you will fight him for it.” Ronnie said simply. “Do not let him win; you will fight for your brother. And I will help you every step of the way.”

            I nodded and we intertwined hands. I decided to go find Max. I found him in the pediatric ward hooked up to different devices. His little hand reached towards me and he gave me a small smile.

            “Oh Max.” I let go of Ronnie and went towards my little brother. I took his hand first and caressed his cheek. He looked so little and vulnerable. “I’m so sorry baby.” I kissed his cheek.

            “Where’s mommy?” he asked slowly. I clenched his tiny fist in mine. Ignoring his questions I asked him how he was feeling. “Tired.” He replied in a little voice.

            “Don’t worry, we’ll be home soon okay?”

            “Mommy, you and me.” He said hopefully. I sighed and kissed his cheek.  I heard some commotion from outside the hospital room. It was Ronnie and he was yelling at someone to stop.

            “You cannot go in there!” he said forcefully. I saw his body block the door jamb from the unwanted intruder.

            “You can’t stop me from seeing my son,” Tyler said. He pushed against Ronnie, but he was an unmoving rock. “Get out of my way. Nadya, tell your boyfriend to move!”

            I got up from my position and walked over till I was behind Ronnie. I put my hand on his shoulder, silently telling him to back down. “Tyler, now is not the time.”

            “Let me see him.” Tyler replied through clenched teeth. Ronnie’s shoulders tensed. I bit my lip and told Ronnie to step aside. Tyler walked in, not even thanking me and headed over to Max.

            “Hey buddy.” He said. It was the softest voice I’ve ever heard him speak in. “How are you?” Max looked up at the man before him with innocent eyes.

            “Who are you?” he asked. Tyler’s shoulder’s tensed.

            “I’m your f-”, I stepped up and cut him off. “He’s a friend, Max.” I gave Tyler a meaningful look. Max thought his Dad was dead, he thought his father was my father. I don’t think he would be able to understand if we revealed to him his true parentage. I was surprised when Tyler did not try to correct me.

            “I like meeting Nagya’s friends.” He grinned. “I’m Max.” Tyler smiled and told him that he knew. Ronnie made his way over to me and watched Tyler like a hawk. It was all a little surreal, Tyler actually caring for Max.

            But it was too good to be true, I knew it, and soon things would get out of my control.


            When Max was finally discharged, I told Tyler I’d think about letting him see him again. I was still hesitant about what to do with this whole “Tyler’s your dad” situation. My mother died, and left me with this to deal with by myself.

            But despite all of the hate she left Max to me, and I could see it burned Tyler. Truthfully, what does he expect? To Max, he is a complete stranger. Tyler’s parents did not take the news any better, and I was scared that they might take me to court for it. Tyler came from old money, his parent’s never really liked me and they liked me less when they found out he impregnated my own mother. They felt like it was my fault their son was a father so young. But their argument would never hold up in court and they knew it. If they were really concerned about Max’s wellbeing, why did they choose to ignore his existence up until now?

            It was all very confusing and messy but in the end I came home with my brother and Ronnie. Max was sleeping in my arms and I made my way upstairs. I opened the door to his unused room and put him in the bed. I tucked him in bed and kissed his hair. Leaning back I looked down at my brother who was only here on earth for a short time. I’ve personally known him for an even shorter time.

            I don’t even know how to raise a kid. It’s difficult enough raising myself. And oh God, I have to get a job. And I doubt I could still go to college.

            “Oh, God.” I whispered to myself. “I can’t do this.” Max stirred in hi bed and I left before I could disturb him even more.

            Downstairs Ronnie was cooking something, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows and he had his hair pushed back. He looked up at me and gave me a weak smile. “Hey, is Max still sleeping.”

            I nodded and leaned over the island and sighed. I put my cheek on the cool granite and tried to breathe. I felt so overwhelmed at the moment; I don’t know how I can handle all of this. I felt a hand on my back and I looked up to Ronnie.

            “Listen. I’ll help you out okay? We can do this together.” He said firmly. I pushed back his hand and shook my head, I knew he meant well but realistically, how much could Ronnie help, he was just a kid himself.

            “I think I’m going to be around a lot more often now.”

            “What why?”

            Ronnie avoided eye contact and went over to his pot. He mixed the food around a few times and set the spoon down. “My dad-uh- kind of kicked me out.”


            “And my mom defended him.” He shrugged, still facing the stove. “He was hurting her and the first time I actually stood up to the bastard, I get kicked out.” He was gripping the counter harder now. I walked over to him and put my arm around his shoulder.

