As the sun slowly came out from the horizon, Ember Dawn walked towards the forest.

“Where are you going?” asked Dark Fang, the dark cat.

“Somewhere to meet my wise friend.” answered Ember Dawn. Dark Fang looked as the orange she-cat with glimmering blue eyes walked away. Dark Fang and Ember Dawn are good friends. They've been friends since they were kits. But after Ember Dawn met Silver Pelt, Dark Fang's been quite lonely.


Ember Dawn walked into the woods more and more, until she came upon a tree. A specific tree. It was twisted and had a nest at the top. Out of the nest was a little brown hawk. It had beautiful brown and red feathers and light blue eyes.

“Hello Ember Dawn! What brings you to this tree?” asked the hawk.

“Hello Mist! I have a few questions I would like you to answer...”

“Ah, so you're here to see me! Well, go on.”

“I was wondering... Why is Silver Pelt avoiding me?”

“Silver Pelt loves you dear, and you should appreciate that. He is very busy you know. He is the most trusted warrior and has a lot of boarder patrol.”

“But he's been so distant. He barely talks to me these days.”

“That's probably a sign that he's not in the mood. But don't worry. The best friends have to best fights... He'll be back to normal soon.” concluded the wise hawk. Ember Dawn sighed and looked at her.

“Is there something else dear?” asked Mist.

“It's just, I love him too and I care a lot for him.”

“It's alright, Silver Pelt knows and here's a secret... You and him will have a beautiful future together.” chuckled Mist. Ember Dawn looked at her in a confusing look. Mist got up and flew off.

“Good luck dear!” she said. Ember Dawn stood there. Not knowing what to do. She walked back to the clan sadly.


As the sun began to set, Ember Dawn came back from hunting and brought the preys to the leader, Ice Star.

“Good hunting Ember Dawn,” congratulated the white she-cat with blue eyes, “the clan will thank you.”

“Thank you, Ice Star.” replied Ember Dawn. From behind her came a greyish white tom cat with blue eyes.

“Hello Ember Dawn.” he greeted.

“Silver Pelt!” yelped Ember Dawn. They gazed at each other in silent.

“I need to talk to you, meet you at the meadows later!” he said and disappeared. Ember Dawn stood there still amazed.

“He... wants... to... talk... to... me...” she murmured to herself in silence.


Ember Dawn ran towards the meadows and saw Silver Pelt, waiting for her.

“Ember Dawn, I wanted to tell you that I might be leaving for battle soon, and I might not return alive...” he sighed. Ember Dawn stared at him, not knowing what to say.

“I, uh, just wanted to let you know, I love you...” he admitted as his cheeks went pink. Ember Dawn's cheeks went pink and blushed.

“Silver Pelt, I love you too. I'll miss you...” she sighed and looked at him. They sat there talking and looking at the sun. From that day on, they were mates, forever.


As the warriors set off to battle, Ember Dawn ran towards Silver Pelt.

“One last thing...” she said, “The medicine cat said I was expecting kits. When you return, you will see the kit.” Silver Pelt smiled and headed off with the other warriors. After that, Ember Dawn ran towards the woods.

“Mist! Tell me if Silver Pelt will return!” she cried.

“Of course, as you believe, he will.” she replied.

“Oh and that kit of yours, she will be a beautiful she-cat. Looking almost exactly like her father.” chuckled Mist. Ember Dawn looked at her and walked back to the clan. But what Mist speaks is true...

Chapter 1: The Kit is Born

It was spring and it's been a couple months since Ember Dawn saw Silver Pelt. She started to head towards the nursery and met Raven Wing, the medicine cat.

“How is my kit doing?” she asked as she looked at her newborn kit.

“Healthy and strong. She is a fine she-cat.” replied Raven Wing. In a little nest was a little light grey puff ball. It meowed and opened it's shiny blue eyes. For the first time, it saw her mother.

“I'll name her Mist Kit.” concluded Ember Dawn.

“You'll need to stay here to take care of her.” said Raven Wing.

“I know, I can't hunt or do any patrolling. I just hope that Silver Pelt comes home safely.”

