After all ..

And just like that it happened, all that used to be was not being and is not any more. But what If never happened and was just a fuckin illusion, an illusion that we are afraid to feel because we might know the consequences.


And somehow we permit it, we make it happen, we become blind and let it be.

I had moments where I thought this love, feeling, illusion whatever it is was never going to disappear, fade away or yes, maybe I thought it deep inside my mind and heart but kept going.


And after all I keep my goals.


Nights of love or illusion, nights that I never wanted to lose but continue happening.



After all I learned ;



  • Situations have two options for us to decide, first of all it change us to make us better or worst.

  • Pain is temporary and we have to let go, even is hard we need to open our eyes and seek for other options, while we are alive we have millions opportunities to get what we want.

  • What doesn’t kill you make you stronger.

  • Follow your intuition, that one that always want the best for you even your heart doesn’t agree, that one that push you deep inside you even against your feelings, because at the end you would regret.

  • Situations make us mature.

  • After all never give up , even if you fail 100 times but make sure to fix it every time you try.

Then you breath and start thinking that all happens for a reason, a reason we don’t see at the moment but soon or later..


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 01.05.2017

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