New Being in School

Dear Diary, Wed. December 5
Mom's making me keep this stupid journal so she can "track" my progress with my supernatural ability. If you ask me, it's all really lame. Why can't Ken be Mother Nature? He's perfect for it and has NEVER amounted to anything before.
Maybe that's why he still lives at home...
Well so far my powers haven't been acting unusual or anything. Well, besides from the usual emotions=weather changes. Maybe one day I can make hail the size of Ken's head and use the wind to knock it at him...
Just kidding.
Well, I have to go do homework now.
Stupid High School....
I'll write later, no doubt, because of mother dear.

After I finish with the journal, I sit on my bed and think about everything that's happened in the last year.
Well, one year and one week ago, I was exactly 15. On my 15th birthday, I realized what my future WAS going to be. I had no other options.
I learned that my mom, Beverly, was Mother Nature, when I was 8. Think it's cool? No way. Whenever me and my 19 year old brother, Ken, got (or get) into trouble, we get one of the following, depending on the level of how dangerous or bad we were:
1. The BOX: A plexi-glass tube/box thing and she'd put a windstorm in the Box
2. A never-ending rain cloud that never stops raining above you for who knows how long
OR if we're really super bad-
3. A lighting bolt thrust at our butts
Don't worry, they're not big ones. Still hurt, but not terrible enough to do any damage.
Anyway, at my birthday party, Ken took the entire cake and dropped it from the second story down onto my head. I got so mad at him and I started screaming at him. Then, all of a sudden, a huge gust of wind came from outside. It was so large that it shook the entire house. All my friends were freaking out thinking that it was an earthquake.
My mom's face was filled with terror and she told me to calm down. As soon as I did, the wind stopped.
Then I knew.
I had inherited all my mom's freaky nature powers.
I'm still learning how to use them properly, of course. I haven't even had them for two full years yet.
My family is a freak show. My mom raises us by herself because my dad left after she had me. As soon as I was born, she told him what role she played in the world and told him why she had to have me.
That was too much for him. I still don't know who my dad is.
So anyway, there's this freaky Order of elders that my mom knows. They're all mystical being-type people. I'm telling you, they're really weird.
Of course, I'm not allowed to see them. Technically I'm not even allowed to even know of their existence. But I kind of have to be able to understand the reason behind why I'm alive.
My mom went to the Order a little before 18 years before I was born. At this point, she was 22 years old. They told her that the day she turned 50, her powers wouldn't work ever again. That happens to the majority of the "mystical" beings- they have to have children to keep the powers alive and keep the Earth fit for the other humans to live in. The highest and most powerful member, the Great Elder, told my mother that if she didn't have a child to keep the weather under control, the power to change the weather would fall into the hands of the most favored man in that clan, Mr. Sheleg Frost. At one point, he was pretty much training to have complete control of the Order. His great-grandpa started the clan, so, apparently, he was destined to rule the wind and air, etc...
And then my mom came along.
The Great Elder saw her morphing water in a pond when she was about nine or ten. Morphing water is super fun and easy, and the He saw that she had a greater ability for the job than Frost did. At the time, Sheleg was like twelve or something and he didn't have any ability whatsoever.
Mr. Frost had envied my mom ever since, but he had managed to fall in love with her as they grew up.
But my mom didn't feel the same way.
So when Sheleg Frost asked my mom to marry him, she said no.
He was so furious that he sucked in his breath and blew out, trapping Mom in a sheet of ice. As he was chuckling in satisfaction, Mother Nature produced the same heat that you find in the Sahara Desert into her palms and melted the ice right in front of Sheleg's face.
Whatever allies they were then shattered at that moment.
And it still is shattered.
No one, even the Order members who had been there for decades and decades, know to this day where Sheleg Frost is. I always imagine him to be like a cunning, intelligent dude with the whole get-up: white face, white hair, blue eyes, you know. But my mom says that (at least the last time she saw him,) he had dark brown hair, tan skin, and hazel eyes. I wonder if the whole "Mr. Winter" thing is just a nickname.
I don't know what will happen if he ever comes back to the clan and sees my mom in control. I don't even want to think about what might happen if he figures out that I will someday control the clan.
Well it would be a good idea to start my homework, so I will... Christmas break is two and a half weeks away, and I can't wait! Winter means snow, wind, rain, ice and all my favorite things to make. When I get bored, I can make some snow or something and make a snow angel or a snowman.
It's rather amusing when I throw heat on snow and watch it melt to a puddle instantly.
And then freeze it into ice.

