Tender Hearts And Vibrant Songs

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Forward                                                10


Becky Northrup


Black eyed Susans                                   12

Regret                                                  13


Freya Pickard


Silence                                                  15

March Hope.                                          19


Elizabeth Castillo


Bliss                                                      21

In Pink                                                  22

A Brand New Day                                   23


Jagjit Singh Jit


The Imprisoned Soul                               26

Search                                                  28

Souls In Love                                         30

A Bond Celestial                                     33   


Pradipta kumar Mohanty


Ecstasy                                                 36

Celebration.                                           37

Journey                                                39


Diwakar Pokhriyal


Wait of Betterment                                43

Haiku Chain                                            44

Stand For Light                                      45


Arkajyoti Samanta


All The Time,I Need The Pot                    49

Love                                                     51

Short Poem 2                                        51

Short poem 3                                        52


Jason Enrique Guzman


The Ides Of March                                  54


Carlos Andre'Dos Santos Ferreira


Winter's Past                                          58


Alicja Maria Kuberska


Dew                                                      62

A Little Angel                                          63

June Rows                                              64

The DayBreak                                          66


Aparna Pathak


Retreat                                                   70

Your Feet                                                72  

Understanding                                          73

Moon Appears                                           76


Bozena Helena Mazur Nowak


Comorants Return                                      79

Goodbye                                                   81                              

Sheherazade                                              82

Happiness As A Slice Of Bread                       83

River                                                         85

The Apple Tree                                          87


Lewis Frederick Crystal


Intro To Three Choruses Of Love 

(Blind Willie Loveless)                                   90

Love-First Chorus.                                        90

Love-Second Chorus                                    92

Love-Third Chorus                                       95


Frances Ayers


A Little Touch Of Love                                99

(Butterfly Cinquain)

Songs Of Vibrant Spring                              100

(Haiku Chain)

Love's Blessing                                           101

(A Double Etheree)

These Tender Moments                              103

(Senryu Chain)



 In this our fifth Facebook poetry anthology,we choose as our theme,the season of Spring.A time of the year that resonates all that is beautiful,hopeful and new both in ourselves and in nature.

The soul and all of life is renewed and rebirthed.Our Poets describe the beauty of nature and the hope of love in all it's glory.Overcoming struggle and difficulty is also a form of rebirth as we discover new possibilities within ourselves and in our relationships.Throughout this anthology you will find the mundane intertwined with the etereal,and you will be touched by dreams,desire,recollections,longing,and possibilities.Our hope is that you will be inspired.

 Frances Ayers-Editor


Becky Northrup

 Becky began writing when she was 12 years old,after her grandfather died. She is also an aspiring short story Writer.She was recently published in her first magazine,FM and lives in the United States with her three children.

Black Eyed Susans

A sunny day, a warm breeze, a walk, searching.My little hand in your big hand, in a field searching. A smile that reached your eyes and touched my heart, searching. A bouquet of black eyed Susan's found, memories made. Love pure and sweet, though you are no longer here. A sunny day, a warm breeze, a walk, black eyed Susan's and memories, bittersweet

© Becky Northrup


Forgive me please for all thats past and for words I did not say.Three little heartfelt words that I have long not spoken but have felt them everyday. I hope you know that I love you and that I always have. Out of hurt and misunderstanding I stupidly stayed away, now too late do I realize what I have missed along the way. I know I cannot hug you now or tell you I love you but hopefully you remembered a time so long ago when last I hugged you and let my feelings show. I love you now like I loved you then my uncle and my friend and hopefully someday we will meet again. I love you uncle Chuck!!!

© Becky Northrup


Freya Pickard

 Freya Pickard is the author of Dragonscale Leggings and lives in a little cottage with a view of the distant sea in southern England. She runs two blogs at and




Under this chestnut tree I am waiting.

The world is silent,

It has forgotten how to sing.

As sleep hovers at the corners of my eyes

The occasional breeze brings me messages;

Tantalising whiffs of garlic; musky scents of loam,

Then everything is silent and still again.

