Run In With the Cops

Sailing through space was a white, big pirate ship. The ship looked old and kind of beat up. The ship's deck had some chairs and a table for the crew to hang out at when they weren't doing anything. The only room that was located on the deck was the captian's office.
On top of the office was the steering wheel and stairs, leading to the roof of the office. A boy was driving. He looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old. He had dirty blonde hair which was messy. The only thing was that he didn't know where he was driving to. The captain never told him.

Now, inside of the office was a bed, a desk, a chair, and a bookshelf with a couple of books. The bed was on one side of the room, while the bookshelf was on the opposite side of the bed. Next to the bookshelf was the closet. In between the bed and the bookshelf was the desk with the chair behind.
A sixteen-year-old girl was sitting behind the desk. Her brown hair was shoulder length, and even though, she was wearing a bandanna her hair was all over the place. She was the only girl on the ship, but that didn't bother her. Now, she never understood why it was bad luck to have a woman, of any age, on a pirate ship.
She was a girl on her ship and nothing bad happened to them, yet. Actually, she happened to be the captain on her ship. She was talking to her first mate, which was a person who was basically an assistant to the captain.
He had curly, dark brown hair and was very cute. Everyone on the ship knew that he liked her. She knew it. Heck, she liked him too, but she kept it a secret for two reasons. One being that he was four years older than her. Another was that she promised herself that she would never date one of her shipmates.
"Benjamin, have Pater Pan land the ship on the Planet Pluto," she said to him.
"Yes, captain," Ben said, "but even though his name is Peter doesn't mean that his last name is Pan." Now, Ben was royal to his job. He enjoyed working for this girl. She was everything that he was looking for, but he didn't think that she would want him to say that. He had admitted to her, who knows how many times, that he liked her and each time, he noticed that he made her uncomfortable when he did that. Even though, his name was Ben, he loved when she called him Benjamin.
"I know, but I like to call him Peter Pan. Now, go and tell him." She liked giving people nicknames for fun or just because she had a hard time with pronouncing someone's name.
"Yes, captain." Ben left the room.
The girl leaned back in the chair, laying her legs on the table.
Ben walked over to Peter, who was at the steering wheel. "Hello, Ben," Peter said as he noticed Ben walking on the steps. Peter was the ship idiot.
He was the kind of guy that thought that two plus two was chicken and his favorite color was shoe. Everyone was shocked that he could actually dress himself.
"Hey, Peter. Listen, the captain, wants you to land on the Planet Pluto."
"Hey, Ben?" a voice asked.
Ben sighed and turned to face the guy. It was Jeremy. He also liked the captain, but he would try to deny it. Everyone knew that he liked her though. He was jealous of Ben.
"Why is it that you get to tell everyone what to do?" he asked, trying to hide the jealousy in his voice.
"Well, that's because I'm the captain's first mate, and that means, when she tells me to tell you guys what to do.... I get to do it," Ben replied, kind of rubbing it in his face.
That made Jeremy mad. "I should of been her first mate."

They had just landed on Pluto. Peter took his hands off the steering wheel. "Okay, we're on Pluto," he told Ben.
"I'll go tell the captain."
Ben walked away.
Jeremy was still mad. "This is so not fair."
"Why? Because Captain Zelda chose Ben to be her first mate, and you loooove the captain."
"I don't loooove her.... I just think that I would of made a better first mate, than Ben."
"Yea. Whatever. She can't even say you're name right, Germany...."
"I know. But I kind of like that about her."
"Yea. You like her."

In the captain's office, Zelda was sitting at her desk, writing, when someone knocked on the door. "COME IN!" she yelled.
Ben opened the door. "We're on Pluto," he said as he walked in.
Zelda placed the pen on the desk. "Good," she said, standing up and smiling. "Now, let's go."
"Oh, and, Benjamin, can you hand me my hat on the door, please?"
"Yes, captain." He grabbed the pirate hat on the door and gave it to Zelda.
"Oh, thank you. Now, let's go." Zelda grabbed her jacket, then her and Ben walked out of the room.
Zelda spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. "Okay. Me and Benjamin are going to leave the ship. Germany...."
"That's not my name." Jeremy liked it when Zelda tried to pronounce his name and liked to correct her as well.
"Then, Jimmeny...."
"That's not my name neither." He had to smile at those two attemps. "It's Jeremy."
"I don't care what you're name is, but I'm leaving you in charge." Zelda was kind of annoyed. That was one reason why she didn't like Jeremy. She thought that he was cute with his short, dark hair, his tan, and his muscles, but Ben was cuter, and she didn't like him.
"Okay, captain." He smiled.
"I don't think that you should leave him in charge," Ben whispered to Zelda.
"Well, I do."