“He is strong and brave. Mist Kit resembles to him.”

“She certainly does.” agreed Ember Dawn. The two cats looked at the kit resting in the nest. Mist Kit looked up and closed her eyes again. From behind them came Dark Fang.

“Hello Ember Dawn!” she greeted. “Congratulations on your new kit.”

“Thank you, Dark Fang.”

“Ember Dawn, Silver Pelt is back. I came to tell you that.” pointed Dark Fang.

“S-Silver Pelt?” stumbled Ember Dawn. Dark Fang nodded and ran out the exit. Little Mist Kit meowed and started to move her paws. She started twisting around and around till Ember Dawn bent down.

“It's alright Mist Kit,” she said. “your father is coming...”


The brave warriors came back with pride. Silver Pelt looked at his territory.

“Silver Pelt!” cried Dark Fang as she came rushing over.

“Dark Fang, where's Ember Dawn?” he asked.

“She's at the nursery. She just gave birth yesterday!” exclaimed Dark Fang. With those words, Silver Pelt rushed to the nursery. When he got there, he saw a little greyish white puff ball in a nest, meowing. He crept closer to get a better look. Mist Kit opened her eyes to see her father staring down at her.

“Silver Pelt!” cried Ember Dawn from behind.

“Ember Dawn!” he cried back.

“I'm so glad you're okay!” Ember Dawn said in relief. They looked at Mist Kit.

“Who is this?” he chuckled.

“That's our Mist Kit.”

“She's beautiful...”

“She looks like you.” she said. They both bent down to get a better look. Mist Kit raised her head and looked around the nursery. There were other kits and other warriors. She looked at Ember Dawn and Silver Pelt and meowed. Ember Dawn licked her and lied down. It was quite strange. Usually a mother warrior would produce more than one kit. But Mist Kit was an only kit.

“We better get to the clan. Ice Star called for a gathering.” concluded Silver Pelt.

“I have to stay with Mist Kit. She needs me.”

“Alright, but I have to go.” said Silver Pelt. He took one last glance at Mist Kit and headed outside. Mist Kit meowed and started to roll around. She started to shake and finally stood on four paws. After a few seconds, she fell back down and fell asleep.

The clan met together at the gathering and waited for Ice Star to announce the great news.

“Hello Sun Clan!” cried Ice Star with pride, “We shall begin our gathering... Now, as you know, we've been very successful in our battle and have won. We can once again live in peace. Some brave warriors have been lost but we shall remember them for their courage.” Ice Star started to talk more about the battle and the courage of those who went to Star Clan to join the others. When the gathering finally finished, Ice Star went up to Silver Pelt who was about to head to the nursery.

“I understand you now have a kit, but you must also understand you play an important role in the clan.” said Ice Star.

“I know, and I'm trying.” he sighed.

“I'm glad to hear that. Speaking of your job, we need you on boarder patrol. The warriors who have died were mostly boarder patrolling and hunting for the clan.”

“I'll do my best Ice Star.”

“I'm glad to hear that.” she concluded and walked away. The moon rose and shined on Silver Pelt. He stared at the moon and walked solemnly towards the nursery.


All of the kits were asleep, and so was Ember Dawn and Mist Kit. Silver Pelt approached Ember Dawn and looked at Mist Kit.

“I'm sorry...” he whispered as a tear dripped down from his eye. Ember Dawn woke up and saw him cry.

“What's the matter?”

“Ice Star said that I will be covering mostly all jobs for those who died in battle. I won't have time to stay or train Mist Kit.”

“It's alright. I'm a warrior too, and I can be her mentor.” said Ember Dawn. Silver Pelt looked at her and smiled.

“Alright then, I'd better go to boarder patrol.” sighed Silver Pelt. He slowly walked out of the nursery and looked back at Mist Kit. Mist Kit's family was not that good so far.

Chapter 2: The Visitors

It was a sunny day and Mist Kit was three moons (months) old. She started to get up and stretched. She looked down at the ground and thought of her first step. She was so excited. She stood up and looked outside. She slowly put her paw out and rolled out. One step after another, she started walking. It was a strange day, Ember Dawn wasn't around. Mist Flower started to meow and started to explore the nursery.

