"psh! Amber!"

I turned gravely to my best friends voice.

"What is it, Alexia?" I whispered back.

"It’s Mason!!" she squealed loud.

"Alexia, good lord! Stop squealing like that you're going to bring my migraine back and i just got rid of it!" I exclaimed.

Don't get me wrong, I love Alexia with all my heart, she's always there for me, but she has that kind of voice that makes you want to cringe and blast music in your ears. She's just too hyper at times.


I heard her finish before she sighed and realized I was paying attention to her anymore.

"Amber!" Alexia practically screamed.

I turned to her with anger in my eyes. she knows i hate when people pay attention to me, and with her shouting my name like that, it's nearly impossible not to.


"Good morning class." Mr. Chrever says smiling as he walks to the front of the room. "Alexia, stop bothering Amber and turn around in your seat."

I smirk as soon as I see the displeasure in Alexia's eyes.

"Ok Mr. Chrever." Alexia says bluntly.

He smiles and moves to sit down, "Amber, did you have your homework already don-"

I raced to the front of the room and cut him off before he could finish by shoving a piece of paper in his face. "Yup!" I screamed before he had a chance to grab the paper and recover from his shock.

He smirks. "Amber, you're screaming. I think you're hanging out with Alexia too much."

I glanced behind myself and moved my eyes to land on Alexia. She did not look happy.

"Mr. Chrever." Mandy called from behind the desk. "Can I talk to you, alone?" she added at the end.

He frowned. "certainly." he ushered me back to my seat with a wave of his hand. I sat down as soon as Mandy began walking up to his desk. I glared at her in disgust. If there was one name, which came to my mind about her, without it being her actual name, Mandy. It would be whore. She throws herself at every person.

I watched as she flaunted herself all the way to the front of the room. Shaking her hips. all the boys stared in awe as she walked past them, her high heeled stiltoe's, with her black mini skirt that cut off just below her upper thigh, her long wavy blonde hair, that cascaded around her shoulders, and her pink shirt.

Let me just say, Mr. Chrever was young and, I don’t mind saying so but he’s' hot. All the girls want him. Especially Mandy.

I scowled in disgust as he followed her out into the hall. I was positive I seen him glance down at her ass.

The rest of the class sat there in silence as they stared at the door waiting for them to come back. I heard Mandy giggling repeatedly in that flirted way she does.

The two of them walked back in, just in time for the bell. Everyone in the class gulped as they noticed Mr. Chrever had a piece of paper sticking out of his pocket, with a number on it. Mandy’s' number.

She walked back to her seat, with a huge smile on her face, knowing, we all know.

Mason, Mason Brun.

"Amber! Did you see that?" Alexia asked me in shock.

"Yah, I know. Mr. Chrever totally has the hots for Mandy, and it's disgusting. Just imagine how many STDS' Mandy has. There’s like no boy in this entire school that Mandy hasn't screwed, i don't even think that we could ever find out who the first one was." I laughed at her, full of pity.

Alexia looked over at me, her mouth wide open. "You really don't know?"

I smirked. "Oh no, I do know... Cause you know I walked on over to Mandy and asked, who the first person she slept with was. I take it you know?"

Alexia pursed her lips and nodded.

"Nice to know." I said with a grin on my face. I couldn’t even of begun to care.

"Don't you want to know?" she murmered not hiding her curiosity.

"I really don't." I glanced towards the front of the room. Mr. Chrevers', eyes kept roaming back to Mandy. Oh ya, he really wasn’t being discreet about checking her out.

"Ok class, homework tonight is number 1-25 in your books."

Everyone groaned as Mr. Chrever released our homework assignments, besides myself. I honestly like school. I know, it's not normal but I don't care. I do. I’m great at it and the idea of homework pleased me all the time. Sometimes I suspected that’s' why Mr. Chrever gives us so much homework.

The bell rang and everyone rose from their seats, as Mr. Chrever had his last attempt of explaining what he wanted from us when we came to class tomorrow.

