Chapter 1 His E-eyes!

I'm in bed it's about 6 in the morning I never like stupid morning so my mom and sister is calling me to get up so I get up and take a shower and throw on this. I layed back down on my bed after brushing my teeth and hair. I love my bed <3

I am all ready *saying it to Mom and Heather*
Okay, get your umbrella and Heather's it's gonna rain after school.
okay thanks mom
so I head to collage with my sister, when my sister seen Jay.
JAYYYYYYYY*She ran tackling him down*
HEYY, HEATHER, why did you tackle me?
Because I haven't seen you in like forever.
It's only been a week I seen you last Monday rember?
No I said in a sarcastic way, Yes I do rember. :D
Okay let's go to stupid College.
*We walked together heading toward college*
Were finally here I said to Jay
YUCK!! yeah we are :(
*We got our schedules and Heather realized she only had 2 classes with him out of 8 :'( *
Dammit we only have 2 classes together first class then last
Yeah I know
Heather I have to go put my stuff in my locker bye love you *hugs her*
Heather and Jay said bye talk to you later.
Byee I said
* I went to our own lockers when...*
I accidenltly bumped into a really tall cute guy, His E-eyes! were soo gorgeous, There dark brown eyes.

I-i-i'm sorry I said scared
It's okay my name is Hank Storms you?
E-Elizabeth I said scared again
Don't be scared he said well let me see your schedule I can help you find it if you want me to?
Sure I said this time confident in my voice
*He walks me to my first class then he left*
See you later
Bye I said smiling

First hour was so boring, it was History with Mr.Danlage he passed everybody even if they didn't try hard

Second Hour was a little excited it was SCIENCE, we just got to know each other but were doing a experiment tomorrow can't wait

Third Boring as hell, all we did was sit there doing nothing trying to get to know eachother I said nothing because I don't like talking to people but Megan

LUNCH TIME YESS, I seen Megan there sitting with two guys one I regonized by the one I bumped into I was like oh crap he's gonna know so I sat by Megan ignoring Hank

Hey Elizabeth
Hey I said to Megan
Heyy your the girl that I bumped into right?
Umm yeah but I bumped into you *looking down at my lunch trying to ignore his staring even thou I felt him stare*
Oh yeah he said laughing well see you all gotta go to classes let's go Devin
Nice to meet your Elizabeth my name is Devin bye see ya
Bye, nice to meet you * not looking at either one*


~Chapter 2~ Meeting HIM ;)

Meeting HIM ;) Chapter 2
(Warning: Has Cussing in it)

Fourth Hour- I MET HIM, The teacher ;)

"Good morning students my name is Mr.Monroe i'm your music teacher for the rest of the year" ;)

He had black short hair and the most beautiful chocolaty brown eyes.

I heard girls giggling and over hear Kaitlynn say

"I hope he don't have a wife or girlfriend, he's soo damn cute am I right"?
Girl 1: "I know he's so fucking beautiful and his accent"
Kaitlynn- "I know but he's my okay girl he's fucking mine"

I mumbled "You wish like he would give a slut a day or time"

"What did you say Miss. what's your last name" Mr.Monroe said trying not to smile

"Morano Mr. Monroe" I said shyly I don't like being called on

"okay what did you say Miss. Morano"?? He said this time trying not to laugh

"Nothing just these girls never mind" I said looking down

"Look at me when I speak okay love" Mr. Monroe said lifting my face up

"Oh my he's so freaking hot what am I saying he would never go for a student"

"Ello are you there"? He said *snapping me out of my gaze *

"No she is never hear that's why she has no friend's she's a loser" Kaitlynn said while laughing

"Yes sorry, and Kaitlyn I shou;d say slut shut up you only have guys because you sleep with them" I said angry

"So what did you say please say it" He said in his soft but strong accent (he's British)

"I didn't say anything"

"Okay, after class come talk to me okay I know you said something love" He said serious

