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I am Melonie Callour and I have a secret. I've kept it my whole life. No one knows. I have never met anyone like me. I think I'm the last. I Melonie Callour am a fairie.


    Melonie in fairie form

                                               Melonie in human form

Melonie has that tattoo but on the side of her eye not foot


 When she cries....her tears are glittery and sparkly because there filled with pixie dust.

Chapter 1:

     "Get up Melonie!" one of my friends screamed. I sat up slowly.

   "Yeah, I'm up, I'm up", I said with an annoyed tone. I love my friends but they need to let me sleep in sometimes.

    "C'mon were going to the mall!" Alex screamed in my ear. Now that woke me up. I jumped up and ran into my huge walk in closet. My parents are rich and they give me like 500 dollars a day. I don't take it for advantage, like when I don't need it...I send it back. I scanned my closet for the perfect outfit. BINGO!  (Below is the outfit that Melonie picks)

I threw it on. When I was done, I brushed my naturally wavey hair, put some mascara and eye-liner. I don't put much make-up on because I'm naturally beautiful, not to brag at all!

"Hurry up!" Jamie yelled. She was getting pissed, I could tell. I put on some white flats and grabbed my phone and all my money.

"Okay, ley's go", I told them. They nodded in reply. We walk downstairs and out the house.

"Who's riding with me?" I said while getting into my black ferrari.

"I will", Kelly said shyly. Kelly is the shy and quiet one in our group while Jamie is the crazy funny one. Alex is the loud mysterious one and I'm the random bad ass one. I shrugged. I grabbed my white aviators and put them on. Kelly was already in the passenger seat. I drove out of my driveway, and turned the radio on. My favorite song "Pound The Alarm" by Nikki Minaj. 


Oh, oh, oh, come fill my glass up a little more. We 'bout to get up, and burn this floor. You know we getting hotter, and hotter. Sexy and hotter, let's shut it down.


Yo, what I gotta do to show these girls that I own them. Some call me Nicki and some call me Roman. Exkeeza, pleeza, i'm in Ibiza. Giuseppe Zanotti, my own sneaker. Sexy, sexy that's all I doIf you need a bad tip. Let me call a few. Pumps on and them little many skirts is out. I see some good girls, i'mma turn 'em out. Ok bottle, sip, bottle, dozzle. I'm a bad tip, no muzzle, hey? Bottle, sip, bottle, dozzle. I'm a bad tip, no muzzle, let's go

Music, makes me, high.


Oh, oh, oh, come fill my glass up a little more. We 'bout to get up, and burn this floor. You know we getting hotter, and hotter. Sexy and hotter, let's shut it down

Pound the alarm! Pound the alarm!


I wanna do it for the night, night. So get me now, and knock this over. I wanna do it like you like, like. Come get me, baby we're not getting younger. I just want you tonight, night. Baby we won't do it for life

Music, makes me, high.


Oh, oh, oh, come fill my glass up a little more. We 'bout to get up, and burn this floor. You know we getting hotter, and hotter. Sexy and hotter, let's shut it down.


Pound the alarm!Pound the alarm!Pound the alarm!


Oh, oh, oh, come fill my glass up a little more. We 'bout to get hot, and burn this floor. You know we getting hotter, and hotter. Sexy and hotter, let's shut it down, motherfucker.

Pound the alarm!Pound the alarm!


The song ends right when we pull into the mall parking lot. We park next to each other and get out of our cars.

     "C'mon peeps let's play a game!" Jamie said loudly.

     "Yeah, sure", We all said at the same time.

     "How about Truth or Dare?" Alex recomended. She didn't let us answer and said, "Truth or dare Kelly?"

     "Truth", Kelly said scared like.

     "Do you still like Gavin?" Gavin was Kelly's EX-boyfriend.

     Kelly hesitated,"Y-ya." 