I made it too the door way and glanced behind me. Was I shocked with what I seen? No. Mandy was sitting on Mr. Chrevers' desk as she laughed.

"Alexia, Hurry up!" I spit out as she made her way to the front of the room. I just wanted to get out of this room. You could almost feel the sexual tension radiating off Mr. Chrever.

I smirked as I thought of something clever to say. "Mr. Chrever." I whispered in an innocent tone.

He looked over at me, excitement in his eyes. Yes, Amber, What is it?"

I glanced between him and Mandy. "Tell, Mrs. Chrever I said hi when you get home, and give little Zachari a hug for me."

I smiled in pleasure as Mr. Chrevers' eyes widened and laughed when I heard the sharp intake of breath from both him and Mandy.

"Tootles." I said with a flirty wave as I pulled Alexia out of the classroom.

"AMBER! I can’t believe you just did that!" she yelled, filled with shock.

"What? he shouldn’t be whoring around with whores."

Yes, Mr. Chrever is married. He has a son named Zachari and he claims to love them more than life. However you can tell from the way he watches Mandy’s' ass, that that is a load of shit and would cheat any second, given the chance.

"Was wrong." she finished as soon as I realized she was talking to me still.

"Whatever." I whispered knowing she was going to lecture me, later.

I emerged from Mr. Chrevers room and ran face smack into, Mason. Mason Brun.

"H...-hi." I stammered going red from head to toe.

"Hey, Amber." he says. His voice cool and relaxed. "The whole schools' talking about what you said to Mr. Chrever. Some people are pretty pissed about it. I think it was pretty amazing. Can I text you some time?" he smiled, showing his pearly white teeth.

"ok." I managed as he handed me his phone.

"Just save it under baby" he said, a smile reaching his eyes.

I hesitantly grabbed his phone and saved my number under Amber, slash baby. It just felt too weird being in his phone under baby. I handed him back his phone, with a warm smile on my face. "there." I whispered as I turned away with a wave.

The waves are crashing down,
The sky is caving in and everyone's sleeping
But we can close our eyes
Just hold on to me tonight

I glanced down at my phone as the ringtone went off. A smile crept on my face as I seen an unknown number. I knew who it was.

"Hey, Amber. I seen you saved it under Amber slash Baby, I made sure to delete the Amber part. I won't forget who I want my baby to be. We should hang out sometime."

I smiled. This could not be happening. I looked around the hall until I seen Mason leaning against his locker, his eyes locked on me.

I smile and nodded my head.

And then, Mandy and Mr. Chrever walked over to me, and lets' just say...they're expressions we're not happy.

Dream come true, turned to nightmare

“Amber, mind to tell me what that was about?” Mr. Chrever asked, masking the anger in his voice. “Because I don’t very much think that was appropriate to be said in school, let alone at all.”

I stood there in mock horror. “Excuse me?” I asked Mr. Chrever trying not to freak out. He opened his mouth to talk and I hold up my hand shushing him. “Mr. Chrever, I’m afraid that what you are doing is not appropriate. You have Mandy’s’ number. She’s your student! Need I remind you that along with you student, she’s’ a minor. Say any of the children who were in class today decided that they witnessed something criminal, which in fact they did; however that’s not the point. Say they decided that it was inappropriate to take Mandy’s’ number, as it was but they also decide that something needs to be done about it and they contact either the principle or the school board. Must I remind you what lay in store for you?? Pedophile.” I shouted, outrage blinding my conmen sense.

Mr. Chrever strutted forwards in less than a second to my horror. “Amber what goes on between me and my classmates is no concern to you. I assure you, Mandy’s’ and I relationship is strictly student teacher.”

Mandy reacted as if someone had just slapped her. God, I wish I could.

