Rough Morning

The sun slowly set over the horizon though through the thick curtain of trees, it was really hard to tell. The sight of the forest slowly tipping into darkness hardly bothered the young woman who was driving through the dark forest, the only thing that did bother her was this freaking morning. Where the fuck does she even start? First, her forgetful mother forgot to but and cook a turkey for tonight or tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner, forcing the young woman, Karen, to wake her ass up at probably four o’clock in the morning or something like that so she could drive to the nearest store that would be insane enough to be open at this time of day and not be crazy busy like some other stores she had visited before to buy a goddamn turkey that wasn’t too expired or something.

When she found what she was looking for, Karen bought the turkey and took it home but not before getting into a fight with another customer since the latter was actually one of the entitled Karens people would meme on the internet and wanted the turkey for free then getting a fucking flat tire on the road, as if her luck wasn’t bad enough. Thankfully for Karern, today was her day off from her job as a warehouse worker since she had worked and asked her boss for a day off and he had given her it. This worked out great for Karen as it meant she could relax and work on the few Thanksgiving treats for her family.

Karen wasn’t the best cook in the world but that didn’t mean she wasn’t capable of cooking something if she tried. That is until her peaceful day or sleep was interrupted by her mother calling her at four in the morning. By the time Karen got home, she was so ready to pass out on the floor right now. But somehow, she managed to keep herself awake long enough to put the damn turkey in the fridge to defrost and put the rest of her shit away before passing out in bed. By the time Karen got up to actually cook the damn thing, it was nearing noon.

Karen really didn’t mind though, that’s what days off were for after all. The rest of that day went on without a hitch till the evening came and Karen had to drive all the way to her mother’s place. Since Karen didn’t want to be distracted by any texts from her mother telling her to haul ass with the turkey, Karen silenced her phone notifications and took off into the sunset.

Lost Power

An Hour Or More Later

“Hmmm, running low on gas,” Karen muttered to herself, her small finger tapping on the glass that displayed how much gas was left in the tank, she gave a deep frown as she lied her hand back on the steering wheel to direct the car back to the middle of the road as the car was slowly swaying to the forest on her blindside. Her head whipped upwards so she could focus her attention on the road in front of her, it was too dark to really tell how much longer the road to get to the nearest town for a gas station but it would probably still take a few more miles and this sure as hell wasn’t a good thing.

“Ugh, I should’ve stopped at that gas station back in my home town when I had the chance,” Karen sighed exasperatingly, putting a hand up to her face. “Can’t change the past. I suppose I’ll have to keep


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