Living as a Teenager Lifted my friends Expectations even if they did'nt know that i was a Vampire seems they were never Suspicous of how i eat or how good i can smell and sense blood But seems that i just cant handle it my family Tried not drinking blood for a long While seems we can take it. Wondering how much is it that we face from the Death there is nothing we Vamp's can do to protect except kill,
Seems that Life without Feeling seem to notice nothing except for a life,
My family Has always been away from blood and tried to not drink blood so we can live like Humans seems super Recistant To The Future ,
For a Vampire's Expectations Live Forever i transer to Diffrent HighSchools every Four Years so they dont notice Who we Really are.

-Chapter One-
I wake up to the Smell of Pancakes seems that my brother Ashton was Cooking,So after i ate my Breakfast Mylee Picked my up so she could Drive me to school
after we Got our Test's Hannah Soon came to my table she just Nodded i hate when Hannah Goes and just Embaresses Me,
So then We went to The Canteen She saw me sniffing the Blood from the Chicken She told me there was blood on the Chicken i just said its okay i really miss the Smell the taste of Blood so i put the Chicken back and then i just picked up another one.
after Lunch ,
Custody My other Friend who's A Vampire also Texted me She said Allyson is Coming!
I cant believe this She came back all these years,
Her family Torchered our Family For Years
It seems i could smell her coming i just knew one day she would come back after hundreds of years she is coming back,
After Class i went home and saw a note from my Mom she said the rest of my family is gonna meet at the end of the woods to fight Allyson And her Family,
I dont seem to predict how its gonna end but all i know we Cant Control our Selves if we know there will be a Feast of Blood.

-Chapter Two-
When i was walking i saw something sparking in the side of the long tree i asked him what he was doing he said he wasnt sparking he was a vampire too,
I just seemt To have a Crush on him As a spark of light i never felt this way before.
i asked him what family he was he said he could'nt tell it was just too Private i dont know why but he seemt to want to ask me the same question when i went to my family they told me to go up on the tree so i could see what going on there i saw like a big group of 20 vampire's sucking on a family of humans and i seemt pity on then but i did'nt want to help them for some reason.
After then i saw they guy who didnt want to give his own surname,
He was just Spying on my family i soon went to him and asked him what he was doing,
He just Smerked sadly and said your from Ashton's Family Right i just said Yeah 'Ok i seemt pity' 'For what''Living as a human' 'its okay' 'no it isnt can u live with out blood we cant' after the conversation we had my mom Called me she told me to Guard on the Right side With Matthew i agreed and went there.
Matthew told me to stay. it seemt i was alone in the area but actually i wasnt alone. i smell a human then when i turned my back i saw Mylee i asked her what is she doing here it wasnt safe!
She said were late for our class i told her i will follow she said ok then left .
i almost forgot there were some vampires left in the woods i ran to her like lighting,
Luckily i pushed her i told her to run she seemt to notice something suspicous.
It really seems that alomost all of them went to Mylee for Some Reason,
It seems That She always smell's like meat and Blood even from Here.
I just cant Recist it.

-Chapter three-
Life has Been Changing all Around me i dont know whats happening anymore i feel so thirsty!
i just cant control myself i need blood!
but i need to control myself!,
i think i need some fresh air to relax myself i think i should just skip school.
i was walking to The Valley which is sort'ove far from here,
what i like about it is the fresh air the sunshine the feel that your the only person in the world kinda Feel.
i dont know why im acting like a human it was hundred's of years ago i started something staying in that valley made me think 'bout something,
why am i doint this This is my life time that will never end well Practically.
But still im just wasting it im gonna die of death anyway not of old age or any of those because im gonna fight the Allyson's .
its just alot Of pressure,
Who said it was Gonna Be Easy!


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To all Readers Enjoy Sorry i didnt Finish the book i will finish it everyday till its complete till then enjoy the book itself ENJOY! :)

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