“Whatever Mr. Chrever. As I said. Someone could explain it to the principle a different way and then there’s no getting out of that. Surely youll not only lose your teaching license, but you’ll be put in jail and then marked as a pedophile for the rest of your life, what happens to you is no concern of mine. If you want to risk your job, wife and family, for Mandy. Whatever. But I just hope your able to forgive yourself when you realize she’s nothing more than a whore throwing herself at you. Honestly, I think the term whore may be too good of a term for her. Perhaps to nice.”


I cut him off before he could continue. “Look you make me sick, I’m late for class and I would rather not waste anymore breath. As I said what becomes of you and Mandy is nothing for me to be bothered with.” I turned to walk away as I felt a hand grab my shoulder and steer me in the opposite direction. “What are you doing?” I stammer, completely scared.

“Just shut the hell up and listen, Amber.” Mr. Chrever yells. “I’ve had enough of your smart ass mouth, and this is a new thing what the hell has gotten into you?”

I tried to shrug but I could feel his hands clasp tighter around me.

“Now, no one is going to believe what you say if you decided to tell them that Mandy and I are having an affair. All I need to do is give you an F and simply tell them you were upset by your low grade and decided to take it out on myself for not studying.”

“You wouldn’t!” I screamed positive that he would.

“You know damn well I would.” He muttered.

I glanced over to Mandy. She actually had fear in her eyes.

Before I knew what was happening I seen a shadow over take my vision and felt something hard like rocks break on my skull. I staggered to stay standing. I felt the warm liquid flow down my cheek. I looked around not sure what had happened. Until I realized; Mr. Chrever punched me.

“Now listen here!” he yelled directing his anger at Mandy this time. “If anyone asks what happened to Ambers’ face, you will tell them that you were the one to punch it and make it bleed like this. And if anyone sees us all walking out of here, you are to both say that I heard Ambers pitiful cries for help and rushed in, only to break up the fight going on between you to. Is that understood?” he asked sounding like a drill sergeant.

I merely nodded afraid anymore movement would affect me forever.

“good.” He muttered. “Mandy please, step out a moment.”

She glanced towards the door and back at him before nodding and walking away.

After she left Mr. Chrever turned all his attention towards me.

“Well well well.” He muttered pursing his lips. “You couldn’t have just gotten over it, could you have??” he asked, disgust riding his voice.

I sat still without moving, unsure of what to say.

He moved towards me and yanked a hold of my hair. “Amber!”

I looked up at him, trying to fight back the ashaming tears. Why should I be crying?

He pressed his lips against mine. I could feel all his evil coming forth. Not caring what he was doing he pushed his lips against mine, harder with more strength.

What an odd twist. I’ve fantasized about kissing Mr. Chrever since I first met him and now that I have the opportunity right in front of me, I just don’t want to, it disgusts me, just thinking about his greedy cheating lips against my soft, gentle, pure ones.

He tightened his grip on my hair and pulled me near him as I attempted to pull away. “You obviously don’t know what’s good for you, do you amber?”

I nodded. He pulled farther away and wiped my tears away muttering something about being weak.

He smirked evilly and pushed his face up against mine again. Grinding his lower half up against me.

I cried out in protest but he kept doing it urging my legs farther apart.

running his hands over my legs bitting my lip trying to force his tongue into my mouth. "amber" he growled. i kept my mouth closed fighting harder. he ran his hand from my knee up to my thigh stopping just below the bottom of my skirt.

i watched with fear as his other hand slid up my shirt and underneath my bra cupping my breast.

"Mr. Chrever get off me!" i yelled. evident that i was terrified.

"shut up, Amber" he muttered as his hand started kneading my breast and his other hand continued to slowly make its way up my skirt.

i felt as his icy cold fingers brushed against my inner thigh trying to move my underwear away.

"sit down!" he ordered.

i stood shocked.

he shoved me back on the desk. my ass landing there with a thud.

"i told you to sit down. should have just listened." he whispered nonchalently.

his hand reappered from under my skirt. i sighed with relief until i realized what he was doing. he was readying me.

He tugged down his fly and his member popped out. i shivered with horror.

Bang! Bang!

