Chapter: 1

Pipi, a lonely little guinea pig was walking along the street. Her eyes were full of tears. She had escaped from the horrible pet-shop, where no one liked her and the pet-shop keeper’s friend, a mad scientist wanted her for his evil experiments. Now here she was, not knowing where to go or what to do. She lay down, tired. From the other side, Momo, a stylish and friendly guinea pig, was walking, whistling an odd tune. He stopped in surprise to see her.

Chapter: 2

“A-Are you alright?” he asked, nudging her from the behind. Pipi couldn’t answer. She lay there gasping for breath. Somehow, Momo pulled and pushed her into some thick bushes. “Thank.. you!” she gasped. “I’m Pipi…”
“Call me Momo!” replied Momo. “Say, I’ll take you to a place where we can stay and sleep and eat.”
“OK.” said Pipi. For the time being, Momo fetched some water and gave it to Pipi.

Chapter: 3

They started walking until they came to a place with lots of grass. “Welcome to the GP Street!”, said Momo. There was place with a big apple tree and a fresh spring. “Here we are,” said Momo. They had a dinner of fresh grass and Pipi drank gallons of water. After sometime they felt sleepy and lay down. “Where do you come from?” asked Momo, trying to get the shy Pipi talk a bit and be friends. Pipi told her story. The more she talked the more she liked Momo. “I see,” said Momo at last. “Well, you’re safe here. And I’ll take you to a disco tomorrow.”
“Disco?” asked Pipi, curiously.
“Yeah.” said Momo, yawning. “My friends run it. I’ll take you there, okay?”
Pipi didn’t answer. She was fast asleep. Momo smiled and went to sleep too.

Chapter: 4

“Wake up, sleepyhead!” Pipi woke up with a start. Momo was in front of her. “Oh! You woke up early?” she asked in surprise. “Always do,” said Momo, cheerfully. They had a bath and cleaned their teeth. “Let’s have breakfast.” said Momo.
“What’s for breakfast?”
“Apples!” said Momo, rolling one to her. They had a good breakfast and while they were eating, they talked.
“You know, those people could track you easily by the help of your footprints,” said Momo.
“I never thought of that,” said Pipi. “What’ll we do?”
“You know, my friends, Rock and Rody , they have a lot of adventures, so maybe they can help. I’ll ask them.” said Momo, getting up. They washed their hands and set off.

Chapter: 5

They reached the disco. On it, in large letters, were printed GUINEA PIGS WORLD. “Here we are!” said Momo. “Really?” asked Pipi, disbelievingly. “Yup!”
They opened the door. “Momo!” said a voice and a guinea pig came up. He was dark brown, with a tattoo R. He wore a red T-shirt and his hair standing out. “Rock!” said Momo, slapping Rock on the back. Just then two other guinea pigs came up. One was pink with a pink ballet skirt, a bow on her hair and a heart tattoo. Another was a cream coloured one, wearing a blue shirt and with a blue star tattoo. “Look,” said Rock, looking at Pipi. “Momo’s got a girlfriend!”

Chapter: 6

Another guinea pig came up. He looked exactly like Rock, even the T-shirt. The only difference was his tattoo, which was in a lighting pattern. Two more guinea pigs came up. Are there more?

thought Pipi, confused. “Momo’s got a girlfriend, Momo’s got a girlfriend!” everyone started chanting. Momo blushed red. “Shut up, you guys! She’s not my girlfriend,” he said. “She’s just a friend. I met her near the Green Lane.”
“As you’re here now, I thought we’d sing and dance to a new song!” said Rody, sounding exactly like Rock. “ So… do you have an outfit?”
“No,” said Momo, answering for him as well as Pipi. “At least I do but it’s all worn out!”
“Well, then let’s make it tonight, not now.” said the pink guinea pig.

Chapter: 7

“Pipi, I’ll introduce everyone! This is Rock!” said Momo, pointing. “And this is Sweetie, his girlfriend,” He pointed to the pink guinea pig. “This is Rody-”
“Wait,” said Pipi, shyly. “Are you twins?” She pointed to Rock and Rody. They nodded. “Yup, you bet!” they said together.
“This is Pretty, Rody’s girlfriend,” He nodded to the light-cream guinea pig, who smiled at Pipi. “And this is Furry and Fuzzy.”
“Can’t you stay?” asked Sweetie.
Pipi, Sweetie, Pretty and Fuzzy went to a room and the others in another. “Are you… really pink in color?” asked Pipi in wonder to Sweetie. “No,” laughed Sweetie. “It’s just pink dye!” She took out a bottle of water and started spraying herself.