“You're quite a fast fellow!” chuckled Raven Wing.

“Where's Ember Dawn?” asked Mist Kit. She started to look for her mother and looked outside the nursery. If she was ever going to find her mother, she had to go outside the nursery for her first time. Mist Kit was an energetic and adventurous kit. She started to run outside and bumped into a white she-cat. She bent down to look at Mist Kit.

“What are you doing little one?” Ice Star chuckled. Mist Kit looked up and walked away. Suddenly, she saw a greyish white cat running towards her. He looked a bit like Mist Kit. Then, Mist Kit remembered that look.

“Silver Pelt!” she cried as she ran towards her father.

“How's my Mist Kit doing? What are you doing out of the nursery?”

“I'm looking for Ember Dawn.”

“Ember Dawn's busy Mist Kit, you're going to have two more sisters soon.”


“Yes, come on, let's get to the nursery.” suggested Silver Pelt. Mist Kit smiled and followed Silver Pelt.


When they got to the nursery, Mist Kit heard little meowing. She started to run towards the sound and found a brown kit with blue eyes and another kit with brown fur and green eyes. They were twins.

“Hello Mist Kit! Meet Moss Kit and Leaf Kit.” greeted Ember Dawn.

“Who's who?”

“Moss Kit is the one with blue eyes, Leaf Kit is the one with green eyes.”

“You're a big sister now, Mist Kit.” congratulated Silver Pelt. Mist Kit smiled and headed out the nursery.


Mist Kit started playing with other kits but none of them wanted to play with her. She tackled some of them and always ended up scratching them.

“Claws sheathed, Mist Kit!” warned Dark Fang. She didn't really enjoy Mist Kit.

“Innocent!” joked Mist Kit holding her paws out while smiling. She started to wander off into the woods. She was just born as an adventurous kit. She started to wander and found a flower. She smelled it and skipped along. Suddenly, she heard a slight little meow from behind the bushes. She crept over and leaped on it. A little golden kit with green on it's head and it's back screamed.

“Don't eat me! I only want a home!” he cried. Mist Kit got off and stared at him.

“Who are you?” she asked. He looked at Mist Kit and found out that she was the same size as him.

“I'm Breeze. And you?”

“Mist Kit! I'm going to be a warrior some day, just like my parents.”

“A warrior? You can't possibly be a warrior! You're a cat!”

“You must be a kitty pet then, living with those monsters.”

“My family is not a monster!”

“That's what they all say.”

“You're one mean kitty!”

“So, you lost?”

“Um, sort of.”

“Follow me, we'll get you cleaned up! By the way, wanna become part of Sun Clan?”

“Clans? I don't know any clans.”

“Come on, I'll show you.” Mist Kit laughed as she ran back. Breeze followed her until they finally came to the clan.

“I'm hungry...” complained Breeze.

“That's not a problem if you're a warrior! Just go hunting!”

“Hunting?! I'm not eating any squirrels...”

“Squirrels are quite tasty actually.”

“That's just disgusting.” said Breeze. They started to walk towards Ice Star.

“Ice Star, I found Breeze, the kitty pet and he abandoned from the two leg world. Should we accept him as a member of Sun Clan?” begged Mist Kit.

“He looks quite young and healthy. He'll learn our ways. Besides, we do need more warriors after the battle.” agreed Ice Star.

“Yay!” cheered Mist Kit.

“How do I become a warrior?” asked Breeze.

“First, you need a name.” said Mist Kit.

“But I do!”

“An actual warrior name...” explained Mist Kit, “My name is Mist Kit, and it soon will be Mist Paw, and when I get enrolled to a warrior, I will get a warrior name!”

“So, what's my name?”

“How about, Breeze Kit? You're about my age.”

“So from now on, everyone calls me Breeze Kit?”

“Yes, and you must have a mentor to train you when you are an apprentice.”

“I'll figure this life out along the way.”

“Good idea. Hey, how about I show you around?”


“That's my mom, Ember Dawn.” pointed Mist Kit. They started to walk towards her mom.

“Hello dear, who's this?” asked Ember Dawn.

