i met his gaze a moment before letting it fall to my hand, which was still gripping the cigaratte i'd bought. he tilted my head back gently, throwing me competely off guard. he came in here ranting a nd raving, and when everyone left, he was gentle?

" you look scared." he said softly. i frowned. " no, i'm not. i'm confused." he smiled softly. " good because i am too." he leaned closer, and i backed into the wall, making him freeze.

" what's the matter?" he whispered, confussion crossing his face. i breathed in, and the words just slipped out. " what are you, Thor?" he smiled, the first real grin i saw from him splitting his face almost in two. he leaned foreward again till we were centemeters apart, his nose actually brushing mine.

" i'm complicated, that's what i am." he said, closing his eyes, butstill grinning. i rolled my eyes.
" i get that. you know what i mean. your not a mobster. your not a gang banger. your not a drug addict, and your not a weeder. what are you?" his eyes opened so suddenly i gasped.

" you got one thing wrong, Angel." he said softly. i frowned, confused again. his hands reached up to cradle my face, his pericing hazel eyes boring into mine. " i am a drug addict." i felt my brow furrow, but before i could say anything he whispered

" i'm addicted to you." and then he left.

chapter one

" i really hope you stay at this home this time, Shannelly." the police officer, John something-or-another, said. i snorted. like i had a choice, with the ankle bracelet around my leg tightly.

" i will not promise anything. got it?" i said before he could ask. he sighed.

" i wasn't going to ask you to. but i was going to ask you to behave." i snorted again. if i behaved, my shitty attitude reputation would be ruined.

when we got to the house, i groaned. of course they would stick me with the rich snobby parents. why not the, i-don't-give-a-damnfoster parents? that's the ones i liked. hepulled up to the drive way, and a boy about my age strolled out, along with an older girl, and two people holding hands that were obviously the parents, and obviously in love.

" i'm gonna puke." i muttered snidely, and some how he heard me. he shook his head.

" you heard the judge. anything goes wrong here, you have to go the the juvenile center." i flinched. it was true. the dumbass cops from my other town caught me smoking behind the school after hours, and arrested me. the judge said one more slip up, and i would permantely go to a juvenile center.

" I'm 18, remember?" he rolled his eyes, but didn't comment as igot out and slammed his door,making the boy about my age jump. then i heard a small gasp from the girl who was older, her eyes widening as she saw the band on my ankle. i smirked darkly, knowing my peircing almost black eyes were making her even more scared.

if i keeped it up, i might actually make a grown woman piss herself. wouldn't that be a great way to fire the judge up.

" well, this is your new room. i'm sorry if the walls are a little plain, but, if you'd like, me, you, and CHeri can go out tomorrow and pick out paint andthings to decorate." i gave her a disbelieving look. after living for almost a year in a room completely white and with nothing but a bed and a lmap, this place was fucking heaven.

" thanks, Jannet. i would appreciate that. just call and let the police know where were going." i said, nudging my tracer with my left foot. she nodded, smiling.

" alright, i'll go tell her." with that she left. i sat heavily on the bed covered in thin sheets.

there was Alan, the kid my age. he had black hair, almost as blue shined as mine, and green, dull eyes.

i dubed him the family weeder.

then there was the dad, gavin, and he was the family cheater. i'm pretty sure he'd screwed most girls between 18 and 25 down the street. he had brown hair, dyed to hold back hte fact that it was greying, and green eyes as well.

and Cheri, the goody two shoes that probably got knocked up around 15 fbecause her parents thought she could do no wrong. she wsa 23, and going to collage somewhere around here.

and then there was the oblivious stay at home mother. she was blonde, and had blue/grey eyes. Cheri looked exactly like her. she was probably cheating as well.

you think i'm hypocritical? good, because i don't give a fuck.

" hey, you in there?" a voice, most likely Alan, said. I sighed.

" yeah." he opened the door, slid in, and closed it again. i was right- his eyes were as blood shot as hell on a monday afternoon, and he had a goofy grin on his face.

" mom siad that you had to come to dinner. she called what's-his-face and told him were we were planning to go tonight, so i guess you have to anyway." he leaned against the door, studying me. i let my hair fall in my face, then let my eyes perice his.

" your point is?" i said flatly. he grinned.

" you'll learn fast. what mom says goes." i shrugged, leaning back ,my hair still obscurring my face, and my sight.

" can you get out?" i asked flatly. he rolled his shoulders.

" whatever. just thought i'd warn you." then he left, only to come right back.

" oh, and suppers dominos. were leaving in 15 minutes." then he left. i shrugged out of my black jacket, then went to my backpack and pulled on my grey hoodie.

chapter two

i'd had this dream before. when i was little, and still with my mom and dad at the warehouse we called home, where whores and weeders alike gathered at all hours of the night. but still, for 8 years, i hadn't had it.

the boy was falling. screaming and falling. what i couldn't understand was why he didn't just spread his wings. his beautiful, silky wings that had enfolded me not a day ago, or so says my dream body. i scream with him, running to the place i knew he would land, an shady river bank that i had found.

he hit the ground so hard, i felt my breath catch i my throat. i didn't know if an angel could fall that height and live, and he was a fallen angel. but as i skdded on my knees to kneel beside him, he gasped for breath, and tried to sit up.

" no, NO! you sit right here and stay still." i said, checking him over to make sure he wasn't hurt. he laughed weakliy.

" it's alright, Angel. they may have banished me, but they can't take my powers away. he sat up, ignoring my protests, and his wonderful, layered brown/black hair fell in his eyes as he panted for breath. i clasped both his fuzzyly outlined cheeks in my hands. his facial look never quite came through all the way.

" i swear to the lord above, if you scare me like that again, i'm giving up on you." his smile faded, and his hands covered mine. after a second he leaned foreward and rested our foreheads together.

" i'm so sorry, Angel. i didn't think you'd be around to see it." i tried to pull away, but his hand jerked up and held my head in place with it's fingers intertwined in my hair. he unfolded his wings slowly, wincing slightly, and i saw them fold around us out of the corner of my eyes. but mostly i was focused on his eyes. the beautiful fuzzy colored eyes that i couldn't keep away from. he smiled, and i felt the heat of his wings against my back as well.

he knew i was a sucker for feathered hugs.

i jerked up with a started, gasping for breath. i was covered in sweat, and i glanced at a clock. 3:34, a.m. that dream always made it impossible for me to go back to sleep. so i got 2 hours and some odd amount of minutes to think about school.

what was i wearing? why, the academy's uniform, of course, which was wear the problem started. the girls weren't aloud to where pant's, or long socks, which meant that i had to show off my wonderfully trendy fashion anklet- i'm sarcastic when i'm ticked, can you tell?- on my first day. well, at least it should keep everyone at a distance.

my other problem was that Jannet had hooked me up with a ride with one of Alan's 'friends'. air oute friends, because that kid wasn't riding with us. i swear if she hooked me up with some bleach blonde wanna-be bimbo, i was going to scream.

" Shannelly, time to eat!" Gavin said, poking his head I my room. I was dressed, things in my backpack, and tapping my foot impatiently. I had been informed the night before that if I were to leave my room after six before breakfast, 'mommy dearest' would rip my head off.

