chapter one

this sucks. im a senior and im stuck in english clas. why was school even fuckin invented . Plus they put me in AP classes . oh my god there they are the most popular boys in school . scott calvin and royce clayton. boy were they hot. scott hd black hair nd blue eyes and the most charming smie he was sweet fun and nice. royce has diry blonde hair hazel eyes and the cutest freckles. he's a total goof ball,outgoing and a peice of shit. the bell rings. i would wave bye to friends but i dont have any i'll get into that later. " oh fuck im going to be late roger is going to kill me." i yell. running as fast as i can to get to my bike [im on the 6th floor]. random people are shouting at me "' watch it." " sorry." i yell back. i head out the door. " owww!!!!!" i yell. "ouch!!" a voice says. flying shit birds im dead. why because i ran right into royce on top of that im on top of him. everyone is staring at us. i feel my heart pounding against his chest i get up . " ohh royce i am so so so sorry." i say. " what the hell were you running for that fuckin hurt." he yelled at me. " what do you want from me i said i was sorry." i yell back dusting off my uniform. " i cant believe this you are a disgusting little nobody and should be wiped off the face of this planet no one even knows your name and you've been here since pre-k. " he screams i my face my blood boils everyone is laughing [ except scott] . i-i-i lost it and hit him in the face sending him to the ground ." MY NAME IS AMII ROBINSION" i yell. he was speechless whiile he put his hand on his face i unlocked my bike nd left.
*3rd person* "not cool at all " scott said to royce as he helped him up ." but damn she has one hell of an arm." he smirks
royce watches the girl with the fire red hair ride away.
chapter 2: can the day get any worse yes it can.
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This day just keeps getting better and better

Waking up in the morning to Thor licking my face isn't a Nice awaking . "Thor move." I groan he whines "it's okay big boy thanks for waking me up." I say he barks. " I'm gonna get my ass kicked today so be ready with the first aid kit by the door." I say . He licks me again. " alright I'm getting up." I say. I get up walk to my dresser and grab my clothes for today : bra,panties, buttonup white shirt, with a black& red plaid uniform skirt, with a blazer.( my uniform) . I go to the bathroom hop in the shower wash my body and hair. " Thor lotion!" I yell he walks in with it in his mouth. I take it " towel please" I say he snags it for me. "treats are in the cabinet." I tell him . I lotion and get dressed. I feed my dog and turtles and goldflish. Then head to school. ' everyone will have forgot about about yesterday . ' even though it's a complete and total lie. I walk into class and dispite what I told myself everyone and I mean everyone is staring at me . I make my way over to my seat only to be tripped by Royce . I look up at him he has a bandage on his face ." nice trip next time watch where your goin." he smirks . " nice face." i say back to him . His smirk disappears as quick as it came. I get up and sit at my desk . " liam." a boy next to me says . He has a light tan and brown hair with gray eyes . " amii you new here?" I ask " yeah . " he says back smiling. He stares at me. "do I have something on my face?" I ask. " yeah slobber."he laughs. " damnit my dog Thor did this to me." I say wiping my face with a Kleenex . He laughs until I start to laugh to. " so do you want to eat lunch with me?" I ask. " of course." he says . A note lands on my desk.
( a/n I know it's a cliff hanger but I will put more in) ( got bored adding more) I open it it reads ' u fuckin slut u'll pay for what u did to Royce nasty bitch here jus because ur such a coward take this razor and jam it as far as u can in ur wrist and die sincerely yours the people who fuckin hate u.:)'
My eyes are pouring tears wetting the paper and taped to it a blade . " amii? What's wrong what does it say?" Liam asks I fold it up and put it in my bag . I wipe my eyes and smile. " nothing." I say " what's your schedule?" I ask. He hands it to me. I smile. " we have all the same classes. " I say. " cool at least I have a pretty face to look at all day ." he says making me blush. The day went by pretty fast because me and Liam were stuck at the hip so no one messed with me. " bye Liam text me mk!" I say . " sure bye baby reddy." he says laughing at my nickname . I turn I ram dead into Royce . I try to move around him but he blocks my path ." I don't like you hangin around Liam." he says with pure additude ." well it's none of your business." I hiss back. " whatever." he says back. Why the fuck does he even care.?!? I mean it really has nothing to do with him he just pisses me off so much.

