Past Away!
I wish for one more year

Just one more time

Dont slip away

from my arms today

I wont let go

Untill i know your here to stay

Its hard to watch you go through pain

Its everyday

Its always changing the way of life

I wish for a chance to say goobye

Before your forced to the light

Please wait for my goodbye

Before you close your eyes

Hang on it will be alright

In the arms of the lord

Your not the same anymore

Your long gone now

But i will never back down

Your very safe which makes everything okay

Signs of summer

Are just around the corner

Just hang on for another

beautiful summer

Dont let go untill these winter snows stop

wait..hang on i want you to see another summer

you cant let go

untill these signs decide to show

Wait another year or two

But please dont let go

Untill these signs show

Dont pull away

Untill you face another summer day

Put up a smile

Even through the pain

It will be okay

Let this miracle shine its way

So they can see signs of summer

Dont let it be the end

The signs were made just for you!

Dont slip past my arms

Untill these signs decide to show!

Be strong
Days are long

Some our just gone

Lives are sad

And some are glad

Days are always changing

As some are slowly fading

Tears come and go

And theirs just no letting go

Forgivness is need

For darkness to be defeated

Pain comes and goes

Untill you let go

Life is mazes

That has tones of faces

Some are trustworthy

Others are just wrong

Sometimes we feel lost and alone

Like theirs no place to go

Some just let go

Because they lose faith

Others are smart and just stay strong

Even through the pain

Cause its never too late

burn it down

turn around

dont let these memorize stay

tears fall

as life pulls us down

pick yourself up

dont let people push you around

burn the past

leave it behind

before it makes us drag our feet'

because were to weak

as time pases

lives are wasted away

all these harsh comments

all these stupid jokes

always bugs one person

the victum tht did nothing

doesnt deserve the pain

the criminal always should pay the price

of someoneles life!

The moment i heard those words
the moment i was told..i balled..
So much pain filled my heart.
I dont remember crying that hard.
I dont think ive ever felt the way i did.
The pain was terrible
The memorize are hard.
Ill never forgrt..the feeling and pain.
That i went through everytime someone called yur name
Ill never forget you.
I didnt know yu tht well
But i knew you enough to say i love you
And ill always miss you.
Too bad your not here anymore
But your always in my heart.
Your like my gardian angel watching over me now
Your very special to me.
Now as every december 9th comes i have to cry.
Over the pain..that doesnt make it okay.
I dont see you face to face..but i know your their
And I know you care.
I love you grandad!

Zombies strike again

More bodies are found dead

Weather their hidden or not

Their not going to stop

Until they cant feast again

zombies are out to get

all they can find untill the end

you can run

but good luck hidding

who can we trust

who knows whos dead

whos gana turn on us

whos all zombiefied

whos all left to find

where is their to hide

when zombies are just out to find

whos gana live

whos gana die

lets wait and find

all thats left to hide!

Nobody wants to know you

Nobodys your true friends

you cant trust anyone

they all make fun of you

only because your different

they dont care about you

they get laughs out of it

its all fun and games

their goal is to make you cry

over all those hard cold times

nobody know the pain of getting called names

they dont relize the damage that occurs

through the ongoing days

where their in your face

nobody knows what your really like

and they dont want to

they never gave you a chance

just because your not the same!

Past the tick
their nothing left

our clocks stopped the tick

you've crossed the lines

your at the point to exploding

beyond that point

draws you to the worst choice

it drags you to a point

where you cry over the pain

lose all hope and faith

no more energy '

no more strength

only weakness which take more and more breaths away

you fall down

and just stay their

you crawl through burning flames

knowing nothings going to change

tears flow from our eyes

ever time someone we love dies

so keep hold of yourself

before it comes to an end

where your dead

yu shouldn't of took it

you shouldn't let the pain out

BC now your just out

dead and gone!

ones first love

to ones first crush

hard to handle the past

because those days dont last

you see a new face

and hope to say

whats needed to be said

days are delayed

as your hope starts to fade

from light to night

you build up courage

then get nervious

someone says they already have a lover

you feel your heart shatter

your world crashies

those words spin in your mind

as tears form in your eyes

your days turn gray

as that faith slowly slips away

you get so mad

and start to see flashbacks

of their face

that makes yu feel ok

but now its not gana work

its gana bring pain

and gray days

why don't you understand

im trying to be perfect

im trying to be their

im working to be

everything you've wanted

im sorry

if i lie

im sorry if im not their

but please understand

i really care

take my hand

and listen to what

im saying

you may not care

or really understand

that im lost inside

don't let it be over

why cant you see

im the best that i can be

please forgive me

ill try harder

ill be their

i really want you to know that'someone cares!

ou have brightened my world

You have changed my life

You make me smile

And your always there

You care so much And you would never dare

You are the light to my nights

You are half of me

You have my heart

And I trust that you wont break it

I am fragile

I am rare

And you may not find me Everywhere

Your lucky to have me

But your stupid to lose me

But who really cares?


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