I stared out of the window at the road beside the car. The stones went past so quickly my eyes started hurting. I looked up at the trees and hills and thought about how i would miss it all. Not the people or the places, just the way i knew my way around, every corner every street, i could always recognise where i was. Now i have a chance to make a new start, i could be all mysterious or confident or i could be really quiet and intresting. I had a chance to make a compleatly new start with no one knowing about the rumors and lies about me. I could make my own impression this time.
My phone beeped and the little message came up telling me i had low battery. My music turned off and my phones screen switched itself off. great, now i have to entertain myself for another hour. Im going to scottland for 2 weeks, and if we like it me and dad are going to move up here. If we dont im going to stay home with my auntie. I started thinking about who i might meet and what i might wear when my dad pulled up at a service station.
"Were going to take a break Eve, do you want anything to eat?" Dad said.
"Sure, Tuna sandwich and something chocolaty"
"sure, might as well plug your phone in and go the loo before we set off again, what you want to drink?"
"Coke" I plugged in my phone charger and left it on my seat then went out to find the toilets and found a small port-a-cabin thing with 3 stalls in, and with my great luck they were all full.


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