"okay" *I go back to my spot thinking oh my he called me love why am I so happy he's my teacher he can't possibly like me i'm his student okay I admit I like him I said thinking to myself*

"Okay let's start at a couple of notes to warm your voices up repeat after me"
"DO, RE, ME, FA ,SO , LA , TE, DOO"

*oh my gosh I love his voice gosh he's so hot no SNAP OUT OF IT*


"Okay good so now let's sing stuck like glue by sugarland by the way I don't like that song haha" He said laughing

*Everybody started to laugh*

"okay repeat after me whoa whoa stuck like glue you me baby were stuck like glue, almost stay out do stuff for the ATL out just a spoon full of sugar make you better real quick"

*We repeated after him the same stuff, but he has like the most beautiful voice all the boys here voice crack's it's funny and their not very good*

*It was getting pretty funny why would he choose that song out of all the other millions hehe but anywho he was also looking at me the whole time ahh then the bell rang clearing my thought*

"Okay class dismissed don't be late for your next class, Miss. Morano come here I need to talk to you".

"b-b- but I have class I have t-t-to go" I said stuttering like a fool

"I will give you a tardy slip so you wouldn't get a detention for being late to class"


"So, what did you mumble earlier"

"Oh I just said that I wished my sister would be here in this class" *lying to him was the worst thing doing to him I don't know why thou.*

"Oh and so what is your sister's name"? He said with a funny confused look on his face

"Heather Morano why"? I said now confused

"Just wondering, I can't wonder" *then he leaned in to kiss me*

* His soft lips against mine was perfect so I kissed him back and I felt a smile through kissing him*

Then he pulled away

"I'm so sorry I don't know why I did that i'm sorry I shouldn't of done that i'm your teacher" He said really worried

"It's okay" * I kissed him back and surprised he kissed back*

"Wow, that was amazing well you gotta go back to class see you tomorrow love" He said while smiling

"Okay see you tomorrow to Mr. Monroe"

"Call me Peter when nobody's around" ;)

"Okay Peter see you" I said smiling while leaving until he pulled my arm

"Just one thing don't tell anybody about the kiss okay I could loose my job".

"Okay I promise Peter"

*I walked to my next class to find it was English with Heather yay and oh my Megan awesome i'm so happy my day can't get any better than this*

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Picture Time/Bio ;)

I thought maybe you would like to get to know the characters ;)ENJOY

Heather Morano:

Hey, I am Heather Morano, I am 17 going on 18 years old
and going to college/high school.
Fav. Color: BLUE
Hobby: Singing, dance, and my crazy self
Yes I am sister's with Lizzy (Elizabeth)

Peter Monroe:

Hello Mate i'm from United Kingdom.
I moved here to teach Music class and science possibly
I love to sing, act to
favorite color. Red and Blue
food I like Pizza and Chicken
I'm looking for a relationship with a
girl that would love me for me
well I have to go teach bye mates

Jay Santiago:

Heyy, i'm best friend's with Heather and I am 17 years old
I am also a senior in college
she don't know I like her though :(
but anywhore
favorite color black
favorite music,country
well I have to go to stupid college byee
I am emotional
I know this girl from facebook named Liany M. Rose I known her about 2-3 years now
We get along perfectly because were both EMO!! :)

Kaitlynn Cleavers:

Hi, have you ever heard
i'm a bitch and I love
to sleep with guys well I hope
you like my pic ;)
I am truly mean to Elizabeth because I hate her and she's a bitch
well got to go to stupid college
see if there's any cute guys if you know what I mean ;)

Megan Rain:

I am 16 and a junior in college which if yall didn't know
That is a 11th grader in college
Elizabeth Morano's friend
Hi! I am, Rain Miller I speak what's on my mind
Me and Lizzy get along perfectly
Because we speak our minds, I am nice
unless if you make me mad
Then I'll say what's on it!!
I am fairly nice!!
I mean with Kaitlynn because of her drama she starts with my friend
Then I am a bitch!! ;)
I gotta go to college byeeee!! :)

Devin Thiessen:

