Computer Technology

Beating the FBI at their cat and mouse game

Technology can be limited, so use nonsecure public access points, and ive had the FBI show up at the wrong address and even just send them to the public library and hide and conceal your POC

Using remote viewing computer software to insert and access even from the world away anybody’s computer, even an American Presidents

Tech support, as simple as that, gain trust and access too a pc and download the icon for remote viewing that HP allows too see what is on your screen and in your pc accessing all files, now access even an American Presidents pc from India, and HP.

Death’s Hand Doomsday Technology

This has been claimed one of my master pieces.

A computer AI system, which Exists, and reads computer readable stuff, even too detect nuclear radiation, then determines which nuclear silos are still operational and the mathematics also to determine who is alive and what their jobs shall be, who e=the enemy was and fires back with nuclear technology.

My pc was used by war criminals for the design their own Super Computer HQ Headquarters in a foreign country even rudely under Putin’s nose, id still tell my friend Vladimir Putin, ive talked too Putin before through the Telephone.

The HQ electric gattling gun system

A HQ Super Computer which additionally fires electric mini guns on mounted bi pods secured in position fires on sight like Russia’s also does on Naval ships VS Somalian Pirates, but these electric mini guns far better and more devastating.

NASA rockets and America the desert

Nuclear NASA rockets powering space ships would also be with at least 4 rockets be used to power a meteor, comet, asteroid, etc, to strike earth at a potential target even America to turn America into half a desert, the other half already is most a desert.

And if America becomes a desert for the desert the Sahara desert to become glass is melted sand or at ground zero can be.

The nuclear power of the sun

Nuclear war has already evolved to a sun at its center I hear, that could cause a sun during the right conditions in outer space also.

The internet sub mask

Comes with every adapter seems is your internet sub mask which masks your location too spies, so download the adapter internet sub masks.

Classified unknown fighter jets which would have been made through Lockheed

There were a few, or more, but the entire room filled with intel was destroyed sorry, not my fault, but I would still like to keep this record anyway for people too learn.

How too Cause a Cyborg

Consciousness Beamed Down too Programmed Compatible Brain Waves, the machine is Controlled by Thought and this is a Cyborg.

Consciousness can Fire emotionally a electric gattling gun which since im such an Exquisite Species Uses Anger, or Passion, to act, and Fire same as emotion allows naturally but with Consciousness and In and from a Cyborg.

How too Cause a Deathworm Cyborg

Made Consciousness, and Beamed Down too Brain Waves a real life terminator shaped terminator Mongolian Deathworm Tremor is a Deathworm Cyborg.

Appendix 1

Robot bee swarm

Their small and like bees, but little machines, the military already says they have which eats people to the bone, but can be knocked off target and out of the air by sound cannon guns designed to knock cannibal machine out of the air and then they are like dead.

Appendix 2

Small Black Holes

The military claims the capability small black holes which pass through matter and the earth to be possible, can also pass through enemy targets as well.

Appendix 3


I was considered for commander on floor in pentagon and white house by President George Bush Jr, I figured black operations is all military rank, and called Nellis and Creach Air Force Base. During many phone calls the military has confessed too me the existence AREA 51, as well as technology greater than all SRs, and that they can do anything even Star Wars technology based from the movie.

Appendix 4

Nikolai Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Nazi German scientists

Death, as she names herself, caused WW2 to invade Germany and UK and USA.

Recently after half a century and WW2 she stole another spear of destiny.

One of her generals told me the interpretation without saying it the Hollow Earth map too the Hollow Earth beneath tons of Antartica ice.

She Shifted the self murder my young friend born from Adolf Hitler’s sperm and seed.

She Caused some modern interesting things, just for the record, includes Nikolai Tesla who was the real one compared too Einstein who Einstein though was also a brilliant man im certain, they both were.

She is also responsible for German scientists to be used on America they Turned into a desert originally and then they find people to write books, movies, songs, for them.

She would also be responsible for Sighting Alien Greys some if not all.

The Roswell crash might have been a Nazi experiment.

