The Gift Of Time

The Gift of Time


Today is January the 5th and it’s my birthday. I know birthdays are for kids, only if someone could explain this to my wife. Since morning she has been complaining that I have to go to work today. She is not happy about that. Even during lunch she hardly spoke to me, I told her it’s just for an hour I have a conference call with our New York client but Carol won’t listen, she says I love my work more than her and our little girl Abby. That’s not true I love them more than anything else. But making this conference call successful is important for our future. So I kissed Abby and Carol goodbye and left for work. There was a lot of traffic on the way to work but somehow I managed to reach on time. My assistant Sarah was on her desk when she saw me. She stood up and said Happy Birthday Mr. Brooks. I smiled back and said Sarah you know you can call me John. She nodded and smiled. I went to my cabin and Sarah followed me there and said Sorry Mr. Brooks I tried calling you, the conference call have been rescheduled for tomorrow morning. I looked at her and said you should have started with that, I am out of here.  Bye Sarah, she smiled and said bye Mr. Brooks and enjoy your birthday.

On my way back I was thinking about Carol and how she wanted to throw me a party. I suggested that we spend my birthday at home I didn’t feel like partying; all I felt like doing was to sit at home with my family and have a glass of wine. When I reached home the lights were off I unlocked the door and walked in to see the dining table was set up for two with a candle light dinner. Carol was sitting there in her red dress oh how beautiful she looked in that dress. She came to me, kissed me and said happy birthday darling then she handed me a gift. I said thank you, baby, but you didn’t need to. She said open it and see I am sure you would love it. I opened it and love it I did. It was an antique looking table clock, it looked amazing. I kissed and thanked her. I took the table clock and kept it on the table near our bed. I went back to the dining table and sat with Carol. I asked her if Abby was asleep and Carol said, yes just tucked her in.


We opened the bottle of wine and began to drink and talk, we spoke about everything right from the day we met and how Abby changed our lives for the better.


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