It hurts so much. It feels like my heart is going to break. I cant't take it anymore.

Why do they have to keep on breaking my heart? 

They keep on saying that they love me, then why do they keep on leaving me?

Dominique you want me to let you in my heart, but who assures me that you're not like the others?

Who assures me that you won't leave me like the others?

That you'll stay by my side when I need you most. 

Maybe I'm selfish with my request, but you know that I won't be able to go through this pain again.

If I oppen my heart for you and you end up breaking it I know that I won't be able to fall in

love again that my heart will turn to stone. You are going to be the end of me.

You know how willing I am to oppen my heart for you. To let you in. Be a part of my life.


So tell me what's the diffrence between you and the others?

Will you stay by my side?

Chapter 1

Hi my name is Yuta. I'm 19 years old and I go to a speacial college. This college is ruled by students

the stongest one of them is the so called "King" and this King now is Akihito and my lover.


Yeah right I'm gay and second strongest in this school. I could probably win against Akihito, but

I didn't care much about it. The only thing importtant to me is him. I really love him.


“Hey Yuta! There is someone outside who wants to challenge you.", Hal one of my friends who

just bursted in shouted from the door of the classroom in the middle of class.  

"Tell him that I don't care and I don't have time for such stuff. And also that challengers

should challenge the person they want to fight face to face. And by the way Hal stop

interupting classes where I am in all the time", I responded with a slight of amusement in my tone.

"Yeah,Yeah always the same Yuta huh?!", he grumbled and left. I just laughed at it and

continued filling my maths sheets.



After class I went outside to the cafeteria wanting to enjoy my lunch time with Akihito there

since everyone lives us alone due to our rang in the school.

And I also spent time with my friends too, but I wanted to be with Akihito today so I asked them

if I could stay with him alone at the table. 


They new about our relationship we just came out a few months before and I wanted to let

my friends know about it.

They also knew about me being gay for a long time now and they didn't bother at all. That's

why I'm so grateful that they were my friends. 


Well whatever at the table I just waited a few minutes before he came to join me at the table.

"Hi, Akihito!" I greeted him with a big smirk on my face.

"Hi, babe" he groaned in a sexy whisper into my ear making me shiver as his lips met with

my ear.

I felt how my jeans started to get tighter. Not only from his voice, but also from the touch.

He sat down next to me and then pulled in just to whisper into my ear with a now huskily

voice "What a noughty boy getting hard in a time like this. You should learn how to hold yourself

back. Yuta."

"Why? Aren't you the one who is teasing me right now? You know how I react towards your

touches and you. And yet you still went that far."I replied looking him intesly in the eyes after

he pulled himself back.

"It's fun seeing how much you try to hold yourself back. But it doesn't matter now anyway.

I've heard someone tried to challenge you I think you should accept it. People have

forgotten who you are and how strong you are. You should show them that they better not

mess up with you.", he changed from playfull into serius. I wonderd about what he said

 since he didn't normally give a fuck about my challengers or the people I fought. 

That's what I asked him too. I was quite curious right now, but he just used the excuse that

he wanted the best for me after hearing people say what they thought of me.


"Akihito, since when did you start bothering about what people think of me? You know about

my situation right now. I can't afford a fight at this kind of time. I have to take care of my

little brother.

You know my parents are away on a business trip till the next month. I know I'm strong, but

if something is to happen to me no one would be there to take care of my brother and you

know that!

So don't even try changing my mind from my decision." I got up angrily from my seat and

went outside to get some fresh air. I was pissed that he even asked me to fight. Even though

he knew it best than anyone.


"Yuta!"I heard someone call me from behind. I slowly turned around meeting with a pair of dark Green eyes and blond hair. "What do you want?"I asked him coldly with a cold gaze.

He shouted "I'm here to challenge you!" getting the attention from the people around us and trying to provoke me as well.

So I walked over to him and said calmly for everyone to understand.

"I will tell you again. This time in your face. I'm not going to accept your challenge. So leave

me alone. And this goes for everyone in this school" I walked past him, after looking around making sure everyone has heard what I said and left towards my classes.

"So you wouldn't fight now if someone would attack?" Akihito who was now in front of me asked.

"What dou you want from me Akihito. I've already explained to you earlier."

Within a second he was in front of me attacking me with his hands formed into a fist aiming for my face. It took me a while till I understood what he was doing, but then barely dodge

the unexpected attack. "What the he" I tried to stay calm, but it was almost impossible.

"Akihito do you care to expalin yourself?!"

"Tz! Well let me expalin it for you so that even a naive person like

you can understand. I want to be stronger than you that's why I've been staying by your

side all this time trying to understand your movements, actings and way of thinking.

That's the only reason why I even played to be your boyfriend and that I love you. But I must say the sex was unexpectedly good.

Now this is a challenge and you are not allowed to deny.

You know the rules. The stronger person can challenge a weaker person and the weaker has to fight."

I was shocked at first, but now my expression was cold. I looked him into the eyes

"Since you are the stronger one why do want to be stronger than me? Aren't you

already stronger than me?" I asked him my tone always cold not letting any emotion through.

"Yeah, right I'm stronger due to the rules, but I didn't fought you. Everytime I saw you fighting 

you were holding yourself back. But not today. You'll fight for real, both of us know you will."

Within a second I moved my body to combat position ready for every attack. 

He moved fast but not fast enough. I turned around too fast for anyone to recognize kicked in his stomache sendind him flying a few meters back.



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