No duck swims on the pool’s placid surface,

No butterfly darts over lilies there,

No fish ‘gloops’ in his play in the sunshine,

Even the chestnut tree seems to sleep.

Then the silence of the earth is broken,

I feel the soil vibrate.

Swish and scrape of leaf and branch

Hit my ear as you advance.

The sun pours down more richly

And I see you framed by reeds.

You must not see me, smell me, hear me,

I must be so still and hardly breathe,

You must not know that I can see you.

Do not vanish like a dream!

White hide, long legs, sleek muscled frame,

Treading the sod with cloven hoof,

You arch your neck, long mane falling,

Trailing in the pool’s deep water.

You drink and ripples disturb

The prolific yellow lilies.

I long to touch you, feel your warmth,

Breathe your hot, strong scent.

I want to stroke your wise, old face

And feel your strength beneath my thighs.

I watch the sunlight glinting off

Your solitary horn and know

I must not call you, I must not sigh,

I must not sob aloud.

I must be silent, I must be frozen,

For only waiting silence can summon you,

Only silence can make you real,

Only in the silence can I call you back to me,

My long departed ancient friend


© Freya Pickard


March Hope


There is a lightening in the air

Together with the quality of birdsong

That tells me Spring is here.

Clouds are high, grey, tattered rags

Scudding fast.

Catkins blow in the cool breeze like golden showers,

But I have seen very little pussy willow.

The air smells fresh and clean,

Purified after last night’s torrential rain.


© Freya Pickard

Elizabeth E. Castillo

 Elizabeth E. Castillo is a Professional Writer/International Poet/Blogger/Journalist from the tropical paradise of the Philippines. She has just recently published her first international poetry book “Seasons of Emotions” and her poems have been featured in more than 25 international anthologies in the USA, UK, Canada and Africa .Her work also appears in online magazines. She is currently a Contributing Editor in "Inner Child "The Magazine ,and is also working as an Online English Instructor for Koreans.



Looking at the lovely horizon

Sunkissed cherry blossoms abound

Tinges of pink, orange and red

Creates an unending joy in this side of my world

And the thoughts of a blissful life with you.

Butterflies flying around dainty flowers

Chirping birds perched on high tree branches

Singing songs of melodious revelry

My mind drifted to a faraway land

Where our souls finally meet and hand in hand we dance.


Elizabeth E. Castillo Copyright March 17, 2013


 In Pink


 Lovely is the lady I have found in my garden

Dainty little feet dancing to the rhythm of the rustling leaves

Fragile hands took care of her until she finally bloomed

From a tiny little seedling

To a fully grown pink orchid.

The Dancing Lady in pink amazes whoever sees her

Daring to touch her soft tender skin

She’s always looking up to the skies above

Wondering if she could reach it one day

Dance with the heavenly angels wearing pink shoes.


Elizabeth E. Castillo Copyright March 17, 2013


A Brand New Day


A new frontier can be seen at the far horizon

As we embark on a new day after a holocaust

Move forward and be reminded ‘tis a brand new day

Forget about the troubles of yesterday

Open yourself up to a new beginning.

A brand new day is smiling your way

All the sorrows and weariness is but a thing of your dark past

Embrace your new life just like a butterfly

Which has just come out of a cocoon, aloof at first but emerged courageous

Ready to get out in the world with promises of blissful years ahead.


Elizabeth E. Castillo Copyright March 17, 2013


Jagjit Singh Jit

Born on 20th Nov. 1951, Jagjit received postgraduate degrees in Science and Law,Commerce, Education & Economics.He is from Nabha, Distt Patiala, Punjab State(INDIA).and Started writing in English beginning in June of 2012.Inspired by Poetess Fran Ayers, Chryssa Velissariou and Jen walls. He is still learning to write poetry and can say he is not a poet yet. Jagjit usually writes in Punjabi ,his mother tongue.


