Living To Your Greatness


Mpho Bosupeng


I personally believe that everyone has greatness in them. It does not matter what you have heard people say about you. Everyone is a rough diamond that needs to be polished and processed for it to shine. Today most people are only content with getting a job or any source of income to cover their living costs. We tend to forget that we are meant to showcase our talents and abilities. Personally, I think it’s because once you get financially sound, you really don’t care about your personal growth and development. Your dreams seem to mean a little now and you are satisfied with almost everything on the table. The common route people take is go to school, get a job, and then later start a family. Our goals seem to mean nothing as we grow. It’s really surprising. Furthermore, as we get older and time passes, we give up and become content with our lives until death. We take no risks and our achievements are just ordinary like buying a car, or building a house. However, if you consider the person as a whole, we do not grow. We become stagnant. I know one lady who got a job as a secretary and when asked if she could one day find another job somewhere she replied “I am permanent and pensionable, I am not going anywhere”. To them the die is cast in stone. There is no need to look for greener pastures. Even if there were greener pastures, there is no drive to push them forward.

It is shocking how we as people handicap ourselves to conform to everyone else. There is no harm settling for what you want, but leaving beneath your potential is not ideal. The common saying that the wealthiest place in the world is the grave yard is likely to be true. This is because our gifts, talents


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