Appendix 5

The pine trees fairy ring, Light Sphere and Alien Grays

When I was a boy, I was compelled too look through the window age 5 during the 80s and saw a Light Sphere, Brighter than the sun during daylight and even Brighter than most suns in the universe, and then 2 Alien Greys came running out, entered my grandfather’s back window into my grandparents room, and then after missing time and events the Light Sphere Became Small, Blinked and Disappeared at 1,000, to 3,000 miles per hour.

Appendix 6

Quantum Astrophysics

In Reversible Raider comic books, there is the Digital Audio Transfer Device, Uses Seti, the Tree of Life of Cabala, Genetics, and Time Travel, with a Cyborg, too Repair and Resurrect the dead again too next round, no body damage and to the living.

This of course also Causes human Cloning.

Appendix 7

Mysticism and Skynet Controls

Mysticism Causes Worlds and Events, Builds Empires, the Control of Msyticism is termed Skynet, Shaped like a UFO, costs 400 trillion dollars, and has all mental essences and natures also as particulars.

Appendix 8

Jurassic Park

The movie came out because genetic cloning of DNA and dinosaurs was already possible.

Devolved In the Void, Caused Dragons Shaped like Velocoraptors, Using the D.A.T.D. the White Form Searches from a Dragon Anything even the Same with the universe too Keep Going and to be reality.

Consciousness can also Beam Down too Brain Waves Aliens, Insects and Toads, but also Velocoraptors, and Dragons allowing human Control instead just the beast, but can be a lot more violent also.

Appendix 9

The Island of Doctor Monroe

In the Void, can be Caused any Humanoid such as at the Island of Doctor Monroe.

But also all of Waxworks, Waxworks 2, and Trick r Treat.

Appendix 10

The war of the worlds

“In the Great and final War of the Worlds.”

All Humanoids are Devolved, or Evolved, In the Void, while Standing at the Center In the Void One with the Soul In the Void too be a God also In the Void with Enormous Predestiny and Mysticism too Evolve the human races, Detailed, and Clamped Down, or Up, too Evolve as you wish even too an Alien Grey the Predestiny Having been Obtained and Sovereignty for Alien Greys, in fact any Alien Species and Evolved human and with UFOs.

Appendix 11

Optimus Prime

At long last, ive seen in WWW Optimus Prime trucks, 2 built, which shapeshift electronically too resemble Optimus Prime.

The future is here children.

“In a world with Super Heroes” –Michael Portland

Appendix 12

Unplugging your modem, or router, or repairing, or restarting your pc solves most computer problems so far, or call tech support, or send out a technician.

Appendix 13

Terrorisms Super Computer

Was based from my pc.

So brings up one page at a time, no matter how long takes, solves what too say too Reel people, especially celebrity women in to steal from and murder them, whole races, and fires nuclear rockets at targets.

There are 6 known silos in 6 separate enemy foreign countries.

Appendix 14

Laser weapons systems

In Nevada, or Utah, out that way, is a operational operation operational year 2015 which fires laser beams too satellites and catches the Beams and Fires the same Beams at a longitude and latitude new target on the ground to cover up where the laser beams were fired from.

Appendix 15

Solar heat from magnifying glass

The solar heat from a perfect magnifying glass melts plastic, some say also concrete.

This idea is sometimes termed a Death Ray using the power of the sunlight.

A AI could Control where the magnifying glass is positioned and what target to aim at.

Appendix 16

A new ram jet

Just merge and combine all the SRs into a single compatible functioning unit.

I can solve that one, and is more impressive as SR.

Appendix 17

A new helicopter

Merge and combine the Apache, and the Comanche, and the helicopter which fires rockets, make wider and harder and bigger as can fly, and this is a new helicopter that I know of.

Appendix 18

New laser weapons systems

Are already fired from airplanes, and Naval warships which might be under attack by foreign fighter jets.

Lasers could now be included on street lights type stuff, with additional solar powered panels, would fire at mass murderers which could not be defeated differently, and could be controlled at the Metropolitan Police Command Centers.

Lasers could also be fired from White House, Houses, and skyscrapers similarly to defend, or attack.

Appendix 19

Real life terminators

Machines moveing like small tanks, already carry automatic electric turrets which fire automatic weapons systems.

The future is here.

Place that in the hand a Consciousness Controlled Cyborg and have a real Life Terminator Programmed too Consciously kill as the Modes are etc.