            “I’m so sorry Ronnie” I sighed. Especially after everything that has happened with his health, I wish this would have happened to anyone other than him.

            But life wasn’t fair. And after everything that happened to me, I’m realizing that it’s getting worse by the day.


“You know you can always stay with me right?” I asked. I took his hand and he gripped mine so hard I winced. But I did not let go.

            “I wasn’t going to ask. I have a key you know.” He smirked. But I could tell he wasn’t serious. It was hard seeing my best friend going through things that I couldn’t do anything about. But the least we could do was be there for each other.

            “I love you Ronnie.” I smiled sadly. Ronnie rolled his eyes and put his arms around me.

            “I love you too girl. You and me, you hear.” He put his head ontop of mine and I smiled a little.

            “Yeah.” I said.


                        The morning came to fast. Max woke me up screaming about a nightmare he had, even though he forgot most of it by the time I got to him. I stayed with him until he fell back asleep and then I went to my own bed. Not before passing one of the bedrooms that Ronnie was curled up in. I sighed and closed his bedroom door.

            My head hit the pillow for all but a minute until I heard my cell phone ring. I grouaned and rolled over. I took up my cell.

            “Hello.” I answered with a groggy voice.

            “Nadya.” Lucas said. I automatically got up.

            “Oh hey,” I said a little louder after clearing my voice. “What’s up?” I asked.        

            “Did I just wake you up?” he asked. Yes.

            “No.” I lied. I didn’t mind that he woke me up anyhow. After everything this boy has done for me. He could wake me up anytime.

            “Oh, good, because I’m on your porch.” He said. I jumped up from my bed and quickly made my way to the front door, hoping down the steps two at a time.

            “I thought you had your own key.” I said as I reached the front door, the door opened and Lucas grinned at the doorway, phone in one hand holding it to his ear, and the keys in the other.

            “I was trying to be polite.” He said, walking into the foyer. He shut the door with his foot and without hesitation I hugged him around the waist. Lucas startled a little before both of his arms came back around me and he held me close. Hugging Ronnie was comforting and all, but hugging Lucas just gave me chills all the way to my toes.

            I was overcome with these feelings all of a sudden and it was all because of this incredibly annoying boy in my arms. He infuriates me to no end. He is unpredictable, and he literally stole my underwear and saw me naked. But he also cares for me; he was there for me during one of the worst things I think I have ever faced. And he still managed to make me smile now.

            Lucas Daniels was catching my feelings, and I’m not sure I minded anymore. I was tired of fighting it.

            “Hey there Lacy,” he sighed. I pushed away from him and grinned.


            “How’s your brother?” Lucas asked. I took his jacket off of him and took his hand. I could tell he was surprised by the gesture. I smiled at him and put him on the couch beside me.

            “Why are you smiling so much?” he asked slowly though narrowed eyes. I laughed and scooted closer to him.

            “No reason.” I said, looking up at him through my lashes. I pushed some of his hair out from his eyes. He looked at me weirdly.

            “No… there is something weird going on here.”

            I sighed, and pulled away. “My brother is fine. I’m fine. Well working on it.” I shrugged. “I can’t be here crying all the time. I haven’t even told Max what happened to our mother yet.”

            “What about…his father?”

            “Oh, I think he wants to be in his life now.” I said, leaning back into the seat of the couch. I folded my hands in my lap and focused on my fingers. “Yeah so we will see how that goes.”

            Lucas nodded a little and then took my hands in his. I smiled back up at him and took a deep breathe. “Lucas.. I know this really is not the best time, but I really need to tell you something.”

            I looked into his mismatched eyes and he smiled back hesitantly.

            “I- uh,” I cleared my throat a little. “I-”

            “Nadya, I need toilet paper for the massive crap I need to take,” Ronnie said. He came rushing down the stairs with only boxers on. “Midnight pasta does not agree with Ronnie’s stomach!”

            Totally not how I imagined this moment. I sighed, and got up. “Ronnie.”

            “Oh, I’m sorry,” he said, putting his hands on his hips and smirking in the way I knew he was thinking something dirty. “Are you guys, like about to?” He motioned between us.

            “Well, obviously not now, now are we Ron?” I asked, walking over to him.

            “Wait what?” I heard Lucas say from the background/

            I shoved Ronnie in the direction of the cabinet where I keep all the supplies. “Go it’s in there.” I said. “Now Shoo.”