I wake up the next morning, so I'm going to start to get ready for school. Brush my hair, put on the usual makeup, and put on my skinny jeans and boots, and my favorite red coat. It looks really nice with my dark brunette hair. Sometimes I wish I was blonde, but then I figured Daughter Nature would look more down-to-earth (literally) with brunette hair, so I kept it.
Riding the bus to school is not fun.
Especially when none of your friends ride the bus to school. So every day I get into this trash can of a car and choose a place to sit. It rarely ever is gum-free. And I sit by myself for about twenty minutes, usually reading or listening to my ipod. Whatever. I don't care that much.
Ken has a later schedule than me for school, and there's no way on Earth that will get him up from his precious sleep to drive me. As for my mom? Well she can't be Mother Nature all the time. After all, she is still human.
A freaky human, just like her kids, but a human's a human.
My brother can see glimpses of the future. It's not all obvious like in all the movies where they make a stupid face or like gasp or whatever. Nah it just looks like he's staring into space. It's hard to tell whether he's seeing something or just zoning out because it happens all the time.
I worry about that kid.
Anyway he's a senior so it's not like he's going to stop and care about my little problem - that is, unless it's in one of his visions. If he sees it, he cares because then he knows it WILL happen.
So finally the bus gets to school and I head for the spot me and my friends hang out at before school. We're actually really not supposed to be in there, but I have my ways. It's inside the school, in the cafeteria. We always sit behind this wall by where the bathrooms are. I always carry around a bobby pin. Always. All the doors at school can be opened by a bobby pin. I think it's really funny, because what if a serial killer comes to the school, and it's like, all he has to do is find a bobby pin to get in.
I open the back door of the school, and to the left is the cafeteria doors. I always need to be extra quiet because teachers always snoop around the school. But our hang out place is totally out of sight because this door is the only one for the cafeteria.
I head for the spot and, of course, there are my three best friends.
The first one is Vidette Valentine. If I'm going to have to be a freak with superhuman powers, why should I hang out with people that aren't as awesome as I am or will understand what I'm going through? So I've met up with Vidette and we've been best friends since we met in fifth grade.
Vidette is Cupid's daughter.
And no, "cupid" is not a baby. He's a grown man with a wife and a daughter. The freak clan involves every mystical being that has ever been brought up. Cupid, Mother Nature, even Medusa's many great-'s granddaughter. But she's nice and her hair isn't made up of snakes; they're dreadlocks. But still, every one who is involved in the clan has some sort of power.
And of course, since Vidette is pretty much the icon of love, she is the world's most gorgeous girl. Long, curly blonde hair; big, sea green eyes; you get my point. Beautiful. It's fun to have her around because if any of our friends like some one else, all she has to do is this weird process that makes the other person fall in love with them. She closes her eyes and her mind is locked on the one who has the crush, and she places this mental love arrow in their eyes. When they make eye contact with the person they admire, (ONLY the person they admire; it's not the first person you see,) the two will instantly fall in love. But it doesn't last forever. It just puts the feelings there; but like most feelings, they can get lost after a period of time. If the person Vidette placed the love arrow in doesn't love the other person anymore, the connection is lost and the arrow disappears. She can only use one arrow at a time, though. The only downer of Vidette being my best friend is that when I tell her I have a crush, she uses one of her arrows. It's never appreciated.
So the next one in our little foursome is Bentley Farley. We're very similar, because he helps control the weather, too. His father is Chione (the Greek goddess of snow)'s grandson. So he's the one that I go too when I can't do something or I'm confused how to do, or whatever. He's like my brother. He's only about three months older than I am, so we've grown up together. Back when we were like ten, we looked so much alike that people actually thought we were siblings. But then a few years later, he shot up in height and he finally got some meat on his bones that people don't say that anymore.. He has brown eyes, I have green. He's 5'11, and I'm 5'2. But he's still an amazing guy.
And then the last one in our foursome is Blair Caden. Her ancestor is Ares, the Greek god of war. She can make chaos or fights break out at any given moment. Also, she can put rage and anger in others. She can control it, but if there's one thing you never want to do, it's make Blair angry.
"Hey, guys." I say as I approach them.
They all greet me back as I sit down to join them. We usually don't do much; either do homework that we never do at home or if something about the clan or any unusual events that have to do with our powers comes up we talk about it.
Vidette is working on Geometry, Blair is sleeping, and Bentley has a look that I know is not that good.
I look at him. "What's up?"

 "There's another one," he says. Vidette and Blair both look at him.

"What do you mean?" Vidette asks him.

"Another member..."
"Of the Order?!" Blair says with shock.
Since my friends' relatives are a part of the Order and have been there for many years, they're allowed to know about it. I mean, Blair's blood line in the Order goes back even centuries before Christ's birth. My mom only joined some twenty years ago, and since her powers were at risk, the Order thought it appropriate if she had children that didn't have her abilities, they shouldn't know about it. Once they found out I had gained her powers, I was granted knowledge about it. Ken is aware of it's existance, but he doesn't know much more about it since he's considered a "Regular Mortal". 
Like I am in any way, shape, or form, NORMAL. Or IMmortal, for that matter.
"Not exactly." Bentley answers to Vidette's question.
"A new Being?" I ask.
He nods.
Beings are kids like me and my friends- we have abilities but aren't old enough to be a part of the Order for training or to individually rule a part (or element) of the world.
I slump down on the wall beside him. "Who is it this time?"
"Well," Bentley explains to us, "my dad was telling me that one of the Order members saw a boy in a graveyard. The boy looked around not seeing the member and mumbled something, kneeled down and from his palms a dark smoky thing came out of his hands. Then in the smoke a women's body came up out of the grave.
"Ew." Vidette says; her face grimacing.
Blair, on the other hand, smiles. "It seems," she says, "that one of my relatives is in town."
We all stare at her. "What do you mean?" I say.
"The kid the Elder saw? That's one of my cousins. His grandpa is Hades." She snickers. "God of the Underworld. And of the dead."

"Nearly every Being is your cousin, Blair. The Greek Gods are extensive." I say to her.
"What's his name?" Bentley asks her.
"I'm almost positive it's Alastor. "

"Well... there's more.." Bentley says.
We all look at him. "He's here. At school."
"Great." I exhale. In my opinion, there's enough freaks in this school already with the four of us around.

"Well I guess we're going to have to deal with it. Be friends with him." Vidette says.