The movies

'bewitched by botdf wakes me up Saturday at 4 in the afternoon. " hello" I groan into the phone. " wake up its 4 in the afternoon and get dressed I wanna take you to the movies and then pizza." Liam says. " okay best friend ." I say."you have one hour to get ready I'll pick up then bye baby redd." Liam says and hangs up the phone I go take a shower dry and put my hair in a messy bun with a black head band . I put on a blac bra / underwear combo . Put on a white tank top&khaki skinny jeans with black combat boots. Walking past my makeup. Should I? Awe to hell with it . I put on gold shimmer eyeliner with winged tipped eyeliner. With red lipstick making my hair if possible redder. 'knock knock knock ' " coming!!" I yell . I grab my purse nd stuff. I open the door to Royce ?!?!?! Thor growls. " that's right big boy he's the enemy but don't attack.." I look to Royce " yet." "hey." he says
" what the fuck are you doin here.!" I snap. "I'm here to pick you up my brother broke his arm so I have to take you to the movies." he smirks. " whoa back up and park it Liam is your brother?" I ask." uhh yea I admit he not as appealing to look at as me." he says. He pushes the door open and walks into my house. "nice place has lots of character where are ur folks?" he asks " other then my dog turtles and goldfishes I don't have any folks." I say. He sits on thor's couch . Thor growls and takes a bite of his shoulder. " Thor down now!" I yell he gets down and retreats to the corner of the room. " here come on I'll get you cleaned up." I say taking him to the bathroom. I pull out the first aid kit." take off your shirt." I say sitting hi. Down on the egde of the tub. " you gon return the favor?" he asks I roll my eyes. He does and I can't help but gawk at his abs,biceps, and triceps. "like the view." he smirks . " you wish." I snort . I try to ignore how shaky my hands are touching his skin. When I finish we head out to his camro which is painted to look like bumblebee. He unlocks the car and hops in. I open my own door and slam it shut." what's your problem?" he asks. " even if you hate me you couldn't have been a gentlemen for 2 seconds and open the door?" I snap." get out." he says . He didn't have to tell me twice . He speeds off down the street u-turns . He gets out and opens my door. I smile at him .he smiles back.
So I actually had fun with Royce he was nice funny and cute maybe he knocked my hating him down a peg
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chapter 4
sunday : i wake up early brush my teeth put my hair in a ponytail. i put on nike yoga pants with a green hodie sweat shirt nd black sparkly uggs. its kinda chili out side. [ i do spulrge sometimes and uggs are comfy.] "thor come on were talking a walk." i say while feedin veggie and vergil[the turtles] and sandman[the goldfish].i put thor on a leash [btw he's a sibberan husky mixed with a wolf he's huge.] i walk outside and see royce in his car. well i thought that us hangin out was a on time deal. he see's me and gets out the car. " hey amii hi thor." he says thor growls." no thor he's good hi royce." i say. " what exctly are you doin here?" i ask." can i walk with you guys?" he asks nervous sounding " uh sure." i say walk to the dog park 4 blocks down i let thor off the leash " be nice to the other dogs i say rubbing his ear he barks and runs off. we sit at one of the benchs."so really why were you outside my huse this morning mst people wuld classify that as stalking." i say he chuckles." well my brother wanted me to let you know he's ut of the hospital and at our house so should swing by."he says casually. " is that all?" i ask sounded a little dissapointed when i shouldnt. " well i have to go on a double date and i sorta need a date and i want my date to um b-be you." he stammers. "wait wait wait so out of all those pretty tall girls at school you want to g on a date with someone you hate?" i asked shocked. i mean who wouldnt be." i dnt hate you and your way more beautiful thn all the girls at school and i wouldnt have as much fun with them as i would with you." he smirks at me making me blush. he lifts my head to make me look at him." i like you redd," he says before he leans and kisses me softly on my lips. my first kiss.