Chapter: 8

“How did you make this disco and how did the guinea pigs here make the other shops and things?” asked Pipi in curiosity.
“Well,” said Pretty. “We used a large cardboard box for it and glued the lid to it. We always wander about in the other streets and collect things. One guinea pig couldn’t hold one big cardboard box all by himself but Rody, Rock & Furry held it together. Then we glued pieces of shiny colored paper to the floor and used spray-paints for the walls.”
“But people wouldn't throw away spray-paints!” said Pipi.
“Course not! But these were almost empty ones,” said Fuzzy. “As for the light system, we used touch-and-glow lights in the rings and toys. But they needed solar energy to charge so we made small holes on the top corners and fixed the lights there. C’mon, let’s go outside and shop! We can talk there!”

Chapter: 9

They all went outside. Then Sweetie started speaking. “See those thick mud walls over there?” She pointed to the sides of the disco. Pipi nodded. “They’re for our protection. If any people happen to pass by, we open some doors inside of the disco, which leads to these walls, and we pop inside and keep quiet. When they’re gone, we continue. You see, every guinea here do the same thing. And the houses too, they’re the same method we use.”
“Oh,” said Pipi, definitely understanding. “I see.”
“Have you got any money to spend?” asked Sweetie.
“Money? You mean, you use real money here?” asked Pipi, confused.
“Nah!” laughed Fuzzy. “We use sunflower seeds.”
“Then I’m lucky.” said Pipi. “I collect seeds, so I might have the sunflower seeds.”

Chapter: 10

Pipi checked her seeds. To her luck, she had many sunflower seeds. They went shopping and Pipi bought a stylish disco skirt. Meanwhile, Momo was buying a T-shirt for himself, and a hat! Pipi also bought a purple bow. As they went in again, Pipi and Momo, not together though, change their dresses. They bumped into each other at the hallway and looked at each other in surprise. "Wow, you look cool!" exclaimed Momo. "You too!" said Pipi.
"Come on let's go and rehearse for the show!" said Momo.
"You see, this is a disco cum music show! And there's lots of time!"
They went and Rock and Rody taught Pipi how to dance and sing. They chose a song called "Let's Rock This Party" made by Rock and Rody themselves. They were soon ready to go as guinea pigs gathered together.

Chapter: 11

Momo and Pipi went through the hallway, as the others were fixing the disco light. Pipi was too nervous as this was her first disco. "Don't fret," consoled Momo. "It's alright. Look I've a gift for you." He handed over a small wrapped box to Pipi. As she opened it, on the pink tissue lay a beautiful necklace, with a locket that can be opened. She opened it and saw two signs of luck: The Chinese Yin-and-Yang and a lucky clover.
"I have a gift for you too," she said, shyly as she held out a package. To Momo's surprise, it was a tattoo of another lucky symbol- a ladybird! What a coincidence!

each of them thought.

Chapter: 12

The show went on very well, even better than they expected. Pipi danced well and so did the others. After the dance, Momo squeezed Pipi's hand and whispered. "Well done!"

Pipi was astonished to see some guinea pigs holding out their books for autographs. "Go on, this is normal," said Momo and Pipi signed the books:

They went to their rooms.

"Hey, Pipi, how didja enjoy your first show?" asked Rody as he and the others walked in.

"I'm so grateful to you all for letting me join!" smiled Pipi, shyly.

Chapter: 13

Everyone was happy that day. Momo and Pipi stayed for one day, then decided to go back to their field. "Well, bye guys!" called out Momo, early in the next morning. "See ya later!"

They continued on their way. "If Rock and Rody likes you, that means they took you too in their group," said Momo to Pipi. "They told me you did well and we could go there whenever we like."

"Very kind of them," said Pipi. Suddenly both of them were greeted with fierce growling. Four stray dogs were in the streets, growling at them. "Err, guys?" said Momo, uncertainly. From nowhere sprang Rock, Rody and Furry. With Momo, they gave each of the dogs a hard smack at the back of their heads. The dogs collapsed to the ground.

"Are they... dead?" asked Pipi, scared.

"Nah, just fainted," replied Momo. "Thanks for the help, guys! You're the best!"

They waved goodbye and then set off again.

Chapter: 14

They reached their field and put down their bags loaded with gifts Sweetie, Pretty and Fuzzy had given them. Pipi went to the quietly flowing spring. She sighed happily. "At last I belong somewhere," she told herself. "I'm not me anymore."

Momo joined her. "Me too," he said, surprisingly. Pipi looked back in surprise. "You?" she asked. "But- but you have friends."

"Yeah, but no one so close to hear my secrets."

"I can help you," said Pipi.

"Alright but I'll tell you sometime later."

They rested in the soft grass for a while.

After Momo and Pipi woke up, they decided to go to the disco again. "So good to be with everyone, huh?" smiled Momo. Pipi nodded.