“Breeze Kit, he's new here.” introduced Mist Kit. Ember Dawn looked at him and smiled.

“He's a nice tom.” she admitted. Mist Kit dragged Breeze Kit over to the others and introduced him.

“Oh and that's Dark Fang, she's mean...” said Mist Kit, “Oh and that's my father, Silver Pelt. He's one of the great warriors.”

“I'm really hungry now...”

“Don't worry, the warriors just came back from hunting. And since we're kits, we get to eat first!” cheered Mist Kit as she ran towards the other cats who were eating.


Ice Star looked as the warriors brought in the prey. They were all ready to eat.

“Yum! Squirrel!” cheered Mist Kit as she bit a squirrel.

“That's disgusting! Is there something else we can eat?”

“You gotta learn how to eat meat! It's almost all we eat!” said Mist Kit. Breeze Kit looked at a dead bird and gulped.

“It's worth a try...” he sighed as he bit the bird. It tasted like chicken and the taste soared in his mouth.

“So, how is it?” asked Mist Kit.

“Quite tasty actually!” grinned Breeze Kit as he took another bite. The rest of the clan ate and enjoyed dinner.

“Oh yeah, those are my two sisters, Leaf Kit and Moss Kit!” introduced Mist Kit as she pointed to two kits in the nursery. Breeze Kit approached the nest and looked down at the two kits. He looked around and saw other kits. He looked back at Mist Kit who was staring outside. This was his new home now, he belongs here.

Chapter 3: Becoming an Apprentice

The sun was shining on the two kits who were playing. Mist Kit jumped up and landed on Breeze Kit.

“Got you!” she laughed.

“No fair!” cried Breeze Kit.

“I can't wait for today! We're gonna become apprentices!” cheered Mist Kit.

“Ya, it's going to be awesome!”

“I can't wait to start hunting with the group! I'll show them I'm a true warrior!”

“I can't wait to learn how to battle other cats!” said Breeze Kit getting ready to pounce on Mist Kit. He jumped and landed on his face.

“Ha! If you're ever gonna become a good fighter, you have to learn how to aim yourself!” laughed Mist Kit as she got her claws ready to scratch him. She lunged at him and scratched him on the face.

“Hey! I thought we were supposed to fight with claws sheathed!” complained Breeze Kit.

“Innocent!” giggled Mist Kit as she held out her paws. Breeze Leaf shook his head and started to walk away.

“Hey wait! Come back! I can teach you how to fight!” cried Mist Kit. Breeze Kit looked back and sighed.

“You can teach me later, I have to get ready for the gathering.” replied Breeze Kit as he headed off. Mist Kit watched as he walked away. Breeze Kit was her best friend.


Ice Star called for the clan to come together. They were all excited for the new apprentices. Mist Kit looked up and saw Ice Star.

“Fellow Sun Clan, we are gathering today for a special moment for the kits. They are ready and mature enough to become apprentices. They shall be trained by their mentors and later on, become warriors.” explained Ice Star.

“First, Mist Kit, come here.” she continued, “Mist Kit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Mist Paw. Your mentor will be Ember Dawn. I hope Ember Dawn will pass down all she knows on to you.


Ember Dawn, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You had received excellent training from Bramble Pelt, and you have shown yourself to be loyal and caring. You will be the mentor of Mist Paw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to Mist Paw.”

“Thank you, Ice Star.” said Mist Kit with a wide grin. She looked at Ember Dawn who was watching her. Ember Dawn was now going to be her mentor and train her to become a warrior. Mist Paw trotted over and touched her nose to Ember Dawn's.

“Now, Breeze Kit, come here.” announced Ice Star, “Breeze Kit may be new to our clan, but he has learned to follow our ways and live as a member of Sun Clan. Breeze Kit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Breeze Paw.” After all the other kits were enrolled, they were all dismissed.

“Yay! I'm officially Mist Paw!” cheered Mist Paw. Breeze Paw looked at her and sighed.

“What's the matter?”

“I don't have a mentor...” he sighed.