The date

A hard knock on my door interrupts me and thor's law and order svu episode at four. I get up from the couch and answer the door to royce."love the outfit." He says I look down and see I dont have on a bra im in my underwear and a big off the shoulder sweatshirt .i flush. I open my door and let him in." I brought someone to help you pick out an outfit."he says movin out the way to reveal a girl about twelve." I have a lot to work with."the girl says."i gotta go get ready my self nothing to fancy ok rayleene?"he says to raleene. She nods takes a chair and pulls me to my bathroom.she takes out hair stuff and makeup."how do you feel about curls?"she asks. I shrug. She rolls her eyes. Plugs up a curler. After about 30 minutes she fimishes does ,my makeup a goldshimmery color for my eyeshadow winged tpped eyeliner and clear lip gloss. "now for your oufit take me to your closet."she says. I take her to my closet she surveys it "okay take out that green maxi dress.." She says I take out the long cotton fabric dress."put on a strapless bra." She says closing her eyes I take out a black one and put it on. She holds out the dress to me.i slip it on.she takes apair of scissors and cuts the dress above my knees. She gives me a gold pair of gladiator sandals and my locket off of,my dresser."perfect my work here is done." She says
(A/N so I kno I left u with another cliffhanger but how am I doin comment inbox me add the book ull get lots of updates thx for readin;))we wait for royce in the livimg room.i walk to the just as he knocks on it. "ready sexy." he says. "yeah."i say. "we"ll be back in 2 hours give or take." He tells raleene."thor take good care of her and we can go to the beach tommorrow."i say.he barks happily.we head out. We drove to this board walk place. " um... Well this is it."he says walking me in."hey royce over here."the bouncey blonde who's made my life hell since 4th grade yells.carey. Royce gives me a reasurring smile. The bitch sucks in a disugusted breath." Who the fuck invited you?" She sneers.i flinch away from her insnectivly ."i did she's my date that you will treat like your best friend or you can count yourself out of my social circles."royce snaps her.she nods as we sit in an uncomfy silence. Awsome date right.(note the heavy sarcasm) skipping the worst first date. we drive back to my house and go to the front door."i'll be in the car wrap it up."rayleene says kissing thor's forehead.
"so...." he says nervously. i roll my eyes and take his hand intwining our fingers. he cups my cheek with his warm hand. we lean in our lips lightly brushing against eachother. fireworks is the only thing to describe just that littile touch. he pulls back and looks at me.i lean in and kiss him again he takes both arms and wraps them around my waist pulling me closer into him. i wrap my arms around his neck tangling one of my hands in his hair. he moans against my mouth.i lick his bottom lip begging for an enterance. he tentivley meets my tounge with his own. my tounge mingles with his velvet tounge. " ROYCE IM TIRED LET'S GO!!!!" rayleene yells making us leap away from eachother. curse little sisters. "bye amii robinsion." he says. "bye royce clayton." i say pecking his lips. he smiles at me walking to his car.
i watch him drive off. i walk in the house and shut the door thor whines like a question."it... was amazing." i say.

school is full of slut bitches.