Consciousness could Manually Control Any terminator but make certain the terminators are essentially compatible with the human body and Functioning behavior and Consciousness and emotions and nuances.

Appendix 20

The wall at Thermopylae

The wall at Thermopylae, could be a machine, with AI, fires electric gattling guns on sight, and uses titanium shields to protect the wall, worthy a Spartan Warrior.

Appendix 21

A real Trojan horse real life terminator

I sent similar ideas too a commander Spartan ethnic in Greece one time.

Equipped like a tank, shield doors, which raise up, or in and down to shut, 4 sided, spinners on its tracks, has atop a electric gattling gun which moves every direction at 3,000 rounds per squeeze the trigger, equipped with 4 corner lasers aiming at any ground targets, or aerial targets also, could have 4 electric gattling guns, is at least big enough for special forces platoons, to equip and deploy from, has a HQ Headquarters also built in and is manual, or AI Controlled.

Can be one story, 2 stories, 3 stories, people at one story, tanks at 2 stories, additional fighter jets, or stealth naval boat at 3 stories.

Appendix 22

Resident Evil Red Queen laser weapons system

Lasers already exist which can be XXXXXXX etc shaped and cut through thin sheets of metal, making that aspect RE reality.

Appendix 23

Ghost In the machine

AI Consciousness Programmed.

Appendix 24

Ghost In the shell

A most advanced Cyborg which electrically Controls from Consciousness, Brain Waves the machine, and Thought too electrically Control the Ghost In the Cyborg shell.

Appendix 26

Cyber dolls

Chucky of Child’s Play, Dead Silence, Possessed dolls, are all, even Voodoo dolls, really would be a Cyborg, the Voodoo Doll to torture the Consciousness the victim In the Cybernetic Unit.

Appendix 27

Drones and what can Upgrade Drones of this world

Drones are also built Nevada, Utah, out that way, already people Controlled manually, can be Upgraded with Consciousness Controlling a drone, even the Consciousness from a bird etc.

Appendix 28

AI Controlled Boeing 747s etc

Planes already use no windows, the planes of the future fly by access point designated each location and where to by computer only and pilot, AI could auto fly a manual plane from New York to Shanghai on auto Control with no pilot active, until he has to be.

Appendix 29

AI Controlled Sky scraper

AI is Allowed Consciousness and emotional Control the nuances of a Skyscraper too Control as a AI human would and Cyborg a building as Programmed and Designated.

Appendix 30

An electromagnetically controlled UFO

Electromagnetism already lifts trains with levitation already real.

A manmade UFO would because is circular in shape require electromagnetism to uplift a flight like a train a UFO.

Appendix 31

Midgard Final Fantasy 7

I remember thinking somehow Midgard can happen, the first you need too realize is the nuclear power plants could exist now in real life, and start realistically from there.

The slums could exist, the city could be manmade and shaped all those way now for decades.

Futuristic cities happening now match stages early personally of Rabinastre Final Fantasy 12.

Wild Palms would happen first then at that stage.

Appendix 32

Giruvegan Final Fantasy 12

Enormous, built by people, would be built to exist like that, gets more difficult the needed futuristic building materials.

The blue prints are already there with those video games, usually as maps.

Some of the FF12, and Giruvegan technologies would be levitation, so would be also electromagnetism opposites occultly attracting the resolution for levitation from electromagnetism.

Appendix 33

Electromagnetically Uplifted vehicles

Flying cars too me would also be electromagnetically Uplifted by Electromagnetism and Kept on track levitating above the train track just like an electromagnetically uplifted speed train.

Appendix 34

Star Wars

Named after the movie and operational through Special Operations Command, Star Wars, simply fires rockets at foreign nuclear weapons attacks, thus Russia invented a indestructible nuclear rocket next already in existence


Appendix 35

Talk and speculation, but supposedly fact, of Frankenstein Resurrection from the dead by electrical stimulation also, rest would be sowing body parts accepted by the host body, cloning, and Resident Evil mansion built and t-virus.

A real life t-virus, opposite $500,000 began in a basement in America somewhere.

Appendix 36

Small Black Holes

The Quintessential Causes Black Holes, Small enough for a human too Pass Down the rabbit hole and Into the Looking Glass of the Unconscious Mind Into too Control the Possessed human host body with more strength than the natural host entity.

