Ding Dong."Um hello?" "TRICK OR TREAK!" "Um is it Halloween?" ":|" "YES IT IS HALLOWEEN STUIPED OLD MAN!" "Really?" "YES!" "Well im sorry i dont have candy." "WE WANT CANDY!" "Um um um..." "Here kids." "Really really money?" "WERE KIDS NOT TENNS!" "WE DONT CARE ABOUT MONEY ON HALLOWEEN!" "We want CANDY." "Well I only have one..." "You have one what?" "One candy bar of corse." "Well where is it?"
"Its here." -Breath hard- "OMG!!!" " I Told you its heavy." "No you didnt." "I know -Laughs-" "Well kids share it because its one big bad boy." "Ok!" (Hmm there going to kill eachother.) "Te He." -Kids Kill eachother- "HA i knew there going to kill eachother!"
"Huh?" "Nothing." "U SAID WERE GOING TO KILL EACH OTHER!" "No I didnt." "YES YOU DID!" "Dont lie fat hobo!" "Did you just call me a..." "Yes I did." "Your so rude child." "You think i care." "Yes I do."
"Well your wroung!" -Five chirdren attacks old man.-
"Well our work here is done." -Kids clasp hands together-"Well lets go to Uncle Hunter's place." "Ok."
-Kids get's in mom & dad's car- "Well were at Hunter's house." "What now?" "Lets go prank Uncle Hunter ok?" "Ok." -The kids prank Uncle Hunter with a Ding Dong Ditch- "Who's there?" "US!" "Aww kids you shouldent have."


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