" Thanks." I said, trying to smile. Truth?

I was scared out of my mind. I hadn't been to a school with anyone but Juvenile regects for about a year. It's not easy getting back into a patern you tried hard to break. He smiled, then left with my door opened. I pulled a brush through my hair for a final time before heading downstairs, Alan appearing beside me. he raised an eyebrow, nodding towards my ankle. I rolled my eyes.

" Fashion statment. don't you know? All crimanally rejected kids are getting them. There's don't actually go off, though." he rolled his eyes too.

" Not a morning person, are you?" I faked a smile again.

" Absolutely not." i said, shaking my head and sitting down at the island, the same time a horn honked outside. Jannet glanced outside.

" That's your ride, Shannelly." I groaned, grabbed an apple, and joggd outside with my stuff. I threw it in the back of a nice blazer, black with silver specks.

" Hey." I said flatly, staring out my window in the front seat as we drove off. They grunted in response, and I realized it was a dude that was driving me. And one I might get along with at that. Out of the corner of my eye, I say fingerless gloves, a button up shirt rolled up to firm forearms, and a tattoo peaking at the edge.

"Alan said you were a bitch with a sarcastic edge. Is that true?" he said suddenly. I flicked a full glance at him, but he wasn't looking at me.

He had layered, brown/black hair. He also had hazel eyes, the kind That could cut you like a knife.

" Depends on who you are." I said, taking a bite of my apple, letting it sit there for a moment before speaking.

" In otherwords, yeah." he made a sound that sounded more like a laugh, but was still a grunt.

" I'm sorry if I seem rude, but I just got up not 15 minutes ago, and i'm the worst morning person you'll ever meet." I rolled my eyes.

" I'm pretty sure i've met myself before." He shook his head.

" He was right, you are a sarcastic bitch." I shrugged. It was silent for a few seconds as I ate my apple.

" So what's the tracer for?" he asked suddenly. I stopped chewing for a moment, then swallowed.

" Probation." I said flatly. He flinched at my tone.

" Well, duh. What for?" I sighed, then rolleddown my window and threw my core out the window.

" I attacked an officer, or some shit. I don't remember exactly waht went on that night, and I was hung-over at my sentencing."he nodded, but he was scowling now. We drove the rest of the way in silence.

chapter three

"Hey, I never got your name." he said as we got out. I glanced at him as I got my stuff out of the car. I knew I had about 3 minutes in the parking lot before I had to get inside, or my tracer would go off.

" That's because I didn't give it. But you can guess if you want." I said, rushing towards the door. I knew we were one of hte first people there, but the tracer regulations said I had to be in my clasroom by 8:45, and it was 8:42.

" Wait up." he said, jogging to keep up with me.

" Why are you in such a hurry?" I turned into the classroom I was showed the day before, and sighed. then I pointed to my leg.

" That thing is as annoying as hell when it goes off." he nodded, then slouched into a chair in the back.

" This your class, or did you just try to avoid me, Angel?" I frowned.

" My names not Angel." I said flatly, slipping into the seat in front of him. There was no teacher, and no one else was in the room. I heard him laugh.

" Well, you wont tell me your name, so I gave you one." I turned to face him.

" What makes you think I'm an Angel?" his eyes flashed, and for an instant they were almost as black as mine.

" Your not. That's the point." I shook my head.

" No, this is my class." I turned around, and I felt him lean in.

" What are you doing at the Kornets house?" he said, and my hair fluttered in my face with his breath. I shot him a glare.

" Foster care." I said flatly, then gave him another piercing look.

" Now back off." I said flatly again. The teacher came in.

" Ms. Shanelly Hosten, i'm guessing?" he said cheerfullly. I groaned inwardly. Cheerfullness in the morning was not my cup of tea.

"Yeah, that''s me." he nodded.

" I have you in the seat next to Thor, if you would move, please." I gave him an annoyed look, then got up and slid into the seat next to, apparently, Thor.

" Nice name." we said at the same time. I shook my head, then got out my ipod -thank you, ex-boyfriend - and started listening to it as people started coming in. When everyone ubruptly sat down, i turned it off, and roll call began.

" Cheri...John...Garren....Hope....Vivian.....Faith......Ullissen...Macy...Bobby...Jarren...Shanelly..." I raised my hand, and all eyes turned to me.

" Thor... Korry....Frank." he finished off, then turned to me.

" As you all know, we now have a new student. Would you come up, please?" I sighed, standing up and walking towards the front of the class. Mummurs erupted as they saw my tracer. By the time I was at the front, the room was buzzing with talk.

" Class." the teacher said and everyone shut up.

" Thank you. Shannelly, is there anything you want to tell us?" I shrugged, and the teacher turned to the class.

" Anyone have questions for Shannelly?" a few hands went up. He caled on a red headed girl.

" Why do you have a tracer?" I shrugged.

" I attacked an officer, I think. I wasn't quite right that night, and I didn't really pay attention at the sentencing." I shrugged again, and a few mummurs were let loose, but was silenced by the teacher. Hands went up again, more than last time. A guy with dyed black/red streaked hair got called on.

" Why did you attack an officer?" I sighed, leaning against the teachers desk as he sat down behind it.

" I didn't mean to. They found me at school, after hours, and, like I said, I wasn't right that night. They tried to get me to go with them, and I swung. They swung back." I shrugged. A blondes hand shot up, and the teacher called on her.

" Have you been arrested before that?" I nodded, grinning and letting my eyes flash, making hers buldge.

" Yes. Quite a few times, in fact." my hair fell in my face, and her eyes went back to normal size.

" Why did you get arrested?" someone said, and I recognized Thors voice. I sighed, closing my eyes, and recited my crimanal record.

" Assault, Battery, Possession of drugs, Under age drinking, Possession of alcohol, Grand theft, Assulting Officer, Robbery, Shop lifting, and a few other 'Possession of ' charges." I looked up and met his eyes.

" I was also arrested for Murder, and Attempted Murder, but I was never charged." I turned back to the teacher.

" Done?" he nodded, eyes slightly wide. he announced we had a free day as I went back to my chair.

chapter four

by the end of the day, the school was humming with the news of the new senior, who had an criminal record that was now as long my arm. I called John, my officer, and asked him if I could stay in the library till 5, and he reluctantly agreed, informing me that he would pick me up.

So, after school, I went into the library and sat down, planning on doing homework. I had Chemistry, History, Math, and a Language paper I needed to write, and I had a feeling that Alan would make sure that I didn't get it done.

So, I was sitting in the back of the library, listening to my Ipod, almsot done with Math, History, and Language, when a hand came down on my shoulder. I jumped, ripping my earbuds out of my ears. I whirled in my seat, to be eye level with an angry looking Thor.

" What!?" I hissed.

" Aren't I giving you a ride home?" he asked. I shook my head, turning back around.

" Nope, John is." he sat across from me, stradling the seat.

" Who's John?" he asked, a mild tone to his voice. I growled.

" He's my parol officer. What's it to you?" he rolled his eyes.

" Well, I-" I cut him off.