The Imprisoned Soul


The soul

Feels imprisoned into a

Cage of instincts & desires

Love & hatred it acquires

It feels

its knees buckled with

Aspirations and ambitions

Customs and traditions

Seems as

Caught in chains of

Sorrows and its pains

Ecstasy of pleasures it attains

Stands if

Landed in known

Web of murky relations

Nearness & dark deviations

Seeks refuge in God’s lap

To be liberated for ever

Get love & its treasure

Struggles to

Fight against intangible

Enemies of greed & lust

Bathe in waters of nectar

To wash out all sinful dirt


By Jagjit Singh Jit


@All rights reserved Jan 2013




In gardens of daffodils

And forests of deodars

I searched somewhere

Among a galaxy of stars

I searched every

Nook and corner

Wandering all around

Like a soul mourner

You never remember me

May I live or I may fall

You spoke only your pains

Your sorrows imaged a tall

You never felt by heart

You are my soul I feel

Souls may ride around

The life’s joyous wheel


By Jagjit Singh Jit

@ all rights reserved Jan 26, 2013


Souls In Love



A love this is

Beyond flesh

Mind and heart


Soul is burning here

The other some where

None claims the affair


Between mind and souls

Play the innings of love

Who bats who’s to bowl


Asylum however in

One another’s heart

None accepts to assert


Feel each others heart beat

Live in one another’s soul

But stay as strangers treat

O’ God this is somewhat illusionary

The souls be complementary

Bless them with blissfully live

Together in love alive


By :- Jagjit Singh Jit

All rights reserved: Jan. 24, 2013.


A Bond Celestial


I wonder

Why one feels at heart

Someone so much even

More than one’s own self

Her words

Spray colors of ecstasy

Over emptiness of the soul

Craves to live one’s life a full

Yes! Love

Divinely with no reciprocation

Dually heart felt, no altercation

Feel of beats less suffocation

Souls be

Complementary not compatible

Live in love not physical

A wonder sweet bond celestial


By : Jagjit Singh Jit

@ All right reserved,Feb. 08, 2013


Pradipta Kumar Mohanty

 Pradipta Kumar Mohantyis hailis from Jagatsinghpur, Odisha (India). He has completed Post Graduate studies in commerce from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar (Odisha). He work for an Indian Railway. He is an avid reader of different literary works. He has a great passion for poetry and loves to write poems also.He can be reached




Around the vortex of happiness

Spins my dream

To endear a new promise

In search of a unique bliss

Revolves my faith

Round the orbit of love

A desire for a magical relation is webbed

To my heaven of passion

And reflects the shades of pleasure

On the flush of my imagination

In the ocean of sweet emotions

Floats my warm soul

Savouring the nectar of ecstasy

To an utter contentment.


© Pradipta Kumar Mohanty




You arrive

After a spell of darkness

On the flicker of my hope

With warmth of reminiscence.

Scattering a dreamy light

Over my gloomy despair

Assuage my anguish and grief

And pursue hidden pleasure.

Some kaleidoscopic thoughts

Inject magnificence into my feelings

Urging to spew all my chagrins

And discontentment.

Pounces my heart

With a distinct flair

Wishing to sink deep in your beauty

For celebrating the commitment.


© Pradipta Kumar Mohanty




The rhythm of your euphonic music

Soothes my frayed nerves

The ripples of your majestic laughter

Sweeten the palpitations of my heart

Your arresting beauty

Lures my intense obsession

Spreading an appealing flavour

On my undying emotion

Your tender attraction

Wins the warmth of my soul

Pushing my complacency

To a blissful zone

My life moves along

Steering a journey

With the mission

To unravel the mystery of your thought

For fusing our relation

In an unfathomable togetherness.


© Pradipta Kumar Mohanty





Diwakar Pokhriyal

 Diwakar Pokhriyal is a Poet by passion. He has been writing poetry since his school days. As of now he has written five poetry books which are published and available on, flipkart and written by him -

1) Words of love,

2) Solacious Solitude,

3) Why Me Year,

4) From I to We – a poetic love story,

5) Droplets in the sea – with a poetic flow

He is also a part of 13 poetry anthologies with poets around the world.


