Flovely – Adventures at the lake


Flovely – Adventures at the lake


It is a hot summer day in Cloudland. Flovely and her best friend Flirty sit in their deckchairs on a green meadow. Their feet bangle in a big bowl with water and with their little wings they each hold a glass of cold raspberry juice. The sun is burning down on them and they are sweating.


“Oh, it’s so hot,” Flovely sighs and takes a big sip of her juice. “Today, it is probably over 85 degrees,” Flirty agrees, dozing in his deckchair. “Without the sun umbrella we would already be roasted,” Flovely jokes and starts laughing loudly.


Suddenly, the friends hear a ringing sound from the distance. “Ring ring – ring ring.” Flovely jumps up and exclaims, “Wake up, Flirty! The ice cream cart is coming!” Indeed, Ian, the ice cream man, is cycling down the hill; a little cart is attached to his bike. In that cart are the most delicious types of ice cream, Cloudland has to offer. Quickly Flirty gets out of his deckchair and follows Flovely to the ice cream cart. “What can I get you, today?” Ian asks the two friends laughingly. Flovely picks a big scoop of strawberry with a little bit of whipped cream. Flirty wants some melon ice cream with vanilla sauce. The iceman picks up a big spoon and prepares their ice creams.


With a big grin on her face, Flovely takes her ice cream and, together with Flirty, walks over to the deckchairs again. The two of them enjoy their ice cream, finishing it down to the last melted drop. When they are done, they see two people coming out of the forest. “Aren’t these our friends, the rabbits Heino and Hilde?” Flirty asks surprised. “You’re right,” Flovely confirms. Indeed, loudly chatting the rabbits walk over the meadow, heading towards Flovely and Flirty. “Hi, you two!” Flovely shouts happily.


The friends greet each other and the rabbits immediately start spilling the news, “You know, because it is so hot today, we got out of school early. Dana, the duck, took the time off to show us something,“ Heino the rabbit says excitedly, “so, after school, Dana took us to the forest. We walked over sticks and stones for a while, until we got to a clearing. Can you imagine, in the middle of the forest is a beautiful lake. Neither of us knew that lake, because it is well-hidden,” the rabbit whispers wide-eyed. “You have to show


Verlag: BookRix GmbH & Co. KG

Tag der Veröffentlichung: 31.01.2017
ISBN: 978-3-7396-9637-9

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