" You have a barbell?" i'd seen a flash of metal as he spoke. He grinned, then stuck his tounge out so I could see his black and white checkered barbell. I shook my head, glancing at my watch. It was 4:45.

" Shit." I said, grabbing my stuff, trying to shove it into my bag. His hands stilled mine.

" What's the matter?" I shook my head.

" He's gonna be here in aproxamitaly 10 minutes, and I have to be outside by then." He shooke his head, and in one fluid movement, stacked all of my textbooks and scooped them up. I scowled, but then sighed and fallowed him to the door. We stood under the pavilin.

" Did you really do all those things?" he asked suddenly. I shrugged.

" At one point in time. Sometimes I did it, and didn't get caught, other times, someone else does it, but I get in trouble. I call it getting even, and normally don't hold grudges." I shrugged again. A hunter green mustang pulled up, and john stepped out. I reached for my books, but he started down the steps. Johns eyes widened.

" Hello, Thor." I frowned, especially when Thor answered.

" Hello, Officer. How are you?" John leaned against his hood, glancing at me. Thor set my books on Johns hood, then turned to me.

" Be ready at 8, ok?" I nodded.

" Thanks, Thor." he nodded as well, and then left. As I got my books and climbed in to the car, John said

" You don't need to be around him." I frowned, giving him a side-long look.

" Why?" he gave me a sharp look.

" Because, he was arrested and charged with Murder."

chapter five

When I got home, John came in as well.

" Hello, Mrs. Kornet. May I speak with you?" She frowned, turning to me.

" Are you in trouble, Dear?" blech. She'd started calling me that a day after I got here.

" No, Ma'am. I was just at the library, and John said he'd drop me off." I smiled, then headed for my room, which was now a dark, dark red, with Black swirls and designs in them. Something I didn't notice the first night I was here- don't ask me how, but I didn't- right at the foot of my bed, theres one french door that leads to a porch on top of the porch. Alan came in.

" Why is mr. Flansten here?" I shrugged, unloading my backpack.

" No idea. He drove me home from the library." I glanced at him, and he frowned. His eyes weren't blood shot yet, but they would be soon. I gave him a long look.

" Do you have a lip ring I could barrow? Mine closed up, but the hole should be easily redone." he gave me a suprised look.

" Ask Thor." he said finally, leaving. I frowned. Thor.

He didn't seem like the killing type. I'd hung with those kind of people long anough. He definately doesn't act like one.

Maybe he changed after probation, though. Maybe he just wanted to change, so he did after the detention center.

Or maybe he didn't do it.

" Shanelly!" Gavin hollered. I slipped downstairs, where John, Jannet, and him were standing in front of the front door.

" Yes?" I asked dully.

" Did you see Thor after school?" I decided to tweak the truth.

" He saw me trying to get everything ready for John, so he carried my books outside." I shrugged. John scowled.

" He also said he'd see you at 8. Explanation?" Jannet spoke up.

" I would be the cause of that. I arranged it for him to pick her up for school. Sorry." he scowled at me again.

" Remember what I told you." he said flatly. I rolled my eyes.

" I'll do my best, but no gaurantees." I said before heading up stairs, only to be called back down for supper- which John was perticipating in.

At 7:45, I went to my room, and got into the shower. I got out 10 minutes later, and changed into my skull and crossbone pajama pants, and a white tanktop. I was on my computer, in the corner, when there was a knock on my french door. I frowned, then went and opened it- to find Thor leaning against the doorframe. He tried to push past me, but I pushed him out, closing the door.

" What the hell, Thor! What are you doing here!?" he gave me an annoyed look.

" I told you i'd see you at 8, didn't I?" he said mildly, leaning on my railing. I growled.

" In the morning. Are you high?" he shook his head, studying something in his hand.

" What's that?" I asked wearily. He held it out to me.

" Alan said you wanted this." he said in a bored tone. I reached foreward slowly, and realized it was a lip ring, like i'd asked for. But when I touched it, his hand inclosed mine, and he pulled me foreward, till I was pressed against him. He turned us as I struggled so my back was against the railing. He was close anough that I smelt the whiskey on his breath.

" Oh God, Thor! get off of me." I hissed. He rolled his eyes.

" Why?" I gave him an annoyed look.

" Because my Parol officer is still here. If he smells me like you, I'll get sent to the jail for the night, at least." he grinned.

" Cool." I growled, hitting his chest with my hands. He studied me for a little while.

" Did you get your Language paper done?" he said suddenly. I sighed.

" Thor, Leave. Now. " he gave me a funny look again.

" Why?" he reached up, and I saw something glint on his hand. I grabbed his arm, and struggled with him till his arm was facing me.

" God, Thor, what Happened?"

chapter six

He jerked away from me, giving me an evil look.

" What's it to you?" he hissed. I shook my head. He had a hole in his arm, gushing blood. I'm suprised he was even standing.

" We need to get you to a hospital." I said softly, but before I could reach for him, he'd jumped the railing, and hit the ground running. I was tempted to after him, but if I left the front yard, my tracer went balistic.

" Hey, Shanelly. I'm leaving." John said, opening my door. He took one look at me and scowled.

" Come here." I stepped foreward slowy. He sniffed the air, then growled.

" Get dressed. Your going with me." I groaned, throwing my hands in the air, but grudgedly pulled on a hoodie and shoes. He escorted me to his car, and then went back inside to talk to Jannet and Gavin.

~ Thor~

I was laying on one of the hard, shapeless mattresses that the police provided when you were in jail when John came in escorting Angel.

Let me explain why I was there in the first place.

I was at the park, going through a bottle of whiskey with my older brother, when we got in a fight. I was going all out on the fist punching, while he pulled a gun. He clipped my arm, and I got the hell out of there. I was just running when I realized it was almost the time I promised Angel that I would see her. so I ran home, got a lip ring I had planned on using myself, and got it for her, trying to ignore the searing pain in my arm.

I wasn't really drunk. but I had been drinking, and since I was 19, I wasn't really supposed to be. after I left Angel's, the patrol picked me up, seeing me bleeding. They patched me up, then put me in here.

And yes, I know that Angel's real name is Shanelly. But Angel is better. Don't ask.

" Thank you, you asshole." she said flatly. I smiled slightly, closing my eyes.

" Of course, Angel." she gave a huffed breath.

" My. Name. Is. Not. Angel." she said flatly. I shrugged, turning my head so that if I opened my eyes, i'd see her blazing black eyes.

"I know. I like Angel better, though. Consider it my nickname for you." I felt her gaze on me.

" Hows your arm?" she asked finally. I held my wrapped arm up, then let it fall back down.

" Just peachy. Hows your lip?"

" You never gave me the ring." I frowned, then groaned.

" Shit." I covered my closed eyes with my hand, then let it fall again.

" Sorry, I think I lost it. I'll get you another one, I swear." she sighed.

" No, it's fine. I'll probably get in trouble for wearing one again anyway." I sat there for a second.

" Again?" I said slowly. I didn't think she'd be the type to peirce anything but her ears.

" Yes, again. I've periced my lip, ears two to three times, my bellybutton, and, for about 2 years, my tounge." she made a laughing sound.

