Chapter 1

Bones POV


"Come on" I ground out as I woke up with familiar heat coursing through my entire body I blindly reached out as my phone started ringing "don't even think about coming into work for the next week" my boss's voice came through as soon as I answered "how do you always know exactly when I start heat it's kind of scary" I muttered "i'm an Alpha it just comes naturally if it makes you feel any better Booth had to stay home as well for the same reason" she said "he's an Alpha it doesn't matter for him" I sighed laying back "i'll send Angela later to check on you" she replied hanging up I let my phone drop to the bed as I rolled over going back to sleep.


"Tempe sweetie are you home" I heard Angela's voice in my apartment "bedroom" I called she came in a few seconds later her being a Beta her scent didn't affect me but the other scent in my apartment did I got up instantly smelling the Alpha in the air Booth came in a few moments later "Jesus Booth Cam is going to have a fit when she knows you came to see me" I said automaically holding my breath "breath Bones it won't kill you to catch a small wiff of it" he said laughing "for an Omega in heat it might as well" I snapped "jeez cool off I was kidding" he said backing off "sorry i'm not allowed at work while in heat and Cam always seems to know when I hit heat" I muttered collapsing on my bed he held up a bag and pulled out a bottle of beer "really i'm craving sex and you're going to add lack of judgement to that" I pointed out he quickly put the bag down again muttering sorry "this is going to be a long week" I sighed. They ended up heading home about seven after we had eaten and I was left on my own again this went on for the entire week each day pretty much the same they come we'd talk for a while watch some TV mess around eat little bits all throughout the day have dinner then they'd leave and i'd listen to some music for a while then go to bed and it would start all over again the next day until the last day "finally I can go back to work" I said Booth came to pick me up like normal taking me to the first crime scene "Ange come on it's friday you can't cancel now" I heard "sorry Mia I have to work" Angela said I glanced over to my best friend "urgh this isn't fair" the other girl shouted "hey that's enough Mia you're an adult, and cop behave" Angela said "not my fault if I can't control my heat" the girl muttered I smirked knowing exactly how she felt more often than not that was the exact reason Cam said I couldn't work during my own heat "come with me Colin told Booth to look out for you during the first few weeks" Angela said grasping her wrist and pulling her over to where Booth and I were one glance at each other and suddenly the younger girl and I couldn't seem to look away from one another "Booth this is my younger sister Mia newest special agent and you're in charge of her, Mia this is- Mia, Mia, Miiiia" Angela tried to get her attention away from me "I can hear you know Ange" she said "hey i'm Mia Montenegro" she said holding her hand out to me "Temperance Brennan" I said shaking her hand before finally managing to look away suddenly and surprisingly feeling shy "hey Bones could we have a rough time of death yet" Booth asked "about four to six weeks ago I guess" I replied getting up and turning to Angela and her sister again this time taking a proper look at the younger girl.


"I should get back to the lab" I murmured quickly leaving.


Two weeks that's how long it took for me to go into heat again I ignored it to begin with Cam and Booth having no effect on me my hormones spiked when Mia came in with Booth at one stage "Mia will be the main agent on the case for the remainder" he said "actually slight problem agent Booth someone here is in heat" she said quickly backing away a little "how does that affect you" he asked "i'm an Alpha" she admitted backing away myself I went over to where Angela was "that's Bones's scent but didn't you go through your cycle just a couple of weeks ago" he asked "yeah but after I met her they started going all crazy" I said pointing to Mia I could feel my body rising in heat so I just slipped my jacket off clipping my name tag to the hem of my singlet "hey not my fault how was I supposed to know an Omega was going to have a reaction to having me around" she said "that's enough I will not have you fighting in the lab" Cam cut in glaring at us both we looked away from each other and she quickly left leaving my hormones to go back to normal "that's strange they only seem to react around Mia" I stated "oh god no it just had to be my best friend" Angela groaned "what" I asked "ever heard of and Omega having a special Alpha" she asked I nodded "well with what you just said it's seeming more and more like my sister is your Alpha" she said "wait what" I yelled she winced and nodded the rest of the day seemed to pass by extremely slowly until Mia came back about forty-five minutes before we were due to go home I groaned and tried to continue with my work "can you not stand so close you are driving me insane" I muttered she laughed "i'm at the door Dr Brennan" she said "call me Temperance" I said clearing off the couch so she could come sit down as well, "you know it's christmas right" she said I nodded "and did you also know someone hung mistletoe above your couch" she said I looked up in surprise groaning when I seen the greenery "no I didn't" I said looking at her "do you want me to kiss you" she asked "surprisingly yes" I murmured my eyes flickering to her lips she leaned forward slowly until her lips pressed against my own barely knowing better than to try and push an Alpha I just kissed her back only going as far as she was when the tip of her tongue dragged across my bottom lip I tilted my head to the side slightly gladly parting my lips allowing her to slip into my mouth the battle for dominance only going for a couple of seconds before I gave in instead slipping my arms around her neck as her hands moved to my hips laying us down on the couch she pulled away breathing heavily "that was the best kiss i've ever had in my entire life" she mumbled softly kissing me again "go out with me please" she asked softly not as an Alpha just as Mia I said yes anyway "Tempe, Mia I know you're both in here" we sat up Mia straddling me "great my hormornes act up around you and then you go and do that" I said she grinned and shrugged "come on Mia we should get home" Angela said "is Jack coming over tonight" Mia asked her she nodded a slight blush rising "yeah i'm not staying at your place you two get loud" Mia groaned "so where are you going to stay" Angela asked "she can stay at my place" I offered Anegla rolled her eyes and walked off "do you know how to stop the feelings" I asked "Ange said the only way known so far is for an Omega's Alpha to mark them" she said "well we have all night" I joked she leaned forward kissing me again.

Chapter 2

Bones's POV


"Morning" I looked over to Mia as she came out of my room "morning I can't stay long I have work in a about an hour" I said she leaned up softly kissing me "well at least for once your not in heat when i'm around" she joked I smiled turing to push her back against the bench kissing her again "let me amend that not officially" she moaned she moved her hands next to mine lifting herself onto the bench "oh my god" we pulled away and looked over to where Booth and Ange were both of them wearing matching looks of disgust Mia and I started laughing "you know it's been four months and we still hadn't told them" I said "too late now" she murmured kissing me again "god Mia I swear you have an endless sex drive" I groaned stepping away before we actually did end up having sex she shrugged but didn't move from where she was sitting "you two are as bad as our parents" Ange muttered "I gotta go get ready, Cam'll be pissed if i'm late again because of you" I said kiss Mia's cheek and going to the bedroom I could hear them talking as I changed and suddenly a shot rang out I heard Mia and Ange's scream at the same time my girlfriend's of pain and my friend's of her sister's name I ran out dropping to my knees next to Mia crying "no don't you dare leave me" I said through the tears my hands pressed down on her wound tightly but I could still feel blood soaking my shirt as the bullet seemed to have hit an artery my jeans knees were already soaked with her blood "no Mia please don't go to sleep talk to me baby" I cried as her eyes began slipping closed "too tired Tempe" she mumbled before her head lolled to the side "Mia, Mia no god no please" I sobbed pulling her head up against me eventually the paramedics got there and by that stage it was like I was numb i'd stopped crying


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