When light is knowledge; darkness is ignorance

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Eric EH Buddhadharma



December 2015.






Hello friends,

Since my childhood, I always believed knowledge is power. Even today when I write a book or any blog, I make sure it should invariably be knowledgeable and useful. This book is different; it is a collection of many different topics which makes it interesting and above all knowledge gaining. Some of the information here are purely my very own thoughts and never available elsewhere. You may enjoy reading this book over and over again to retain all what you may find interesting.


Do keep reading my books while finding new information with each one of them. I believe, my readers should benefit in reading my books; the time and money they spend on buying and reading the books should never go wasted; I may never excuse myself for that.

Happy reading!

Eric EH Buddhadharma













An epidemic called “God and religion”

Something has seriously gone wrong with we people. I see everyone, from every religion, talking “God and religion”. With the up rise in the religious beliefs, the incidence of rape, murder, senseless killing, violence and illegal activities are also increasing. Most people I meet do not know the intellectual part of their own religion, only some prayer and history with ways to worship and ceremonies. This epidemic is spreading like wildfire all over the world among all religions. When one open one’s mouth, immediately blurt out something about their God(s) and religion. Logic, reality and truth has taken a back seat forever, it seems. Let me bring out the truth about all these religious people. They are mostly hypocrites, religious so long it suits them; other times evil ways are attributed to modernization and civilisation. Let me examine my comments. Take for example America, a Christian country. Jesus said in Mark 18:10 “You know your commandments, do not kill” Americans kill man and animals in billions every year for revenge and food respectively, flouting all the commandments of Jesus. Hindus are forbidden from eating meat. In Mahabharata and Manu-smriti, violence against animals is vehemently opposed, yet the Hindus have turned India into a hotbed of non-vegetarianism. In Islam, Muslims are vehemently required not to interact with the Christians and the Jews, if they do, they become one of them. Saudi Arabia invited the Jews and Christian soldiers from America to kill their own Iraqi brothers. In India and Pakistan itself Muslims are killing each other in the name of sects. Buddhists are not required to eat meat, if you go to the Rumetek Monastery in Sikkim, you will find small restaurants serving meat only diet (I had to go almost hungry here; none of the restaurants are vegetarians!). I have many such points against which religious people flout the commandments of their very own religion and yet for all, all the time 24X7 murmurs God(s) and religion. Please wake up to truth, reality and hard facts of life instead of hypocrisy. If you want to follow religion and God(s), first establish which single religion and God(s) is true.


Knowing beyond what we already know.

We all go to school, learn from our parents and elders and learn from observation too. This is common to each one of us. We follow a religion and faithfully observe the customs and rituals. We are all afraid of our Gods and believe in super known power. We all believe in hell and heaven and the rewards and punishments for the deeds we do in this world. These behaviors are common to most of us around the world. We need to know beyond what we already know and follow. We need to analyze our lives logically to be able to unearth the truth upon which this universe is based. Knowing beyond will only help us find the truth and happiness until we are alive. Take for example two people with the same qualification from the same school and college. One is a teacher and another researcher. The teacher is knowledgeable but he repeats what he knows day after day, year after year to his successive batch of students, whereas the researcher goes beyond his formal education and gains a broader knowledge base. Likewise, we should all learn beyond what we already know.


MYTH: The God I believe in is the true God(s), God(s) of other religion are untrue and cannot be believed upon.

TRUTH: Believing in one or many Gods makes no difference in our lives. People have believed in different types of God(s) since this world came into existence. Praying to different God(s) is being carried on since then, while the world is moving at its own pace untouched by God(s) in anyway. Most import is, we need to believe in ourselves. We need to understand our abilities and limitations and achieve what we strive for. Each one of us can make a difference to this world by being responsible, helpful, kind, compassionate and merciful. This is the God within each one of us and we can use this ability in us to make a difference to this world, its people, the earth, sky, water, creatures, and what not. We need to contribute a little of our time towards nature’s upkeep. Ultimately, a well


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