"shit" he cursed under his breath reaching back under my skirt and fixing my underwear, tucking his member back in his pants and fixing my bra with a smirk.

“Wipe your eyes Amber. Mrs. Grandel is here to check on you.” He muttered already knowing before she spoke.

I did as he instructed and waited, as the nightmare replayed in my mind, over and over again.

The Pain...the Pills...the problem solved

I rolled over and landed face first in my pillow. I opened my eyes and I tried to forget what happened.

I sat up, my hair a bloody disaster, knots everywhere, hair sticking up in all places.
I looked down at my tear soaked pillow and ran my hands over my face, wiping away my smeared makeup.

“Amber, Mr. Chrever…what are you two doing in here?” Mrs. Grandel asked in her sweet voice.

I opened my mouth ready to explain when Mr. Chrever shot me a warning look. I quickly clamped my mouth shut and looked at the ground.

“well, I was walking past the hall, and I heard some screaming and inappropriate words being thrown back in forth in here, so I busted in here only to see Ms. Sand & Ms. Noel Fighting.” He replied his voice calm. Urging her to believe him. But why wouldn’t see? I would have if I didn’t know the truth.

She pursued her lips. “Ah, yes I do see her face now...” she glanced around at the dark room. “Where is Ms. Sand?”

Mr. Chrever paused, no doubt making it more believable. “I sent her out into the hall so I could calm down Ms. Noel.”

“Well we’re going to need to make a case to the principle, why don’t you escort Ms. Sands, and ill escort Ms. Noel.”

He shook his head. “Non sense, Gloria.” He murmured tossing her a fake smile. “Ms Sands & Ms. Noel understand that what they did was wrong and have promised never to let a boy get between them again.”

Ms. Grandel shook her head. “Her bloody face, over a boy?” she asked in disbelief.

He nodded.

“Well ok, I suppose you’ll be taking her back to her class shortly?”

He nodded. “Yes ma’am however we haven’t finished talking yet. She’s still feeling very upset, aren’t you, Amber?” he glanced over it, silently pleading me to tell her I was fine.

I gathered all my strength and muttered “Yes… I nee…need someone to talk to.” Tears threatening to spill.



I opened my eyes and peering at my cat, Anthony. “Hey baby” I sniffled. “You knew mommy was upset, didn’t you?” I asked as Anthony curled up in my lap and fell asleep.

I was mesmerized by his sweet purr and black and white fur. My little savior.



I stifled back more tears as the door slammed closed behind Ms. Grandel.


I looked up silently pleading to see anyone but Mr. Chrever. Hell I would rather see Mandy. But

I already knew who it was.

“That was smart, you know. Listening to everything I told you to do, why don’t you do stuff like
that more often?”

I cried as he reached for my shirt yanking it up over my head and pulling off my skirt. I stood there frozen having no idea what to do. He unclipped my bra and removed my last remaining clothing item, leaving me standing there before him, my body, vulnerable to his eyes. Every moan that slipped from his lips as he took in every last inch of my naked flesh.

“Please…no” I cried as he again pulled out his member and growled.


I glanced down again at Anthony as I recalled how quickly I sprinted out of the room after throwing my clothes back on. To the moment when I walked into my English class to the moment when I walked out in the middle of it and ditched school, for the rest of the day, spending it in the bathroom showering all my disgust.

I picked up Anthony and set him beside me as I jumped up and ran towards my dresser. Grabbing
some fresh clothes and another towel making my way to the bathroom for another shower.

I stepped out of the shower going to the mirror and looking over my body. Spotting all the bruises’ on my body from him constantly pounding his fists into me, each thrust. I opened my medicine cabinet and grabbed a bottle of pills pouring then in my hand.

Popping one in my mouth as I remember the cries of begging him to stop. Crying as he laughed glancing down at me. I filled up a cup of water popping one more in my mouth. He wouldn’t stop. He kept going until I bled. Popping in another pill. The pain I endured. My innocence he took all for nothing. I couldn’t take it anymore. I popped the last ones in my mouth gulping down the water. Instantly blackness took over.