“Don't worry, there's plenty of mentors out there!” said Mist Paw. Breeze Paw looked at the camp and saw a cat approaching. He was orange and had scars all over his face. He came up to him and smiled.

“Hey kid, I've seen your skills and I'd like to be your mentor. You okay with that?” asked the cat. Breeze Paw stared in awe and smiled.

“Sure!” he exclaimed.

“Awesome! My name's Tiger Pelt.” he continued.

“I'm Breeze Paw!”

“Nice to meet you Breeze Paw, we'll start tomorrow.” said Tiger Pelt as he left. Just before he went to the Warrior's Den, tiger Pelt touched his nose to the young tom's.

“What luck!” exclaimed Mist Paw. Breeze Paw smiled and headed to the Apprentice's Den. It was off to a good start.


The next morning, it was quite gloomy. The clouds blocked the sun, but that didn't stop Mist Paw from training.

“Alright, we'll start off with a tour around the territory. To be a good warrior, you have to know your territory.” instructed Ember Dawn.

“That's all?! No fighting or hunting?!” complains Mist Paw.

“How can you go hunting if you don't even know where to hunt?” argued Ember Dawn. Mist Paw sighed and waited for Ember Dawn to begin the lesson. They headed to the boarder where it separated Sun Clan and Legend Clan.

“This is the boarder between us and Legend Clan. It is against the warrior code to be hunting on other clan's territory.” informed Ember Dawn. Mist Paw yawned and stared at the other apprentices fighting.

“Over there is the forest, we will head there to get a better look at good hunting areas.” suggested Ember Dawn. Mist Paw followed and started to run. Ember Dawn showed her the places that warriors are not supposed to go and other places where it is easy to hunt.

“What do we do if we run out of water?” asked Mist Paw.

“We collect water by using moss. We will learn how to do that another day.” answered Ember Dawn. They started to explore some areas that they usually went, but mainly, they focused on boarder patrolling. By the end of the day, they were done learning about the territory.

“When Leaf Kit is an apprentice, you shall train with her.” concluded Ember Dawn. Mist Paw watched as Leaf Kit pounced on Moss Kit.

“Hey! Claws sheathed!” reminded Moss Kit.

“Innocent!” cried Leaf Kit with a smile while holding her paws out. It was the exact same position Mist Paw used to always do when she secretly fights with her claws out.

“Now I know why I'm going to train with Leaf Kit...” admitted Mist Paw.

“There's something strange about you two, you share the same personalities...” added Ember Dawn. Mist Paw looked at her with an embarrassing face.

“It's not my fault I like to fight with my claws out!” expresses Mist Paw. Ember Dawn giggled and headed walked back to the den.

“We'll be doing much more tomorrow.” yawned Ember Dawn. Mist Paw grinned and fell asleep. That night, she had a dream...


Mist Paw was a little white puff ball. She saw three more kits beside her in a nest. One was black with green eyes, another was fat and brown with brown eyes, and the last one was a reddish colour with blue eyes. Mist Paw looked at herself and found herself with pure white fur and light blue eyes. She resembled to a cloud. She looked out of the nest to find a cat that looked exactly like her. Wait... It was her! Beside the imaginary Mist Paw as a warrior was a bigger version of Breeze Paw. He seemed quite stronger. They looked down at the nest. That's when Mist Paw woke up.

“What happened?!” she exclaimed. She looked around her, she was back at the den. That dream she had about the three kits was quite confusing for her.

“Mist Paw! Time to start today's training!” instructed Ember Dawn. Mist Paw shook her head and started to head towards Ember Dawn. But that dream bothered her too much... What was it's meaning?

Chapter 4: Breeze Paw

Mist Paw got to the meadow where Ember Dawn was waiting.

“Are you ready to begin?” asked Ember Dawn.


“Alright, today we will be working on hunting. Hunting is important for our clan and it is quite hard.” explained Ember Dawn, “When you spot a prey, you must be patient and quiet, or else the prey will run away. You will be able to hunt when you have completed learning about hunting...”

“Enough of the intro! Can we start with the actual hunting?” suggested Mist Paw. Ember Dawn sighed and explained to her that she must have patience.

