Lord Knows


Lord Knows


Can't live without you boy,

I can barely last a day,

You give me strength to wake me up,

And every night with you I lay,

I'm so proud to make this offer,

That I'm hoping you will take,

More than thrilled to make this vow,

That I'm hoping you won't break,

I'm more than blessed to have you near me,

Feel your paws caress my fur,

And the way you rub my belly,

Make my lips let out a 'murr',

I'm so proud to bear your litter,

May these pups all grace your name,

May they all live wild and free,

And us wolves both do the same,

Overjoyed to rock your world,

More than blissed to curl your toes,

Can't last a second without you,

I'll never doubt you,

Lord knows




Tag der Veröffentlichung: 12.08.2018

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