Part 1


When Roses Fall

Chapter 1


I looked up at Mr 'Fats-berry's expectant glare. He hurumphed like a hippopotamus and pointed to the board.

"Seeing as you are such a true genius that you do not even have to pay attention to this class, why don't you answer the equation on the board?"

"Why?" I stared at him, this so called mathematics was work that I had found easy in second grade, and seeing as I am now in grade 10, I do not really see the benefits of it. But oh, no, just because I fail every test - due to the fact that I just don't care, and quite frankly do not even bother answering any questions - I apparently have to sit through this shit fest of the simplest algebra, and, the subject we have just finished; addition and subtraction.

"Well, surprise, surprise, Mr Know-It-All doesn't even understand." He glared at me triumphantly.

As he was turning back to the board, I felt a sudden flicker of feeling; something I hadn't experienced in a while. And I was fed up. This stupid old ass doesn't even understand the difference between an equation and an expression; why should I let him push me around and mock me?

"You know what? I'm sick of this." I stood up, my chair clattering to the ground. "The answer is 0. Not 39. 0. And it isn't an equation. No equals sign, that means it's an expression; yeah?"

I walked out of the classroom straight and to the office. The desk lady took one look at me and pointed to the counsellors office. I walked in and collapsed in the leather upholstered chair.

"`ey Jim." I grinned at his bald spot; he was grading papers and didn't even bother looking up at me.

"Jacob. How can I help you?" He looked up at me and smiled, crows feet crinkling together.

"I want to be transferred to Extension Maths."

He sobered, and put the pen in his hand down, "Jake, I know you are a smart kid. But the thing is; you have failed every test for more than a year know."

"Trust me." I looked into his eyes. Jim was one of the only people in this entire school who actually knew me. Though some people still knew me, knew my name for when the teachers asked, and some people I actually had been friends with; it was like I'd become invisible. I had known Jim since I was around five, when we moved into our new house, and after the accident he had been there for me, when my family had withdrawn he had noticed those butterflies and helped. "Just give me a test, something that I can do to get into the class, I know I'm `gonna be behind, but I know that I can do it. Please?"

He looked at me silently, before grinning, "I'm so proud of you Jacob." He reached into a draw in his desk and pulled out some forms, "Here, complete these, and I'll get you the tests. You will have to go to another weeks worth of classes in Focus Math, but I am sure you'll get in."

"Thank you, Jim. You have no idea how much this means to me."

Suddenly the bell rang; a break in the library before English.


Chapter 2

I looked at my new time table and grinned. Extension Math in class M14. I had actually got in.

I arrived at the classroom and walked to the back, the teacher wasn't here yet and most of the class was reviewing notes or chatting. As I was sitting the guy next to me smiled over at me, I half smiled back and he turned to the front.

I looked around the classroom. It was so different to the focus classes. Proper equipment. Everyone had the right gear. No one was lying on the floor, or head down on their desk ether, trying to sleep. People were studying. And the kids here seemed nice; friendly.

The boy next to me turned and stuck out his hand, "Hi. I'm Matthew, but everyone just calls me Matt."

I shook his hand and grinned, "I'm Jake."

He grinned back at me and started to talk; right as the teacher walked in. I expected the teacher to start yelling at everyone for being so loud, like my previous teachers had, but this guy only walked to his desk and put down his books, everyone falling silent on their own.

"Hey guys, how are we all today?" He grinned. "We have a new student today; Jacob is it?"

I tensed, my sisters had called me Jacob. "Jake"

The teacher smiled at me warmly, "Well then Jake, welcome to Maths C. I'm John Pine, but feel free to call me whatever you like."

I had a feeling I'd like this guy, he wasn't a total ass, unlike Mr Phurnsburry. And he seemed... cool.

God. That lesson had been so confusing. I swear my books aren't fitting back in my bag.

As I was walking by Mr Pine's desk he waved me over, "Jake, mate, you are starting late, and we are working on pretty difficult work. How're you doing?"

I frowned, "Well, I understand most of the concept, but... the work, it's..."

"Hard as shit?" He laughed, "Yes, I know it seems that way, but don't worry, once you understand it, it's easy as pie. Well, anyway, I was wondering if you would like me to organise one of the other students to tutor you?"

I frowned, I wanted this, wanted to not just sink back into oblivion; but at the same time I wasn't ready for this. "No that's okay Mr Pine. I'm sure it'll get easier." I smiled at him.