" Now that was annoying. I don't see how you can wear a barbell, all I had was a stud." I shrugged, clicking the object in question against my teeth.

" I got used to it, I guess. have you ever kissed someone with one in?" she gave another almost laugh.

" Why?" I opened my eyes, and her eyes were the softest i've ever seen them, but still very very hard.

" I'd give you something to compare it to." I said without thinking, then grimaced. That was out of the line, exspecially from me to her. I actually killed someone, while she was just accused falsly.

"S -"

" Ms. Hosten. Up against the gate." an officer appeared. She groaned, but put her hands on the bars on her cell obediently. He walked in, and took her arm, stearing her out the door.

" I've told you, I didn't drink tonight." I groaned. I was the reason she was here. She even warned me. I'm such an idiot.

chapter seven

~ Shanelly ~

For the next month, Thor ignored me. On the way to school, in the halways, in the two classes we actually had together, even on the way home. I didn't try to talk to him, just ignored him right back.

About a week after John took me into the jail to test me, and then apologized a bizillion different times, he got the judge to let him remove my tracer, with a few rules. I had to be home for supper, and in bed by 11:30, unless I call and tell them i'm not going to be there. And he has to be allowed to do random drug testing on me. That was fine by me.

So I got to go out with friends. I got to do what I wanted. It was great.

I hung out wiht Ullissen, the kid with red and black hair from my first hour, Sarah, a purple headed girl from my history class, and Ullissens older brother, Hunter, who had blue streaks in his blonde hair. He was 23, but liked hanging out with us kids. I refused to drink, mainly because of the random drug tests, but also because I didn't really want to get drug into that black pit again.

I had permission to stay at sarahs, so I was at her house when Thor came looking for me.

I was sitting at her her kitchen table, painting my toenails black, my fingernails white, and tipping them grey, when her doorbell rang. She went to answer it, and I cranked the stereo that she had in there, bobbing my head with the music and mouthing along with Skillet, when she came around the corner, fallowed by Thor.I raised an eyebrow, then concentraited on finishing my nails.

" Shanel, Thor said he wanted to talk to you." I glanced at her, suprised. 'Sorry!' she mouthed, then ducked into her living room. He straddled the chair across from me. finally I looked up, turning the music down.

" Can I help you?" I asked faltly. He sighed, reaching into his pocket. He pulled out two lip rings.

" Still want one?" I felt my eyes widen.

" Uh, yeah, but I told you, I'd probably get in trouble for putting one in." he shrugged, smiling slightly.

" That's alright, Angel. nothing you haven't done before, right? pick one." I studied the ones he had in his hand.

" Why did you get two?" I asked suddenly. He shrugged.

" I was going to put one in too. I'd been thinking about it for a while." he shrugged again. I wearily picked out the red one, so he had the black one.

" Thanks." I said, studying it. It was steel, and it curled so it fit around the lip, and had a red stud on one end, with a black symbol on it.

" I was hoping you'd pick that one." he said, studying his. I frowned.

" What does this sign mean?" his lips quirked up at the edges.

" It means Angel, Angel." I rolled my eyes, sighing, and turned around in the chair, facing the medicine cabinet that had a mirror on it. I had the ring lined up with the faint scar I had before he realized what was happening.

" Your doing that now!?" he asked, bewildered. I frowned, pulling back.

" Why not?" I asked, confused.

" Doesn't it hurt like a bitch?" I grinned, turned, and pierced it, a single line of blood falling.

" Yup." he shook his head.

" Whatever. I wanted to know if you wanted to go to a party Ullissen's throwing." I sighed.

" Is Sarah going?" he shrugged.

" I don't know, I didn't ask her. I'm asking you." I studied him a moment.

" Why are you suddenly talking to me again?" I finally asked. he shrugged.

" Didn't want to not talk to you anymore. Your fun to talk to." I sighed.

" I don't want to, Thor." I lied. the truth was, I wanted to, just not with him. he was so annoying, I could only imagine what he was like at a party. He shook his head.

" Why not?" I shrugged.

" Just don't." Sarah appeared in the doorway.

" Ullissen wants us to come to his party tonight. Are we going?" Thor grinned triumphantly, and I groaned.

" yeah, I guess." I sighed, leaning against the sink. She gave me a funny look, then her eyes widened.

" Oh my God, does that hurt?" she asked, leaning closer to me and studying my lip. I nodded.

" Yeah, It does. Mind?" she leaned back, blushing slightly.

" Sorry." she turned to Thor.

" You going to the party too?" he nodded.

" Mind giving us a ride?" He smiled, winking at me.

" Not at all."

chapter eight

" Girl, How many outfits do you have?" I exclaimed, studying Sarah's closet. She shrugged, grinning at me through the mirror as she did her make-up.

" I know which one you should wear." I raised an eyebrow.She'd already changed, and I was still getting over the size of her closet.

" alright, what?" she squealed, running into the forest of hangers and clothes.

" This!" she said, grinning. she came out with a midnight blue, sparkling halter mini dress, and a pair of matching spandex leggings. I shook me head.

" Nuh-Uh. I am not wearing that." she pouted.

" Please?" I shook my head again.

" Please, Shanel? You'll look Soooooooo cute! Please!?" she whined. I groaned, then took the outfit and went to her bathroom. she smirked behind me.

" thanks for the ride, Thor." Sarah said, sliding into the back of the car. when I tried to slide in with her, thor's hand shot out to block me.

" sit up front with me, Angel." I growled, while sarah watched, confused. finally, she sighed.

" get up front, Shanel." I felt my eyes widen.

" Now, Shannelly!" she snapped. I shook my head, but relunctantly got in the familiar front seat. Thor's eyes widened.

" your wearing that. to Ullissens party." I nodded, grinning at his wide eyes. I then made a show of streatching, making my dress rise, exposing more of the spandex leggings. I heard sarah laugh quietly as he shook his head and growled something low under his breath as he drove off.

" Shannel! Sarah! thor. ass. how are you guys?" Ullissen greeted us, hugging me and Sarah, but frowning at Thor. Thor studied the crowd, then nodded in Ullissens general direction.

" Ullissen. good to see you. Angel, wanna dance?" even as he asked, his hand became a vise grip on my arm and started pulling me towards the floor. I struggled against him, but his grip got impossibly tighter.

" stop fighting me, Angel. do you see how many eyes are on you?" I glanced around and grimaced, trying to release his grip again.

" stop! I'm trying to help you, Girl. people know not to touch anything i claim." he stop suddenly and spun me around so that i was facing him.

" so If I claim you, they'll leave you alone."he hissed. I growled back.

" what if I don't want you to claim me?" he shrugged.

" get raped, than. theres a bunch of guys in here that would jump someone like you, dressed like you, in a second." I studied his impassive face, then growled.

" fine." I spat. he grinned. I realized we were standing still in the middle of a moving dancefloor.

" Wh-"

" just do what I say. come here." he pulled me closer and we started dancing in time to the music, flowing with everyone else. he knew exactly what I was going to do, before I did it. we danced for a few minutes, then I felt his breath hit my cheek.