They rejoined the others and together they went shopping. When they were going home, they were greeted by a wicked laugh behind them. "Aha! So you thought you'd escape from me? And now I have another guinea pig for testing! Two in one!" It was the scientist! But fortunately, he was unaware of the other guinea pigs in this street. And the loyalty and friendship between them. He placed a cage top on them and slid the bottom in. He took them to a small place in the street. But all the guinea pigs had seen what had happened. Momo had helped them before.

As the mad scientist mixed some strange looking potions randomly, he laughed crazily. Pipi was shivering with fright. Suddenly, the door flew open. With the effort of many guinea pigs, and luckily two large guinea passed by. They were bigger than the rest by size and help the others. The guinea pigs flew in and started biting the scientist as it was the only way they knew. The shopkeeper came from somewhere and started defending. But at last the guinea pigs won. There were many other animals in cages and they let them all free.

Chapter: 15

The guinea pigs went out but the scientist immediately closed and locked the door. As they were escaping the cages, Momo and Pipi saw that the door was locked and there was no space underneath. So as they looked for some place to escape, they saw a small drainage hole. As they squeezed in, the hole became bigger. Momo and Pipi heaved a sigh of relief and carried on. But as they reached a certain place, they saw something rushing in throuh the other side towards them. "Water!" gasped Pipi. "We'll drown!" The water was dirty and Momo and Pipi did their best to stay on the top. But unfortunately Momo almost sank. Pipi got hold of his hands and dragged him and herself to a plastic drinks bottle that was floating in the surface. They climbed on it and reach the drainage place saftely. There was a square hole above their heads. "Who are you?" snarled a voice. "Don't dare to come here!" It was big drainage rats, even bigger than Momo and Pipi themselves. The rats closed towards them and Pipi fell over while stepping back. But fortunately, guinea pigs were very good friends with the birds and a passing by magpie heard the rats and came immediately with her whole team. They all attacked the rats, for drainage rats were the magpies' most delicious prey. They carried off many of the rats and helped Momo and Pipi reach above.

Chapter: 16

Momo and Pipi reached the place above the drainage. It was covered with green grass and it was near the river. "Thank you so much for helping," thanked Pipi. "We'd never forget you and if you need anything, you can call on us!" The birds pushed a big and strong piece of wood into the water and told Pipi and Momo to climb on it. "You can safely reach the other side," said the magpie. Momo and Pipi floated in it and the birds flew away. "I wonder if- if we would ever see Rock and Rody and the others again," said Momo, sadly. Pipi had tears in her eyes. "They all helped me so much. They were so kind to m- me!" she sobbed. "I'll- miss th- them." Momo lay down. Pipi lay down too. "Let's just go to sleep now," said Momo. "At least we'll reach somewhere


They both went to sleep. After a long journey and a long sleep, they woke up. In front of them, they saw a familiar and beautiful view- a big field with soft grass and an apple tree! They were home! Pipi and Momo was very happy. "I never thought we'd reach here!" exclaimed Pipi, happily. "Let's go tell the others!"

Chapter: 17

Rock and Rody were sitting in front of their disco. They had received the news of the scientist taking away Pipi and Momo and about the other guinea pigs rescuing them. They knew that Momo and Pipi weren't here for they had searched everywhere. And then, theywere surprised to hear a familiar voice calling, "Hey, Rock! Rody! We're here!"

"Momo?! Pipi!?" Rock and Rody said in unison. By then the others came out. "You guys are home??" everyone called out. "Yeah!!!!!" cried Pipi. She was crying in happiness. She felt both happy and sad. "WE'RE HERE!!" yelled Momo, like crazy.


Momo and Pipi had decided to live in a house of their own and they had chosen one. It was the best. Long ago, someone had lived here in a house. Now this house was empty, so Momo, Pipi and the others furnished it completely. They sprayed the whole inside. Luckily, it was near the field with some sot soil in between them. So Momo and Pipi planted grass and flowers there and Pipi made beautiful wreaths out of flowers and leaves. Pipi, Sweetie, Pretty and occasionally Fuzzy who wasn't good at cooking, cooked a feast. A feast to say thanks to the whole lane for helping. The magpies, who was a great help, also joined in. Everyone was happy. They all had a heavy dinner. Then Momo and Pipi handed out gifts to everyone for their help. They all got many different things, like handbags, beautiful vases, wreaths, necklaces, hats, dresses.etc. At last, everyone went to sleep. Before falling asleep, Pipi said happily, "Finally, I found somewhere I belong. Friendship is not just talking and doing everything together, but helping your friends in trouble!"And that's the truth, don't you think?


Guinea Pig's World: Part 2 Coming Soon...



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