thor licking my face woke me up like every moring. i get up give him a treat feed the fish and change his food and water. i hop in the shower. the warm water hitting my body makes me relax. i wash my body and my hair. " thor towel please." i yell.he comes in a second later with two towels." thank you under the couch." i say i hide his treats and if he does good i tell him where they are. i wrap the towel around my body and the other around my hair i look in the mirror brush my teeth and use my mouth wash. i let my hair down and blow dry it and let it do it's wavy natual thing. make up??? sure . i do a smokey eye thing i looked up on youtube and i put on just a little clear lip gloss. i walk out of my room. " your dog really likes me." a voice says i scream. " liam what the fuck!?!" i yell. " the window was unlocked." i jump onto the bed and pounce on the chair he's in. he laughs. " ok ok ur small hands actually hurt." he yells out i stop hitting him grinning in triumph. " you done?" he asks. "mm hmm." i say. " good." he says i let out a breath. "ahhh!!!" i scream he flips me over so he's on top he pokes me everywhere making me laugh. " are you ticklish huh huh are ya?" he asks after a couple minutes he stops. i take in our stance. im on my back on the floor my legs hitched around his waist. he's leaning over me. i blush deep and look down my v-jay is showing a little. he looks confused then looks down and blushes." sorry." he says. he pulls the towel down brushing his fingers against my v-jay and letting them linger there. he gets off of me i grab my underwear and bra and go over to my closet. i let out the breath i'd been holding. breathe. ok nothing happened that didnt happen i was dreaming.... yeah okay. i put on my navy blue poka-dot underwear and bra. then i put on some khaki skinny jeans that make my butt look awesome. i put on a gray tank and the school's navy blue sweater that has our logo on the heart. " hey liam?" i yell. " what?" he asks. " can you go in my top drawer and get me a pair of black socks they say monday on them." i say back. " ok." he says back. he opens the closet door and hands them to me. "thanks." i say. " this closet is huge." he says. " you like it?" i ask he nods . i put on the socks and my navy blue converse. " so we match." he says. i look at him and giggle. " but alas you have a hoodie and a leather jacket li-bear." i point out he exits the closet and comes back with a bag." you didn't." i say. " oh.. but i did." he says giving me the bag. i stip off the sweater. "nice boobs." he whispers so quitely i might have been his thoughts. i still blush because i heard it. i put the hoodie on nd zip it up and put on the leather jacket." one more thing." he says " well actually two more." he says he pulls out a black beanie and a best friend necklace." thank you so much li-bear." i yell. " your welcome." he says putting it on me. we head out and make our way to school.
when we get close to the school we stop at starbucks. we walk in laughing about the snow that fell off a branch onto his head. it stops when we see a bunch of people from our school including carey and her clique.liam takes my hand and leads me to the counter."just ignore them baby reddy I got ya."liam says.i look at him gratefully."yo what can I get y'all" a boy says."may I have a hot chocolate please."i say."i'll have the same."liam says. I take out my wallet."i got it."li.says."dude I got it."i say handing the cashier10 bucks.we get our change and head to the door. Carey steps in front of us."so first royce now his brother wow you are a slut."she says I flinch."carey shut the fuck up you dont know anything now move or i'll make you wish you didnt say anything."liam sneers at her. She moves out of the way. If I just got bashed out of school I know what the rest of my day is going to be.hell.

