There's a saying that tells us "beautiful people have it better",

But that's never been true,

All those people in our history books,

The ones who shaped our lives,

Do you think looks mattered to them?



Ugly people have it better,

Those Ugly Betty's and average Joe's,

People don't expect things from them,

So they get to be their own person.

Ugly people are persecuted,

But pain can inspire the mind,

Their anger towards their tourmentors drive their will to live,

Their crushed hearts and empty hand,

Makes them more prone to give.

The storm washes away everything,

But not their dreams,

The thunder and lightning drowns out all,

But never thier heartfelt screams.

So what makes ugly people special?

They never give up on their dreams.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 03.12.2011

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