Truth ~

Don't be fooled by the smile you see, Don't be fooled by the laughs you hear.

I can assure you, Neither of them are real. I'm broken, I'm dead inside.

My heart has turned the darkest shade of black, To match my soul..Nothing matters anymore.

I'm going to smile when you glance up at me, I'm going to laugh when you say something you think is funny.

But I know, That none of it is real. I know when you left me, All of my emotions followed after you.

They all think I am over you, They all think that I am ok.

But i can assure everyone reading this, I'm not...

Would it be the same ~

Well what if we could go back in time?

We we're still together, We still kissed.

I still loved you, And you were always missed.

I needed you by my side, Each and every day.

What if, What if everything was ok?

The smile on your face, The sparkles in your eyes.

What if you never cheated?

And you could go back and chose a different path...

Would you?

Or would it be the same? You leaving me broken again.

Alexandra wrote a small song….(Don’t judge…)

She smiles,
Woo oho
Everyone think's she's ok
Woo oho Yaaaa
Don't believe everything you read in magazines,
She's broken inside...
She's about to break downnnnn

She's going to deny her feelings for you.
She's not going to whisper,
I love youuuu...
She's afraid,
Of the hurt and pain she may run intoooo
Woo ohoo

She's going to promise, Everyone she's okkkk
Ohh Yaaa
But in reality, she's going insane.
Wooo ohhho

Without you, She's not ok.
She hugs her pillow, Tight at night,
Staring at the sky, Knowing no one's there,

Why would you take him? She whispers casually. He was my everything, He showed me the waaaaaaaay, He gave me air to breath, And brought the smile to my face...He promised me foreverrrrrr.
Where is he nowww?

I miss the cool smile he got on his face, The tears that filled his eyes, The ones i was there to wipe away.

Where is he nooooooow?
I miss him so much,
Where is he noooow?
I miss him so much,
Where is he noow?

Why can't I have him back...?

How do you react~

What do you say when your life is
Crashing down, you’re falling to
The ground wishing you knew what
To say, how to react and what to do.
If the person you still love tells you
That he’s never loved you that it was
A lie. Do you say I understand or just
Run away and cry..?

its true~

I don’t know if I tell you this too much,
Or if I don’t tell you this enough. But I really
Truly do love you… Forever and stuff and I
Have since we started to talk. Ya you may
Have made mistakes, and they may have made
My heart break. But I guess I am ok. You
Stitched my heart together in a way… But
Still it is in two I know I seem like a fool,
For forgiving you…Maybe I am, but I love you.

i can't do it~

I can’t imagine smiling anymore,
it’s just too far out of reach,
there's no more words to say when all I want to do is scream.
Wherever I am,
I still want to just cry my heart out…
all those happy dreams I had one point in my life,
turned into nightmares;
now getting mixed into reality.
When I wake up in the morning I clean off the smeared makeup,
and dry my tear stained cheeks…
as I sit there and wish I could take my last breath.


I’ve stalled on this long enough, today is the day where I will go through everything and delete it.

Slowly deleting everything you are to me, everything that has us connected will be gone forever.

I’m trying to get you out of my mind, I’m trying to get over you.

I come across a message. “baby are you ok?” asked by you.

My heart swells up and the aches and the pain on full volume, I shouldn’t have let it go on this long.

If I don’t let him go, I’ll never be happy again. I guess I’m going to have to let you go.

Slowly Slipping, But your making me stay~


I love you more than my life, and you continue to hurt me more and more every day...
every time we talk you always say you love me and you miss me...
Is that so i don't give up on you? Because you can feel me slowly slipping away...?
Cuz if it wasn't for those couple words that you say everyday...
i would of waved goodbye to you and never looked back...
But cuz you never stop saying that your my everything and you love me....
i can't let go......
i don't want to mess up you life any longer, but as long as you do what you do...
i have no chance of ever getting over you <3

In love with you~

I might not get to see you as often I would like...
I may not be able to hold yu in my arms at night,
but deep in my heart I know it's true that I absoulutly am in love with you.
when you say I love you life rushes through my veins, my heart skips a beat and I can't stop smiling. boo you keep me sane;) I love being able to say your mine. all you have to do is say hey and I get butterflies that feel like they'll never go away. everytime I see you, even for a few I fall even more in love with you. I fucking love you(:

Started with a kiss~

it started with a kiss and turned into something else. the blood coursing through my veins,
I think of no one else...
I never believed in much..
never had any trust.
but I believe in us.
I am incomplete without you, without you..
my life has no meaning...
when the world comes crashing down on me and and the skies begin to fall,
I know you'll be there to save me,
you are my hero...
I'd give up my last breath for just one kiss. <3
I've said a hundred times,
and I'll say it a hundred more; iloveyou


I don't care what anyone says about you.
I will have your back forever and ill always be there for you.
me and you will have our fights to the point...
where we will both cry but I want you to know I'm not ever going to give up.
I hope we last forever because there just isn't a word to explain everything.
a simple hi from you turns my world around.
you say things and it makes me feel like I am that one special girl :)
i know girls have done you wrong before and first off I just wanna tell you.
i'm a differant kind of girl.

(it does though...</3)

What happened~

Your face emotionless
Your eyes dry
Your smeared make up wiped away
Your fake smile curved all the way
Your smile vanishing when you see his face
Pulling your sleeves down father than they go
Staring down as the blood seeps through your shirt
You regain your composure as he stares into your empty eyes
His lips mouthing a goodbye
You take a step back
Tears threatening to trial down your face
Your face hidden in twisted pain
Ey little girl…
We know you try to be strong
But you just cant fight the feelings that last so long
Hey baby girl, don’t feel so wrong
Your smile faltering
Life disappearing from your eyes
Ey little girl, you’ve done no wrong
Sadly, you just weren’t that strong
Give him one last smile to remember you by
Smile until all your blood has been drained on the floor
Hey baby girl…
I seen as his name was carved into your arm


Texte: Elmolovesmehh & Alexandraisonfire
Bildmaterialien: Google & a couple are Alexandra's (but i chose them)
Lektorat: Elmolovesmehh
Übersetzung: Nada.
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 17.02.2012

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