Chapter 1


Perseverance is the reward for success.



A soft heart is a sponge for soaking love.




Truth is the presence of meaning.





Lucifer is a master of anxiety and depression.




Knowledge is poison when taken in excess.




Aesthetics makes life beautiful and philosophy makes life ideal.




Beauty should grow and glow with the life of experience.




Brain is a rainforest and mind a universe.




To signify the truth is to presenceualize the signifier and the signified and to undo truth is to eject the signifier and the signified.





Fiction and poetry are rhetorical structures of meaning that stimulate merriment or become the surgeon’s scalpel to undo fictional experience that puts meaning in catharsis.





A metaphysical structure undone is to annihilate meaning and leaving the Devil to compromise meaning.




In Christian Philosophy Logos or the Word is the signifier and God and Truth the signified.




How can signifiers and signifieds be transcendentalized is a rhetorical question. Through it oppositions become a plague of meaning.

Whatness of the trope is a rhetorical question.




A metaphor is the creation of a labyrinth.




The Word or Logos has to be seen, felt, touched and heard.




Wisdom is to transcend knowledge into ideas.




The Philosopher Derrida has collapsed textual structures and has de/mythologized meaning.




Ubermensch is the passion to live a life.



 Meaning is the affirmation and appropriation of presence in the text.




Art translates life into the beauty of meaning.

Chapter 2


My Father is God the Feather, Jehovah Jesus and not God Father.



Orgasm is the language of flowers.



The mind and body are soon sailing to the shores of success, victory, fame and fortune.



Our material needs have to be met with prosperity theology and our spiritual needs with praise and worship theology.



The heart belongs to the realm of passion and mind belongs to the realm of reason.



Providence is wealth earned without toil.



Patience is the keys of success.



Lips of honesty are wine in speech.



You have to love yourself if you have to love your enemy.



Promises are difficult to keep and easy to break.



Existentialism is the


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