Dream Drabble


Last night yesterday, I saw two dreams. One dream was a school I saw and I pondered on what it could be in my life. I interpreted the dream as awakening of the intellect and also me getting fame and recognition as an Artist-Writer. Then in the next dream I saw that I am getting rent and I garnered it as money coming in unexpected quarters.

Assorted Tales


The myth of the Sisyphus



Camus the author of the absurdist existential literature compared the life of man to the myth of the Sisyphus and proclaimed that all life is meaningless. Sisyphus is forced to roll a boulder uphill and to his consternation it rolls down and he is forced to perform this meaningless chore. For me, Sisyphus is a metaphor for authentication of life and the celebration of meaning through it. Existence is the celebration of meaning and we have to make creative choices in life by the catharsis of affirmation and negation. The choice to make meaning is a positive existential choice.




A Dream



Last night I had a dream and in it I saw a sack of plenty. The dream dictionary annotates that to see a filled sack is a signification of good luck, fortune, fame, success and happiness and I hope all these things will happen to me.


Assorted Tales


Epiphany about a Butterfly



You muse on petald wings…you fairy of edible passion…you Plato of an allegory in flight…you bard of poetic ecstasy…you morn’s fountain of joy…you hymn of the heart…you poem of hymnal adoration…you soak joys of passion…you rhythm of heart’s frenzy…there you are sinking into a flower and disseminating it with the follicles of catharsis…you font of joy…you lyrical rhythm of flying prose…you dazzling bard of mystic wonder…you rainbow coloured jazz…you sunshine of a writing font…you recipe of a gourmet in delicacy…you beatitudes of singing merry anthems…you synthesis of music…you Picasso of a ballet…you ballerina of an Epicurean connoisseur.






In my analysis of dreams, I have found a method of interpretation. Dreams can be demarcated into two types and one is a direct dream and the other is an indirect dream. The language of direct dreams shows a literal reality that happens. For example, I dreamed of winning the first prize in a lottery and this is an example of a direct dream. An indirect dream is a symbolic one. Recently I had a dream and in it I saw a sack of plenty and dreaming about a full sack is connotative of good-luck, fame, fortune and the abundance of cash.






It is said in the New Testament scripture, the earth is the Lord’s foot-stool and Heaven his throne. I have added faith to God’s footstool and as an idiom it means the intervention of divine providence in our daily life.

I am hoping to win the first prize in lotteries with my invocation of faith-foot-stool.



Heaven and Earth



Heaven and earth as an idiom stands for God answered prayers.

My invocation to win the first prize in a lottery has to become the granting of Heaven and Earth.



My Wife



My wife is conservative and shy. And when I am doing the poetry with her on the bed, the lights are turned off. So I have never got the opportunity to see her nude. She never wants to expose her nudity me.



My significant other  




My significant other lives in the Philippines and recently I saw her nude in a dream and woke up with an erection. Overcome by passion, I masturbated and then I wrote an erotic poem for her in the morning. She told me: ‘you are very sweet’. Yes, adultery is a sin and I felt guilty and ashamed. I asked God for forgiveness.








I have a daily habit of writing a journal and I invoke Christ to manifest my wishes. But my wish manifesting desires came to vain and I asked God Christ why? And God brought to my memory the past sins of leaning against other Gods like the God of the Eye of Providence, God of the Illuminati, dabbling into occult and astrology, the sins of adultery, invoking the Trinity in Hell. And when I was a school student, I did gay with my friend. I hope God sincerely listens to my repentance and forgives me and helps me to move on positively in my next stages of life.



Dream Drabble


Last night I dreamed of drinking milk and a University. I dug into the dream dictionary and found out that drinking milk is a sign of prosperity, money, prestige, success, abundance and fortune. Dreaming of a university means development of intellectual and aesthetic ideas. I hope that these dreams will become a reality.




A Dream



Last night I had a pleasant dream and in it I was dating a woman from South East Asia. Yes, I think that the dream will come true as I have applied as an English Teacher to South East Asian countries.






Breathing in the nostrils

In the Book of Genesis in the Bible, God created Adam in his own image and breathed into his nostrils to create life.

Breathing in the nostrils as an idiom stands for working of the hand of God, a divine providence in the affairs of man.

I hope God will breathe in my nostrils and supply me with all financial needs.



Fig Leaves




When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of good and evil they became conscious of shame and in order to cover their nudity, they covered themselves with fig leaves.

Fig leaves as an idiom stands for chutzpah.

Porn sites are fig-leaves that generate a sizeable income.



Tree of Good and Evil



Now God planted the Tree of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden and told Adam and Eve not to eat from it and if they do they will surely die. They did and experienced shame and guilt.

Tree of Good and Evil as an idiom stands coming into self-awareness.

Yes I would like to experience the Tree of Good and Evil in my life.








Noah in the Old Testament built the ark to avoid death caused by the flood as a divine retribution of God.

Noah as an idiom stands for a skilled architect.

There is many a Noah in contemporary society.




Literature and Death




I was recently reading the biography of Maurice Blanchot a French writer and philosopher and for  him literature is the art of dying. How can someone equate literature to death? For me literature is an art that defies death. Literature is the art of resurrection. Literature celebrates the meaning called life. Literature is the poetry of ecstasy. Writing literature, one becomes a catharsis of affirmation. Literature is the beatitude of the body. Literature is the ink of feeling. Literature is the muse of resurrection. Literature is narcissistic exuberance of the soul. Literature is the fruit of intuition. I wonder as a Writer, how literature can lead to death. Literature is the unfurling of the self in spasms of joy. Literature is the seed that is planted in the vagina of creation. Literature is the beatitude of a hymn.







Last night I had a dream and in it I saw bank checks. Now what could the dream be in my life? I have interpreted it as the handling of large sums of money and God Jehovah Jesus found favor in replenishing my bank accounts with a cornucopia of money.






Petrol Buffoon



Petrol buffoon as an idiom stands for a government that increases prices of fuel frequently without any change in the price of crude oil.

The Indian government is a petrol buffoon.








Christadict comes from Christ and addict and it means being a fond follower of Christ.








I am very faithful reader of the Bible and I was listening to a sermon on faith and in it the pastor said: ‘faith is intentional action’ or in other words putting the scripture into the actual working of life.




Here I have made allusions to the Bible and I have interpreted certain passages to fit in the daily walk of my life.




Sarah’s Womb




Sarah the wife of the Old Testament patriarch Abraham was barren and had Isaac at a later stage of life.  I have used Sarah’s womb as a financial metaphor. Dear Jehovah Jesus open up Sarah’s financial womb for me.






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