I am a sophomore in college
Hi!! I am Devin , I play sports so I am pretty fit
I am a gentlemen in fact quite the ladies man
Every girl wants me but I want that one special girl
But I don't know who that's just yet
My best friend is Hank he's the best ever
Gotta go to classes bye!! :(

Hank Storms:

sophomore in college
Hi!! I am Hank Storms, I am Devin's best friend
I am also a gentlemen, I am not that sporty
But I do chess, I am not looking for a relationship
But however Devin is looking for one
He's the best friend anyone can ask for
Gotta go hang with friend at college bye!! :O

Elizabeth Morano:

Hi!! I am Elizabeth Morano
I am Heather Morano's sister
She's older than me by a year and a half but I am taller than her
I am 16
I am sorta sporty I like soccer
I'm looking for a relationship where the guy wouldn't take advantage of me and love me for ME!!
I love to sing, watch t.v., and just be my lazy self when I get to know you better !! ;)
I am really shy, I don't like talking to most of the guys because there all jerks
I go by Lizzy and if you make me mad then I speak what's on my mind!! But I am kind!!

~Chapter 3~ The Fight with the slut

*I entered English class with Heather and Megan*

"Heather and Megan I need to tell you something"

"What is it"?

"Yeah what is it"?

"I um we um"

Both: "WHAT"

"Me and Mr.Monroe um Kissed" *whispering now*

Both- *whispering loud* "TELL ME IS HE A GOOD KISSER"??

"Yeah he is and he told me not to tell anybody because he can loose his job so don't tell anybody okay"

Both: "okay promise"

*then Mr.Monroe walked in and handed me my notebook*

"You forgot this" he said

"Thanks Mr.Monroe'

"Your welcome' *whispering low now* "love, there is something in there read it after school okay" ;)

"Okay thanks bye"

"Bye" *then he opened the door and left*

"Open it girly"

"No he said after school so I am"

"Hey why don't you and Megan go and talk while I think by myself okay "

*They went and talked somewhere else, when two cute tall guys came in and that's when I realized it's Hanks and Devin*

"Heyy, Elizabeth who was that blonde curly haired girl with you"??

"My sister Heather why"??

"She's cute, i'm gonna go talk to her bye. Talk to you later thanks for telling me she's your sister I don't usually like girls or date them but there's something about your sister well bye, see you Hank"

"See you dude :) well Elizabeth what do you think of English so far"

"Eh okay I guess thanks for asking you"? *oh crap that was stupid he just got here gosh I'm so freaking dumb*

"Um well I just got here but I seen you and well I like it" *he's blushing oh my he's cute haha*

"aww thanks" * I started to blush then Kaitlynn came in *
"Hey Bitch what are you doing with my boyfriend Hank"?

"We broke up Kaitlynn your nothing but low you just wanted sex with me stop leave her the fuck alone she did nothing to you"

"Yes she did she took you from me now i'm gonna fucking kill her"

* she threw a punch but I caught it and threw a punch right at her ugly slutty face*

"Don't fucking mess with me you slut now leave me the fuck alone or you will get worst got it you fucking low life son of a bitch get out of my face".

"You fucking bitch your gonna pay I'm gonna kill you"

*she threw a punch and then tried to pull my hair so I got on top of her and started to beat her and I hear heather and Megan screaming in the back round to let her go but I just ignored them and then Devin and Hank had to pull me off of her but I wanted to punch her again but I didn't I didn't know the teacher was watching, so she sent me to the office and I got out of school suspension for a week*

"Great fucking great that slut got what she wished for" so I started to walk home until I heard a car coming and so I looked and it stopped in front of me so I had to stop and the driver pulled his window down then I recognized him it was Mr.Monroe I mean Peter.

"I heard what happened if you want you can let me drive you home"?

"No if my parents knew I got a week out of school suspension I would be dead can I maybe spend the days over your house till school is over for the week but after school is over you can drive me home"? * I begged with puppy dog eyes*

"Sure, have you read the note yet"??