I get to my second class of the day. Biology. And, Lo and behold, the new kid happens to sit right next to me. Of course, at first I didn't know who he was the second he walked in. All I saw was a tall, fit, dusty-blonde kid with brown eyes and a few freckles; but then I heard the teacher say his name. When I looked up, my teacher is pointing in my direction. Only then did I realize the seat on the 2-person lab bench is vacant. So, of course, my new lab partner is the Being. *Yay*.
So we're sitting there and then the teacher says we can talk. So he turns to me. "I'm sorry what was your name again?"
"Abilene. Abilene Aires." I decide to freak him out. "You know, " I start. "I have a feeling that there's something weird about you.
It's working. He starts to look uncomfortable. "I don't understand."
"Oh I do." I smile.
"What are you talking abo-"
I cut him off as I reach for my backpack and rip out a sheet of paper from a binder and a pencil. I start to sketch, and I'm almost positive I hear him mumble, "Well it's nice to meet you too..." as he turns away - but I continue to draw. I'm going to scare this kid. I nudge him and show him my drawing. It's of a stick guy in front of a poorly drawn tombstone and a ghost rising from the ground in front of it. Alastor's eyes grow wide as he snatches the paper and shoves it in his backpack. I'm laughing - until he grabs me by the collar of my jacket, yanks me off my chair, onto the ground, and under the desk. His eyes turn a yellowish color and his pupils are getting smaller. "How did you know?" He hisses, barely above a whisper.
I smile - even though I'm terrified - as I put my hands on both sides of his face. "Relax," I tell him. "I'm just like you - well kinda."
Alastor's eyes start to return to their brown state as he says, "Prove it."
I think quickly on how to win the kid's trust. "Well," I say, "What's it like outside right now?"
He looks through the window as he stands up. He then extends his arm and helps me up.
A few kids are giving me the glare. You know; the glare after the new kid grabs you outta your chair and under the desk for about a minute. That kind of glare. But it doesn't bother me.
"It's cloudy and cold." He continues; sitting in his chair. "Looks like it might rain in the next hour."
"Well you know what?" I say super quietly; a grin appearing on my face. "It's going to rain right now."
I close my eyes and focus on the clouds outside. I take a deep breath and outstretch my palms inside the enormous sleeves of my jacket. I open my eyes (still smiling) just as a clap of lightning erupts outside; and following a downpour of heavy rain.
Alastor's face is priceless. The kid is dumbfounded. "You’re... you're... one of them? I mean... us?"
"Yep." I respond. "My mom is Mother Nature."
And we continue talking for the rest of class. He tells me how he thought he would be a freak here, and how he would be a misfit, yadda yadda yadda. I tell him about Vidette, Blair, and Bentley. He's amazed. I tell him that no one must know that all of us are here and that I brought up my abilities. He promises and tells me that the clan scares even him - someone who has seen dead people for crying out loud - and he would never do anything to upset them. Because he's terrified. HA.
The school day goes on rather uneventfully - until lunchtime rolls around. I walk into the cafeteria and sit down against that same wall I always go to before school; Bentley's sitting there already while Blair and Vidette are waiting in line to buy lunch.
Poor suckers. Lunch food is (most always-except on "Taco Tuesdays"-) disgusting. Lucky for me, my mom makes me a lunch every morning. After she packs my lunch, however, she snaps her fingers and starts to make the correct weather adjustments for the day. She is, after all, Mother Nature. Or Mrs. Aires... or mom... I'm still trying to figure it out myself.
"Hey, Bent," I say as I'm sitting myself down beside him.
He puts his arm around me and asks, "So have you met the kid yet?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Just wondering." He looks around the cafeteria. "What does he look like?"
I almost smile, but contain myself.
What? The kid's not half bad looking. I can smile... Just not in front of Bentley. He gets way too superstitious of new Beings that he's heard of... he's kind of judgmental.
"Well..." I start, "He's a tad shorter than you are, not as muscley as you are, kinda long blondish hair and blue eyes." I lean in a bit closer to him and whisper, "But don't ask about his ability. He'll get pissed off and he'll turn to rage."
Bentley's eyes widen a bit. "How so?"
"I brought it up and he nearly threw me on the floor. His pupils like... disappeared... and his eyes turned yellow."
"Oh wow." he says. He pulls his arm back and turns back to his love. If there's one thing in this world that Bentley would make a deal for, it's a good rack... of ribs. Or some steak. He's more like a carnivore, not a weatherman.
Blair and Vidette return back to us - but Alastor's with them. I can feel Bent's muscles tighten as he sits up straighter. I continue to eat my lunch - leftover pasta salad. It's in a plastic container, so I can heat it up. I stretch my hand over the top of it so that my palm covers the circular top and put heat in it.
I feel bad for normal humans that have to bring things like thermostats or coolers or whatever. I can just put desert heat or Antarctic cold on any food in an instant and it'll be delicious.
"Hey guys," Blair says as the threesome come to us. "Have ya'll met my cousin yet?"
I nod, my mouth full of (now heated) pasta.
Bentley stands up and puts his hand out for a handshake; as he does this, I can see Alastor's eyes get wide as he notices Bent's muscles - even though just a fraction of his arms are showing; due to his jacket that he's rolled the sleeves up, he's still monstrous. "I'm Bentley," he says. "Nice to meet ya."
"Alastor." he replies as the three sit down.
Vidette sits down on the other side of me. I can tell she hasn't been too thrilled with the thought that our new buddy talks to the departed. But, like the nice person she is, she's trying to be his friend and see past it.
"So," she says, leaning over me, Bent, and Blair to Alastor, "How is your first day going so far?"
"Pretty great, actually," he says, shooting back a smile. I'm in awe - his teeth are perfectly straight and white. I can't believe I didn't realize this is Biology. Probably because I was in shock he pulled me under the table. "I've made some new friends-" (Bentley rolls his eyes at this,) "-and my teachers seem really cool."
"And if they give you any trouble, hey, just curse their soul for the afterlife!" Blair laughs and Alastor cracks up.
They continue to laugh for a few moments until Blair looks up. Vidette is giver her a cold glare. "That's so not funny," she says.
And she means it. Rarely ever do I see her say something with her "serious face" on. At this sight, Blair suddenly stops hooting and all of a sudden has this sheepish expression. Alastor, on the other hand, seems a little perplexed.
"Wait," he says with a confused look on his face, "Why isn't that funny? It was a joke after all."
"Because you could get yourself into a flipping LOT of trouble with the Elders if you do curse a soul; or anything that will put any of the humans in danger." Vidette answers.
"It's against the Sacred Code of the Elders," Bentley adds. "If you break it, you'll be cast into the Tartarus - or so I've heard."
According to Greek Mythology (which is where more the majority of Beings and Elders descend from; so it's like a religion to us), Tartarus is an abyss used as a dungeon for the punished souls. It doesn't exclude us Beings- or even the Great Elder, if He deserves it- either.
"I never knew," Alastor says.
Vidette gives Blair a death glance. "You should've known it as well," she tells her. "I shouldn't have to babysit you, you know. I swear one of these days you're going to..." she continues on (much to my dismay. I hate being in the middle of arguments,) about how irresponsible Blair can be and how she needs to be more careful, she doesn't want anything to happen to any of us, etc... Vidette is like the mom of the bunch. She never breaks any rules and is always reminding us about homework and tasks and stuff we need to do.
I feel a nudge coming from the other side of me; it's Bentley. His gaze is forward as he's discreetly passing me a piece of foldedpaper. I open it.
"NOT FEELING GOOD ABOUT ALASTOR." it says. I give a look.
"What could possibly be bothering you about him? You've known him for a few minutes, at most."