Wait Of Betterment

( A Fibonacci)




Very long,

Tiring and firing,

Stitching and binding us slowly,

For an unknown courageous battle of all battles

See the unseen


© Diwakar Pokhriyal


(Haiku Chain)


Twinkling starry night,

Nothingness dissolves our soul,

A self -Inspection


Beautiful flowers,

Over-shadows teary rain,

A blind eyed cosmos


Sizzling rain pricks hard,

Deep fear entangles belief

Pure enlightenment


© Diwakar Pokhriyal


Stand For Light

(Acrostic poetry)


 Surrendering Wits,

Torturing souls is to rumble,

Arresting pain and lifelessness,


Darkness is proof of fumble,

Fighting flawlessly is a mark,

Outshining the courage within,

Rupturing the colossal dark,

Light will fall at the place,

Intriguing souls will be enlightened,

Generating sparks of blazing fires,

Haunting the evil darkness,

Tremendous faith will rejuvenate the desires


© Diwakar Pokhriyal





Arkajyoti Samanta

 Arkajyoti Samanta is a Director,of Human Resources of the Karnataka Health Promotion Trust, Bangalore, India. He has extensive experience in Human Resource Management, with a back ground of working in the Public Sector Undertaking and NGOs. He is a passionate art lover and active member of writer-network, a free creative writing community .Writing poems on Facebook. has also been a passion for him. He has accepted this as his journey; one of conviction and contentment. His poems have been featured in Taj Mahal Review and anthologies published by Brian Wrixon, Canada , Barry Mowles, UK (Destiny to write publication) ,and  Dwina Taylor , USA.


All The Time, I Need The Pot


The known voice, a tempting knock at the door

This is the source

Poems emerge

Knowingly you ask about

Sadness part

I admit, after all a human

All the time, I need the pot

Full pot, only full pot

May be, there is inner connectivity

I don’t know the reason

When everything reduced to silence, I hear poetry

In the evening

In such silent hours

I count stars

How innocent they are?

They stay where they are

May be there is inner connectivity!

Between silence, stars and poetry!


© Arkajyoti Samanta




With a closed entity

Within impermeable boundary

Seamless, as the base of bonding

An unassuming infinite


© Arkajyoti Samanta


Short poem 2


I must agree this contest

Heart verses head

To win heart, bow head

A win in head, a heart blockage…


© Arkajyoti Samanta


Short poem 3


I admit as you said

I have a life

My only worry is

You never inquired

About it.

© Arkajyoti Samanta




 Jason Enrique Guzman

Jason was born and raised in Queens, NY.He loves art, music, poetry, philosophy and has studied film,which has led him to work on numerous shorts as a PA.


 The Ides Of March


The ides of March sets in, the tides of change begin

A polarizing mindset propells us to divergent ideal

Paths on our road to mindfulness, the equinox points to the wind of change

Once reborn, that which brings life to the sun and trees

The earth can set free the energy it needs to be able to feed you and me

The comprehensive totality of knowledge and wisdom awaits

And the road leads to those who are willing to forgo the stakes in the system today

Take a moment to let sensations run through the observer that is at the bottom of the ocean of self

Let not the things we do cloud our sense of being

The sound of that ocean stillness permeates the arctic tundra and the ancient forest

As much as your inner self. all that is, emanates from being

It begins with a respirational flow, buzzed clearness ringing heavily at a hypnotic tone

And pace that erases your subjective consciousness,

we exist in layers, human derivatives of the original hum of the universe

 © Jason Enrique Guzman

 Carlos André Dos Santos Ferreira,

Carlos André dos Santos Ferreira,is a 27 year old male who hails from Vila do Conde,Portugal.In 2011 Carlos participated in a writing contest with a short story he created originally for it.He didn't win but that didn't dampen his spirits.When he's not writing,he enjoys listening to music ( especially Metal), reading,going to festivals/concerts, camping and going out with friends.He's been writing for a while now.Carlos picked up a pen around 2002 and hasn't stopped.since.In the beginning it was just wannabe-lyrics.But afterwards,he started to write poems as he developed his writing skills.


 Winter's Past


Through this verdurous fields

I see the changes

It's time to begin anew

Let go gently of the cold embrace

Of Winter's past

Embrace that was full of memories

Some merry, some aching

That forever will be remembered

But now, let us greet warmer breezes

Break words with strangers

Blossom seeds of possible loves

Build relations to enrich the soul

Yes, it's time to begin anew

For one more chance

To heal enduring wounds

Let the sun shine on

And cleanse darker clouds.