“First, we'll start off with this dead bird. Pretend it's alive and pounce on it. If you're too loud or act to early, the prey will fly away.” informed Ember Dawn. Mist Paw hid in the grass, staring at the dead prey. She crouched down and moved slowly towards the prey.

“Remember, if the prey looks back at your direction, don't move...” reminded Ember Dawn. Mist Paw got closer and closer. Suddenly, she jumped up and scratched the bird.

“Well done, next time, try to use your mouth too.”

“Can I try it on other cats?” begged Mist Paw.

“We're not practising fighting, we're practising hunting.” added Ember Dawn. Mist Paw groaned and started to practise again.

“When you're hunting, you have to move quickly. Like this.” explained Ember Dawn as she chased after a bunny. She jumped up and killed it with her claws.

“Can I try?” asked Mist Paw.

“Sure! Do you remember where are the best hunting spaces?” questioned Ember Dawn. Mist Paw nodded and headed towards the forest. She came upon a huge rock that she remembered from the day before. She also remembered marking paths were important too. Suddenly, she spotted a squirrel. She crouched down and began to move forward.

“Concentrate...” she told herself. The squirrel looked back and Mist Paw lunged towards the squirrel. It climbed up a tree, but Mist Paw also started to run up the tree. Suddenly, she lost her grip and fell back down.

“It was a good try...” admitted Ember Dawn.

“This is going to take forever!” complained Mist Paw.

“No one said becoming a warrior was easy.”

“No one said hunting was painful!” cried Mist Paw as she rubbed her head. Ember Dawn chuckled and carried on with the lesson. As the day passed, it was always Mist Paw crouching down and preparing to launch, then Mist Paw chasing the prey, then Mist Paw getting hurt. But that didn't stop Mist Paw. She kept trying and trying until she was all tired.

“Great work Mist Paw! Even though you didn't catch anything.” motivated Ember Dawn. Mist Paw was panting and aching all over.

“I'll go see what Breeze Paw's up to.” said Mist Paw as she started to head towards the meadow.

“Alright! But make sure you come back soon! We have a lot to do!” reminded Ember Dawn. Mist Paw rolled her eyes and started to run. Her paw was hurting from all the falling and tripping, so she ended up walking. Hunting wasn't that easy...


When she got there, Breeze Paw's arm was bleeding.

“Warriors go through a lot of pain...” said Tiger Pelt.

“I'm fine, let's continue with the lesson...” replied Breeze Paw. Mist Paw crouched down so that they couldn't see her. She didn't want to disturb them.

“You're a bit lousy on your defence. We'll practise that.” suggested Tiger Pelt. Breeze Paw nodded and got ready. Another apprentice came forward and they started to battle. Breeze Paw got scratched and injured.

“Remember! Look where your opponent will strike next!” advised Tiger Pelt. Suddenly, the other apprentice stood on two legs and scratched Breeze Paw's face. He fell down and lied motionless.

“Breeze Paw!” cried Mist Paw, but she was supposed to stay hidden.

“What are you doing here?!” cried Tiger Pelt. Mist Paw ran towards Breeze Paw and licked the bleeding spots. She gave a mad look at the other apprentice.

“Fine, be that way, but don't you dare try to kill him ever!” growled Mist Paw.

“So you wanna fight?” challenged the apprentice. Mist Paw nodded.

“Bring it on!” she shouted. They started to circle around and around, till suddenly, the apprentice jumped up and lunged towards Mist Paw. She dogged and got her claws out. She dug her claws into the apprentice's neck. The apprentice started to scratch Mist Paw's paw and got up. Mist Paw wasn't too good at standing on two legs but she jumped up and scratched the apprentice.

“That's enough!” cried Tiger Pelt.

“Claws sheathed Mist Paw! How many times have I told you that!” shouted Dark Fang from behind.

“Innocent!” giggled Mist Paw as she held out her paws with a grin. But this time, it was obvious that she didn't follow the rules. Her paws were covered with blood from the scratching.

“It's my fault, I should have taught Breeze Paw more slowly. He's not a fast learner...” sighed Tiger Pelt. Breeze Paw stood up and stared at Mist Paw. He walked away and didn't say a thing to her. Mist Paw decided to head back, she didn't want anymore chaos.