His face looks angry as he responds with, "You know how it could possibly bother me."
I feel almost guilty now. Of course I know.
Ever since he was little, Bent (as well as helping the winter be white,) has been able to see things - auras, I think they're called - above people's heads. It's a faint glow around someone's head, as he explains it. The brighter the aura is, the more dishonest and "evil" they are.
I write back on the paper, "SO IT'S BRIGHT?" and pass it back to him.
He reads it and then nods. He inhales deeply; all the while having a disturbed look on his face. It worries me. I've known him since birth; he's my "older brother". I actually wouldn't be surprised if I found out we were literal siblings because we know each other inside and out.
I pat his shoulder and silently continue to eat. So does Bent. He has cold bacon for lunch. The difference between our gifts is that I can control every element that makes up every season; for instance, heat for the summer, cold for winters, rain for spring. Whereas Bentley's powers limit him to the cold and winter time; meaning he caps the mountains with snow and makes the days cold. I can do that, too; but that's his specialty.
Since I can see the slight disappointment in his face feeling the cold bacon, I take it from his hands and heat it up. It's hardly a favor; but on a cold day like this, it's a blessing to have heated food.
I would love to make the weather consistent every day, but my mom says that ever since the beginning of time, our ancestors have all worked together to create the seasons so that it applies better to the humans' needs. So if I don't like the freezing cold during the winter, I really can't do anything about it. Maybe a few degrees warmer, but it still has to be cold in winter.
"-NEXT time please think just a little bit more responsibly." Vidette concludes. She inhales deeply. She probably yelled that whole time without taking a breath. That's another one of Vidette's specialties - yelling.
I look over at Blair and try to contain my laugh - she's put in her headphones and is listening to music. Bentley nudges her and she looks over at Vidette and says almost automatically, "Yup. You are totally right, Vi. I'll do better next time."
We're all done eating, so we stand up and proceed to walk through the corridors. "So, Alastor," Bentley says, standing just a tad taller than he usually does, "Where did you come from? I mean, where were you living before here?"
Alastor grimaces. "Well," he says, "I've been living with mortals all my life, back up north-" (Bent snorts at this-he's clearly not pleased he's resisting information.) "-and my family there lived next to a graveyard. Every night, I would wake up and see the silvery Spirits who have passed. I used to frequently go in the graveyard and talk with them- some of their stories are awful. Like this one lady-beautiful, woman, she was in her youth- she died over thirty years ago. She's one of those who came out every night to talk to me. She would sob and tell me about how her husband or son never visited. It's so terrible that they never did, since she was murdered."
I choke on some water I had just pulled out from my backpack. "Murdered?" I am able to say through choking and spitting.
Alastor nods. "It was awful, really. And the worst part was, she never knew who killed her! She had just born her only son and a few months later- dead! She was a great friend to me. Started bawling when I told her I had to leave. But she promised me she would protect me here." He smiles weakly. "I miss her. She was my greatest friend back home. But unfortunately had one of the worst death stories I've ever heard of.
"But some of the stories are so amazing! This one fellow-about eighty five when he passed- he told me of how he was in the war, and how he was cornered by two soldiers. They shouted at him to surrender and they were going to shoot him. He refused. So the two guys pulled the trigger- and he wasn't hurt"
"How?" Vidette gasped.
"This is the best part," Alastor says with a smile. "It was his mother! His mother who had already departed saved him-she wrapped her arms around him and he was rescued. After that, he went back home, married the love of his life and started a family."
"That's amazing!" Vidette shouts. "How sweet of his mom!"
The two of them start to make conversation of his story, and Blair joins in. I put in a word every once in a while. Then suddenly, Bentley says in a very loud, stern voice: "I think that's enough of death for one day." And he walks away so fast that the four of us stand there, dumbstruck at Bentley's words.
Alastor swallows hard and looks at me. "What did I do?" he asks.
I shake my head. "Nothing."
But deep down inside, I know that, no matter how hard he tries, Alastor is not going to be on Bent's good side any time soon.

It's now the end of the school day. But fortunately I only have to take the bus to school in the mornings. I started my driving classes late, so (legally) I cannot drive to and from school yet. Bentley lives a few minutes away from me and he was smart enough to start driving on time, so he is my ride from school.
As I'm walking out the school doors and into the parking lot, I can't help but thinking about the Being at our school and why exactly Bent refuses to make eye contact with him. I know he's seen others with auras before, and plenty of them have been super bright, but why? I wonder if he's just intimidated by Alastor. After all, Bentley was "the boss" around here; being big and strong and having supernatural abilities.
I'm just approaching Bent's truck when I see Alastor standing about thirty yards away. He looks at me and smiles. I return a sheepish smile and wave, and then hastily attempt to open the passenger's door. In my rush, I completely miss the handle and end up grabbing air. I look down, correctly open the door and hop into the seat.
"Hey," I say to Bent, glancing at him. He's on his phone, texting.
"Who're you talking to."
He looks up at me.
This shocks me. He rarely texts his father unless it's an emergency. Mr. Farley believes that communication through cell phones is rude and completely unnecessary. "What are you telling him?"
"About the aura. About him."
"WHAT?!" I nearly scream. "Bent! He's brand new here! If your dad knows then... well- what if he tells the Order?"
"He would never-"
"Bentley yes he would! We all know your aura is nothing to joke about and they've always been correct! So if your dad knows about it and that it's bright, he'll think of Alastor as a threat! Then he's sure to get into trouble... Or you will! We're not supposed to know of other Beings' existance! They'll wonder why your father knew about him!"
Bentley looks at me. He sighs and says, "You're... You're probably right, Abby." I see him erase a draft of the message he was going to send and delete it.
"Thatta boy," I smile.
Bent starts the truck up and starts to pull out of the parking lot. "Still," he says, looking in the rear view mirrors and seing Alastor standing there in view, "He does any funny business and I'm personally making sure he winds up buried in ten feet of snow."

A Saturday at the Aires'

Dear Journal, Sat. December 14

Well, it's been a week and a half since Alastor has come to school. Bentley has been letting his grudge go (slightly). Apparently, his aura is getting dim. So that's good, I guess.
Other than that, nothing has really happened at all lately. I'm learning how to master creating icsicles.
Man, do I need some help.
But I still have another week before the winter holidays, so I can continue to practice.
Mom's decided that she should help me with my training... I'm not quite sure what to think about that. I just have a feeling it's going to go miserably. I'm going to try my best, and she's going to yell and tell me I'm wrong, and then Ken will laugh.
Well, we'll see how it goes.