school is full of slut bitches. Part2

We walk into the school and go to our lockers."how long do you gotta wear that cast?" I ask him. "3 to 4 weeks I guess." He says." Do you want to be the first to sign it" he asks his grey eyes sparking. I nod my head. I grab a black sharpie and sign ' li bear you are the bestest best friend in the whole world I love you a billion red swedish fish.. He smiles at me I smile back. My locker closes and I turn to face carey and her minnions by now everyone has stopped what they were doin and stared."slut I need you to do me and my girls homework."she says. " no"isay. " uh what?" She says." Wow I guess your as deaf as you are stupid im.not.doing.your.homework."i say slowly. She flares her nostrials in rage and dumps m uh HOT chocolate all over me. I sqeual and unzip the jacket and take it off. and is on my tank top. "dude what the fuck!!" Liam says pushing her away. Royce shows up."what happened?" He yelled at liam. "nothin I got it handled." He said pushing royce away. "come on." He murmurs he says pulling me towards the lost and found . " sorry this all I could find." Liam says.handing me a belly shirt. I.groan . I take off my shirt and put on the other one. " can I please have your hoodie?"i ask. He smirks and shakes his head."please?"i beg."it comes with a price." He sings."go on"i say. He points to his cheek. I walk over to kiss his cheek he turns his head and kisses me on the lips I stand shocked as the tingles erupt through my body. He pulls back and hands me the hoodie."t-thank you."i say lookin down to hide my blush.he tips up my chin up to look at him. He kisses me on the lips lightly."your welcome. See you in class." He says leaving. What the hell just happened!?!"well well well the gigs up slut I have a propasition for you stay away from liam and royce and these pic's wont get out if you dont..." Her voice trails off." what no liam's my best friend and royce is-" " all i have to do is press send and you fall off of the thin thread of social life you have and whatever royce saw in you let's hope it's just a phase would be crushed if he got this." she says. on the verge of tears i do thhe only thing i can. " okay i'll stop talking to them." i say. " not just yet i want the big blowout hallway lunchroom scene make up some shit i dont really care." she leaves me standing there crying.. okay pull it together nothing will happen it will be fine in a few days they wont even remember me. i walk out seeing that i already missed my first two classes i go to my locker. and put up all my books. " show time." carey says walking past me. i look up and see liam coming down the hall he waves and me i shut my locker and turn to walk away. " hold up a second where you going reddy." he says putting his hand on my shoulder." dont touch me." i hiss at him." baby what's wrong." he says." this cant work." i say looking down as i feel the eyes burining into me." what can't work?" he asks utterly hurt and confused."us we can't be friends anymore ok." i say firmly trying to be cold towards him. "w-why i didnt do anything did i say somthing to hurt you because if i did im sorry ." he says." it's not that i just dont like you any more okay so take your stupid hat and your stupid hoodie and your stupid leather jacket back and leave me alone." i say taking off the hoodie and the hat and taking the leather jacket out of my locker and shoving in his hands. i take the necklace and tuck it in my shirt. " babe what's going on?" royce says showing up in the hall next to his brother." you too stay the fuck away from me okay?" i say crying. carey snakes her arms on each of their waists." i told you guys the slut is no good i only tried to help." she says the tears break free and i turn and run all the way out of the front door of the school. i dont care that it's late october and its freezing i dont i just need to get home and pretend i dont exist






jan uary
the months past by slowly i ignore every one and they ignore me but i cant shake the feeling that not only did i break liams heart but mine as well .... oh god i was am in love with him but he forgot me to be with carey.... i wish i coud just take it back but i cant....

tuesday februry 12

whining wakes me up this moring instead of licking. " i know thor im im juss little sad is all." i say trying my best to smile at him i feed him and change the water and stuff for the fishes and the turtles feed them and take a shower. i dry myself off. brush my teeth and look in the mirror. my eyes are sunken in my face has lost it's natural color im pale my hair is all tangled and has grown out to my middle back i drop the towel and take a look at my body lets just say that you could count my ribs my perky chest and butt just seemed out of place. i sigh brush my hair and put it in a high messy bun and put on a black head band. i put on a sweatshirt whith a hood navy blue of course.[a/n the school colors are red,navy blue,and black.] i put on red sweatpants that say our schools name on the but and has our logo [two dragons one n.b one black and a red sheld] i put on my tuesday socks i know i have ocd so what black sparkly ugg boots[a/n use google to look it up if you dont know what they look like]. i put on the best friend necklace grab my bag and head to school. i stop in the starbuck's like i do every day order the hot chocolate sit in the back corner near the right hand facing out of the window my back to the rest of the world.i pretend i dont notice everyone n the coffe shop staring or whispering behind my back or how i get beat up in the alley behind the starbucks they dont hit my face no they hit me in my ribs and stomach everyday like i deserve it for what i did but what did i do other then obey carey what did i do maybe it's because im alive and breathing. i have a couple more months then i dont have to deal with any of this. i walk all the way up to the 6th floor of the school. i walk slower these days due to my injurys. i sit in my class and i see liam look at me time to time i keep my head up and stare out oof the window to advoid any eyecontact cause if i dont do that it opens the door to coversation like i want that. "amii robinsion to the deans office amii robinson to the deans office." i almost jump out of my skin hearing my name i havent been called it in months at work roger just calls me flower girl. all eyes on me as i stand and walk to the deans office. " you wanted to see me sir?"i ask."ah yes it is understood you work at the best flower shop in state yes?" he says." y-yes." i say. " well since you already work for mr. roger i would like you to be this years flower girl it is a tradtion that has been since this school started you can d this how ever you want you tell us what you need we'll take care of it and school will hang the decorations you choose but you cant tell anyone thats all back to class." as i walk up the stairs i think this is going to be one dark valentines day...
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Planning it