" slowly tilt your head toward me." I obediently turned slowly to him, till I met his Hazel eyes. they were lit with some emotion, but I couldn't tell what.

chapter nine flashback

it was at the last foster home i was at. there was this guy, that i liked. alot. he had blonde hair, and was tall. his nickname was skinny, and not many others knew his real name, exept me. his name was gavin.

I dated him for a week, and then he started beating me. and I couldnt leave him, every time i did he beat me worse till i promised i wouldn't. oen time was worse than the others, though.

"Gavin! Stop, please!" I sobbed, sucking in a sharp breath as his foot sunk into my stomach again. I heard and felt something snap, and white lines blurred my vision.

" Gav-"

" Promise me!" he suddenly yelled, yanking me up off the ground of his bedroom in his apartment.

" what!? promise you what, Gavin!?" I gasped, crying. he twisted my head to hiss in my ear.

" promise me I'll be the only one. I'm the only one you'll ever love. promise me." I nodded, but that wasnt good anough, apparently. he lieterally threw me across the room, making me connect with the wall. then he was on top of me.

" who is he!? what's his name! tell me, Shay!" his hands gripped my throat so I couldn't answer. he'd tightened it further when I didn't.

IF his older brother hadn't have came in with the cops, I dont know if I would be her today. all I know is he is now in an asslyum, and isn't getting out anytime soon. his brother, George, told me that the nurses there say he still calls for me when he's delusioned, determined to kill whoever 'took me from him'.

chapter ten

"What are you thinking about?" someone murmured in my ear, making me lurch back to the present. i shrugged offhandedly. " nothing of importance, I'm sorry." Thor laughed. " yeah, OK. do you want a drink?" i frowned. "wha-" he dragged me away from the warm dance floor to a table full of drinks and things. he held up a beer mutely raising an eyebrow.

" I'm on probation, remember? no drinking for me." he studied me a moment while i eyed the beer he was holding before he shrugged, reaching behind him and pulling out a canned soda. " this better?" i nodded, popping the top open before he could protest.

" so do you want to go out to the front porch? not too many people will be out there." i sighed. " sure. i guess." he grinned, looping an arm around my waist and tightening it when i wanted to pull away. "Don't even start Angel." I growled.

"That. Isn't. My. Name."

"It's your nickname so get over it." I gave him a shocked look, and then shivered as the cool air hit me once we stepped outside. he sighed, pulling his jacket off to reveal a black button down.

"Here." He held it out until I reluctantly pulled one arm through, then switched my soda to that hand and pulled my other arm through. " thanks." I said as I sighed, the warmth of the jacket sinking into me. he shrugged, tipping his beer back.

" No problem. Would you do me a favor?" I gave him a weary look. " Sure." I said reluctantly. he pulled out the lip ring.

"Put this in for me?" I felt my eyes widen. "Now." he grinned. "Yes, now. Here." he held it out. I hesitantly put my hand out palm up, and he sat it in my hand gently, then stepped foreword.

"OK, you really want me to?" He nodded, and I sighed, but pulled him to a chair and pushed him into it.

"It's going to hurt, but try not to move."

"Yes ma'am." He said, mock saluting. I glared, then rolled my eyes. I hesitated, then tilted his head up, pulling on his chin until his mouth was open slightly. I lined it up, then mentally counted to three.


"Don't move!" I hissed as he began to pull away. he froze, and I finished putting it in, then straightened up. " OK. there you go." I said. he touched it slightly and hissed. " how do you wear one of these?" he asked. I sighed. " Like you wear a barbell,you get used to it." he smirked. I took a drink of my soda, and then gasped as he pulled me down to his lap suddenly.

"Thor what are you-"

"Calm down, Angel." He said in a perfectly calm tone. I gave him a weary look.

"With you? No thanks. Last time I did I got sent to Jail for the Night." he Laughed.

"Your sarcastic edge is amazingly funny instead of annoying." I scowled, then gasped as he trailed his hand up my back lightly.

"Would you-"


I sat there shocked for a second before I realized his other hand was sliding along my leg. I tried to shove away.

“Are you drunk!?” I hissed. He laughed lowly, leaning closer. “ Absolutely not. I haven’t even finished my first beer yet, Angel. Why do you ask?”

“Because you’re acting like it!” I growled. He sighed, letting his hand trail back down. I tried to pull away from his hand, but only succeeded in pressing my self closer to his chest.

“Ugh, would you stop! Get your-“

“ You know what? Jonathan Mcstanstal, a guy who happens to have a rape charge against him, is watching us right now. So, unless you want jumped later, I suggest you play along.” I groaned, but glanced around. A few people where out in the yard, and a few where watching from the house, but I couldn’t see faces.

“How do you know?”

“ He’s the one with the blue and white polo and the khaki pants over to my left.” I looked, and sure enough they where watching us. I groaned.

“Fine. What do you want me to do?” he leaned closer, smirking.

“ I want you to kiss me.” I gasped.

“What!? Why!?” He sighed.

“Do I have to explain the whole what’s mine no one touches thing again?” I sighed, but shook my head.


“Good.” I hesitated, and then leaned foreword, hesitantly brushing my lips along his. He sighed.

“Oh my God, are you getting shy?” I growled at that statement, and pulled his head down to kiss him fiercely. He let me control the kiss a few minutes, then suddenly his hand was at the base of my neck, and he pulled away gently. I felt how bruised my lips where as we caught our breath.

“ I didn’t think you where. But now it’s my turn.” I had time to gasp before he was kissing me hungrily. I made a surprised sound in the back of my throat, but let him take control of my mouth freely. His hand slid up my leg again, but this time didn’t stop when it got to the hem of my dress, instead, in fact, it went all the way up to my hips before he began to trail it down again. he pulled back to kiss along my jaw.

“You’re really soft.” He muttered against my skin, making me laugh breathlessly.

“Um, thanks, I guess.” He tightened his grip on me suddenly, pulling back slightly.

“What are you-“

“Shanelly, Thor.” I groaned.

“Crap, John. Why do you always have to show up at the most unsavory times?”

chapter eleven

“John.” Thor said, both of them ignoring me. I shot him a glare, then went to stand up, but his arm around my waist tightened, and he had the nerve to let his other hand glide up to rest on my ass.

“Oh, now you’re just being a perv. Let me go.” I pushed against him, but he didn’t budge. John’s hands came down on my shoulders. I craned my neck so I could see him.

“ If you haven’t noticed, everyone else has got away. What could have had both of you so entertained that you didn’t even notice everyone running off?” I closed my eyes and fought the blush I felt coming on, and succeeded like I normally did.

“What do you want, John?” I asked slowly. He tightened his grip on my shoulders so his nails bit into my skin.

“I’m taking you two in, of course. Underage drinking is illegal.” I was about to protest when I felt something brush a spot on my neck. I growled to cover the groan I wanted to let out, and snapped my neck back done to look at Thor, who smirked.

“ I was the only one that drank tonight sir. Angel here protested when I asked if she wanted a beer. She wont pass a breathing test, though.” I growled again as he grinned innocently at John. John froze a second, then hissed “ I knew you where a lot of things, Shanelly, but I didn’t realize you where a slut.” I gasped, and I jerked my elbow back to catch his stomach. I hit Thor in the chest, and he finally let me go. John was bent over, hands clasping his stomach.