     We all yelled, "WE KNEW IT!" We all walked into the mall. I breathed in the food court smell. "Let's split up and find some amazing clothes!" I squealed. "Press conference call so we all know about it!" We all nodded and walked off in different directions. I walked into "Forever 21". I love the store. I walked over to a rack that was filled with beautiful crop tops. 

In the end I bought a leather jacket, bright red lip-stick, and 4 crop tops. I texted the girls to meet up at the food court. No reply. Eh, I bet their looking for more clothes. I giggled. I was texting my mom to tell her I would be out late and forgot I was walking. Bump. I ran into someone and closed my eyes wait for the pain in my butt when it collided with the floor. Nothing happened. I slowly opened my eyes to a VERY beautiful sexy boy who seems to be about a year older than me. We just stared into each others eyes, not letting each other go. Someone cleared their throat. I came back to reality and looked to the person who cleared their throat. It was...GAVIN?! I jumped out of the handsome mans arms and ran towards Gavin!

"Heeeeeeeey Gav!" I screached. I lunged at Gavin and gave him a bone crushing hug. I heard someone growl. I turned around and the guy who catched me snarled at Gavin. Ohhh so hes a were-wolf. Interusting. I could have some fun! Hehehehe.

"Melonie!!! I. Can't. Breathe!" he gasped. I was just realizing that I was STILL hugging him. Oops!

"Hahaha sorry!" I said while laughing. Gavin and I have been friends since who knows when. We are BFF's!

Blingleingling me phone rang. I turned it on and I read: 'Sorry already wnt home!'

"Ugggggggggh" I groaned "I gotta go!" I gave Gavin a slobbery kiss on the cheek. I heard a growl and the mall was starting to rumble. I turned around to look at the guy with a 'really' look. I rolled my eyes and bent down and blew a kiss to him. He started to blush. Hahaha! SO ADORABLE! I walked over to him and poked his big plump red cheek. I waved and walked away, smirking.

1.Handsome guy 2.Gavin

                                             HANDSOME GUY



Chapter 2:

 It's been a week now since I have been tothe mall. I couldn't stop thinking about Nick, he is so hot! Ringgggg! Ringggg! Ringg-. My phone was ringing like crazy! I picked up before the last ring

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey Melonie! Umm, can you PLEEEEASE come to the mall through the back door?" Kelly squekeded. I was confused because she was never so confident in her voice so she never spoke like that. I was worried. 

"Uhh, ya sure I'll be there in 10." I said with confusment.

"OH! And the rest of the girls are here and were waiting for you so you BETTER come!" she yelled. Then the line went dead. I was even more worried because, Kelly never and I mean NEVER hung up. She always let the person on the other line end the convo. I have to go! Who knows what it's about. 


I parked my black ferrari in the back of the malls parking lot. I walked to the entrance to the mall in the back of course. I got this bad feeling. I got to the doors. Before I could touch anything, someone came and grabbed me and covered my mouth. I tried screaming but thank to his hand, all anyone could hear is a muffled sound. I was panicing! I didn't know what to do. Soon the person who captured me brought me into a room filled with other girls, including my friends.



They were balling saying they were sorry and that 'he' would kill us.

"I knew something was wrong!" I yelled. Everyone looked at me with sadness and fear in their eyes. I felt bad. For all I could have done was get the police involved but no I just had to be brave. 

"It's fine..." Alex said. After that the door flew open and everyone stopped talking. Someone walked in but I had no clue who it was because they were wearing a mask. I sighed. The person looked me straight in the eye. I scrunched to the back corner not wanting to be noticed more than the other girls. But, soon after that he started walking towards the front of the girls. 

"Girls! Girls! Who would like to volenteer to come with me?" he looked around. No one said anything and just kept quiet. "Ok fine then." He started walking towards my friends. My eyes widened. He grabbed Kelly's hand, Alex's hair, and Jamie's ear. "This will happen if no one volenteers!" He yelled at everyone. We all flinched. Kelly started balling. I was about to yell "LET GO OF MY FRIENDS YOU BITCH!" but I couldn't. I all the sudden got sooo pissed that I stood up and everyone gasped. I take it that they just let the girls die when they were picked. 

