Texte: once apun a time lived a girl named Janice.She was the worlds most hottest superstar.She even lost count of how many grammies she had one.She was a rich and famouse girl.Eavryone thought she had the good life.Eavryone but herself........!Noone understood why.But she did.She thought she was being irrevocably spoiled and that peaple believed she couldnt do things for herself.Her mother tried to prove her wrong but it only made matters worse!After a while she decided to quit acting forever!She acted like her life would be a world wide phenomenon after she quit acting but it only made her life worse.She rang out of money.She became lonly. She missed being spoiled to grouned!She became homeless becouse she could not keep a job other than acting.She started to relieze the place were she is suppose to be is at her home in Holleywood!But it was already to late........someone had already taken all her parts and lines in movies ,.When she went to audition she alwas forgot her lines,she started to swet like a pig.Lucky for her ,her mom bought her a houzse to stay and decided to teach her and remind her how to act!It took her MONTHS just to learn how to memariez lines again.She want back to acting school for 8 years until she finaly graduated!She soon reliezed what a fool she was for leaving in the first place.She decided to move to India to go to bollywood to start her carreer!In the begining she felt sad to leaving Hollywood.BUT she decided that she was just starting to feel alitle homesick.Her temtation to go back home was getting worse eavry single day she spent in Bolleywood,India.uNTIL She decided her life wasnt ment to be lived in India,she decidedt that her life WAS meant to be lived in Holleywood!So the nexs day she packed her bags and got on a plane to Holleywood.She was so happy to be back home she almost cried when she got there.That night she invited all her friends and family for a lobster feast.AT that moment she knew her life was always ment to be lived in...holleywood!! THE END!
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 13.03.2010

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