God creation
Air please do not move with high speed, the delicate leaves will lose their grips from the branches of the trees;
once detached from the stems won’t be able to reunite.
Air please take care of little one flower which is giving its flagrance & getting continuous kissing by the beautifully colored butterfly take care of little & getting continuous kissing by the beautifully colored butterfly. The bee squeezing its sweet juice for making the honey to cure the illness.
Oh! What are you doing, why are you plucking the flowers which are looking so nice & are diets of bug’s, bee’s & many more insects ,please don’t do it for little money you will fetch?
Sorry how will I show my affectionate to my beloved while greeting on her birthday.
Oh! I know the pain of getting departed from the one you love very much. I feel extremely sorry because I have to keep the flowers on the side of my best friend who left abode & left me in pain on the invitation of god that your time is over.
Yes, what you can do is ask the god who is the creator of you & me to restrict all for not destroying his creation without which one day he will find himself very helpless in maintaining the beautiful world created by him.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 13.10.2010

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