            “I think I’m missing something.” Lucas said from behind me. I turned around and looked at him. He was standing up now, a confused look on his face and hands in his pockets.

            “Were you about to…” he said slowly. “Um, what were you going to say.”

             I squared my shoulders and made my way over to him. “Okay, no bs-ing this now. I like you Lucas. Your annoying as hell, and I really want to kill you sometimes, but I really really like you.” 

Lucas blinked once. Then twice. I bit my lip as I waited for him to say something. “Say something.” I said.

            “Say that again?” he said slowly. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

            “I know you are not deaf.” I smirked. I held out my hand to touch his hands. “I do like you.”

            Lucas grinned and grabbed me by the waist. “Finally.” My eyes met his and I saw the true joy in his eyes, probably as much as mine. I took Lucas by the cheeks and finally I put my lips on his and a literal shock went through my whole system. I felt it all the way in my toes, his soft lips mingling with mine. Lucas’ arms wrapped around my waist, our bodies flushed together.

            “Well then.”

            We pulled apart, to see Ronnie watching us. “Well final-freakingly.” He clapped. I laughed at that, and Lucas grinned, putting his face in my neck.

            “The ship has cannoned.” Ronnie cheered, lifting his hands in the air. “My life has been fulfilled. This is like Korrasami all over again!”


Chapter Twenty – Six

“If you want it, take it I should have said it before. Tried to hide it, fake it. I can’t pretend anymore.”-Break Free- Ariana Grande

Five Years Later


            “Max!” I yelled. “Max!”

            “Yes, I’m coming, gosh.” I heard my little brother say. I put my hands on my hips and waited for him to come down the steps. Max finally reached the last step and looked at me with eyes. My mother’s eyes.

            I ignored his puppy brown eyes and pointed to the jacket on the ground.

            “What did I tell you about leaving your things around the house?” I asked. My voice was pretty level if I do say so myself, but I am losing patience and I am losing it fast.

            “To not do it?” he asked. He cocked his head to the side and looked at me in a way that reminded me of when he was just 4 and started living with me.

            “Are you asking or telling?” I countered.

            “Telling!” he said, and I could hear the attitude. He hoped down the last step, something I told him not to do, and then jogged to the jacket. I watched him pick it up, about to make a smart comment on how hard that single movement was when he began to laugh.

            “This isn’t even my jacket,” he smirked.

            “What do you mean?” I asked. Max held the jacket out to me and I snatched it away from him.

            He was right, the jacket was way too big for him. And to think of it, it did look familiar.

            “Lucas!” I yelled.

            Max laughed again and ran away when I glared at him. He was smart too, I thought, looking into Lucas’ jacket pocket for something to throw at him. I came upon a small box, but Max was too far.

            I heard Lucas hopping down the stairs, which I told him not to do either. But he was still as mischievous as ever, I swear he’s more of a 9 year old than Max.

            “Yes, my love.” He said. I looked over at him and even though his blue green eyes, deep voice and sexy smile made me melt, I still was angry.

            “Didn’t I tell you to put away your stuff?” I asked, holding out his jacket. His eyes widened, a little too much for just a jacket.

            “Uh, yeah your right my bad.” He laughed nervously. He walked over to me and attempted to take the jacket.

            “Wait, what’s wrong? What are you hiding?” I finally looked down at the box in my hand.

            “Nothing!” he said, his voice high pitched and his eyes shifty. I’ve known this man for 6 years now and as much as he loves to act like he’s a mystery, I know him pretty well.

            “Lucas.” I said slowly. “What’s in this box?” He didn’t answer, and tried to reach for it, but I kept it out his reach.

            “Come on, either you tell me or I open it.” I declared.

            “Fine! You annoying woman.” He reached further and snatched the box out of my hand. He grudgingly opened it and showed it to me.

            “Are you happy know, you just ruined everything.”

            But I could barely hear him, on account of the humming noise in my head. Wedding bells.

            “You idiot! You got me a ring?” I yelled, yanking the ring out of my boyfriend’s hands. “Holy shit!”

            “This is not how I imagined it.” He groaned. “But I should have known you would ruin it.”

            “Shut up,” I said, but I was smiling. He grinned back at me and leaned down. Our lips touched and I got the same feeling I had from the first time we kissed.

            “Did you just ask me to marry you Lucas Tale?” I smiled when we broke apart. He leaned back and pushed the hair out of my face.

            “Only if you’re saying yes, Nadya Sterling… Lacy?”