Saturday: every kid's favorite day of the week. Everyone, that is, except for me. I have to reserve Saturdays to train with my mom and Ken.
Ken is probably the worst part of this- he's the generic older brother no one really wants to have. Even though he's 19, he's still in high school with me. He's been held back twice because of his stupidity and laziness. That's another one of Ken's specialties- being lazy. When he comes home from school at lunch time, he sleeps. When he wakes up, he eats. After he eats, he watches T.V, occasionally doing an Algebra problem or a problem oh his Chemistry homeowrk.
Ken is a freakishly tall guy, towering over me and my mother at 6"3 and he has lighter hair than the two of us. He's attempting to grow a beard, but for now, it's just stubble. He's growing the stubble because he tells me all "men" have beards. And, like most 19 year old "men" ("I am a man, now, Abby," he tells me. "I'm old enough to vote." To which I usually respond with, "Yeah, you're old enough to be in college, too."), he's rather a smart alec. He doesn't quite fully understand yet the situation I'm in. For instance, he doesn't seem to know (even after 16 years,) that since I haven't mastered my powers yet, if he angers me, somewhere a whirlpool or a small tornado could happen.
My mom doesn't seem to care though. "Now, Abilene," She'll say, "He's only trying to be helpful." Which is funny, considering I'm the one who has to go through with this and be "Mother Nature" someday. I just don't understand why Ken can't do it himself. Be "Mother Nature", I mean.
I have to write in my diary a few times a week, just to see if any patterns or anything reoccurring happens during this whole process of my mastery. I usually do it in the mornings; I have a forgetful mind and I can never complete things later in the day I tell myself I have to complete in the morning. It's really boring. I hate writing, too. I mean, why can't my mother keep track of things? I'm a sophomore! I have school and grades to worry about.
I'm finished writing in the diary, so I force myself to sit up in my bed. I look at the alarm clock. It says it's 10:29 A.M. I smile to myself. It's always a feeling of accomplishment if you get more than seven hours of sleep. I stand up, crack my back and neck, and start to make my way down the hall. Our home is a single story place; although we have a basement. However, Ken and I have transformed it into our own party room. In the corner there's an old pinball machine and a few slot machines put in front of some food storage tubs the the size of a baby elephant. On the far wall, there's a T.V hanging in front of an old leather sofa and a few lounge chairs. In the middle of our basement is a pool table, and (my favorite part,) a chair that's attatched to the ceiling, so it's a swinging chair! It's awesome.
Anyways, I continue on through the hallway, passing Ken's room, the computer room, and my mom's room. And finally I walk into the kitchen. "Morning," I say through a yawn.
Mom's making a smoothie. As usual. ("Well, you've got to keep yourself physically fit and keep your mind healthy and on top of things if you're in control of the wather!")
"Good morning, Abilene!"
I glance over at my brother, who's watching the channel 5 news. "Since when are you interested in the news?"
"Since about two minutes ago."
I stare at him. "Why?" I ask as I make my way over to the sofa on which he is occupying.
"Because Spongebob doesn't come on until 11," he replies with sarcastically; and then scowls. "I'm nineteen, I can watch some news if I feel like it."
I can hear my mom mumble something that sounds oddly like, "...needs to get himself a job..."
My mom, hand firmly over the top, roars over the screeching noise of the blender. "EAT YOUR BREAKFAST QUICKLY SO WE CAN GO OUTSIDE AND START YOUR TRAINING!"
Mom gets a frustrated look and points to an open box of chocolate cereal puffs- Ken's favorite breakfast.
I nod and wait until she's done with the smoothie because I know she's going to force it down my throat as soon as she's done blending it all up, so I decide to prepare myself by getting a cup from a nearby cabinet so she doesn't get angry I'm "not prepared for training."
My mom is a strong woman- if you piss her off, that's most likely the end of your rainbows and sunshines. Literally. Although you'd never expect it. She's a pretty small thing, standing 5"0 and with dark hair that frames her jaw (I've never liked it short, she needs to grow it out.) with big, green eyes and thin lips. I get a lot of my looks from her. I'm pretty short myself, only two inches taller than she is. I have dark brunette hair and green eyes, which is cool because usually people percept "Mother Nature" as a tall, redhead with leaves as clothes. I feel like I look slightly different than the average stereo type, and I like it.
Mom finishes the smoothie and then pours it into my cup on the counter and then I go sit next to Ken. "You ready for training?" he asks me, without taking his eyes off from the T.V screen.
"I guess so," I respond. I take a large gulp of the smoothie and shiver. I definitely underestimated how cold this thing would be. Ken looks at me. He obviously thought I shuddered because of the training, when in reality I shivered because icy cold smoothie was dripping down my spine.
"Why're you nervous?"
"I'm not," I say. "The smoothie was just cold, that's all."
He snorts. "Sure."
"No! Honestly, I-"
"Look, you're going to do fine. Let's just have some fun today. Mom made the first snowfall at like, one o' clock this morning so you two could train!" My heart takes a leap. I didn't know this. "How about we have you make a snowman or something, alright?" He smiles at me and claps my shoulder. I ignore the smoothie I almost spilled because of his force and give him a side hug.
Although he's a noob sometimes, my brother pulls through.

"FIRE!" Mom says as she pelts me with a snowball. The cold snow feels like a brick hitting my face. That's the thing- if Mother Nature wants a snowball, you get one heck of a snowball. A regular human makes one a few inches around in diameter, Mom makes them at least eight, tightly packed and weighing nearly 8 pounds. So you could say it was more like a freezing brick hitting your face than a snowball.
"Your turn!" she orders as Ken is howling with laughter. Making snowballs isn't necessarily hard- it just depends how big you want it. I turn my palms towards the ground and focus on reversing gravity so that the snow is in my control. Twisting and bending, the snow lifts from the ground; all the while, I'm turning my hands all different ways to form the ball. I watch it get bigger and bigger until it's about five and a half inches in diameter. I smile. I'm getting better at this, still not great, though. All of a sudden, my snowball that I'm so proud of explodes and white flakes go flying everywhere.
Ken starts laughing even harder.
My mom scowls. "Abilene! You were thinking about something else, weren't you?"
"No, I was not!" I huff back at her honestly.
"Don't lie to me!" she snaps. "I've been in your shoes and know how this works. That only happens when you're not focused enough on whatever it is you're making!"
"MOM! I wasn't thinking of anything besides the ball!"
Ken snorts at my word choice. "The SNOWball!" I yell, correcting myself.
"Oh, grow up, Ken!" my mother hisses. She then reaches down to the ground, and in a spilt second has a snowball the size of a tire and hurls it at him. He screams (in a high voice, I might add) and runs for cover behind a tree.
She turns her angry face back to me. "Well," she huffs, "let's try this again."
I gulp and kneel down to attempt the process again. I bend and turn my hands until the snowball is about four inches thick. I outstretch my palms so that they're facing flat towards the earth, and the snowball stops getting bigger and just sits suspended in the air. I grab it, spin around, and with all my might pelt it at Ken. He flinches as he sees it coming and blocks the ball from hitting his face with his hand.
"Why am I always the target?" He whines.
"Because you're the weakest one," Mom laughs.
The next hour or so continues on like this- me trying my best to produce a good snowball, me failing to produce a good snowball, and the occasional being hit with one of Mom's "ice bricks."
“Come, on, hun!” Mom shouts with excitement. “Just a few more tries, and then for something fun!”
I groan. My mother’s idea of “fun” usually is just making a windstorm or melting snow. I rub the side of my cheek, which is now red from Mom’s snowballs of death. Ken is still lounging by the tree he fled to earlier. He’s on the ground, picking up some snow, trying his best to make a snowball.
“Hey, Mom,” I yell from across the backyard, “Can we just continue on? My face hurts.”
Mom looks back at Ken who looks towards the house. He looks back at my mother and nods.
She smiles at me. “Sure we can!” She turns to the house. “Come on out!”
A large figure comes out of the back door and runs across the yard. I can’t see the person’s face - but I know who it is - because of a tornado-like snowstorm enveloping his body.
“Bentley!” I shout happily.
The snowstorm suddenly disappears and I see Bent’s face underneath his coat’s hood.
“He’s going to help you train, along with Kenny and I,” Mom says.
I can barely hear Ken’s “My name is KEN, mom!” because of my laughter. Bentley hasn’t been able to help me train yet, because my powers were realized only a year ago, and my mom thought that training with him in winter would be too soon to interact with our powers all in one place.
We establish a game called, “Freeze”- using any element of winter in combat. It’s me and Bent versus Mom and Ken. Even though my brother doesn’t have any powers, he still has a fairly good shot at winning since my mom is his teammate. In fact, he won’t have to do anything and he still probably win.
Bent and I run through our huge forest of a backyard to the opposite end of where the house is, which is where Mom and Ken are hiding.
“How do we know when to start?” I whisper to him as we crouch down behind a bush.
“Beverly said we’ll know,” he responds. Why he calls my mom by her first name beats me. She likes it though, so oh well.
We continue to sit behind the bush, carefully keeping the house in view. Out of nowhere, a violent, scorching-hot wind passes through us; causing half the snow to melt. Seeing this, Bent leans to the side of the bush, stretches out his palm, and makes more snow to make up for the lot that was just melted.
“I think we’ve started,” I gasp. He nods.

