chapter 1
narrator:For over a centry i have lived in secret...hiding in the shadows alone in the world...until now.I am a vampire and this is my story.

darren:An hour's drive to hear that crap.You knowit wasn't even a band a guy with a guitar.An hour each way

brooke:He wasn't that bad.

darren:He sounded like james bunt.

brooke:What's wrong with that?

darren:Already have a james blunt.One's all we need.

brooke:So why did you come?

darren:Because i love you>

brooke:Nicely done...what's with all the fog?

darren:It'll clear in a seconed

brooke:WHATCH OUT!
(car hits man)
brooke:We just hit sombody!

darren:Stay here and call for help k?


(darren goes to man)
darren:Please be alive...(looks at ring)...oh my god.

brooke:there's no signal...darren?...darren? (screams)


narrator:i shouldn't have come home i know the risk but i have no choice i have to know her.

elena:dear diary, today will be different it has to be i will smileand it will be believable my smile will say:"im fine thank you yes I feel much better"i will no longer be the sad little girl who lost her parentsI will start fresh be somone new it's the only way I'll make it through.

jenna:Toast i can make toast.

elena:It's all about the coffe aunt jenna.

jeremy:I's there coffe?

jenna:I'ts your first day and i'm totally unprepared...lunch money?

elena:I'm ok.

jenna:Anything else? A number 2 pencle? What am I missing?

elena:Don't you have a big presentation?

jenna:I'm meeting with my thesis advisor crap.

elena:Then go we'll be ok.

(jenna leaves)
elena:You ok?

jeremy:Dont start.

bonnie:So Grams is telling me im psychic. witches and all that.I know crazy but shes going on and on about it and im like "put this woman in a home already" but i predicted obama and i predicted heath ledger and i still think florida will break off and turn into little resort islands.elena!back in the car.

elena:I did it again didnt Iim sorry bonnie you were telling me that --

bonnie:That im psychic now.

elena:Right okay then predicted somthing about me.

(bonnie sighs)
bonnie:I see--

(bird hits car)
(both gasp)


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