Small Black Holes can yes be Directed any direction Into Anybody, as many times, and as Into as many people as you need.

Appendix 37

Jack and the cuckeo-clock heart

Would be a pacemaker (false heart) shaped also like a coo coo clock, but operating no differently than a pace maker.

Be realistic.

Appendix 38

Star Wars Light sabre

A laser which has 6 beams, cuts through thin sheets metal, and merges to form a single laser sword, was made and has been marketed, for less than $9,000.

Appendix 39

Cyborg Tarantula

Better than electrical stimulation in American hospitals the Tarantula Is Inserted Into the Heart Mode Page and then Jump Starts the human heart too function until the body can live again same as from any electrical stimulation.

Appendix 40

False hearts

A false heart could regulate like a computer and allow people to live longer, AI is also would be a Upgrade for a artificial brain implant, and could Control through brain cells with the human heart the human heart beat also.

My grandfather lived 8 years on a pace maker, he died from a blood disease after that, so did my house cat Fluffy died also from a blood disease.

Appendix 41


Consciousness can Control, with Brain Waves of a Cyborg, electrical stimulated electric minigun fireing from each arm and held weapon.

Mind Controlled and not machine Controlled, although can be both, is a Terminator with a Heart making judgmental decisions then performing same behavior.

Appendix 42


AI and Consciousness can Control dinosaur behaving Cyborgs.

Appendix 43


A Sorcerer Social Entity can Beam Down also as Brain Waves too the Programmed electrical currents compatible the human mind and electrical stimulation too Control Any and every Cyborg, etc, there could ever and will ever be.

Appendix 44

Berserker Units and mech warriors

Foreign countries have already begun experimentation of mech warrior units, controlled by people, similar is the essential control a Berserker Unit In Rage.

Appendix 45

A lunar clock

Would keep track time by hours the moon instead of by the day as most modern clocks do.

Appendix 46

Solar sun dial clock

Sun dial merged clock keeps track hours and time the day with use the sun dial additionally and to keep track main season points summer solstice, winter solstice etc.

Appendix 47

Jason X Cyborg

The Reversible Raider Switches Over too the Opposite too Cause Jason X Cyborg and Vice Versa.

All the tarantuals in the Jason X movie are a single Tarantula actually which the SSE Wesker Inserts Into the human Heart Jason X Cyborg.

The DATD and the Cyborg Merge too Repair the human host body Round after Round also.

Yellow Plasm is Used too Control Demons, and from genocide and the human Heart is Consciously Projected Lucifer the squid Construct.

However, a Cyborg terminator, with Jason X Cyborg Beamed too Brain Waves and is Controlled by Thought like all prosthetic limbs and Brain Waves Compatability for behavior and movements.

Now add 2 electric mini guns, Jason just got an Upgrade, 6 thousand rounds per squeeze the trigger, and In the machine also all same so Enlightened also is a 7 star Admiral, Moveable too all terminator Units 8 star Admiral, Compatible In all Berserker Units 9 star Admiral, Linked Up with S Shaped Lights, and Parabrahman etc 10 star Admiral, Protector of Microcosm 11 star Admiral, In Macrocosm 12 star Admiral.

Appendix 48

Reversible Raider

My character with HQ Savant Sorcery, but also with a 385 pounder, is Reversible Raider Mystery Inc Book One.

Reversible Raider has the Tree of Life, a Cyborg, cloning, and human genetics, too Repair from the grave, and the White Form too Live on as can be Repaired from Any World, and from Any Earth where there is a Duplicate Copy of Anyone too Live on Past, and Future, in the Present. Reversible Raider is a 6 star Admiral.

Appendix 49

Cyborg, Consciousness, In Ghost In the shell, with Digital Audio Transfer Device, Seti, Tree of Life, genetics, cloning, etc, Linked up too S Shaped Lights, Sunlight, Brain Waves, Parabrahman, with all intel coming In as Sunlight through optic nerves, is a Great One 13 star Admiral.

Has Yellow Seal, Liberation, Samadhi, and Enlightenment also, also the Totem Pole and Link too the Ancients of Memories of the Past All of Em.