Thor lickin me woke me up as usual. I shower put on my red bra and under set with my wensday socks I pur on some black skinnys . A wite shirt and a red sweater with my uggs. I feed the animals and walk out only to be face to face with a crying carey? She walks in my house uninvited ."what are you doing here?" I ask."he he hit me I couldnt go to my friends so I came here." I make us some tea. She calms down enough for me to ask questions."what kinda tea is this?"she asks."it's jasmine." I say back."it's superwhy goood." She says"tell me what happened." I say. "i was talking to liam no offence how awful you've been loiking lately and how,much hotter I am then you I said dont you agree? He said no I said what and h-he blew up on me smacked me and,told me you will never be as beautiful as she is she is sweet kind caring and loving and I l-love her. I ran out of his house and drove here wondering why he loves you and not me so I came here to ask you why doesnt he I mean everyone loves me right?" She explains." No eveyone doesnt." I say."w-why?"she asks." Eveyone doesnt love you everyones afraid of what will happen to them if they dont theyre scared of you they just give you what you want so so you.ll leave them alone as for liam I dont really know why he loves me." I say."do you need a ride to school?"she asks." No... Where does this leave us?" I ask." I want to get to know you so that maybe we can be f-friens.; she says I stand there stunned."well I like to walk to school maybe we could walk together. I mean its still pretty cold but not as bad asit usually is so what do you say?" I ask.""yea sure." She says. I wave bye to thor and we walk to school when we head to the doors ." I am a total nerd." She says. I laugh."no way." I say "way."she says I crack up laughin as she opens the doors we head upto our floor everyone stares at us. Her friends come up to us."whats going on carey?"chelsy asks."im kinda being friends with amii now and you should too."she says."ok."casey says. We go to our lockers and get our stuff and they meet me at mine."omg liam is coming amii."chesly says."i cant talk to him after what I did." I tell them. "why not?"a low sexy voice whispers in my ear making me shiver.i turn to liam."be-because I hurt you." I mumble." I forgave you a long time ago I have something to tell you." He says."what is it?"i ask."amii I I love you." He tells me. "awww!"the three c's say." I um I l-love you too." I say. He takes me,in his arms and hugs me I cry into his chest."what the fuck!?!" A voice yells I stiffen into liam. Suddenly im ripped from liams arms."royce let her go!"liam yells."no she's mine."royce says." You only want her for the bet."liam says."w-what bet." I ask." the basketball team and him made a bet that he could get into your pants on valentine's day."liam says."how much was I worth?"i ask royce.he doesnt answer.i turn to one of the guys on the basketball team."how much?" I ask him."he wouldve got 100 bucks from me derek brandon and chad." He says looking down."nice to know I was only worth 500 dollars to you royce."i say steppin towards liam.he catches my wrist and looks at me pleadingly I.shake my head and snake my arms around liam's waist he kisses mt forehead."comeone lets get to class."he says carey chelsy and casey follow us to class.