The good thing about our house is that it’s in the middle of nowhere. We live in the North West of the Unites States, so it’s normal to have houses in forests that are far ways from another home. How else would we explain random fires and snowstorms or even a tornado in our backyard? According to Mom, most Beings live in somewhat abandoned areas, so they can practice their abilities without being noticed by Mortals.
The rest of the afternoon is spent by playing “Freeze”. Bentley and I throw violent winds and snowstorms at Mom. Bent even tried hitting her with a couple of icicles. But you just cannot beat Mother Nature. She blocks every single one of our attacks- I even sent a small fire at her to try and win.
Worst mistake of my day.
After that, she completely froze me, melted the ice, put a rain cloud over over my head, and a gust oh wind from a hot desert to dry me off- all because I attempted to cheat.
“Game’s over,” Mom said earlier.
Ken, however, continued to tease me about it the rest of the day.
I’m over it now though. I’m done with training for today, and that’s good enough for me.

“Want some hot cocoa, kids?” Mom yells down to the basement, where Ken, Bentley and I are playing a game of billiards.
“Sure, mom!” Ken hollers back. He’s leaning over the table with his stick aimed at the cue ball.
“Don’t screw this shot up, Kenny,” Bent teases, “Or you owe me ten bucks.”
I roll my eyes. That’s one of Bent’s specialties- betting. Not like he gambles or anything, but if a challenge comes up, he puts in his two cents.
“I wouldn’t be super cocky right now,” my brother laughs as he hits the cue ball, sending a stripe into the corner pocket and standing up. “I can see the future, remember?”
“See what you can, man,” Bent responds. “It still takes talent to make a shot.”
“Then how did I just WIN?”
Ken growls. “Either way, luck or skill, I believe you owe me ten dollars, little boy!”
Bentley snorts, but reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a five. “It’s all I got on me, bro.”
“Whatever, I’ll take it!” Ken laughs.
I already gave Bentley my ten bucks. I lost almost fifteen minutes earlier.
We hear my mom coming down the basement stairs carrying a tray with three jugs of hot chocolate on top. She places it on the coffee table in front of where I’m sitting and goes back upstairs.
“Thanks, mom!” I shout at her as she leaves.
The boys come over to take their jugs and sit on the old sofa beside the chair I’m in.
“So,” Ken says as he pulls the cocoa to his lips. “I heard that there’s some love in the air.”
I give him a quizzical look, thinking he's talking about his OWN life. “What the heck, Ken?!”
“No, your little Cupid friend! Aimee was telling me that Vidette shot an arrow… for herself.”
I choke on my hot chocolate. Vidette’s older sister, Aimee, is a few months younger than Ken is. They’re dating. It’s kind of gross watching them together, but if it gets him any closer to moving out of the house, I’m all for it. “Vidette shot one-”
“For her?” Bentley finishes.
This is truly surprising. The last time Vi had a crush was several years back in the seventh grade. I was twelve, Vi just turned thirteen. The guy’s name was Zac. Vidette had a freakishly large crush on him and shot him with one of her arrows. They “went out” - middle school dating doesn’t count if it’s only holding hands at lunch, in my opinion - for a week. She learned that Zack, as cute as he was, was a complete jerk. Even with a love arrow, he still talked about other girls to Vi. She was so upset and broke the arrow connection.
That week he found himself a new girlfriend. Vidette Valentine had been single and most certainly not ready to mingle for years.
So, the news from Aimee that she’s put the spell on someone else for her own sake is really surprising.
“Who’d she shoot?” Bentley asks.
Ken shrugs. “Beats me, Aimee doesn’t know. Heck, she works during school and is with me most of the time after! I don’t even think she talks to Vidette much.”
“Hey here’s a thought,” I say, “why don’t you get a job yourself? Or actually plan on graduating this year so I won’t have to put up with you all the time?”
My brother glares at me while Bentley chuckles.
“Hey cut the man some slack, Abilene!” Bentley tells me. “It’s not his fault there’s not any stores with a help wanted sign for a physic- I mean that’s all he’s good for, after all.”
I howl with laughter as Ken thumps Bentley on the head.
“But seriously,” I say as I catch my breath from laughing, “I wonder who Vi is crushing on?”
“Don’t know. She’s secretive about that sort of thing.” Bentley states in a very peculiar tone of voice. He takes a sip from the cocoa. “I sort of remember her saying something about a guy in her... Um… perhaps calculus class or something?”
“Well what did she say about this guy?”
Bent makes a weird face and shrugs. “I don’t recall.”
I give him my best glare and continue to stare at him, trying to make him feel uncomfortable. He knows what Vi said. He knows that I know and is trying to avoid eye contact.
“Bentley Nicholas Farley,” I say monotone. “Tell me right now what Vidette said.”
He gives me a quick glance from sipping his hot chocolate and breathes heavy. “FINE.” He says grumpily.
I smile and clap for myself. Why shouldn’t I? I won.
“So she was saying how this kid in her English class-”
“Does the child have a name?” I ask sarcastically.
“Dylan. Dylan Sykes,” he answers. “She was saying how he transferred into her class because he broke his leg during season.”
Sykes. Of course it would be Sykes. Quarterback of our school’s Junior Varsity football team, he’s really popular- not to mention totally gorgeous. If Vidette would fall for anyone, it would be Dylan.
“She was telling me how he sits right next to her and that they did a partner project together and now I guess she shot an arrow through his head.”
I force a smile and hope I look like I'm excited about the news. Although in actuality I’m really hurt that she wouldn’t tell me this.