“ I. Am. Not. A. slut. My mother may have been one, and Her friends may have been one, and my dad may have been a man-whore, but I will not stoop that low, John. Don’t make that mistake again.” he nodded, straitening up grimacing.

“I’m going to hand cuff you two anyway until we get there. And Shanelly, I hope you drank something.” I groaned, but obediently stuck my hands behind my back as Thor stood. I heard the metal snap but only felt the shackles loosely. Thor leaned over as I heard his snap closed, too.

“This could be very interesting. Want to try it again when we’re alone?”

“No.” I snapped. He shrugged. “ I had to try.”

“You don’t have your barbell in.” I said, turning to him. We where in separate cells (again) he was lying on the bed (again) and he was ignoring me (AGAIN!) de javu in the third degree. I saw his lips twitch slightly.

“No, I don’t. I broke mine. Not sure how, but it happened. I was going to buy a new one tomorrow, but I doubt I’m out of here by then.” I laughed.

“See, I knew there was a reason I didn’t drink tonight.” He moved suddenly, propping himself up on his elbow facing me, resting his other arm on his up bent knee.

“Why don’t you laugh?” I frowned. “ I just did.”

“ You made a sound that would resemble a laugh if you were happy.” I scowled.
“Why is it any of your business?” I didn’t want to tell him that It still felt funny to laugh. I don’t remember laughing until I was almost thirteen.

“Because it can be, Angel. Answer my question.” I laid down.

“Why don’t you smile?” I countered, turning my head so I could look at him. His lips twitched again. “ I do.”

“no, your mouth moves in a way it would resemble a smile if you where happy.” I said, twisting his own words to bite him in the ass. He grimaced. “ you’re really good at verbally grating someones nerves, you know that, right?” I stayed quiet, waiting for the answer. He sighed.

“Tell you what. You answer any of my questions, and I’ll-“

“Shanelly. Let’s go.” John said, walking up. I went to stand next to the door.

“So I passed the piss test? Tell me, am I pregnant, too? A slut has to watch out for those job hazards, as my mom would say.” He grimaced. “ I’m sorry, alright!? I didn’t mean for it to come out. And I was angry, Because I thought you were drinking.”

“Because that definitely excuses a cop calling one of the people he has to watch a slut when he knows very well that she beats the shit out of every single prostitute she can find on the street.” I said mildly as he unlocked the door.

“Is that where your assault charges came from?” Thor piped up. I rolled my eyes. “ no, the police would have just though that their Johns had roughed them up. That IS why I’m not allowed in downtown new york after dark though. I have a certain John that said if I was caught, he’d kill me.” John sighed.

“Shanelly, we do not talk of killing in my presence.”

“ I only did it once, I promise. The body bag is in the sewer…. Somewhere. It was only one of those masochistic weirdoes who liked to burn themselves to get a hard on, I swear.” Thor grunted.

“You’re a smartalick.”

“ I prefer smartass, but that works too.”

“ Oh, just shut up, both of you. Alan will be here to pick you up soon.”

“Oh goodie, the family weeder.” Thor grunted again, and I realized it was his equvalent of a laugh.

“ and you say that I don’t laugh.” He scowled, then turned to face the wall.

“Coward.” I said softly before fallowing John down the hall. His growl echoed around us.

chapter twelve

“Thor Grevens. You’re ride is here.” A deputy cop said. I sat up, ruffling my hair, half asleep. I’d been in jail for almost 24 hours.

“Did they say who they where?”

“Just Alan.” I groaned, but got up. That weeder was better than my brother. I fallowed him down the hall.

Fifteen minutes later I was sitting in Gavin’s car, looking down at the small clear bag in my lap, confused.

“Shanelly just said a piece of jewelry for a piece of jewelry.” I picked the checkered barbell up, exactly like my old one. Did she do that on purpose, or did she pick it up merely by coincidence? Did I really think that she paid enough attention to my mouth to see it?

Yes, I truly wanted to believe that.

“Tell her I said thanks.”

“Tell her yourself. I have to pick her up from the mall for mom. I’d put that in first.” I groaned, but nodded.


“Alan. I don’t need to smell like pot.”

“ I haven’t smoked yet today, I swear. Please get in. I have to drop Thor off at his house, too.

“Thor?” she ducked her head to see me. I grinned coyly. It would have unnerved most girls. She just grinned back.

“Hey angel.” She scowled briefly, and then went to get in the back. I glanced back, surprised. “ How long have you been here?”

“ A few hours, why?” I gave Alan a surprised look. “ you only have three bags. Two are from the same store.” She shrugged. I grinned again, clicking the new barbell against my teeth. “ Thanks for the jewelry swap angel.” She just shrugged again. Why was she so damned mellow today!? That would have gotten me an evil look and a bunch of swear words last night.

“She has to go visit a foster family. That’s why she’s so mellow.’’ Alan said as if reading my thoughts. I gave her a confused look.

“ I happened to like this certain family up to a point, and they invited me on a fishing trip. I happen to like fishing, so I’m going. Tomorrow. So could you get my school things while I’m gone?” I grinned. “ Of course. They’ll want you to have a tutor, too. And since my grades are so good, I’ll volunteer.” She sighed. “ John has actually forbade you from entering our house.” She said pointedly. I shrugged. “ So we go to the all night café in town. No one goes there from our school, so I should be ok with hanging around with a prep like you without worry.” She scowled. Finally. Then suddenly she groaned. “ Don’t do this, not today, please.”

“Why is today any different?”

“I don’t have to explain it to you.”

“ But you do to me, or I’ll tell mom about that certain mark on your back that will make her go ballistic. So tell me.” She groaned.

“When did you see my back?”

“ Does it matter? I know you have a tattoo of black wings between your shoulder blades. So spill.” She was quiet a moment, then shot me a hate filled look.

“ I said I liked them up to a point. That point is that the oldest son used to be best friends with this guy I dated that beat me so bad I was in the hospital for two weeks. He’s in a mental hospital now, but the brother will force me to go visit him.” She shuddered slightly. I frowned. “ Why are you so scared of him if he’s in a mental hospital where he can’t hurt you?” she shot me a sour look. “ I’m not scared of him. He gives me the creeps. He was very… clingy. His brother says that he still screams at the top of his lungs that he’s going to kill ‘the bastard that took me away from him’ when he gets out of there. I’ve seen what he can do with just his hands, and felt it first hand. I don’t doubt it.” I grimaced.

“ I’m sorry, angel.” She scowled. “Don’t be. It was my fault in dating him in the first place.” I gave her a disbelieving look. “ What? “She grimaced. “ never mind.”

“No, explain.”

“No.” she shot me a look that I had wanted a few minutes ago and I grimaced, turning around.

“How did you know which barbell to get?” I asked, changing the subject. She was quiet a moment, and then suddenly her eyes darkened and I knew I wasn’t going to like what was going to come out of her mouth.

“ I gauged the hole last night, of course.” I grimaced as Alan gave me a look. “ Angel-“

“Remember, you asked Thor.” She cut in. I shot her a look.