Planning it part2

Planning it part2

"ok class today I want every one to take out a piece of paper and head it'american literture' atfer that do whatever you want ju"st dont leave the class or get too loud."mr.feilds says. I swear royce is training to burn a hole in the back of my hea.liam moves his deak over to me so do the three c's."so who do you guys think is the flower girl this year?"carey asks. I look down." I wish it was me." Chelsy and casey say at the same."JINX!!"they say at the same time. They laugh I keep myhead down."spit it out babe."liam says."i cant I was sworn to secercy."i say."tell us."they say."ok ok but you cant tell anyone."i say. They nod."im the flower girl."i say. "yay!!!"the c's say."so what is going to be ?"carey asks." Well I was thinking of doing red and black the black roses some red red and black ballons. The theme basiclly is 'i hate love but I love loving you' something along those lines."i.say."can we help?"the c's ask. "sure you guys make a list of what we need after school I got work we'll place the order for the roses and we're good."i say. They nod and start working."so what do you wanna do after school?" Liam asks."i dont know."i say."how about this you come over my house tomorrow we watch some horror movues and I order chinese."i say."awe it's so un-romantic its romantic."carey says. I blush."i would like that what should I wear." Something comfy oh and can your little sister watch thor tommorrow he hates scary movies so do sandman,veggie,and vergil."i ask."sure."he says."come're." He says.i get up and go over to him he pulls me onto his lap.i blush because a chorus of awwe's erupt through the room.his lips graze my cheek. I close my eyes and bit my lip against a moan as his lips make their way to my neck he licks my neck I let out a soft moan he smiles against my neck."let's p-g people."mr.feilds smirks. I turn my body into liam and bury my face in his shoulder to hide my blush."is that all I.have to do to get you to moan redd?"liam asks.i put my face closer to his neck.he laughs."shut up."i mumble into his neck . I place a little kiss in his neck he shudders under mytouch.i lick his neck up below his ear. He groans."is that all I have to do to make you moan li-bear?"i ask. Class ends and we move on to the next class."come on."liam says pulling me away from carey ."i'll catch up with you guys later."i say they nod. He pulls me up to the roof stair well."where are we going?"i ask. He pulls,me across the hall."ya babe it's a wall."i say he grins and opens the wall? He pulls,mme in the classroom sized room."this is the hotn heavy room."he says. "people just come here to hang out chill do what ever they want."he says."okay so why so why are we here?"i asks he smiles at me devilishly. I give him a confused look. He backs me up against the table .and kisses me hungerly."mmm..."i moan kissing him back he grabs my butt I gasp he uses that to shove his tounge in my mouth I plsy with his tounge and pull back I see the lust in his eyes and smile I rip his jacket off of him and unbutton his shirt. His body is.amazing. I lick up his body and smile when he groans I kiss down the little trail of navel hair that dissappers into his boxers. He leans me back onto the table and takes off my sweater and rips open my shirt. " your boobs are so... Perky." He says in awe. He unclips the front of the bra. And lets it fall down my arms. He takes my breast in his hand and sqeezes them I moan as he bends down and takes one in his mouthhe twirls it around in his mouth making me moan his name.i wrap my legs around his waist my pussy against his eraction.he moves in a grinding motion ."babe I think we should stop before I do somthing stupid."he says. I nod."let's go to lunch."i say he smiles as we fix ourselves.

Valentines day...

