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A Cup of Stories

By Bharath Dhanasekaran




A Cup of Stories is the set of short stories which I wrote in the website

I thank the website for giving me an opportunity to write stories for them.

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A Genuine Friend

Chapter 1: A Problem for the girlfriend

Date: 13th August 2010, Friday

Place: Chennai

Raman was in his house at saidapet. The time was morning 8 O clock.He received a phone call from Eswari.

Raman answered the phone call and said,”Hello”

Eswari said,”Hello, good morning”

Raman said,”yes, tell me”

Eswari asked,”did I disturb you?”

Raman said,”No, not at all”

Eswari asked,” Can you do me a help?”

Raman said,”yes, tell me”

Eswari said,”I don’t know how to ask this”

Raman said,”don’t feel shy, please be confident and speak out”

Eswari said,”I am getting some emails which are having vulgar content”

Raman exclaimed,”What?”

Eswari said,”Yes, not only that...”

Raman said,”then”

Eswari said,”I am getting many SMS which contain vulgar content”

Raman said,”Oh! my god”

Eswari said,”somebody is targeting me and sending these vulgar messages and e-mails”

Raman said,”I can understand”

Eswari asked,”can you help me in this regard?”

Raman asked,” need to give a complaint in the local police station”

Eswari said,”hmm....I feel shy to give a complaint”

Raman said,”this is crime which can be investigated only by the cyber crime police”

Eswari asked,”what is that?”

Raman said,”the harassment is through phone and e-mails, so regular circle police will not be able to track them”

Eswari said,”Oh!”

Raman said,”So if you give a complaint to the cyber crime division, they will find out the Ip address from where the email have originated”

Eswari said,”I see”

Raman said,” and the mobile number from which you received the SMS, the cyber crime will be able to track the owner of the mobile number”

Eswari said,”hmmm”

Raman said,”So you go to the cyber crime division”

Eswari said,”I can’t go”

Raman asked,”why? What is the problem?”

Eswari said,”my father”

Raman asked,”your father? What will he do?”

Eswari said,” he does not go to any job, so he is at home”

Raman asked,”what is the connection between his unemployment and you going to the police station”

Eswari said,” he is fighting with my mother all the time”

Raman said,”Oh”

Eswari said,”So, I stopped talking to him long ago”

Raman exclaimed,”Oh! is it so?”

Eswari said,”yes”

Raman asked,”what is the problem for giving a complaint now?”

Eswari said,”If he gets to know that I go to a police station, he may fight with my mother”

Raman said,” go without his knowledge”

Eswari said,”hmmm...let me try”

Raman said,”but do it soon, as we need to nip these activities in the bud”

Eswari said,”hmmm..ok”

Raman asked,”then how is your friend Harish?”

Eswari said,” he is fine...mmm...why are you asking about him?”

Raman said,”just to know”

Eswari laughed,”ha! Ha! Ha!”

Raman asked,”why are you laughing?”

Eswari said,”you are getting jealous of him”

Raman asked,”why? Why should I get jealousy on him?”

Eswari said,”I don’t know, but you are jealous”

Raman said,”No, not at all”

Eswari said,”Harish is a genuine friend of mine”

Raman said,”Oh! I see”

Eswari said,”ok, I need to prepare myself for office, bye”

Raman said,”Bye”

They disconnected the phone call.

Raman said to himself,” can I tolerate that she is talking to this Harish. She does not at all understand my emotions”

Chapter 2: A Police Complaint

Date: 13th August 2010, Friday

Place: Chennai

Raman went to his office for work and came back to his home in the evening. He took his dinner and went to bed. He was restless since he spoke to Eswari in the morning. It was about the complaint she told him. He was uneasy with the matter. He was not comfortable that someone is sending sex messages and emails to her. Since she was in Bangalore and he was in Chennai, he was not able to act immediately.

At 9 O clock in the night, he took his mobile phone and dialed to Eswari.

Eswari attended the phone call,”Hello”

Raman said,”Hello, what happened?”

Eswari asked,”what are you asking?”

Raman said,”I asked you to give the complaint, right?”

Eswari said,”hmmm...yes, I went to the police station today”

Raman said,”Oh! great, what did they say?”

Eswari said,”A lady police received the complaint”

Raman said,”Oh! I see”

Eswari said,”they said that they will forward the case to cyber crime and give me the result”

Raman said,”Oh! great”

Eswari said,”hmm...thanks for your advice”

Raman said,”it is my duty to help you”

Eswari said,”Oh! thank you”

Raman was happy that she had given a complaint in the police station. It is obvious that a man’s mind is always possessive and aggressive towards the girl whom he loves.

Raman asked,”Are you getting the vulgar messages now also?”

Eswari said,”Yes”

Raman said,”hmmm...Let us hope that the police find the culprit very soon”

Eswari said,”Hmmm...yes”


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