After Bentley leaves, I march straight down the hall to Ken's room. "WHY," I start to yell as I'm barely through the door, "did you not tell me about Vidette earlier?!"
“Well, I’m sorry, Abby, that you two are best friends and that I thought you told each other everything! I totally thought you would’ve already known by now!”
“Well, when did you find this out?”
“Aimee told me a few days ago!”
I can feel anger inside. “A few DAYS ago? Why didn’t I know about this?”
“Maybe she’s turning on ya,” Ken laughs.
I shoot him a death glance.
“Yeah, you should be sorry,” I mumble. My head is spinning. I just don’t understand this. Vi and I tell each other everything… Don’t we? I know I tell her if I have a crush or if something cool happens to me… Why wouldn’t she mention this to me. In my rage of thought, I suddenly realize that there's snow falling around me. "Crap..." I mumble to myself; all th while Ken is smiling sarcastically at me. I concentrate of stopping the snowfall and then sit down on Ken's bedroom floor.
“Hey, I think you’re getting way too caught up over this,” my brother tells me. “I doubt she’s doing this purposefully. I doubt Blair knows. Maybe she just wanted a guy’s suggestion or something.”
That statement gets me thinking again. I wonder if she’s told Blair or not. Maybe I am getting too worked up. I sit down on Ken’s bed and take a deep breath. “So… how are you and Aimee, I guess?”
He smiles. “We’re doing good. She’s the only girl who thinks I’m not screwed up because I live at home.”
I feel slightly guilty. My mom and I always nag him about this, and all of his friends who actually graduated last year laugh at him because his GPA wasn’t high enough to pass high school. “Sorry,” I say quietly. “It’s not your fault, I guess.”
He laughs. “Thanks, but it kinda is. It’s not a huge shock I never tried. I never tried because I didn’t have anything planned out for my life. You, on the other hand, have basically your entire future planned out for you. You’re going to do great things, Abby.”
“I didn’t ask for this, though.” I inhale deeply. “I really wish I could just be a normal person - not in control of anything except for myself. I don’t know if I’ll even be prepared enough to be accepted into the Order-”
“Hey,” he interrupts. “You will.”
“How do you know?”
“I can see the future, remember kid?” I grin at him. “And besides,” he says, sprawling out on his bed, “If it doesn’t work out, you’ll always have me to fall back on. I’ll still be at home though, according to you and Mom.”
“Oh, grow up!” I laugh as I pick up a pillow, chucking it at him. I get up to leave his room and chuckle to myself. My brother - my insane, dumb, kind, older brother Ken - the physic.

A Formal Problem

Dear Journal, Monday, January 8th

First off- SO grateful Mom didn’t make me write in this stupid thing for the whole Break! But now, I guess, she’s forcing me to write an extra - long entry to make up for the past few weeks. (a.k.a, PREPARE FOR EPIC BOREDOM.)
Hmm, where do I start? Well concerning my normal, non - mystical life, guess who got a boyfriend three days after my last entry? Yup - Vidette Valentine. Yeah, she’s now dating Dylan Sykes. So we’ve had to put up with their yucky romance crap during lunches because he sits with the team of misfits now. Alastor, Blair and I usually make faces when they cuddle or something gross like that. Bentley, on the other hand, is freakishly stoked Vidette and Dylan are “together”. Alastor texted me over the break and said, “Hey, let’s call them ‘Vidylan’! I thought it was funny… But anyways Bent has been just a little too cheerful than normal. He’s probably just stoked that he’s doing most of the weather controlling for now.
Another thing that Vidette has droned on and on about all break was our school’s winter formal dance coming up. Yuck. But she’s trying to convince me to ask some guy to the dance so “Vidylan” won’t have to go with Dylan’s friends. If you ask me, the whole thing is rather lame, but I am definitely not going. I think I remember Blair saying she’ll take Bentley just to make Vi stop complaining.
As for my majestical, inhumane lifestyle, it’s going good - the training, that is. Since the last time I did a journal entry, I can successfully conjure up a snowball that doesn’t explode randomly! So I’m pretty proud of myself for that. As spring becomes closer, I’m going to have to melt all the snow on the ground, which is kind of a challenge to melt it away evenly. To melt a foot by foot square is easy as heck, but all the snow in the world? I don’t think so.
Well, it’s now about twenty minutes until the bus comes, so I’d better get ready for school.

I put down the journal and shiver. Vidette… I still can’t believe Dylan Sykes asked her out. Not like a relationship as a sophomore REALLY counts. I mean to some people it most certainly does. I just don’t think that “liking” and “OMG I totally like you too!!!!” qualifies as a legit relationship. But hey, whatever suits your fancy, I guess.
I get on my huge sweater and a beanie - today is going to be a lazy day for me. I am so tired after sleeping for twelve hours every day, and last night only getting maybe seven. I can barely put on mascara because I’m so tired. I had to wake up even earlier to write in my journal because I refused to do it last night. I won’t be surprised if I come back in about seven hours and see every word spelled wrong.
But off to school I must go.