"amii open the door!!"a voice yells I groanand check the time on my phone.4;00.oh im pissed now. I march up to my front doorand open it."do you know what time it is it's four in the fucking morin you better tell me what the fuck you want before you get sucker punched." I yell in the persons face my eyes start to clear up I see liam standing there with carey,chelsy,casey,and rayleene."moring grouchy."liam says kissing my lips. "babe school starts at 8 your 4 hours early."i say. "im freezing let us in." Rayleene says. I let them in and liam slaps my butt."down tiger."i purr."PG-13." Casey says. "ok amii you.make the tea we'll set up." Chelsy says. I go and make the tea while they set up in the living room liam comes in the kitchen."every thing is set up at school just how you want and the girls are going to make you over and one more thing." He pulls a small black box out of his pocket."it's not a engagement ring its more of a promise ring." He sets me up on the counter. He opens the box to reveal a silver band with 6 dimonds in it."whats the promise?" I ask tears welling in my eyes."i promise that I will give you all my heart no matter what I promise to listen to every word you say wipe your every tear away and love you until my breathe is taken away in a couple more months I plan to find a place and ask you to move in with me I want you to think of me everytime you look at this ring because its more then a promise it's my heart."he says. I smile through my happy he slips the ring on my finger. I grab him and crush my lips to his then hug him. "i got you some stuff too."i say I run to may room an grab a big box. "its not a ring but it's pretty cool.he opens the box and a sibberian/wolf puppy pops out."oh my god redd she's so cute thank you." He says." That's not all. I race back to my room and get the small box on the in table. "here."i say he opens the box and take a out the celtic rosray."it's a celtic rosary my 8times great grandmother met my great 8 times grandfather in a pub and they fell in love and she gave him a celtic cross rosary that had been made times before her the man before he dies gives it to his wife for the wife to give to the first daughter after my dad dies he gave it to my mom it was the last thing my mom ever gave to me before she left me to live bymyself when I was 13." I explain."put it on me." He says. I do he kisses my forehead. "so what areyou gonna name the dog?" I ask "i think i'll name her... Lil redd."he says." We're ready in here ." Rayleene yells . I walk in the living room and sit on the couch."carey wardobe chelsy nails casey make up I got the hair look alive people."rayleene instruts.
2 hours later im standing in my living room in a short black cocktail dress with black strap peep toe high heels red lipstick a smoky eye a big curls and red angel wings the girls have on the exact oppistite red dresses red heels straight hair black wings."dont make me go outside in this exspecially[i know its wrong] to school." i beg them but one look in their eyes and i know im not going to win this arguement. "do you have a peacoat?" carey asks."uhh no when is the last time you have ever seen me in anything but a sweatshirt?"i ask. " point taken." she says. "here." casey says handing me a tan one."thank you." i say sarcastically."no problem." she says obviusly missing the sarcasm." lets go sweetheart." liam says. " mk." i say." wait why do we have to go early?"i ask." because you have to make sure everything is how you want it plus you have to set up the music."carey says. " fine as long as i get my fuckin coffe." i say
liam laughs."its my treat." he says. we walk to the starbucks happy and giggly well besides me well the fuck you expect waking me up at 4 in the fucking morning. we sit in the window seat." arent you exicted?" chelsy asks me. " no." i say glaring at her. " your still mad about us waking you up?"carey asks."of course i am it was 4 in the morning you damn retards."i yell at them, . " i agree i had to get my beauty sleep because ricky lopez wants me to go to the valentines dance with him." rayleene says we all look at her." who's ricky lopez?" liam askes her viscously." jeez take a pill he's this guy i like." she says. " tell us about him." casey says. " he's this gorgeous hispanic guy with like raven black hair and rich chocolate brown eyes so intense he makes me melt." she says dreamily. "your too young for that shit ray." liam says." she's 12 and what if it was us?" i ask. " different story." he says. " nuh unh its the same thing." i tell him.he looks away defeted."whatever." he murtters. " we win." the girls yell. i see the corner of his mouth curl up into a smile." i love you." i say. " i love you too." he says looking me in my eyes. a/n more when i can !!!!!!!!!!!!! thx 4 the <3's

the surprise

when we get to school everyone stares at us... what the fuck?"they arent staring at us their staring at you." the hell? why would they be staring at me?" because your the most beautiful women here." liam says.i shove at his shoulder embarresed."oh shut up."i tell him.he shrugs."im sayin nothing but the truth."he says. we walk into the school and head up to our lockers.i put in my combo and put up my jacket."i want you to come over my house tonight."liam says."uh why?"i ask."its a surprise."he tells me i roll my eyes." ok so i got clearance from the dean to use the room as the sales place and amii you have to make the annocement in about 10 minutes."carey says."i'll help set up and sell the stuff."liam says.i nod and start to walk to the main office."amii wait." i turn only to come face to face with liam."what?" i ask. he leans down and kisses me soft nd sweet."happy valentines day." he whispers. "thank you." i say hugging him [a/n bac in a sec]


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