"No you said after school then I can read it so I didn't read it until school was over"

"Well you can now" :)

*So I began to open the note up and I seen Peter smile out and of the corner of my eye, I started to smile to*

~Chapter 5~ The Rumor

I'm soo, so sorry I haven't wrote anything in like weeks I have been sick and the doctor's might think I have Cancer so sorry if you can't read my books for weeks i'm sorry this is hard for me but i'm not gonna talk about this enjoy the Chapter :D love you all

*So I began to open the note up and I seen Peter smile out and of the corner of my eye, I started to smile to, I opened it up and it said, *

Hey, love I just wanted to know there's a ball for people to go to and it 's a masked ball
so nobody would know who is in the masks :) so maybe you could go with me love when
you know if it's a yes or no, call me at 555-0125, I want to know would you be my girlfriend
~ Love, Peter Monroe <3

I smiled, yes of course I would come :) Peter and thanks for your number *he laughed* and "YESS, I mean sure I could be your girlfriend" :)

"Perfect love" * he kisses me harder than earlier, but it was still perfect I got butterflies in my stomach and felt like I can't explain it I think he's the one*

*skip the car ride, were at his house it looks like this, nice huh?

"Wow it's amazing" I said *eyes wide*

"Why thank you love" He said with a big smile

* back to English with Heather, Megan, Devin, Hank*

"Hi, Heather right? How are you"? Devin asked

"Yeah, it's Heather, and i'm good you"? She said smiling

"Good thanks for asking ;), your looking pretty Heather" Devin said with a wink

"awww thanks Devin" :)

"Did you see what Angel did"??

Both Heather & Hank: "yeah why"??

"She got suspended for a week and I heard rumors she's spending the days over Mr. Monroe's house so her parents wouldn't fine out so they don't ground her".

Both: "WHAT"

"My sister wouldn't do that would she??", Heather said thinking to herself

The Mask Ball shopping ~ Chapter 6~


*I turn to look OH MY GOSH IT'S HANK*

"What I asked, what do you want Hank"?? 0.o

"I was um well um" He said stuttering

"Spill it "*I started to laugh*

"Well um I well was um wondering um will you ummm go to the um dance um with umm me"?? ( 0.0 )

"Um me" *oh gosh he really annoyed me with um will you um gosh can't stand that crap*

"Yeah you um silly, will um you"?

"I was thinking for a moment* "Yes I would love to "

"Great see you at 8 okay"

*shit I forgot I said I would go with Peter* "Um Hank i'm sorry bu-"

"Your going with Mr.Monroe aren't you " He said looking down at his keys that were in his hands

"No fine I could come but my sister would drive me their I will meet you, where"??

"Um at the parking lot okay " He said with a big smile

"Okay bye "*I leaned in to tell him I might be late but his lips looked so good so I KISSED HIM, oh my i'm dating Peter and I kissed Hank and HE kissed back shit, shit but I like Hank dammit fine he would NEVER find out*

"haha okay then I take that as were going ;) bye beautiful " He said with the big golden grin of his

*That reminded me of Peter gosh this is gonna be hard* "Please don't call me that and yes see you their"

"Okay bye hun see you"

"That's better lol bye "

*He drove off and here comes the P.M.S sister*

"WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU"?? Heather called pissed

*I hate lying to my sister and especially Peter* "Oh um I was um" *fuck i'm doing it to like Hank god* "I was at the house I went straight home why the hell are you in a bitchy mood why I can't come home". I said getting more pissed by the minute

" Oh sorry I thought you were with Mr.Monroe " She looked apologetic

"Why would you think that and would I never lie to you" * um Yes i'm sorry heather I just don't wanna get my ass chewed out by mom and dad and you*

"Well their's a rumor , so are you gonna go with somebody and if so who girly"?? She said happy and jumping up and down

"Hank" *I faked sqeeled*" and do you mind me asking who are you gonna go to the Dance with"??