I woke up something furry lying on my stomach. I half smiled as I spotted a preview of Anthony’s black head laying down resting on my stomach.

I fought with all my strength to lift my arm and pet him before I glanced around and felt the cold hard tiles of the bathroom floor. My gaze roamed all around the room until I seen the bottle of pills spilled all over the floor.

I took a deep breath…what did I do? I kept asking myself.

I picked up Anthony and set him on the floor. As I stood up and made my way to my room, anguish
taking me over. How was I supposed to look Mr. Chrever in the face today??

I grabbed my phone off my bed peering at the clock 5 in the morning…

1 New Text message.

It read.

I picked up my phone glancing at the text, from Mason.

“Hey I want to see you soon, meet me in the hall after 3rd period. I’ll be waiting”

I half smiled. However the last thing I wanted to do was go to school today.

Still, I gathered all my strength and pulled on my black skinny jeans, black the world is no end shirt and my converse grabbing my gir bag and making my way for the door. As I passed the mirror I couldn’t look, I had to keep walking.

You thought everything would be perfect now?

“And you just let Mandy punch you in the face?” My other best friend Kyle Weaver asked. I could hear the disbelief in his voice.

I nodded. I knew if I were to open my mouth my voice would betray me.
He shook his head clearly not believing me. “Amber, I know you. I know you more than you think and I know had Mandy, of all people have tried to punch you, you would have fed her your fist. Why don’t you tell me whats going on?”

I shifted off my left leg and put my weight on my right. “Really, Kyle. I am fine. When Mandy punched me I wasn’t expecting it and when I was ready to punch her back Mr. Chrever was there to break up the fight.” I choked on his name hoping kyle didn’t notice.

“Amber, I want to believe you. I really do. But even if Mr. Chrever was there, You still would have done it.”

I shrug knowing everything he was saying was true. Instead I muttered, “people change.”

He shook his head and sighed. “okay Amber. But if you ever need to talk to me, about anything, and I mean anything..please do. I’m always here for you.”

I smiled knowing it was true what he was saying. “I know kyle, thank you. I’m lucky to have a best friend like you.

He smiled and embraced me in a one arm hug.

Kyle, was my absolute best friend. I loved Alexia a bunch, But Kyle was the one who was there when my father left my mother and I. He was the one who was by my side when my dad called years later and wanted to catch up and Kyle was there when my father broke my heart again.

I hugged him back tighter. “What would I do without you?” Feeling guilty that I hadn’t told him the truth I had to look away from his eyes. They were pure, there was nothing but kindness and caring in them.

“Amber!” I glance and see Alexia running towards me.

“Yah?” I ask. Not In the mood anymore for her petty attitude.

“Mason is looking for you.”

I expected my mood to perk up when she told me that, but it didn’t. I remained my same dull self, Depressed and as of last night on the verge of suicide.

I nod and turn to find him leaning against the locker. I thought I seen a spark of anger in his eyes but as soon as it was there, it disappeared.

“hey mason.” I mutter forcing a smile.

“hey luv, where’s the beautiful smiling face?”

non existant. I comment in my head.

“here it isss.” I speak outloud as a fake smile coveres my face.

“Beautiful.” He says sincerely.

The bell rang as we stood there awkwardly asking about each others days.

I shrugged and was getting ready to leave when he brought me into his arms and asked in my ear if I would go out with him tonight.

I perk up. “I’d love to, Mason.”

“Cool, Baby.” He mutters. “I’ll pick you up at 8.”

I smile as he casually walks away.

“amber, don’t!” I turn around to see Kyle, covered with alarm on his face.

“don’t what kyle?” I ask

“don’t fall for him. Look, I know this is a stupid thing to say, but why don’t you ask Mandy what he did to her, Look I promise you don’t want to get involved with him.”

