Once there lived a pack of wolves.And there were 3 of them.The leader's name is Sonya.The Co Leader's name is Hunter.And te pup's name is Flamm.They were the most strongest pack of Yellow Stone.One day all 3 of them went Hunting.But they went to far from the Wolves Campsite.So there were lost.Flamm was crying very load,so the other pack can hear him.But they didnt.So Sonya,Hunter and Flamm was hungry very badly.So they ate the snow for now...The next Morning,they woke up in a warm place (A Den).Flam said "Where are we mommy?"She said "I dont know."Hunter was like "Its a Den."And the good thing was there was a 529 pound Bull Elk (Male) on the table.So they chowed down the Elk in 26 seconds.(Thats fast for a wolf.)And it was there awsome and best friend Zoey!She said "What are you guys doing out here in the cold without your pack?"Well Flamm said in a small cute voice."We got lost from The Campsite."Zoey had a surpriseed face.And they stayed there for a long time. 5 years later Flamm is now 10 years old.He is now old euongh to attack Elks,Rabbits,Foxs and other things that are meat.Well he went hunting with his parent's.They hunter 5 Bull Elks,and 5 Cow Elks (Female).So after they attack those Elks they ate them so did Zoey...On Sunday afternoon,they went to attack Humen Hunters.So they attacked them and they found somthing.It was an Xbox360! The game that was in the CD-ROM is Left 4 Dead 2.Theyed played it,"it was so fun!"Said Zoey and Flamm.It was Gore(Guts) and blood everywhere on the scean.Then there was a Tank (A big stroung zombie dude.)"Oh no" said Zoey."Kill the piece of shit"Said Flamm.Sonya and Hunter had a good time trying out new foods.Hunter found a phone.And threw it to the ground,and it broke.Sonya founded a PC. And played on it,she was having so much fun she chased her tail!Wel they stayed at that house.As there home.The next moning Zoey & Flamm sneaked to the T.V and playes Left 4 Dead, super quietly.And they payed for The Passing.And guess what? Zoey! She's in the game.She was happy very happy.She likes hoe Zoey looked.And Flamm,likes to be Ellis.And in the game Ellis has a crush on Zoey.Flamm does in real life too.And does Zoey has a crush on Ellis? Maybe....Sonya woke up and went to get some food ready for breakfast.Everyone ate,and Flamm & Zoey went to play a different game.So they found a new game called "Halo:REACH" So they started playing it,they liked it.And then they went hunter for Rabbits.Then they heard a gun shoot.. BANG BOOM BANG!!! they went to see want got shot...It was Seno this is the end for him. :(


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