"Jay and okay do you have a ride I have a ride i'm riding with Jay"? She said looking at the text from I guess Jay

"You better not ride Jay haha joking but seriously lol yeah i'm getting a ride by Hank it's gonna be a amaZayn" :)

"Okay and haha very funny you know my rule" She scowled at me

"No sex til marriage I know lol I know don't worry" I said siting her rule

"And same with you missy no sex, well I have to go shopping for my dress see you love you "

"Haha okay bye love you to " I said as I gave her a big hug


"WHO'S THEIR" *I yelled walking towards the door*

"Delivery Guy"


"No i'm not supposed to say this but a man named Peter Monroe paid for this" He said

"Oh okay" *as soon as I opened it*

"haha did I get you and here's your pizza " ?? He said with a BIG huge smile and his British accent came back

"Hell yes I thought you were some creep or so and why the HELL are you here my sister or friend's could come any time and see you here get you ass away I will see you at eigh- oh wait I can't come sorry, oh by the way you do a GOOD american delivery guys accent" I said giving him a kiss on his lips

"I was just gonna give you a shopping card to buy a prom dress/mask why can't you come and haha I try thanks very very much" ?? He said handing me the card and laughing

"Well um my mom's sick, actually I could come" I said changing my mind I think I have an idea :D

"No if your mom's sick then don't come, here if you change your mind" *He hands me the card*

"Thanks bye Peter" I said with a smile

"Bye Beaufiful" *I kissed her but this time it seemed like something was bothering her but it was still perfect I stopped kissing her*

"Hey I have to go get the Ball ready if you come, come up to me I am gonna be wearing a light blue mask and a tux maybe if not then I will look for you " He said

"Okay bye take care hey can I help you with the ball decorations" * I did that so I could spend time with him because I can't see him at the dance when i'm with Hank*

"Yeah sure you could come with me" He gave me a puzzled look

*Skip the car ride*

"Were here beautiful "He said taping me to wake me up

"Thanks, wait were at the store you know you aren't supposed to be together in the store even when were dating" I said paranoid

"I know but we could say we bumped into each other and you asked witch ball dress would look good okay" ;) He said with a smile and a cute wink

"Okay :) perfect " I said happy and jumped out of the car

*so we went to the dresses*

"First dress I tried on ",r:2,s:160,i:245

"No I don't like it sorry Beautiful but you look like a pink poodle that's just my opinion hey I see you sister with um Jay"?? He said squinting his eyes to see if it really was them

" hell no yeah that is and her ball partner is Jay why is she here that's right she's picking out her dress".I said hitting my head because of how dumb I was

"Oh okay well go and hide in the changing room okay love" He said motioning with his hand over to the changing room

"Good idea" I said giving him a high-five

"Why are you here Mr.Monroe in the girl's changing room area"?? Heather said curious

"Well um, um I was just gonna change " He said getting a couple of men's clothes that were near by funny thing was they were to big for him

"Um it's a girls changing room" Heather said confused and trying to look in the changing room

"Um no it's for both well see you" Peter said opening the changing room just enough so Heather and Jay can't see

"GET OUT I'M NOT CHANGED YET"I said hitting him in the back of the head

Ouch Peter said holding his head

"Elizabeth is that you in their" ?? Heather said knocking on the door

"Nro it's me I was trying to do Elizabeth's accent did I get it here watch I will try your , Hiya my name is Heather How are you" He said sounding just like Heather he's good with impersonating someone's voice

"Wow you suck at her accent lol well accually you were pretty good haha you sounded like her" I said joking around with him

"Oh okay well take care Mr.Monroe see you in class on Monday" Heather said

"Yupp see you on Monday " Peter called from the changing room

"Bye Mr.Monroe" Jay called out

"Bye Jay " Peter sounded annoyed Jay isn't his favorite student

"I could of sworn that was Elizabeth in their oh well she's home i'm gonna call her" She said taking out her phone and started dialing my phone number