“That's right!” motivated Ember Dawn. Mist Paw was chasing a bunny until she jumped up and killed it.

“I caught my first bunny!” she muffled why holding the dead bunny in her mouth.

“Well done! It's only been a moon and you've caught your first bunny!” congratulated Ember Dawn. For the past moon, Mist Paw's improved in hunting and Breeze Paw didn't say a word to her at all.

“A bit more practise and you can go hunting with the clan!”

“When will we start fighting?”

“Well, after you finish hunting, we'll be focusing more on boarder patrolling.”

“Speaking of boarder patrolling, where's Silver Pelt?” wondered Mist Paw. Ember Dawn sighed.

“He is a very busy warrior, you won't be seeing him often in your life.”

“The last time I saw him was when I was three moons old, I think...” added Mist Paw.

“Why don't you go play with Breeze Paw or your sisters?” suggested Ember Dawn. Mist Paw nodded and sighed.

“I don't even think Breeze Paw wants to play.” she murmured to herself.


Moss Kit was sleeping. Suddenly, Leaf Kit jumped up and scratched her.

“Claws sheathed for the last time!” complained Moss Kit.

“Innocent!” giggled Leaf Kit. Mist Paw rolled her eyes and decided to go hunting. It was very peaceful. She waved her soft tail and looked at the branches. She looked beside her and found a bird. It was eating. She crouched down, just like in practise, and got closer. She stayed in one spot for about five minutes, until suddenly, she jumped out and hit her head!

“Ow!” cried a familiar voice.

“Breeze Paw?!” exclaimed Mist Paw.

“Mist Paw?! What are you doing here?! I was about to get that bird!”

“Well it's not my fault I was aiming for it too!” she argued back.

“Whatever! I'm need to get back to training! And I don't need and defensive she-cat to defend me.” he insulted. A tear went down Mist Paw's cheek and she ran away.

Chapter 5: The Attack

It was late summer and Mist Paw was learning how to do some boarder patrolling.

“You have done well in hunting, Mist Paw.” addressed Ember Dawn. Mist Paw smiled and looked at the shining sun.

“What do I have to do for boarder patrolling?” asked Mist Paw.

“Boarder patrolling might seem easy, but it has a lot to it.” indicates Ember Dawn, “First, we shall learn how to mark our territory so when other clans come, they will know this is our territory.”

“And how exactly do we do that?”

“By spreading urine across the territory!” revealed Ember Dawn with a smile. Mist Paw flinched and looked at the ground...

“You mean, our smell is in our... PEE?!” exclaimed Mist Paw.

“Do you have any other suggestions to that?”

“Why can't we just scratch a tree or something other than peeing in our territory?!”

“You have to learn how to be mature, we warriors mark our territory by spreading urine around the territory.” sighed Ember Dawn. Mist Paw groaned and looked at the ground once again.

“Go on, try it!” suggested Ember Dawn. Mist Paw made a face expression and sighed.

“Alright, you did it, now we can move on to actual boarder patrolling.” informed Ember Dawn.

“Finally!” sighed Mist Paw in relief.


They headed towards the boarder between Sun Clan and Legend Clan, like their first lesson.

“Okay, what do I have to do?” sighed Mist Paw.

“Look around the territory and make sure no other cats from other clans come in our territory.” explained Ember Dawn.

“That's it?!”

“And marking our territory.”

“You're kidding me! We spend our precious time walking and looking around our boarder?!”

“What else did you have in mind?” asked Ember Dawn. Mist Paw sighed and looked at Legend Clan's territory.

“You'll do some boarder patrolling and I'll see how you do.” ordered Ember Dawn. Mist Paw nodded and started to run. She slowed down and looked at both territories. This went on for two hours... Suddenly, Mist Paw heard a rustle. She started to panic.

“Ember Dawn, what do I do if an intruder does come in our territory?” asked Mist Paw nervously. But she was alone in the woods. She looked back and thought for a while. What would her father do? She thought for a minute jumped.

