RaInBoW MaGic

Long ago when Prince Charming would slay the Dragon to save the princess, A little girl with the name of Lacy lived in a giant castle. Lacy did not like the castle because it was gray. Lacy loved everything to be colorful. She had her daddy to make her bedroom look like a Rainbow. The castle reminded her of a dark forest! One day while she was sitting in her room deciding what color dress to ware she got a idea. She would ask her mommy the Queen and her daddy the king to paint the castle different colors! Then it wouldn't be so scary and everyone in the kingdom would love it! Lacy picked a Orange dress,Red socks, A yellow head band, Gold earrings and Pink glasses. She ran down the large hallways, Up the staircase and into the living room. Daddy mommy I have an idea! The mom stopped drinking her tea and said, “ What is it sweetie?” We can paint the castle different colors like a rainbow instead of scary gray! Now her dad stopped talking to his friend the king from a few kingdoms over and said “ Sweetie I’m really sorry but we can’t do that.” Lacy started to cry and ran to her room. She picked up her cat named Alice and Whispered “ I thot that was a good idea didn’t you Alice?” She new that Alice wouldn't answer her but she still asked because it made her feel better. About that time someone knocked on her Pink door. “Come in.” Lacy shouted. Her mom held up a Dress that was Different colors! It had Flowers and hearts on it! “I love it!” said Lacy amazed. I new you would sweetie. Her mom gave her a kiss and walked out. Lacy tried it on right then. After she put it on there was a bright flash of colors! Lacy didn’t know what happened. She looked out her window to see what had happened. When she touched the window it turned colorful! She figured out what was going on and ran to her doorknob and it turned pink and purple! Whatever she touched when she wore it turned colorful! She told her mom what happened but she did not believe her! She asked to go outside and her mom agreed. She ran outside and touched the grass. It looked like a rainbow! She was now sure it was the dress. She touched the castle and it worked! It turned different colors! She again told her mom. She asked her mom if she would come outside and look. Her mom followed her outside. She looked at the grass and the castle and looked at Lacy. Lacy! How did you do this? I just touched the castle and the grass and turned different colors! Okay Lacy touch my dress to make sure it works. Sure mommy! Lacy wretched out and touched her dress. It works her mom said looking at the rainbow dress she had on. “We have to tell your daddy Lacy. I’m so sorry I did not believe you dear.”,Lacy’s mother the queen shouted. After they told Lacy’s daddy the king he had an idea. “Lacy in honor of you sweetie and me not believing you every girl in my kingdom must have you touch there room to make it colorful!”,The king said proudly. So from that day on every girl in the kingdom shared the joy of colors.
The End


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