chapter one the argument

   bub started unpacking from the trunk of the car "sweetie what r u going to do with your life " askes bub's mother "i already told u mom right now im working for a babysiting service and im looking for collages online to attend for teaching" said bub "but honey why dont u wait a while and be a waitress for a year or so your 17 i went to collage when i was 19 and everything tuned out just fine" her mother argued "no mom its my life and i dont have time for u ruining it and i want to go to collage soon its my life " bub pleaded. her mother ignored her and went straigt inside "crap please dont tell me were doing this agian for the 1000 time" bub said in her head her dad walked tword her and said "come here now" in a bad mood as if he were too hurt her bub walked fast and followed her father into the house her dad shout the door slowly and carfuly and lead her into her emty room and she sat on her bed her dad slamed her door shout and shouted "why did u do this your my daughter and i want u too attend collage after u at least have a job as an waitress for a week " "no its my life stop trying to control it " bub never ushally argued this much she was always  the good one out of her 3 brothers and her sister she had 2 youger ones and 1 older one the two youger ones were named james and jax james was 5 and jax was 12 and her older brother was 29 and her older sister that she never knew was 25 and she was always the good one in her family her dad said "u r grounded untill u get a job as a waitress and keep that job for a week "her dad insited bub just gone with it her dad walked out of the room

chapter two friend support

bub pulls out her purple and blue cased iphone and goes into messaging and selects hazel she texts"hazel i need your help the argument about what to do with my life is coming on again and this time im grounded till i become a waitress for a week meet me at the coffe shop tomorrow at 7 in the morning okay" in a second hazel texts back"kk" 

chapter three coffe shop meeting

its 6:58 and bub is seated at a table for two at the coffe shop with a cup in front of her and a cup in front of the chir across from her its now 6:59 the sound of the coffe shop is amazing all u hear is talking and slurpping and kkkaaaccchhhiinnnggg from the cash register bub allways loved the smell of the coffe shop it smelled like coffe,book,and sweetness its now 7:00 and hazel walks through the door and comes to the table that bub is sitting at and sitts down "so your grounded huh" says hazel "yep havnt been grounder for at least 3 years" how did u get grounded 3 years ago?" "oh just for getting detention" " how did u get detention?" "talking in class but that was because i was corecting this one dude named justin" "oh yeah justin, i think he set u up" "u think so i knew that he had a chrush on me so he probably did that to me so i can correct him" "yeah alot of boys liked u then" "yeah,so how is your mocha" "its great thanks" "we shoud go class starts soon" "okay" the two girls walked out of the coffe shop and rode thoer bike about 2 blocks.

chapter four online resershech

bub pulled out her silver laptop and clcked the google icon she typed:

       "things to do with your life if u want to be a teacher" the resatles popped up she clicked on the top one and it said:

  "hello im faith and im a teacher it took alot of effert and trouble to get me here i was aguring with my parents non stop because they wanted me to become a waitress for a week before i go off to collage it was very stressful and at least i got the support from my friends" before bub could finish that paragraph she paused with her mouth wide open in shock she said to herself:

    "so her parents wanted her to become a waitress to,is there some kind of waitress before u become a teacher kinda thing, is there secret training there or what i need to know wait what if shes my sister wait what no she cant be im thinking crazy talk just to make sure" bub scrolled down to the bottom of the page and it said:

 "by faith henny" bub stared at the silver screen for litterly a long 5 minutes in shock but then a loud shout came from downstarirs:

     "honey doinners ready" bub still had her mouth wide open and slowly closed her laptop and ran as fast as she possable could downstairs she gathered her food from a mini buffet her mom always makes and sat down with her food on the wooden carved table 

chapter five the intresting talk at the dinner table

"mom i need to know about my older sister,fauith" asks bub "honey we talked about this before faith dies a long time ago when she was getting born" "no mother im 17 years old what really happened to faith" "u really want to know honey dont u" "i want to know more than anything in the world so what happened to faith" "ooouurr so she had the same problom as u and she never became the waitress and she ran away she found a hoel and she stayed there she had gone to collage and became a teacher oh honety i cant go on" " no mom please and if shes alive then why cant i see her" "no honey shes just go eat in your room im done talking about this okay" "fine mom" bub shuted

chapter six the search

bub went starigeht upstairs and into her moms bedroom she had to find anything just anything about her older sister faith she was searching and searching and nothing happened untill she found a phone book mabye faiths phone number could be in here so she went strait to the fs and she found fany fello and then faith a nd she grabbed her cell phone from her room and typed the number in her cell phone and then she idmeetitly called it so many fellings were going through her head what was she gonna say what is she going to be like would she not answer

chapter seven the calling

bub diaed the number and it said "please record your message at the tone"     "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppp" but bub just hung up and she relized there was two numbers one that says home phone and another labeled cell phone and she called from the home phone and she also noticed that there was a note whritten next to the home phone number that said 

"her house phone dosnt work so please dont call this number" so bub dialed the cell phone number and there was an

"hello mom why r u calling me im at work"bub had no idea what to say so bub just said in a voice like her moms even though it didnt sound like at all like her moms

"ph honey sorry i but dialed u" and bub hanged up 

"bub why did u do that,this was your chance" bub said to herself bub thought for a second if she was going to call back or not so she just put the phone back into the drawer and took her cell phone off of the desk and went to her room

"why just why cant i know about her shes just like me i can tell and she has the same probloms as me" but then bub had a great idea and she pulled out her laptop and

chapter eight the suprise online

bub went straigt to her room desperate to find out about her older sister "faith" she went a=strait to that tab that faith had whrote and she found a ps on there and it said 

"PS:more info about me go onto" and bub went starigt to that website and she found this 

"hi im faith i have 2 brothers and 1 sister my fav was deffanetly my little sister and her name is bub andshe never knew this but bub is short for bubsley and my parents changed it because she being made fun of in preschool so they changed it too bub and why they named her bubsley in the first place was because our grandfather was bnamed bubsley and she acted and looked alot like him but one time i got into this huge agument with my parents and i so i just ran away too my friends house and right now im living by my self with one cat named furry and shes blond ill never forget the times i spent with my little sister bub" bub had realisted that this was a blog and that that very post was posted erlier today 

chapter nine first day of school (part one)

Okay of what all the things that happend last night i forgot all about school and just think its sienor year all the drama and my sister uuurrrgggg why just why bub grabbed her zebra stripped backpack and walked out side and waited for 5 minutes then the school bus came all she could hear was screaming and paper airplanes gossip and it gave her a headache she hated taking the school bus its just nonstop drma and busting ears and headaches bub always had sensitive ears and she always hated being on a school bus so when they arvied at school she headed to her locker and enetered her combantion and got her class paper with all her classes the classes gone in order like this:





social sudies


and you get tio chosse your last class bub knew she wanted drama and french so she filled that out and she noticed with her best friend hazel and she relises that her and hazel only have tw0classes together witch ismath and drama well at least they get lunch too

chapter ten first day of school (part two)

bub started to make her way to history and sat down into an empty seat next to a goth girl who had black straight hair named stacy and she had pink hair under it and those hollow earings that strech your ears bub always thought that those were gross the teacher tlked and talked and talked for hours (a half) about our 

"how you know your presadents the best quiz were taking tomorrow" but all i saw was passing notes between a girl who had wavy blondish goldeish hair and a brown hair nerd 

"uumm exuse me ms.baker and mr.holisterwhat r u doing" says the history teacher (professior lumbottom) and his first name was nevel (lol the whriter is cracking up right now nevel lumbottom is friom harry potter and she had a goth babysitter before named stacy and thats what she looked like lol) rrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggg ll of the students rushed out of the classroom and into the hall ruyshing to there lockers and talking 

"so how was history"hazel asks me

"great, how was math" i ask hazel

"awesome" she replays


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