Part 1:The Orphanage Gives Up

"But, nobody wants me madam, I'm never going to find a home." "That's not true sweetie, just hope that the smiths will be proud of a new child in their family of four." "Ok, Madam Lera. Thank you for the hopefulness on my adoption." "You're Welcome, just pray, ok?" Knocking on the front door

"Well, that must be the smith family, I heard they are super nice people." Madam Lera had been waiting for my adoption for almost a year now, but not a person wanted me, until now.

Part 2: My New Family

"Thank You, I hope you have a great evening." Madam Lera was happy that I got adopted, even if she wasn't, nobody will ever know who I truly am. "So Karen, are you happy with us, your new family?" "Yes Mrs. Smith. Thank You for giving me a chance, it's just that I'm sad that nobody else had this oppurtunity of being my parents." "I"m sorry you're still sad sweetie, and there's no need to call me Mrs. Smith anymore. Might I say you can call me mom or Sharon, if not comfortable with mom."

Part 3: My Family's Jewels STOLEN

I wonder what would happen if Sharon and Mike didnt have their most precious items? I hope nobody finds out I did this. "Hey, Karen. What are you doing?" Jonathan had asked me, yet, still wondering what i was doing with his family jewels.


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