Even though I knew Kyle was only saying that to protect me I shrugged. “ill do whatever I want kyle. Your not my father.” I felt a tear slip down my cheek at the flash of hurt in his eyes.

“please Amber.. Just trust me.”

I shook my head. “I know what I’m doing.” And walked away.

“Alexia you need to tell her what Mason did. She’s convinced he’s mr right.”

“Kyle I understand how much you care but if she doesn’t want to listen to us then who are we to ruin her dreams?”

“her best fucking friends Alexia. I thought you cared.”

“I do.”

“if you cared you would tell her not to trust him. That boy has secrets, and she doesn’t need to
be involved in them.”

I woke up startled. I hated dreams that felt like reality.
"Morning Amber." I faked a smile as soon as I seen Mr. Chrever. He was still standing in the front of the classroom with Mandy.

I wanted to tell Alexia or Kyle what happened but I knew that they wouldnt let it go and then I would never be able to forget about it. They were not like my mother at all. My mother would have told me that it was my fault. I was a tease, and then she would have drunk herself to sleep, again. Thats all she does ever since my father left.

"Hi." I muttered as I tried to force a stronger smile. I didnt want him to know just how much what happened had affected me. it's better to make him think that it didnt do anything instead of showing off my misery.

I made it to my desk next to Damon and Matt. Matt glanced up and smiled at me while Damon kept his eyes on his book.

I pulled a piece of paper out of my purse and started working on my drawing again. What was I drawing you ask? I am drawing what I wished I looked like.

"Hey Amber, Do you mind going over some problems with me?" I looked up startled at the voice of none other than Mandy.

I tighted my grip on my pencil. "Honestly, Mandy" I started chewing on my tongue trying to calm myself. "I dont want to be anywhere near you." I said as nicely as I could manage.

Her smile fell. "I can uncerstand why you wouldnt want to but I really need to talk to you..Please?"

I slammed my binder closed and shot my head in her direction. "Get the fuqq out of her mandy." I hissed under my breath.

I watched as her eyes widened and she finally caved limping back to her desk a couple rows behind me with her tail between her legs.

:Bitch." I whispered under my breath.

"Morning class" Mr Chrever spoke with an innocent smile on his face.

I threw my binder on the floor forcing myself not to gag. Calm down, Amber. I kept saying inside my head. it was the hardest thing in the world to sit here while he had all those girls eyeing him hungerily. They had no idea how physcho this pedophile was. And they never would....

"Amber! Try paying attention!" I looked up and seen mr Chrever's face right infront of mine.

I tugged roughly on the bottom of my seat wanting nothing more than put my fist and his face and fuqq up his nose. I mean no one would really care that much, Would they? But I knew the answer.

I smiled pleasantly at him. "Yes?" He whispered.

"Why dont you just try and pay attention, Yes?"

Why dont you try and not rape teenagers?

"i'm very sorry." I said instead of what I wanted to.

"I sense that your being a smart ass."

I'm suprised you can sense anything, Shouldnt you be fuqqing someone in the jaintors closet so they can get their grade raised?

"No, I swear Mr Chrever. I'm not."

"You are. Stay after class with me, I would like to talk about your umm.... Attitude."

You mean you want to strip me naked, Punch me in the face and then force yourself on me?

"Yes Sir."

I stared at the clock as it ticked faster than it ever has before. I crossed my fingers underneath my desk and prayed to god that Mr. Chrever would not ever be able to repeat his actions from the other day and get away with them. I glanced up as the bell rang and Mr. Chrever set his glasses on his desk.

"Alright, everyone your excused now...Besides Amber."

I pushed back my tears as they threatned to spill out and give away how truly weak I was.
After the last student left Mr. Chrever got up and closed the door. I gulped as I glanced at the hunger in his eyes..

"Why god?" I asked. "Please no" I begged as Mr. Chrever launched himself at me again.

He gripped both sides of my neck and tilted my ear near his mouth. "Don't scream" He whispered as he begun to ravish my body again.


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