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Christian Bass asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this poetry collection.


Life is not always fair, especially when you are left behind. Sometimes we are caught in an ocean of lies and injustice. These days may not be very often, hopefully, but they exist for sure. We might feel as the sun will never rise again and that is the moment the poetic injustice begins.

Never lose hope, never lose your faith, open your eyes to see the spark of hope that will guide you over the Bazaar of Broken Hearts. Follow your path, be honest to yourself and one day happiness will lighten up your life again. Neither rain nor pain will stay forever, sunshine and love always find its way back into your life.


This is a work of fiction. Any similarity between the characters and situations within its pages and places or persons, living or dead, is unintentional and co-incidental.





Down in the hidden bazaar of broken hearts

Single ladies wait to fulfill your desire

While offering you all their attractive parts

To set your forgotten emotions on fire

Their grace, their skills, divinity in motion

They’re waiting to heal your abandon soul

Seduce your heart without any love potion

And make you lose your strength and control

Hidden at the bazaar of broken hearts stand

Your imagination will save your torn mind

Awaken passion for you to understand

Your past will never be the future, you’ll find

So you better take a stand and wipe your tear

The bazaar of broken hearts ain’t yours to fear





Cosmic rules, fancy stars and the eyes full of love

There is a universe when your smile hits on me

Your lips are promising the heaven from above

One sunny day, babe, I admit we will fly free

There is safety in your arms, don’t let me go again

Hold me, hold me tight, bath me in your caring heart

Protect me from evil, protect me from the pain

That the priests preach in their faithful, hateful ballad

Your presence gives me paradise here on our earth

Your touch carries me on the wings of tenderness

Your way to speak, your mouth, became my holy church

You are real, you are everything, you are my breath

Your kiss will promise the approval from above

Cosmic rules, fancy stars and a life full of love




After so many years I stayed alone

Lonesome in my own little state of mind

And couldn’t go out with my heart of stone

After so many years I stayed alone

Wasted my younger years hiding at home

Afraid of a world that couldn’t be kind

After so many years I stayed alone

Lonesome in my own little state of mind






Cold world, broken heart

Darkness covers up the light

But don’t stop walking


Don’t dare to leave your own path

And love will be your reward




Since you stepped in

You are living in my dream

Fulfilling my heart


Give me support, confidence

And new strength always again




You are not alone

As long as you’re in my heart

As long as I live


Reject me, but I won’t stop

Fighting for your love, baby




I was here and left my footprints behind

While walking the same old streets my friend

Cheered up my heart and opened my mind

I was here and left my footprints behind

Got laid and broken hearted by your kind

Got thankful for all the


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