He frowned a little, before ginning again, "Okay, but mate, we have a test coming up soon; if you don't do well on it, then I will have to get you a tutor, you understand?"

"Yeah," I smiled at him, "Okay, well, see you."

Chapter 3

As I walked out of the class Matt called out to me and jogged over, "Hey Jake, what's up?"

I hesitated for a second, it'd been a while since I'd really talked to someone, not including bein talked at, and Jim, "Ah... nothin`."

"Sounds fun." He grinned at me, "Oy, I was wondering if you'd want to hang out with me this break? Assuming you don't have any plans or nothing?"

I grinned at him, had I actually made a friend? "Yeah, sounds great."

I followed Matt to where his friends were sitting. There were 3 girls and 4 guys, I recognised one of the girls and two guys from my new math class.

"Hey guys, this is Jake, he got transferred to our math class." Matt grinned at me.

"Well, ya must be doing something right." The girl from math smiled at me and jumped up, sticking out her hand. "I'm May. Nice ta meet you"

She had long dark brown, almost black, hair and her eyes were a dark shade of brown, though they were somehow bright.She was as tall as me and had the smile of someone who was always happy. Great.

I shook her hand and she sat back down as the others introduced themselves.

The two guys from math turned out to be twins. Mathew – not Matt – who was older by 3 minutes, or so he said, was blonde and had wavy ear length hair.He had the same blue eyes as his brother John, who had light brown straight hair, a little longer than his brother's.

Isabelle was the next person who came up to me, she was the same height as May and had short blond hair. As I started to introduce myself she winked at me she gave me a bear hug and whispered "RAPE" in my ear.

I jumped back shocked and she and May burst into laughter.

"Nice Isa," May grinned at me, "Yeah, mate, I'm sorry and all, but we are always this crazy, so if I was you I'd stick with Matticles.

"Matt saluted, "ey, ey captain! ...s?"

Matt pulled me over to a guy and girl cuddling on the seat, and kicked the guy in the leg, "Oy, guys, say hello to the newbie… well not newbie, but… you know what I mean."

"Matt!" The girl glared at Matt before grinning and winking, she turned to me, "Hey. I'm Jade, and this is Jack." She looked at him and smiled, like he was the only thing she cared about.

I think that was the first time I ever saw proper love, though it sounds stupid when talking about 16 year olds.He stuck out his hand for me to shake, and grinned, "Yup, that's me."

I looked down and stared at his arm. It was lined with symmetrical old scars.

He looked at me, then at my arm.They were just about matching.Everyone was staring at our arms now, well at my arm.

Suddenly May spoke up, "Well damn." She was rubbing her wrist just above her bracelets in small circles and a sudden look of pain crossed her features. She close her eyes and Isabelle touched her shoulder.

May looked up into her eyes and nodded she looked over at me and flinched, "Sorry."

I stared into her eyes, and at her arms for a moment, I couldn't see any scars, they were covered in bracelets and the way she reacted and then how she said sorry… no, I was probably just being stupid, "It's okay."

Chapter 4

"So, Matt, anything I should know about anyone?"

He grinned at me, "Well. Jack and Jade have been going out since 8th grade, and even if they do break up, there was a pretty complicated love triangle going on there with Mathew, so I think he's called her.

"John is a pretty awesome guy, he plays on the footy team, and is just about the happiest person here. Class clown; teachers hate him; girls love him. He, Isa, Jade and I have been friends since primary school, so yah.

"Isa and May are besties. They know just about everything about each other, and I warn you, do not say anything bad about Is or May'll kick you till you pass out.

"Isa on her own is totally gross minded and crazy and all that, but when you put the two together… yeah…

"May is a pretty awesome person, she is friends in some way or another with just about everyone, really pretty – though you woulda` noticed – and can be the nicest person ever, though she would never admit any of those things about herself."

He looked at me, "before you say it, no I don't have a crush on her, we have been best friends since before preschool and she is like a sister to me.

"Well , May's also the most annoying and sick-minded and craziest person you'll ever meet, the jokes she makes… well, you'll find out the rest later"

I heard May murmur to Isabelle behind us, "You know I'm hungry. And bored. Really bored…"

"Oh shit." Isabelle shook her head and grinned as May stood on the bench she'd been sitting on and cupped her hands around her mouth, "Hello everybody! How are you all this shit filled morning? Good? That's good, il..." Isabelle grabbed her arm and pulled her down to her seat before she could say anymore.

