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This is a fictional short story inspired by an Indian mythological story of King Trishanku.


 Bharatvarsha, 5000 years ago,

One morning, when, Braham Rishi Vashishtha was doing Yoga on a raised platform in a garden of his ashram. King Satyavrat arrived there. He was a great and pious king. He had the intuition that he was going to die soon. He always did the good deeds in his lifetime and hence he was sure that he deserved to be given a place in heaven.

He had a strange desire. He wished to go to heaven without leaving his body.

He thought about it. He knew the Brahm Rishis possess the power even to control life and death.

He thought of asking Vashisht for help, Time was running short. Therefore, he came there in the early morning

Vashishtha saw Satyavrat entering the ashram and came down to welcome him.

Vashishth respected the king for his pious nature.

They sat on cane chairs kept is a lawn.

After courtesy greetings, Maharishi asked the king, "O king of kings what compelled you to come here at this moment."

Satyavrat said, "Maharshi, I know my days are numbered on this planet. Do I deserve a place in heaven."

Vashishtha said, "Rajan, I have no doubt this. An able and pious king like you deserve a place in heaven.

Satyavrat hesitatingly said, "I wish to go there along with my body."

Vishvamitra frowned, "Do you not want to die?"

Satyavrat said, "In both ways, I have to leave this world,"

Vashshtha said, "O great king you must be knowing it against the law of nature. It is not possible."

Satyavrat said, "Maharshi, I believe you can bend even the laws of nature."

Vashitha now clearly said, "Even if


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