After Zelda and Ben left the ship, Zelda started thinking. "OH CRAP!" she exclaimed.
"I forgot to tell them to watch the rum."
"The rum?"                                                                          "Yea."                                                                                     "Well," Ben started, smiling, "I think they'll make sure that the rum is safe."
Zelda smiled in relief. "Oh good." She looked at a picture of herself which read 'wanted'. "Oh crap."
"Now what, captain?"
"That picture. It's me.... I hate getting my picture taking and it's a wanted picture of me." Zelda never did like getting her picture taking. It was one of the last things that she would ever do.
"I have an idea." She took out a marker and took off the top.
"Where'd you get that picture from.... I mean marker?" Ben asked. He hated when he got his words mixed up in front of Zelda because he sounded like an idiot. What he didn't know was that Zelda actaully liked that about him because she knew that he was being himself.
She smiled at his mistake. "I had it," she answered. She walked over and drew a mustash and beard on the picture.
"Why did you do that to your picture?"
"So, that way people won't know it's me."
"Oh." Ben didn't really understand that because anyone could tell that the beard and mustash was drawn on.
They started walking away, when two space police stopped them. One cop had kind of long and kind of curly, brown hair. The other had short, brown hair.
The cop with the kind of long and kind of curly, brown hair also had a mustash and some hair on his chin. He looked to be a little bit older. They both looked like they could be related.
"Well, you two don't look like you're from around here," said the cop with the mustash.
"And you're right," Zelda said. "We're from the Planet Crash." Zelda had taken her hat off and held it behind her back when she seen the cops.
"Oh. So, ya'll are visiting someone?"
"Yea. You can say that."
The other cop turned to him and held a picture up so he could see it. "Daniel, she looks like the space pirate in this picture."
Daniel looked at the picture then to Zelda. He seen the connection. "What are ya'lls names?"
"Our names?" Zelda asked.
"Yes, ya'lls names."
"I'm Mr. Claw, and this is my wife," Ben cut Zelda off.
"Wife? I'm too young to be his wife, well, I'm not that young, but...." Zelda said to herself, giving Ben a funny look. She had to admit that she liked the thought, but later on in the future.
"Are you sure about that?" Daniel asked.
"Yes, I am. Right, honey." Ben smiled, putting his arm around Zelda, and pulling her closer to him.
"Yea, right," Zelda said, playing along.
"Um.... Mrs. Claw, what is your first name?"
"Donna. Why?"
"You kind of look like a space pirate by the name of Zelda Samara Griffen."
"Oh. Well, my madien name is...." Zelda had to look around for help. "Dadog."
"Yea. I know it's a funny last name, but that's my madien name."
"Well, me and my wife," Ben started, "have to go."
They turned around. Now, the head of the space police was walking over to them. Ben recognized him and tried to hide. It was too late. "Ben," the guy said, recognizing him. The guy kind of looked like Ben, but two years younger and had kind of short dark brown hair.
"Crap," Ben said to himself.

