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We are not in Greece even though it is called Rhodes Camp it is not anywhere near Greece, so the book all starts in 221 Brick lane Avenue where Jamie lives with his son aged 8 called Brad, and he loves to play RHC Rhodes Camp but his mum always tells him he cannot play that competition . So it was just coming up to 11: 00, and she could hear the game. She said   NOW" but it was Dad not him, and she said Good sorry Jamie I thought Brad was still here playing, and he said no I think he is doing something Homework, that's what I want to see more of in the house, and he said Mum, I can play the game, and she said yes sorry that I shouted at you earlier I thought you were at the game again. But Brad was getting scared because after the holidays he was going to end up in a new school in Crate, but he did not want to go to Crate. 


Because  he wanted to stay in London because it was there to                                                                                                                                                                                                                         far away  from London it was near Scotland, and he was only 8, and he could not go on a train by himself, and he jumped on the train but unfortunately, the train he was meant to be getting was cancelled because there was no driver to drive the passenger . And he was getting kind of annoyed because there were no trains, and he had to get to Crate because he has to get to school and if the trains do not run then there's no way to get to the academy.


so he just knew that he had to get to the train station so he goes to the bus stop to try and get the bus, but he sees that his Oyster card is not in his pocket and now he had to go back to collect it. 


So he goes back to collect it and knocks on the door a couple there was no answer so  I knew something was happening a couple I got really worried because I thought something might have happened to Nan or mum.

2 Train

 The Following  day at Euston Station Brad was trying to get on a train, but there were no trains after there was an accident involving a train at Maida vale Railway station .  And Brad was getting really annoyed because he  needed to go to school in Crate.


So he went to Carrs Newsagent to  talk to Carr, so he said Carrs  do you know what happened  to the train and he said  there was a cargo train coming the other way and they did not see each other  so that's what happened  but all Passengers are mostly  safe in Hospital and i know that your Dad has died and I am sorry for your loss. And because you are going  to leave let me give you this.


Because i don't want anything to happen to you and Brad always call me if you need me you know the number  and tell your mum i


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This book is about a boy named Brad who Ends up going to camp after he robs a shop, and they asked him if he wanted to go to Jail or Camp but he chose camp instead of Jail because he has been there before in Jail.

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