© Carlos André dos Santos Ferreira,

Alicja Maria Kuberska

 Alicja Maria Kuberska (1960) was born in Świebodzin a small picturesque city in the midst of woods and lakes, close to Zielona Góra and one hundred kilometres from Berlin. She now lives with her family in the beautiful city of Inowrocław, which is a health resort. Alicja's full time occupation is working for a town hall and in her free time ,she carries out welfare work in society Pro Arte ,in the Society of Sisters -Cities Inowrocław (Poland) and in Bad Oyenhausen (Germany) whilst also actively engaging in charity work.Poetry is an essential part of her life allowing her to release emotions and thought's,part of her subjective secret life.

 Alicja's poems have been published on the internet which allows for live and spontaneous contact with her readers. She is always interested in hearing from people and appreciates their remarks and comments. The honest exchange of thoughts is very inspirational and assists Alicja with her ongoing personal development in poetry. Occasionally she inserts her poems on her profile on Facebook ,written both in Polish and English.In 2011,Alicja published a volume of her poems titled,“The glass reality”. Her poems also appear in a few anthologies and magazines as well. Alicja was a feature poet of New Mirage Journal (USA) - Summer 2011 and her poem ,“Train” was nominated for the Puscard Reward.She is a member of the poetical society E-literaci,Poezja and E-poezja London and The Polish Writers Associations in Warsaw.




I know,that I am only

a drop of dew

hanging between

night and day.

I know too,

that I exist only

a short time

on this world.

I learn from yesterday,

I live for today,

I dream of tomorrow.


© Alicja Maria Kuberska/All Rights Reserved


A Little Angel


I will send you my angel.

Take care of him.

He is so little, that

You can hide him

In your hand or

In deep in your heart.

Remember ,that my angel

Feeds on your smiles,

Well-wishing words and

Good deeds.

Do not allow him to die from



© Alicja Maria Kuberska/All Rights Reserved


June Rows


Only the June night

Lines writhe, like wreaths.

Weave a cool star

The transience of the word,

Blade up to the mornings.

Sometimes the word lyrical plot

In the moonlight.

Peaceful melodies, whispers -

Strange and magical.


Jasmine bloom,

And the nightingale sing in them.

Develop verses,

Like flowers on the shrubs.


That absorb at night

Storms of passion,

Affectionate lovers kissing

And hidden smiles in the dark.


© Alicja Maria Kuberska/All Rights Reserved


The Daybreak


Wake me up

Delicately and tenderly.

Blow away the dream

From my eye-lashes.

Then I will see, how

Aurora with rose fingers

Cuts the darkness of the night and

Lightens the blue sky.

All birds,

Curled up in the nests,

Will sing the hymn about dawn.

The first, warm rays of the sun

Will kiss the petals of

Sleeping flowers.

This is a miracle of

The new day created.

Good morning


© Alicja Maria Kuberska

 Aparna Pathak

 Aparna Pathak belongs to India. She is a Graduate in English (Honors) and Post Graduate in Public Relations. She writes poems on blogs such as,,, poems have also been published in several print anthologies,in online publications and also in “Reflections”, a literary magazine in London. Aparna also won a contest in “Free verse” poetry , organized by “heart of global poets” ,a poetry group, on ” Face book” .One of her poem was awarded the commendation of ” Highly Commended ” in the Poem of the Year Category of the Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets ICOP Awards 2012.




You are retreating

Leaving behind

Some yawning breaths

Exhaled at dawn;

Little crinkles

On pillow we shared;

Some casually left

Morsels of toast in plate;

Two bleakly imprinted

Lips on half drunk

Glass of water;

Few dust motes

Shed from

Proceeding shoes;

And warmth

Of your departing hand

On mine;

Each telling

Its own




© Aparna Pathak/ All Rights Reserved.