The voice startles me and wakes me up. It’s the middle - aged bus driver, Randy.
“We’re here. Now get off,” he says irritably, pointing towards the door of the bus.
“Sorry,” I grumble. I’m slightly embarrassed - falling asleep on the bus isn’t exactly normal. I trudge off of the bus and pull my white beanie closer to my forehead, and think to myself, "My gosh, mom, did you have to make it so cold today?"
I make it to the cafeteria, open it with a bobby pin, and find the five other kids sitting against our wall. It’s weird to think only a few weeks ago, it was just Blair, Bentley, Vidette and me. Now it’s us plus Alastor - and now Dylan. But I won’t complain for now. Even through I’m totally grossed out by Vidylan I’m going to be a good friend and be happy for her.
“Someone looks excited this morning,” Bentley says, almost laughing to me as I slowly make my way towards them.
I reply to this with a grumpy, “Shutup, Bent.” He laughs.
Blair looks up from algebra homework and gasps. “Geez girl, you look like a mascara bottle exploded on your face!” She hastily pulls out a mirror of Vidette’s backpack - which is always filled with every beauty product you could think of; from a curler to blush to a new change of clothes - and shows me my reflection. I gasp, too.
I see myself with black makeup smeared underneath my eyes. I quickly glance at my fingers - black. I groan. “I must’ve smeared it while I was asleep on the bus…”
Alastor howls with laughter. “You fell asleep?!”
I nod with a smirk on my face. “Yup. I did it on purpose. Raccoon eyes are the new thing,” I say quickly, very agitated. I look to Blair. “Please come to the bathroom with me?” She nods and gets up.
We walk into the bathroom and as I turn on the sink, Blair says to me, “So, I’m gonna go to formal with Bent.” She snorts. “Vidette made me.”
I laugh. “Ha! I’m so sorry. Have fun with that.”
“And one other thing…”
I’m rubbing soap onto my face, waiting for her to finish after an awkward pause.
She inhales. “Alastor told me to tell you he wants you to ask him.”
I open my eyes to look at her, and immediately regret it. Soap penetrates in my eyes. “AAAARGH!” I yell, trying to get clean water back into my eye sockets. After a few seconds, I say with my eyes still squinted (and now red), “WHAT?!”
Blair grimaces (from what I can see) and shrugs. “Yeah, he’s really into you. I thought it was pretty obvious.”
I still can’t believe what she’s telling me. “Well I didn’t know!”
“That’s because you’re just really awkward.”
I do my best to shoot her daggers with my eyes shut. “He legitimately told you to tell me this?”
She nods. “Yeah, pretty much. But you should come!” I snort. “Seriously,” she continues. “The rest of us are going… I mean what are you going to do the night of the dance? Sit by yourself knitting? C’mon, Abilene.”
“No,” I say. “I’ll sit at home with Ken.”
“Like that’s any better.”
“Better than going to a stupid dance and having to buy a dress and all that crap.”
“Who knows, you might just enjoy yourself.”
I huff. “I’ll think about it. But I’m not making any promises. And even if I did, it’s not a DATE - I’m asking him so… I won’t be alone, okay?”

I run after my brother as he tries to find my mom.
“MOM! MOM! MOM!” he yells over and over. I’m running out of breath, so I just stop and watch his gangly body run. I’ll explain it to Mom later. But my mind goes back to my current situation, and so I go to my room to think.
I still don’t know if Blair was telling the truth or not - sometimes she just likes to mess with people’s emotions. She’s done it before, so why not now? I lay back onto my pillow and inhale deeply. If, to say, Alastor DID have a… I shiver. I don’t wanna think about it. He’s one of my best friends! That’s just weird. I mean, what if I DO ask him to Formal and he takes it the wrong way? That would be freakishly awkward. But the thing is with Alastor, is if Blair is right, why didn’t Vidette tell me or anything? Because she totally gets me and my severe awkwardness around people - especially guys. I could never take it. Yuck.
I sit up and walk over to my mirror. I observe myself carefully. My hair, my eyes, my somewhat pointed nose I’ve always despised. I sigh. “She’s telling the truth.” I hear myself think. (For some reason, it seems that my thought control themselves.)
“But I don’t like him,” I think back to myself. “I just don’t feel that way.”

“Are you sure?”

I startle myself. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘ARE YOU SURE’?” I cover my mouth quick - that one was audible.
“What do YOU mean, ‘What do I mean’?” I ask myself. “Because you know exactly what I mean.”
Furious with myself, I stomp away from my mirror and face plant back into my pillows.
“No, Mind, I do not have mutual feelings for him.” After I thought that, I received sudden flashbacks of the times we’ve sat at lunch together and texted, and (as much as I hate to admit it,) how cute he is.
I reflect back on my previous statement to myself: I don’t have mutual feelings… Right? I don’t know. I’m so confused. I decide to get my mind off of this by some TV. I’m enjoying some 'Psych' when my phone vibrates. It’s Bent.
“What’s up?” I ask.
“Well, there’s kind of a situation.”
“I heard Blair is asking me to Formal.”
He sounds agitated. “Well, if it’s correct, I’m going to say no.”
“What? Why?!” I shriek.
Bent sighs. “I honestly don’t know.”
I snort. “Ya dope. This is ridiculous. Goodbye.”
I start to press the END button “WAIT, ABS!” I hear him yell.
“I’m joking.” he says.
“Hilarious. Are you finished?”
He laughs from the other end. “No seriously, though, I need to tell you something.”
“Okay, shoot.”
“Well,” he starts, “It’s, um…” he sounds nervous. “It’s actually about Alastor.”
I groan. “Okay, I already know he wants me to ask him. No need to tell me again.” Like I wanted to hear it for the first time.
“No!” Bentley says sarcastically. “I woulda never guessed. But that’s not it either.”
I raise my eyebrow. “Alright, let’s hear it.”
“Well… It’s back.”
“You’re being pretty vague. Care to expand upon that statement?” I ask him irritably.
“Fine. The Aura I saw when he first got here? Yeah, it’s back, Abs.”
To be honest, my heart kind of sunk. Bentley is never wrong about discernment of character. “What?” I gasp.
“Mm-hmm.” He confirms. “Although it’s very faint, I can see it again.”
“And when did this happen?”
I don’t know what to think. “Um, alright… wow. Yeah I’ll reconsider the asking to Formal.”
“So you WERE going to ask him?!” Bentley says. Man, did he jump on that fast.
“Well, I wasn’t 100% SURE, but I was… considering it.”
“Alright. Whatever you decide, I’ll be there.”
“Thanks, Bent.”
“No problem. Bye.”
I hang up the phone. I look back at the television. 'Psych'. I reflect back on what Bentley said. I’ve never really been sure about Bentley’s whole “Aura” thing. I trust that he has a good judgement for people in general; but then again, like Shawn Spencer on the show, maybe he actually doesn’t have this whole “Aura” gift or any power at all. Maybe he’s just really good at guessing like Shawn is in the show.
But for my benefit, I really hope I’m wrong.


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