*Shit she's gonna here it I'm gonna shut it off*

To late it went off

"Mr.Monroe what the hell is going on"?? She said hanging up and trying to get in the changing room

"Nothing just me in here why don't you go pick out what ever your picking out" *he was half in half out of the room *

"Fine since I can't come in their i'm going home now and Elizabeth better be their" She said mad and giving Peter "The look"

"Why are you telling me that she might be out or something she told Hank she was out dress shopping " He said recalling what I told him before

"Oh okay and how would you know"?? She said interrogation him

"Hank told me " He said almost making me believe it lol

"Oh okay bye " She said and walking away with Jay

"Bye" Peter said waving good bye as they left

They walked away

"That was close fine you pick it so I can get the hell out of here and get home before my sister okay " I said rushing to get things done

"Okay love "

So he picks out this




(Peter's not really a girly girl type person so he screwed up on the matching kinda but I love it what do you say he's a man lol)

"Perfect let's go NOW" He said in a rush to

"Wow 200 dollars are you sure" I said really worried that he might of stole it lol

"Yeah in British money it's only 50 Dollars so don't worry" He said smiling

50 dollars what?? *puzzled look on my face*

"Money is lower in my state then here lol " He said laughing a silly laugh which made me laugh

"oh I knew that lol" I said trying to cover up my stupidity right then and their but he didn't by it.

*skip the car ride btw he was doing 60 miles in hour and I made it just in time plus I got a kiss hehe*

"Hi Heather what's up oh Hank dropped my Masked Dress for the Ball what did you get"?? I said trying to be as causal as possible

"I got this" She said taking out the stuff

*Here it is Heather's dress/mask and jewelry and etc.*


Dress -,r:8,s:0,i:163


She loves blue

"OH MY GOD THAT'S SO PRETTY I WISH THAT WAS MY STUFF HAHA oh well someone special picked mine out for me" ;) I said trying to give her the hint

"Cool no yours it pretty to haha well bye love you Jay is outside bye" She said grabbing the last of her shoe and walked out the door while giving me a hug good bye

"Okay bye love you to" I said hugging her back and then she left out the door


Sorry if their's links for the photo I got yelled at for uploading pictures I haven't been feeling good when I go on in an hour I will put up 2 chapters thanks so, so much love you all <3

Chapter 7 The Masked Ball

I'm so sorry I haven't been on in like a while I was on summer vacation but I do promise I am finishing this story today I hope you guys are excited tell me how you liked it.

My phone started to ring

"Hello? Who is this" I said confused

"ELIZABETH, it's Megan but anyways who are you gonna the dance with and is Heather going to?"

"Yeah i'm going with Pet-I mean Hank and Heather's going with Jay ugh"


"CALM DOWN, your hurting my ears but anywho i'm so happy for you where are you gonna be I have to meet Hank at the parking lot of the dance."

"yeah I will meet you their bye Devin's here AHHH"

*End of phone call*

"Bye Elizabeth i'm leaving for the dance YOU better be their with Hank bye love you"

"Bye, hey Jay don't hurt her or I WILL HURT YOU"

"Okay bye and I promise I wouldn't hurt her"

*They left out to the dance, 10 mins later*

"Coming" *I open the door*

"Hey love ready"

"Yeah hey when we get their I have to wait by the parking lot for Heather and Jay"


*Skip car ride*

"Were here love"

"Okay"*We started to walk to the parking lot*
"Hey Peter can I talk to Hank"

"Sure see ya get me when your done talking to him"

"Hey Hank so"?

"so? Do you wanna dance"? 0.o

"Sure I love to"

*We started to dance until*

*I heard on the intercom thingy*

"WHAT does she want" I said looking towards Kaitlyn

"I don't know hey I will see you"

"Okay" *last thing I know I walked to go to the bathroom and someone pooled me in*

"I know your with Peter I seen you and him get out of HIS car are you really here with him"

"NO i'm not I was walking and he thought it would be nice to drive me their he has a wife".

