Many online entrepreneurs find themselves stuck in a spot where they haven't enough money to get started with anything that might be considered serious and, if they plan on going the route of product development, they simply haven't any ideas. This can sometimes serve as a barrier to new marketers who want to take their business online. There is, however, a very viable option which demands very little startup cost and which, while being easy to learn, can potentially serve as a means of introduction to some of the most complex parts of Internet marketing. That opportunity is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is easy to understand from both the technical and financial aspects. It requires very little in the way of a great knowledge of either and can serve as a way for new business people to break into the world of Internet marketing. Best of all, one's pursuits in the world of affiliate marketing tend to do better if one is choosing products based on their passions which makes this activity not only financially rewarding but also personally gratifying.










The Basics

Affiliate marketing tends to be regarded with a great deal more confusion than is merited. For many people, it brings to mind images of very complex technical endeavors, a great amount of server space and possibly hundreds of webpages. While operations of such complexity do exist, this is hardly the norm.

The other principal source of confusion is usually regarding how one gets paid. There is a common perception that affiliate programs pay too little to be profitable without a great investment in technology and without such a number of affiliate programs being live at any given time that a multi-person effort would be required to realize any profit. This is also untrue.

One can begin an affiliate endeavor with no more than one product. Literally, just one product can be the source of decent income, particularly if that product happens to be in high-demand and if the affiliate marketer is savvy enough to position themselves as a resource for people seeking to avail themselves of that product.

Building the webpage need not be an overly-technical affair, either. A simple webpage with good content can do a lot to sell a product. The content will be one of the most vital parts of being a successful affiliate marketer and that subject will be explored to a great depth later on.

Getting paid is not hard to understand, either. Once one understands how these programs work, they are revealed to be something with which any marketer is very much familiar: commissions-based sales.

There are numerous companies looking for skilled affiliate marketers. As this book progresses, it will become apparent that this is because affiliate marketing is one of the most definitively win/win types of marketing in existence. The customer, the vendor and the marketer all stand to gain a great deal from this model.

Identifying the Market

Some clichés earn that appellation because they happen to be true and every journey, indeed, does start with a first step. The first step in affiliate marketing is enormously easy. One simply picks something in which they have an interest. As one progresses through their interests, they'll quickly discover that there are certain things in which most people share a common interest and that those things tend to remain constant over time.

Products that cater to one interest oftentimes have an intertwined relationship with other interests, as well. For the sake of example, take something very esoteric and niche-sounding: palmistry. Palmistry is the reading of palms to tell fortunes. On the surface, this may seem like something which would appeal to only a very specialized niche. It would seem that way, that is, until a skilled marketer realizes all the potential markets that are tied to something as niche as palmistry.

Palmistry, of course, has to do with most individuals having an interest in knowing something about themselves and with some individuals having an interest in old traditions, spiritual practices and the paranormal. Those same individuals will be interested in the core appeals of palmistry when they manifest in different forms. Consider how personality tests, horoscopes and other products appeal to an individual's desire to explore their own personality.

This sort of exploration of a market is the beginning of an affiliate marketing page. A marketer who starts out with the palmistry niche can easily expand their page to include other products that would be of interest to those who enjoy palmistry and gradually become a recognized authority in the various means by which people explore their own personalities. When one considers the amount of money that changes hands in the niche market of horoscopes, it's easy to understand how much profit such an endeavor could generate!

When exploring a potential future as an affiliate marketer, remember to make a diligent exploration of one's own interests. This will play into one's overall success.

Finding Products

Once one has their target market in mind, one should endeavor to find good


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