“Let me ask again. how did you know what pattern to get?”

“Oh, well I saw it in the library.” I nodded. “ see, much better.”

“Shanelly? I have a question. Out of the blue, ok? Why do have so many charges against you?” Alan asked. she fell so silent I looked back to see her and gasped. Her eyes where as black as sin so that you couldn’t tell the pupil from the iris. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“You’re mom didn’t tell you?” she asked softly. I gave her a confused look as Alan slowly shook his head.

“Go to the park, please. We need to sit down for this story.”

Fifteen minutes later we where at the park, and she was swinging idly on a swing. I was about to clear my throat when she sighed.

“My mom was a prostitute in New York. I… I only met my dad once. He was a masochistic weirdo who liked to burn himself to get a hard on. He was also a man-whore. When my mom wasn’t working, her and her ‘friends’ where smoking some type of something with me locked in the closet so I wouldn’t get in the way. When I was ten, my mom took me with her. I thought we where going to the babysitter. She sat me on a bench and said she would be back in a little bit.” She closed her eyes suddenly. I frowned. Was she about to cry? And now I understand the hard shell she shielded herself with. She never had anyone there for her, so she had to become that person. She continued softly.

“I sat there for almost 19 hours before the police finally came and picked me up. They said that a woman called about ten minutes before to say that she couldn’t keep her kid. No, she called me her occupational hazard, sorry. Anyway, they figured it was my mom when she gave directions to where I was sitting.” It was silent a moment.

“I’m sorry, Shanelly.” Alan said. She grunted. “ The sad thing was? I was relived every hour she didn’t come to get me. She hated me, and I knew it. So every minute spent away from her felt like heaven. But the police…. They didn’t really see it that way. They attempted to get her to take me back. She refused. Then she said she’d only take me back if they paid her. Paid her to take back her own freaking kid.” She murmured the last part. I shot Alan a look, and he nodded, walking off. She didn’t seem to notice. When Alan was out of sight, I squatted down next to her swing.

chapter thirteen

“Hey, Angel.” Someone said softly. I jumped, pulling out of my thoughts. I glanced around to see Thor next to me, squatting, and Alan gone. “Did Alan leave?” I asked. Thor’s lips twitched. “Yes. Stand up, please?” I slowly stood up, frowning, and in one a swift movement he stood, pulled me to him, and sat down with me lounging in his lap, my head cradled in his right shoulder, so that I could still see his face, and his arms around my waist, holding me in place. I gasped, going to sit up.

“No, sit. It’s compromise time, Angel.” I struggled a second longer, then sighed, relaxing into him. His arms tightened a moment.

“Last night, I was going to tell you that I would answer any question of yours, truthfully, if you answered any questions of mine, truthfully. Do we have a deal?” I frowned, then sighed. “ I go first?” he nodded.” Sure, I can go with that.”

“Why doesn’t John like me being around you?” he grimaced. “Theres some background information needed for that one, I do believe.” I just looked up at him patiently. He sighed.

“My mom died In a car crash when I was six. I was in the car, and I was in the back. I started to have an asthma attack. She turned to look at me, and she swerved into the oncoming lane right into an 18-wheeler.” I gasped, but he continued without stopping. “ my dad was never right after that. He was always drunk. My older brother blamed me for it, even though they found out that I would have died without medical attention. He loved my mother.” He fell silent, and I knew that something was coming I didn’t necessarily want to hear.

“ MY dad came home one day, and he was so drunk, he tried to shoot me. Twice. I… I took the gun from him, and shot back. I didn’t miss. I live with my brother now. They charged me with Self defense, but john still calls it murder.” He hesitated, and then murmured, “Hell, I do, too.” He looked down at me suddenly. “ Do you see why he doesn’t want you around me now? It’s not because I act like a badass, Angel. It’s because I killed someone.” I met his eyes a second.

“So have I. I was serious when I was talking about the body bag, Thor. I killed my dad, too. I was 13 when he picked me up randomly. Ok, kidnapped me randomly. He locked me in his guest room. I jimmied… ok, I almost lied. by then I had learned to pick locks, so I picked it, I didn’t jimmy it. I he was passed out on his couch. I went to the kitchen, and he woke up. He charged me.” I took a shaky breath, for once feeling tears prick my eyes. “I-I-I just grabbed something. It was a knife. I rolled him in a sheet, and threw him down a manhole. Nobody liked him, so his…. John, I guess, I don’t know what man-whores call they’re pimps, gave me a ride to my foster home at the time, and said ‘don’t worry about it.’” He was quiet a moment.


“Truly.” The word choked out, and I gasped, straining against his arms. I was going to cry. I never cry in front of anyone. He didn’t budge.

“Angel. Calm down. Crying is ok.”

“I agree. Just not in front of other people.” He sighed.

“Angel, look at me.” I hesitantly looked up, ingoring the stinging behind my eyes. He studied my face a moment.

“You really think that.” He finaaly said incrediously. I shrugged. “ I don’t sat things I don’t mean. Usually.” He rolled his eyes, shifting me so that I was facing more towards him than away from him now.

“Ok, fine. I’ll give you a reason not to cry.”

“wha-“ his lips collided with mine feircly, unexpectedly, so that I gasped, and he gained intrence into my mouth. He took it greedily, picking me up at the hips so that I was straddling his waist without breaking the kiss. He pulled back suddenly, gasping, and rested our heads together.

“That was cheating. I didn’t realize what you where doing. “ he laughed breathlessly, than gave me a long look.

“You really where serious about you’re dad.”

“as serious as a heart attack.” I said softly, laughing breathlessly as well. He rolled his eyes. “ of course. Ok. That’s…. not something I could picture you doing.”

“I was 13.”


We sat there for a minute, until I really registered that he had pulled me as close as possible and thus my knees where pressed into the outside of his thighs, and my fingers where still wrapped in his hair. I gasped, reeling back. He chuckled, but let me slide back slightly.

“I was wondering when you would come to your senses. Though I must admit I liked the position you were sitting in quite a lot.” I gave him a sharp look, then glanced away.

“I need to be getting home.” I said, starting to walk away. He caught up almost emediately, falling into step beside me.

“Can you bring a friend with you? To your foster parents, I mean.” I shot him a surprised look.

“I really don’t think so. And anyway, It’s almost two hours away, in manhattan.” He perked up. “Manhattan? I have a few…. Things I need to get done there. Don’t give me that look. I really do.” He added on when I rolled my eyes.

“Why did you ask?”

“because I was going to go with you, of course. I want to meet this boy you put in a mental hospital.” I growled. “ I didn’t do shit. If you had seen me after his brother brought the cops and the way he was screaming, you would have put him a home, too.” I snapped. He gave me a look. It was almost soft- almost. “ what did he do to you?” he asked, his voice pitched low.

“he beat me.” He rolled his eyes. “ oh, you wanted [i] details[/i]? fine. I went over to their house to talk to his older brother about a paper I was doing on…”I shot him a quick glance, suddenly slightly embarrassed.