"Oh well let's go dance"

"I can't bye" * I walked away*

"Elizabeth their you are wanna dance"? Peter said in his sexy britsh accent

"Sure" *I said in my British accent*

"You suck at that let me just do it haha"

* We started to dance then this song play*

LET'S GET DANCING *somebody yelled*
(love this song)

"I LOVE THIS SONG" *I said yelling because the music was loud*

"Cool never heard this song but come on"

*We all started dancing and then jumping and you know a PARTY*

"Oh great here comes bitch I mean Kaitlyn"

"Hey Elizabeth can I dance with what's your name handsome" She said with a wink

"GOSH you don't even know what he looks like and your already hitting on him you fucking slut walk away with your legs and please DON'T spread them when you walk away".

"WOW YOUR A FUCKING BITCH at least i'm not dating a teacher" *then she tried pulling of Peter's mask*

"Oh no you don't bitch" *then I punched her in the ugly face she has*


*She had a bruise on her Right eye *


"WHAT ever by the way me and Hank had sex sorry for crushing your date with him well chow me and him are gonna fuck again"

*I started to walk out crying when I heard Peter yelling my name but I just ran more I finally reach my house*

"EL-EL-IZ-IZ-ABETH O-O-PEN U-UP" *he said in between breathe*

"N- N-OO" I yelled I don't want him to see me cry.

Chapter 8 The Fight

No everybody hates me leave me the fuck alone NOW

NOBODY hate you I love you Elizabeth I do

BULLSHIT you are just saying that to make me feel better I really believed you Kaitlyn text me saying she fucked you to leave me THE HELL ALONE YOU DICK.

What the HELL let me in NOW or I will kick down this fucking door.

NO leave me alone you hurt me I HATE YOU

*going to flashback it's a phone call btw*

Hey by the way me and Mr.Monroe had sex or should I say Peter

Leave me the hell alone you had to ruin everything your a bitch and I hate you to like I hate Mr.Monroe are you happy i'm dropping out of his class I don't EVER wanna see his face.

Great well I have to go call you later if you don't hate me by then.

*End of flashback*

Fine Elizabeth you rather believe the slut then over the one that truly loves you I think we should end this you don't trust me but yet you believe your enemy really this is stupid I can't deal with this I loved you when I seen you and now I don't even think I love you, your being a stuck up rich bitch BYE.

*I started to cry right their what have I done I ruined it anyways he's probably gonna go have sex with Kaitlyn just like Hank did it's nothing new she always gets into guy's pants I like fuck this fuck my life I said thinking to myself*

I found a razor in my mirror and I don't wanna do this but I feel like it can help so I cut myself and I felt a sting but mostly plessure I cut Little more. Then I stopped oh shit Heather's coming. I wiped the blood of real quick.

Elizabeth where are you sister

I'm in the bathroom i'm coming out

OKAY Heather said yelling, *then she comes out of the bathroom* Hey so what's up

Nothing much really just that I found out Kaitlyn slept with Hank that skank *I didn't tell her about Peter she can't find out*

Aww i'm sorry sister I hope you are alright well we have to get to school okay pick your clothes out you silly goose why aren't you ready yet?? 0.o

Oh crap i'm so sorry Heather I will throw on something bye see you at school i'm i'll walk their by myself

Are you sure because I could wait she said uncertain and worried

Yeah I am fine *I started to put band-aids on my arm so nobody would know what happen*

Why are you putting on Band-aids

I cut myself on the sharp glass I was playing with. I lied so what grow up.
So I go upstairs and throw on this (t shirt) (shoes)

I looked in the mirror Perfect, but i'm still hurting oh well time to go to school :(

I finally get to school and school goes by really slow and then finally I get to his freaking class then all of a sudden I feel a arm go around my waist I know that feel then I turned around and seen OH MY GOSH

Chapter 9 I love Elizabeth I think?

I will finish the story later so sorry I will and that'a a promise :D There is 10 more chapters left..


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I think my Family for being so supportive and you guys for reading it <3 ~Angel <3

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