"I volenteer!" I yelled. He turned around shocked. "Just let my friends go!"

"No Melonie don't you can get hurt!" Jamie yelled. 

"So Will you James!" tears started streaming down my face. The man dropped the girls and walked over to me. He stopped about a foot away from me.

"Give me your arm." he said calmly. I did as told. He grabbed it with force and I whimpered. He dragged me out of the room.



"Where are you taking me?" I asked full of fear.

"Somewhere where no one can hear us." he answered. I was shaking with fear so badly. We wen't up a pair of stairs and into another room. It had a king sized bed, three lamps, a dresser, and a nightstand. I started to tear up. The man rushed over to me.

"Are you ok?" he asked like he actually cared.

"Hell, if I was then I wouldn't be crying!" I screamed at his face. He looked guilty. Ha! Serves him right. He just stands holding me. We look into each others eyes, then I slowly moved my hand to his face. I took the edge of the mask and threw it off. I gasped as I looked at the man who stoob before me. It was...


Who was it? 

Chapter 3:

"G-Gavin?" I whispered shakily. I didn't know what to do! I'm so scared right now!!!! With out any warning, I ran to the door trying to get out ASAP! Before I was even close to the door Gavin snaked his arms around my waist. He bit my earlobe and I couldn't help but moan. When I realized what I was doing, I instently stopped. 

"Oh come on baby, why did you stop moaning for me?" Gavin said seducfully. I shivered at his voice. 

"Stupid were-wolf!" I screamed at him. He let go of me once I said that. I turned around to face him and he looked scared. I smirked at the little pathetic face of his. I started walking towards him, and he started walking backwards only until, he hit the wall and couldn't go anywhere. I strut up to him and leaned up to his face and licked his neck. He moaned slightly.

"H-how-how did you know I was a were-wolf?" he asked unsure of my response.

"I could tell by how Nick growled, by your smell, your change in eye color, and your inhuman good looks." I said spot on.

"How could you smell me?"

"I'm not a human either," I smiled with saticfaction of his shocked face.

"What are you? You smell human..." he said confused.

"Now why would I tell you that? Hmm?"

"Because were mates and I would like to know." I stopped smiling when he said that. I started backing away from him and ran to the door. I opened it and ran through the maze like building I was in. I ran into a hard wall. I fell to the floor with a thud. I couldn't move. Why couldn't I move? I should of at maximum gotten a bruise and thats it! Not parelization! I tried to move my head and look up but I couldn't move my neck. Someone picked me up and moved me into a room, just to be thrown on a bed. 

(Ill update and make more of this chapter later!)

Chapter 4:

 I started to scream. One of my glittery tears filled with pixie dust slipped and fell from my eye.

"Huh?" I heard someone gasp. I look up as far as I could to see it was a boy...THE SAME ONE FROM THE MALL! 

"OMG HELP ME!!!" I tried to get out of the parelization. He rushed over to me and smacked his hand over my mouth, and making a shushing sign with his other hand. I did as he told me to for some reason. I felt a universal pull to him and I suddenly got up which is weird because I thought I was PARELIZED!

I can't control my body! If  I try to move nothing happens. I CANT CONTROL ANYTHING!!! ARGHHH!!

The guy locked the door for some odd reason I'd rather not know. Before he could turn around to look at me my body lunged at him and I suddenly felt whole. 'WHATS HAPPENING?!?' My body finally got into his embrace and I was all warm inside. He wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled his face into my neck and I moaned. 'What?! What did I just do?!' He started licking my neck and leaving hickies. My uncontrolable arms moved up to his head and pushed hs face deeper into my neck which made me moan....AGAIN. 


 Unknown P.O.V




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