Everyone stared at May, most of them grinning, some looked annoyed like she did this all the time, and she looked around at them, "Well. That's it, you're dismissed."

"Yeah… you may have guessed, but May's a bit of an impulsive person sometimes." Matt looked over at May, "Hyperactive, psychotic, and impulsive. Good mix." He grinned.

May looked at us, "What's that Matticles? You think I'm crazy? Awwwwww, does someone need a hug?"

She jumped up and hugged Matt. He groaned, "Minni, I think you're scaring Jake."

"Yeah I know." She turned on me, "Seeing as it's your first day, I'll be merciful and not make you endure a hug from this thing, but, yeah, Matt's right." She grinned at me wide eyed, "I am a teennnnnsy bit crazy."

She winked at me as the bell rang and turned on her heel, walking to her class with Isabelle.

Chapter 5

I laid in bed that night and thought about her.

She was psychotic, rude, weird, plain annoying, and the kind of person I'd always hated; constantly happy, and trying to make everyone as happy as them.

And her name was May.

At first she'd seemed nice and a little too happy, but then… I can't tell whether she was pretending to be a psychotic person, or just was.

I didn't know how, or if, I'd deal with it, both her being that kind of person, and hearing people calling out 'May' again.

It made me think of everything that had happened.

I rolled over, I'd asked Jim and gotten into extension English, and normal Science and SOSE.I had decided not to fail this year; I was going to pass, hopefully do well, too.

Chapter 6

I laid in bed that night and thought about her.

She was psychotic, rude, weird, plain annoying, and the kind of person I'd always hated; constantly happy, and trying to make everyone as happy as them.

And her name was May.

At first she'd seemed nice and a little too happy, but then… I can't tell whether she was pretending to be a psychotic person, or just was.

I didn't know how, or if, I'd deal with it, both her being that kind of person, and hearing people calling out 'May' again.

It made me think of everything that had happened.

I rolled over, I'd asked Jim and gotten into extension English, and normal Science and SOSE.I had decided not to fail this year; I was going to pass, hopefully do well, too.

Chapter 6

3 weeks later I was still struggling in Math and English and Matt and I were still friends.

May had turned out to be very much like what I expected, she was happy, hyperactive, rude and annoying; and I still flinched whenever I heard someone shout May.

Isa and I were friends, and me and John had instantly hit it off; and I could sense the tension between he and his brother though I barely hung out with the two of them together.

Jade and Jack seemed pretty nice, I was still amazed by the fact that year 10s could be in love like that.

"Hey Jake, can you wait up a moment?" Mr Pine looked up at me as I walked out of the classroom.

"Uh... yeah, sure."

"Okay, mate, I understand this work is a lot harder than what you were studying in your old classes, and that it is hard to get a grip on at first, but your test results were pretty bad," He slid my marked paper over the desk to me, a D-, "I want to get one of the other students to tutor you."

"Oh, um... okay." Dammit, I hadn't wanted to have to spend a lot of time with anyone. Especially not for the sake of math.

Suddenly May knocked on the door, "Hey sir, you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yes, come in May," He looked back up at me, "May Baxter will be the one to tutor you."

"Oh" I stared at her. Why her? Why not someone less hyper? Less annoying?

"The main reason why I want it to be May who tutors you is because you are also falling quite behind in English also, and as you and May share the same English an Math classes, she can tutor you for both.

"Now there's a big assignment coming up; 32% of the semester's mark, and it's a written oral about your partner, as we have been studying the human mind, social ideas of how one should act and be, and stereotypes and the like, and I have pared you two up."

Shit.God damn shit.Tutoring for two subjects with her and having to do an assignment on her that requires me to know a lot about her.

"Neither the person you're writing about, nor anyone other than teachers, will be allowed to read these assignments, so do not be afraid to say that May's… a smelly bunyip disguised as a turtle – though I would be worried if you did say that – `cos she'll never find out about it" Mr Smith winked and grinned at me, but I just kept thinking about it. Why with May? Was there not anyone else?

"Well, don't look too happy `bout it mate." May looked me up and down and smirked, "This aughta` be fun." 

Chapter 7

"Okay, so to find the value of the variable in a complex equation?" May looked up at me, as she tucked her pen behind her ear.

"Yeah, I think so." I stared at her, how was she able to pull off such a clique thing such as putting her pen behind her ear, and actually make it look good?


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