Running I neared the small clearing where a guide was to met us. It was me, Mark, and my Beta, Nathan. We sat down and waited. No one came. Standing, I looked over at Nathan nodding my head towrds our land. We started that way when I heard a growl. I backed up a little bit as other shifters filled the clearing. They all wimpered when a snarl filled the clearing and as a she-wolf came up to me. Pushing her self up she shifted into her human form. Quickly me and my Beta looked to the ground.
"You can look up you know, I have nothing to hide."
"But miss it would be rude and disrespectful."
"Analicia, not miss I'm not an old hag."
"No buts this is my land and you will do as I say. If you don't you will be disrespecting me on my own territory."
"What? But your- I mean um your- um," I stuttered looking up at her.
"I'm what? A female?" Laughing she shifted back to her wolf. Leading us away. Entering her pack house we were soon aproched by a male.
"Want me to give them clothes?" He asked his alpha sarcastically
"Yes I do. thank you for offering your clothes," she stated shifting back into human form, "while your at it let them shift and change in your room, then bring them to my office." She walked off going about half way up the stairs and turned back with a smile. "Max? I also need you to bring me Sahra she has.... some explaining to do." With that she left
"Come on."
We went up a few set of stairs into what i was guessing is his room. Me and Nathan sifted into humans taking the clothes that Max gave us.
"Follow me, Alpha," we followd Max into his alpha's ofice, when we walked in she dssmissed the woman sitting in the chair in front of


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