Your Feet


Traces of your feet

On the pavement

Became my way to destination

A stranger few years back

Is now my pillar of support

And my biggest fascination

My first thought of you every morning

And last thought of you in night

Gives me moments of elation

I don’t fear anymore

I have you to depend upon

And guide me with ideal contemplation


© Aparna Pathak/ All Rights Reserved




It turns everything into new

It covers us like a soft, warm mantle

Giving everything we lacked;

In hope to reach the unattainable

We move ahead to it with hesitant steps;

Missing enthusiasm returns

And we start behaving like a stubborn kid

No longer, we feel ashamed of ourselves

Even when we are arguing stupid

Love’s omnipresence makes us happy

And innocently our palms cups our own face

Day goes imagining talks, cuddles

Kisses, intimacy and embrace

We shed our inhibitions

Among laughs, jokes and touch

Listening just heart

We start losing ourselves so much

Pigeons of thinking start flying high

Someone sets them free in sky

Coins are scattered around penny bank

Someone dragged them out from the tank

Water is spilling from earthy pot

Someone jerked, to take out the collected lot

We know this won’t leave us with hurt

And will make us live with better worth


© Aparna Pathak/ All Rights Reserved


Moon Appears



Amidst stars

Among grey clouds

Increasing gradually

With progressive night

telling its tale about

Its steady progress

Of its wispy appearance

From nothingness

To the brightest one


© Aparna Pathak/ All Rights Reserved


Bożena Helena Mazur-Nowak

 Bożena Helena Mazur-Nowak was born in 1958 in Opole, Poland. In 2004 in search of work,she migrated to Great Britain, where she lives and works. Bozena works in a hospital in Operating Theatres as an  auxiliary nurse.,helping people,So in short one can say ,she is the mother of a broken heart. Bozena is also a Happy grandmother and an eternal dreamer.

Emigration has been a difficult choice for her because, as she says, “Life in the home country on the edge of poverty, with no chance to a miserable existence leading almost to madness, And suddenly opens a window to the world and invites you to reach for new possibilities. So I reach – not without fear, after a long deliberation – I reach,leaving the past behind and begin to build a new life. At the heart is a longing that brings poems “.


Cormorants Return


Cormorants swung a circle above the beach

Look down at the empty nest

Unite in a passenger flight in key

Sand glitters golden amber

In clenched hand white scallop

Warm days like yesterday

Recently was the piston and the buzz here

Chaise overturned remembers summer

Wind-blown sails flutter

Wild beach frozen in silent reverie

Mention of lovers sighs

With the hope that the cormorants will return


Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak Poet

@ All Rights Reserved




Spell does not work anymore

Your heart so cold

I was your claim

You burned it

Now I have to say "no"

Time to go


Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak Poet

@ All Rights Reserved




Scheherazade ,you are like lost treasure

Who I managed to find without a map

He said

Your lips are like a mystery

I want to share with you


if your eyes could talk would tell the story

Which I could listen to forever

Let me he ask

And so just using the word he dressed me in jewels

Became my confidant

And I was like Scheherazade

Filled out our nights telling stories about love


by Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak Poet

@ All Rights Reserved


Happiness As A Slice Of Bread


Take me for a walk along the river

On the meadow nestled into the edge

Where the sun sings from above

And the wind my dress raises up

Pick up for me a bouquet of wild flowers

Tangle love into it with a pink ribbon

On the bench under the fragrant jasmine

Read poems written in the spring

In the evening back to home

Let's hear the crickets lullaby

Under the sky that we favor

Let's have bread that smells of happiness


by Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak Poet

@ All Rights Reserved




Flows from the source of life

Thin trickle

Tdly quietly

And for a moment turn into

A torrent

Not terrible obstacles

Despite many turns

More and more still ahead

Poured out upon the meadow everyday

Sometimes even the shafts break

Deeper trough

The road forks

Giving rise to new rivers

The valley of golden autumn affects lazy

Release more slowly

Going to the sea of passing

Our lives


by Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak Poet

@ All Rights Reserved


The Apple Tree


Do you remember the apple tree dear?

It’s deeply hidden in the orchard

So I liked to be that once

My darling I’ll meet you there


In the middle of May, bathed in flowers,

Attracting a swarm of bees

Sweet smell of apple flowers

Our trysts; it did good for us.


