Loneliness and Pain


How do you really know

Just what to do or say

When someone you love

Is in so much pain?

When their lives are depleted

Of the basic resources

That we as humans

Need for our survival

And they feel so lost, lonely, and empty

And all they feel is pain?

I haven’t really been lonely

Although I’ve been alone

And I can’t imagine what my life would be like

If I had no one

It’s one of my greatest fears next to dying

How do you help someone

Who’s been hurt again and again

By family, loves and friends

Who’s feeling their age

And losing hope and maybe even faith

Feel good about life?

What experience and knowledge

Do I have to share?

Well, I’ll be the first to admit

That I have a lot to learn

That I don’t know everything

That I don’t really want to judge

Because I’m not any better than others

I like to consider people my sisters and brothers

In Christ with God our Father

And the Holy Spirit to blow through our lives

But I’ll say this

Lonely people are not simply alone

For that’s only temporary

Lonely people have a condition

That seems like a cursed eternity

And what they really need and want

More than anything else

Isn’t money, success, a job, or things

They want love, acceptance, and security

And they need people to give that to them

That’s the only real cure for the disease loneliness

No one really talks about it

Like they do other diseases or illnesses

But it’s out there and it’s real

And people suffer great pain from it

It’s really a big deal

And it breaks my heart to think

That some people have to learn to be strong

On their own

While others are never left alone

We all need our space, that’s true

But think how you’d feel if you were lonely too

And consumed with pain, lost and maybe even depressed

We all need and deserve a chance at happiness

And we all want love

Let’s help our neighbors find it and let’s give it

Let’s be aware and open up our hearts because

We can beat loneliness.

Questions and Answers


So many questions

Doubts and fears

Yet so many hopes

And dreams

Where do I go

To get some answers?

Maybe I can figure it out

Just what my life should be about

But if I can’t then who do I turn to?

I must turn to my Heavenly Father

And pray that there’ll be peace one day

So much violence, death, destruction

Damage to our planet and to our fellow man

The evil that’s within overpowering the good

Thank God for good Christians and other people

Who’ll fight in their own way as they should

So then there’s faith, truth, light

Which fight off the darkness and lies

And somehow keeps this world

Form totally destroying itself.

I think of the big problems

And the little ones, too

I worry for my loved ones and myself

Whatever shall I do?

Don’t live in the past but learn from it

Remember the wonder of the moment

Think of the future but don’t obsess

Only God knows all the answers

To our pain and happiness

That’s why we lean on Jesus

And allow the Holy Spirit to fill us up

So that we live and die in Christ

And belong to Him always and forever.

I don’t know what my future

Has to bring

Or how “successful” I may be

But at least I know what I truly love

And that’s most important to me-

I have faith so God’s in my life

I have family and friends

Who help me however they can

To all my friends who’ve been tried and true

In my heart I’ll always love you

For these loved ones are the real treasure

Worth more than gold-they’re priceless

And all the money in the world

Could never compete with that…

So despite the problems, trials, tribulations

The war and cruelty between people and nations

The ignorance, foolishness and foulness of this world

There’s still love, respect and trust

The beauty of nature and the Spirit

Let’s remember the good with the bad

And pray

That heaven and earth may unite one day.

How Did This Happen?


How did this happen?

I can’t believe how much things have changed

How did this happen?

That I could feel such a range

Of feelings and emotions

It’s all so amazing and strange

As if my heart, mind and soul are an ocean

Overflowing with something real and intense

How did this happen?

One day I only feel platonic and it makes sense

We go out and have fun and

I have a dream

Then the next day I feel something new

Why does it seem

That my view of us and of you

Has literally changed overnight?

How did this happen?

I question whether I should fight

What I feel, question it, ignore it

Or if I should take a chance

And tell you how I feel

I’m so afraid you won’t feel the same

The pain that would cause is all too real

This is my life, yours too and not a game

I love how close our friendship has become

And I hope and pray that won’t ever change

Because to me you will always be someone

Who I care about, appreciate, respect, and love

How did this happen?

I really don’t know

But the fact is it did so…

What do I do?

I’m new to the queer scene

And don’t know how to make a move

Maybe I need to talk to more people

Help me find my groove

But it’s not all about me

You have a part in this too

If I admit to you

What I feel

It will affect you too

I don’t want to put any pressure on you

Who knows how you’d feel

About the age difference

Or about the reality

Of being a couple at church

And there’s my family

Who pretend my queer side doesn’t exist

How did this happen?

Is it meant to be?

Only God knows and we’ll find out

And I ask God for the courage

To take a chance and see what we’re really about.

Pain, Strain, and Struggle


What do you do

When someone you love doesn’t understand

What do you say

When you’ve disappointed people and let them down

How do


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