Nature Heals and shines Spring when Nearby and even deliberately Healing nature and all Realities for people.

Appendix 50

Bune: The Cybernetic Organism

The most realistic version Bune the Grim Reaper in Curse of the Spawn is a Cyborg with Consciousness, all should correspond and function as in life and that is this version Bune which looks a cybernetic Grim Reaper with scythe.

Every version the Grim Reaper Merged, from Ghost Rider, from A house on haunted hill, is still better Merged In this Cyborg.

Appendix 51

The Borg of Star Trek

The Borg are Cybernetic, Controlling soft tissues and cybernetic parts as appropriate, the Borg ship is just a Moveing Cybernetic Organism, like the enormous Arachnid destroyer of worlds, is Caused and Controlled also same as the Borg with Consciousness and electricity compatible electrical currents of the Brains, and body, as appropriate for Functioning.

Appendix 52


Androids also help people.

Are Programmed by people, but were never people, but can have Someone’s Brain Waves also.

Appendix 53

Magickal Dome

Known too Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of Defense of the Pentagon in America, a HQ mine one day Caused a Magickal Dome to suddenly appear, according to Stephen King’s novel a diesel slammed straight into the Dome and blew up.

Such a Dome can Protect a whole city from nuclear destruction and catastrophe in the hands of Special Forces.

Ceremonial Ritual Magick Works a lot like a Cyborg, Opposites Attract the Resolution for the Magick too Happen.

All emotion, nuances, and feelings, are Controlled for appropriate behavior the same with Lights, and during CRM and Rituals, same as with a Cyborg too appropriately Function and act out the corresponding behavior.

Appendix 54

Cell phones cause radiation

A friend of mine before science did decided cell phones cause radiation, he wasn’t wrong science said.

Appendix 55

Nuclear cold fission, cold fusion

Before scientists made the announcement, I theorized cold fission, or fusion, also, the universe also began with during the Big Bang which started the universe, theres probably both.

Appendix 56

More than one Earth

Religion, in many forms, even me with correspondences, ha theorized new Earths, planets, stars, etc, even mirroring our own, and just about everything anybody can imagine.

D.A.T.D. Searches for New Life Forms and New Earths, and there are New Earths.

Appendix 57

Nikolai Tesla murdered by the FBI

FBI came and confiscated everything, including 2 million dollars, Tesla died on the floor with receding gums, Tesla was a genius, but he was treated as a immigrant, or a homeless pauper.

Appendix 58

Fulgore Killer Instinct

Is a shell Programmed Cyborg.

Appendix 59

The Digital Audio Transfer Device

The White Form is based from your previous form, that you lived as a human body, In Sync with the White Form you Caused too be Born and living in the world, then all the Predestinies and Sovereignties come together and even the Lord Marshall can be Born and Happen at the Coincided human age and time.

Appendix 69

Cyborg Archangels

Are shaped and Look same as the Archangels whose Brain Waves are Compatible too Inhabit the Cyborg machine.

Appendix 70

Cyborg Demons

Mirrors Matching for the Functioning Brain Waves movement Patterns of Demons.

A version Eldritch Shadows can also be Done.

Appendix 71

Jason X Cyborg

His Brain Waves too Enter a Jason Voorhees compatible shall Cyborg.

Appendix 72

Scorpion Mortal Kombat Cyborg

Is Digitized Programmed for Scorpion too Possess the Cyborg Unit a terminator Cyborg Scorpion Unit.

Appendix 73


Any Brain Wave Pattern all human, or Sorcerer, or Sorceress, can be Programmed for Anyone too Live Again as a Cyborg.

Appendix 74

Towards a Blue Ray disc

My own unique version was the purple backs, and the setting which allow any DVD to play, and then was just as good beginning as what became Blue Ray, I think they thought Blue Ray through.

Appendix 75

Towards better DVD players

As people did merge and combine better and more likely to always play, even if scratched, DVD, that Plays even if stilled like paused also.

Appendix 76

Everything, even Black Holes, in the universe, Cyborged

Not only machine world might exist, but Cyborg Black Holes, Cyborg suns which are living furnaces on a nuclear scale, Cyborg planets which Cause their own appropriate, or extreme unique environments, quite a bit is possible from This.


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