            I nodded vigorously, a little bit too much, considering my forehead knocked into his mouth.

            “Ow!” I yelled. “You have a tough mouth!” I grimaced.

            “What and your tough egg head doesn’t hurt?” Lucas snapped.

            We continued to argue just like that for quite a while, ignoring my brother and my best friend shaking their heads at us.

            “Well that was just so romantic,” Ronnie quipped, snapping pictures with his phone.

            “What do you expect?” Max shrugged. “They’re both idiots.”

THE END as of 11:17 8/13/2015


Okay, okay! I have to say a bunch of stuff now.


Thank you for reading my ridiculous story! I love Nadya, especially love Lucas and I’m glad you read this crap in entirety.


if your reading this, I love you even more! I always need to do a long ass farewell note so here goes!


Late Last Night begun because I was bored and there was nothing to watch on Netflix.  I was mad about my drama shows being on haitus for the summer and I started to think, if I was a reader what would shock me the most.

Then I read this book. People ask me where I get my ideas, it’s all inspiration. And no I didn’t copy these ideas, nor did these things happen to me, but I did get the idea from another story. One where the character met a guy, thought he was hot, then found out he was marrying her mother. To be honest I didn’t finish the book, it was really boring. But that one factor stuck out to me. So I was like huh, what if the girl had the guy first and the mom took him away from her. How screwed up would that be!

But wait that’s a partial lie, cause now as I think about it, I really got the idea from Sarah Dessen. Her book Lock and Key which I adore where her mother abanded her! What I did was flesh out that idea more, why did she leave, and what did she do to make her daughter hate her.

Thus, Late Last Night.

Everything else added on were some other ideas I developed over the years.

Things I wish I did better:

1)Make Nadya more flawed. To me she seemed to perfect. Her family life wasn’t perfect but her personality was. She seemed too likeable. I want readers to be able to say “I don't like this” about her. I don't know maybe it's weird but I feel it’s more realistic. Nobody is perfect or completely likeable.

2) Marc more character. He seemed so blah towards the end. I mean I know he wasn’t the key love interest. And I think you as the audience knew this. I wanted it to feel like her choice would genuinely be difficult. You know until he screws it up.

3) More Louis. Louis was one of my fave to write I don't know why. Louis by the way was a bad boy.

4) Lucas' backstory.

It felt too repeated. I just couldn't think of something better though.

Things I was going to add:

1) Marc was bi

2) Amy and Louis were very... open with their relationship.

3) AMY was bi


I took these all out because in my head I was like why is everyone gay?


Last minute things:

1) Amy was not supposed to be a bad guy. But I didn't really like her so I just made her bad in the end

2) Philip being gay. Totally threw that in there to fill up space

3) Ronnie's HIV. He was supposed to have some other secret but I forgot.

4) Hilarie. She was random but my brain wanted to create a mean cliche chearleader so it did.


Planned from the beginning:

1) Lucas was the main guy.

2) Marc was a douche

3) Tyler was Max's father. I hinted at this sooo much. Or at least tried to.


Okay not many people knew I wrote this let alone wrote books. But for the people who do know about this I love you all for promoting my writing. Though every time I reread a chapter I cringe. My grammar is awful guys, my high school English teacher would run me over for the amount of mistakes I have. (Heh there’s probably mistakes in this notes as we speak… or read, whatever.)

But I want to thank you most of all for actually reading this. All the comments and encouragement makes me believe that maybe it isn't so bad.

This book has a lot of work to go through. But in the meantime I'm working on other stories. Yeah!

So you like my writing, hopefully, my humor? Of course! Then click on my bookie rix (that was on purpose btw) profile and find other books by me! I think there's only one up and guess what, it's a spin-off of this one!! Gasp.

There will be other books and I don't write just Humor. I also do paranormal and non-teen romance. Those won’t be up for a while though…



This book was a lot of fun to write. I even crack myself up with some of the things I wrote. Sometimes when you've been writing a book for so long you forget what you write and you surprise yourself. I literally forgot my character’s names four hundred times.


So thank you again. And if you read all of this nonsense YOU ROCK.


Keep in touch with me, I only hope to get better. Please tell me what you like, what you dislike, your favorite parts. Constructive criticisms are wanted, but please not too harsh I do have feelings. And when my book is finally in books stores hopefully, Barnes and Nobles, you can  say I read and improved this on BookRix!!

For free!!




p.s. deleted scenes coming soon.


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