“he was helping me write a paper on what it was like when training to be an R.N.” I admitted. His eyes flew to my face, slightly wide. I grimaced. “ I know. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, though. Anyway, …skinny…that’s his nickname… he came home… and… he started [i]screaming[/i] at me about disloyalty and something about cheating. He knocked his brother out on the kitchen table, and he literally dragged me upstairs by my hair. When we got to his room he slapped me…four times. Hard. He chipped my tooth one his knuckle once. He started kicking me, still screaming, and then he threw me across the room, beating me some more, until his brother came in with the police. They locked him up, and I requested moving.” I had looked down as I started the story again, and now glanced at him uncertainly. He was staring straight ahead, a thoughtful look on his face.

“was their last name Girgindale by any chance?” He finally murmured. I gasped, reaching out to his sleeve and yanking him to a stop.

“how did you-“

“I knew them. I used to be best friends with skinny.” I flinched, taking an involuntary step away from him. He reached out and shook my arm gently. “ hey, calm down. I said used to. after I found out he had a habit of kicking things around while they were down I lost touch with him. I didn’t realize he was finally locked up though. Now I definitely have to go with you, so that I can see him and his older brother… what was his name again? George?”

“yes.” I said softly, glancing away from him. We where silent a few moments.

chapter fourteen

ok, we have to have some kind of twist to this deal of ours. How about…. We take [i]turns[/i] asking the questions? Like, you ask one, and then I can’t answer one of yours until you answer one of mine. Make it interesting.”

“And if someone refuses to answer a certain question?”

“They aren’t allowed to ask a question until they answer that question.” I grimace. Fun. But hey, it made things interesting. “Ok, fine.” I agreed.

“I go first.”


“You went first last time!” I shot him a glare, but nodded. He thought a moment. “Do you really hate prostitutes that much?”

“yes.” I said without hesitation. I deliberated a moment, then sighed.

“I guess it’s kind of because when I still lived around where my mother lived, people just assumed I was one. And I hated it. And I hated that If I ever went out at night I could guarantee to see my mom or one of her friends, and that just annoyed me because they’d always talk to me, and I hated it. So yes.” He grinned slightly. “I’m surprised you went into that much detail. Thank you.” I raised an eyebrow.

“Thanks for what?” he shrugged, then grinned. “Is that your question?” I sighed. “ Guess it is.”

“Damn. Ok. Thanks for being honest with me. I like it when you’re honest with me.”

“So when do I need to pick you up for our little trip tomorrow?” Thor asked. I shot him a glare and turned to open the door. He pushed it close gently.

“answer me, angel. Or I may start to think that you don’t like me. When do I need to pick you up for tomorrow?”

“4 In the morning, ok? Now leave me alone so I can go to bed.”

“that’s only four hours away hun.” He teased. I grimaced. We’d been sitting at the all night café down the street and had just gotten home. I had called and told my family where I was, so it was ok. I turned away from him again. “fine, 5. But we have to be there by 7.”

“I can make it there in an hour. Be ready by six.” I gasped as he walked away.

“So how was it?” alan asked. I groaned as I stepped into the living room. He was spread eagle on the floor, staring at the ceiling. “are you high?” he scoffed, turning so I could see his clear eyes.

“I haven’t had any in three days. I’m trying to quit.” I laid down on the floor next to him.

“S0o then you’re normally just this weird.” He nodded. “basically, yes. So, how did it go? Did you have amazing sex on top of his car or did you just talk?”

“you’re disgusting. We just talked. He didn’t even have his car.”

“damn. That would have been hot.”

“Sicko!” I cried, swatting his chest as we both laughed. He rolled to his side so he could see me. “So is he really going with you tomorrow?”

“eavesdropping are we?” I asked mildly. He shrugged, still looking at me. I sighed. “sadly. Which is good, because now we don’t have to pay for a taxi.”

“you do know he’s only going because he wants in your pants, right?” I thought a moment, looking at the ceiling.

“Actually… no, I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, he has an ulterior motive, but I don’t think it’s sex. I think my past… interests him. I think he believes the only way he will get to know that part of me is if he fakes interest.” Alan raised an eyebrow.

“Is there any other way?” I sat up with a huff so that I was looking down at him.

“Yes, dammit, he could just try to be a friend! It’s not like I have many of those!” I went to get up, but he pulled me back down and hovered over me. “Calm down shanelly. God. I was just trying to joke with you. and you have plenty of friends.” I tugged my arm out of his grasp and glared.

“What do you know about me? It’s not like you pay attention.” I could literally watch his temper flare at that comment.

“you’re right. What the hell do I know? I see a girl hurting on the inside and I accidently give a damn enough to get to know her. What the hell was I thinking.” He shot up and spun to look down at me.

“And God fucking forbid she has any friends that care for her and want to make her laugh or smile, and see her face light up like it does when she’s truly happy, or try to quit a habit they know that girl looks down upon to make her happy and maybe make her realize that she is worth some ones time.” He spun and started up the stairs. I sat there froze for a second, shocked, then scrambled up.

“Alan, wait!” I hissed as I bounded up the stairs after him. We where in front of his room before I caught up with him and tugged him to a stop. He glared at me.

“What do you want, Shanelly?” he spat. I slid my hand from his elbow to his wrist.

“are you really trying to quit for me?” I asked softly, shocked. His anger fled emediately and he smiled slightly.

“I said that, didn’t i?” I let his arm go and stepped back. He leaned against his door.

“Why?” I finally whispered. I was so confused. Why would he give up something he loved to prove something to me? He-

My train of thought was cut off when he was suddenly cradling my face in his hands.

“My God, you’re really blind, aren’t you? Shanelly, you motivate people to do things they never would have dreamed of doing. Look at you! you’re stubborn and speak your mind and don’t give a damn about the consiquences. And then the closer people get to you the more they see how cracked you are, and yet you still have enough power to piss people off like that. People look up to you, Shanelly. I can’t even begin to count the number of people in my school alone who have quit a habit or something equally drastic just because they had one damn conversation with you. and I live with you for Gods sake! You’re as fucked up as the rest of us and yet you somehow point us in the right God damn direction every time we ask for it without even realizing you’re doing it.” He shook his head while I stared at him wide eyed. He smiled at me slightly.

“ok, let me think.” He brushed his fingers over my temple to move my hair away from my face as he studied the wall behind me. Finally he looked me in the eyes again.

“you make people fall in love with you.” I frowned, pulling away from his hands slightly.

“What!?” he laughed slightly. “That’s the only conclusion I can come to. You make people fall in love with you. look at Thor, or John, or … me.” He looked surprised at that thought. I shook my head.

“You’re tired Alan. Go to bed.” I went to pull away but he laced his fingers in my hair. “don’t. I’m not tired.” He leaned foreward and pressed his lips to the corner of my mouth. I gasped and he drew in a shaky breath I could feel.

“Spend the night with me? You don’t have to love me to do that, right?” I shook my head. “You’re my foster brother!” he pulled back so I could see his grin. “We’re not blood related, are we?” I grimaced. “No…” he kissed the corner of my mouth again.

“”Then please, Shanelly, one time.” I bit my lip and looked away.

“Please.” He breathed, leaning me against the wall behind me. I shook my head slowly.

“One time?”


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