“Fight...” she whispered to herself. From behind the bushes, she could see a black and white figure stick out of from the bushes. It was about the size of a cat. This could only mean one thing: She was under attack by a badger. Mist Paw got ready to fight, but her legs were shaking.

“Ember Dawn! If you can hear me right now, HELP!!!” she shouted. But there was no use. The badger jumped out and lunged towards Mist Paw. She jumped up and dodged the badger. It hissed at her and scratched her paw. Mist Paw cried in pain and scratched it back. They started to fight and fight. But they were all getting hurt badly. When one bit the other, the other would bite back. Suddenly, another badger came out. Mist Paw was bleeding badly and stepped back.

“I should be on boarder patrolling, not fighting badgers!” she cried. Mist Paw was wounded and couldn't move. They crept closer, and closer. Suddenly, a cat came out of the tree and lunged on both badgers. He started to fight and the badgers eventually gave up. Mist Paw closed her eyes and lied there, motionless. The cat came up to her and brought her back to the den. But what Mist Paw didn't know was that the cat that saved her life was Breeze Paw.


Mist Paw woke up in the medicine den and saw Ember Dawn beside her.

“I'm sorry I left you alone...” apologized Ember Dawn.

“If it weren't for that mysterious cat, I could have been killed!” exclaimed Mist Paw. Breeze Paw came over to look at Mist Paw.

“Mist Paw, the cat that saved you was Breeze Paw.” explained Ember Dawn. Mist Paw looked surprised and embarrassed.

“I'm sorry I was a bit harsh on you the other day...” he said.

“It's fine. Thank you for saving me though.” she admitted. Breeze Paw blushed and walked away. Mist Paw closed her eyes once again and fell asleep. She had a dream...


Mist Paw was on a hill, a hill that Ember Dawn had told her about when Ember Dawn and Silver Pelt sat when they became mates. This time, Mist Paw was there. She saw an older version of Breeze Paw and he came up to her with a warm smile. He came closer until they were nose to nose. Mist Paw flinched and woke up.

“What a weird dream...” she thought.

“Feeling better? We need to continue boarder patrolling.” greeted Ember Dawn. Mist Paw looked at her with a worried look.

“Ember Dawn, have you ever had dreams about Silver Pelt?” asked Mist Paw.

“At your age, yes.” replied Ember Dawn. Mist Paw flinched again and walked out of the den.

“Let's forget about what we just talked about...” suggested Mist Paw. Ember Dawn nodded with a weird expression and followed Mist Paw. Mist Paw started to worry, but kept on walking. Something about Breeze Paw was bothering her, but she didn't know what...


It was time for Mist Paw to prove her hunting skills to the clan. She was put on hunting.

“Mist Paw, the clan trusts you to bring food to them. Take this responsibility wisely.” informed Ice Star. Mist Paw nodded and headed towards the woods with the other hunters. She spotted a rabbit and crouched down. She crept closer and closer, till suddenly, she leaped on it. She scratched and bit the rabbit till it was dead.

“This is quite easy!” muffled Mist Paw with the prey in her mouth. The hunting went on for a long time. Finally, they headed back to the den.

“Mist Paw!” cried two familiar voices. It was Moss Kit and Leaf Kit.

“Hi there!” greeted Mist Paw. They started to play and tackle each other.

“Claws sheathed, Mist Paw and Leaf Kit!” warned Moss Kit.

“Innocent!” they both joked holding their paws out.

“Natural family habits...” added Ember Dawn from behind. They laughed and continued playing.

“Can I play too?” asked a shy voice from behind, it was Breeze Paw.

“Sure!” the sisters replied. They started to tackle some more and it seemed like each second, Moss Kit and Breeze Paw had to remind Leaf Kit and Mist Paw to keep their claws sheathed. But it was still fun. And Breeze Paw and Mist Paw's friendship came back together...

Chapter 6

As Mist Paw openned her eyes to the sun's rays, she got up and started to head towards Ember Dawn who was outside the den.

"Ready to start your boarder patrolling?" asked Ember Dawn with a smile. Mist Paw nodded and yawned.


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The Spirit Duets (Ember Dawn and Mist Flower)

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