When you walked away

When you walked away
Every step i would take
Made me miss you even more
Every move I took
Reminded me of you
Until i looked into the past
And started to laugh
About how you treated me
I knew nothing would be the same
Every time you looked at me
I would look away
Every time i heard footsteps
Id look over hoping it be you
But it wasn't
Never not once
I then decided to get over you

The Way I felt
I thought of you differently
Every chance I got
Every time I couldeve
I didn't bother to approach you
I didn't know what to say
But it didn't matter anyway
I shouldn't of even thought
I knew it was true
Even though i really liked you
You didnt like me
It was good i didnt bother
But even in the end
I still felt my heart break
Cause it turns out you made me so sad
By asking my best friend out
I almost cried
But i pushed the tears back
And acted strong
So im trying to move on and stay strong
But so far its not working out
My heart aches
And i shake
Over the thought of you and I
But i always told myself it was a lie
And it turns out i was right

Why all the hate?
Why do you shove?
Why do we wish to be someone else?
Why do we wish to surrender?
Why do we hate life?
When we all have those crapy days?
Why do we get broken-hearts?
We need to be put back together
When our hearts turn and shatter
We need to never surrender
Even through the crapy days
We will be okay
We have each others backs
Even when ones heart slowly starts to crack

Beautiful December

Its a beautiful December
Even with the death that I face
Every year
on December 9th
I still cant stand the fact that your dead
Every year when December comes
I look up and say what a beautiful December
With you watching closely over me
It may be my birthday
But its also the day you dies granddad
But even though i try to push back the tears
It doesn't always work
I don't cry in public
But when this day comes
It will be an exception
I don't forgot your face
I don't forget your date
BC you met fate
God has taken you above
Too care for you himself
It wasn't what i wanted
But our God knows whats best
At least you saw a beautiful December before your death
I may miss you
I may cry
But that's alright
Bc its no lie


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 04.11.2011

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