Petals lay a white carpet,

And we are huddled together.

You were then so close to me

Why isn’t today the same?


I do not know


by Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak Poet

@ All Rights Reserved



Lewis Frederick Crystal

 Lewis Frederick Crystal is the author of six novels (including BOOKSELLER BLUES, YOU MADE ME CRY) and six books of poetry, the most recent being A HISTORY OF SEX & OTHER ASPECTS OF LOVE and THE PAST IS INEVITABLE. His new book HERITAGE & OTHER POEMS will be published sometime this spring. He is also the editor-publisher of FM via his fledgling publishing company AVENUE U PUBLICATIONS. "


Intro To Three Choruses Of Love


"Love don't answer questions

Love don't pay no mind

Love don't know hesitation

Love will make you blind"


Blind Willie Loveless (1916-1963)


Love-First Chorus


In the throes of love

Our hero loses his tight grip

On his own identity, above

It all before, now he slips


Beneath the surface

Of her icy demeanor

Remembers her kiss

From the year before


Struggles to hear her

Voice calling to him

From that ancient river

But his chances are slim


To none and besides

She only loved him in passing

Unlike the natural tides

It was whim, not everlasting.


@ All rights reserved

Lewis Frederick Crystal


Love-Second Chorus


In love's undertow

Our heroine delights

In unraveling her beau's

False reality, his night


Turning into day

The right hand not knowing

What the left hides away

She is not exactly crowing


In triumph, rather

She is annoyed at his vanity

As if only he could gather

The spoils of their love and she


Had to be content with

Standing at the water's edge

As he disappeared in the mist

Or stood forlornly at the ledge


Of his own towering ego

Ready to take the perilous plunge

Past a thunderous roaring flow

Of miscommunication, expunge


His soul of love's false effects

The yearning, the desire, the joy

And need for her embrace, sex

Was the means, never her ploy.


@ All rights reserved

Lewis Frederick Crystal


Love-Third Chorus


Love is the call and response

The give& take& the in & out

Apart from each other, nonchalance

May allow pause and room for doubt


Together nothing can breach

Their eyes locking in mid air

Appraisal of the love in reach

And denial of that awful despair


Which loomed large in their past

Before they met and understood

How theirs was destined to last

If any mortal love could.


@ All rights reserved

Lewis Frederick Crystal



Frances Ayers

 Frances has edited numerous eBook anthologies on Bookrix.Her poems have been published online,in various anthologies and in a print journal,FM.Her poem,"As Old As The Sea",came in third place in the May 2010 Voicesnet poetry competition,and she also received a certificate of honorable mention from the Famous Poets Institute,for "A Patient Time".When she is not writing,she is a fulltime Caregiver for an elderly uncle.Frances resides in New York,and is a former Social Worker

 A Little Touch Of Love-A Butterfly Cinquain



Without regret

With words that heal the soul

Softly and tenderly offered


And intuitively spoken

On angels wings'

A gift


Copyright @ Frances Ayers


Songs Of Vibrant Spring(Haiku Chain)


When perfumed laced notes

Fill a once cold laden ground

I kiss the face of Spring


Caressing the earth

With all her new finery

A newness abounds


Beauty roams the earth

No longer in disguise

Rebirth reigns supreme


Copyright @ Frances Ayers


Love's Blessings (A Double Etheree)




Without gall

Spreading the joy

Of selfless giving

It's face,a glowing light

Contagious in its pure form

Harbinger of peaceful moments

Immeasurable, as twinkling stars

Unexpected returns for the giver

Often admired by those in need most

So rare a gift,seldom seen by some

Never wasted,long sought after

Healer,teacher and noble

Casts a light to subdue

The darkest of nights

Pleasing to all





Copyright @ Frances Ayers


These Tender Moments(Senryu Chain)


These tender moments

A snapshot of perfect love

A minds' souvenir


Unspoiled passion

Hearts,minds,bodies entangled

Oblivious souls


Love's fire ignites

Unaware of distractions

Time is infinite


Copyright @ Frances Ayers








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