Making Deals

Now, there were Zelda, Ben, and three cops in the city of ice, on the coldest planet, and one of the cops actually recognized Ben. They were out in the snow, next to a store. "Ben," the guy repeated.
"Hello, Gregory," Ben said.
"You know him?" Zelda asked. She knew the guy as well, but didn't know his name. They first day that she had met Ben, had been the first day she met Gregory. She didn't make a good impression when she met him.
"Yea...." Ben had to take a breath. "He's my brother." He was actually afraid to admit that.
"Oh. I didn't know that you had a brother." Zelda knew Ben for a while, but she never knew that he had a brother.
"Well, actually, I have two brothers."
The short haired cop, turned to Gregory, confused. "Sir, I didn't know that your last name was Claw."
"It's not. Why would...." He turned to Ben and Zelda. He recognized Zelda and he remembered what she had done to him. He wasn't the kind of guy to hold a grudge, but he had a grudge against Zelda. If he wasn't a cop and if he hit girls, he would of killed her then and there. "You two. So, you're Captain Zelda Griffen? Ben, I can't believe that you work for a space pirate. Their thieves, liars, cheaters, and...."
Daniel wasn't paying any attention. "Chickens."
"And chickens.... Wait, they're not chickens. Now, I forgot what I was saying. Thanks a lot, Daniel."
"Sorry, sir."
"Now, Jason and Daniel, arrest my brother and...."
"His wife," Jason added.
"What? She's younger than me. He can't be married to her, she's too...."
"Young," Zelda finished.                                                                 "Never mind."
Daniel and Jason arrested Ben and Zelda, which was funny because Zelda and Ben didn't try to fight them, they just let them arrest them. Daniel and Jason had Zelda and Ben walking behind Gregory as they followed them. They went to go see one of the ice princesses.
"So, we're going to meet Princess Magma?" Zelda asked.
"Captain," Ben stated, "we're on the Planet Pluto, not the Planet Blaze."
"Oh yea. That's right. I mean Princesses Saphire and Alaska?"
"Well, we're only going to one of the sisters," Gregory replied. "And that's Princess Saphire."

Now, on the Planet Blaze, which is the opposite of Pluto, instead of snow there was fire on the bushes and trees from red flames to blue flames. There were two pirates from a different ship, walking around the city of fire.
The girl was the captain and the boy was her first mate. The captain had kind of long, light brown hair. She was dressed in dark colored clothes.
The boy looked like Ben and Gregory, but three years younger than Gregory. Like Ben, he also had curly, dark brown hair.
"This would be a good planet to get a tan on," the girl said.
"Yes, it would," the boy agreed.
"Yes, captain."
"Go and get me something to drink."
"Yes, captain." John secretly liked his captain and did whatever she asked. He didn't like to displease her. It was the little things that he did which revealed the truth, but his captain was too evil to see it. "Um.... What would you like to drink, captain?"
John went to leave, but was stopped by three bounty hunters. Bounty hunters and pirates didn't get along.
The job of the bounty hunters was to kill pirates. Out of the three, one looked to be in his fourties and was the leader. He had short, black hair, which was kind of spiked up.
The other two looked like they were in their twenties and they both looked like idiots. One had brown, bushy hair, while the other had brown, short hair.
"Look at this, boys, we found two space pirates," the leader said, smiling devilishly.
The girl turned around. She had forgotten that they were in the bounty hunters' territory. "Bounty hunters.... Crap," she thought to herself.
"KEATON, ROMANO, ATTACK! No, even better," said the leader with an evil grin on his face, "kill them."
The girl had to think fast before the two bounty hunters could pull out their guns. "Kill us?" she asked as if she didn't understand him. "Why, I wouldn't do that if I were you." She was pulling some trick from her sleeve.
"And why not?" the man asked, knowing what she was trying to do.
An Asian girl with kind of long, black hair with red streaks, shown up. She was wearing a long red dress. She was also wearing a crown on the top of her head. The crown looked like flames. The two pirates could tell that she was the fire princess. She was said to be as evil as can be. The leader of the bounty hunters was the only one, who hadn't realized that she had arrived.
"Because I know where you can find some other space pirates...."
"Yea, right. KEATON, ROMANO, KILL THEM!" he ordered again.
"WAIT!" the princess ordered.
"But, princess...." The leader turned to face the nineteen year old girl.
"Let's listen to what she has to say," the princess said to where everyone could hear. "We can use her and her crew," she started talking just to where the bounty hunter was the only one, who could hear, "then after we're done using them, you can kill them."
The bounty hunter bowed. "Yes, princess. I like that idea."
Magma smiled. "I know you do, Leo." She turned her attention back to the two pirates. "You were saying," she said to the girl.
"Oh yes. I know where to find some other space pirates for you to put to death."
"You bring the other space pirates to me and you can go free...."

Zelda and Ben were now in the ice palace. They were in the throne room of the palace. They could tell that the throne room was also a ballroom. There were two little tables.
They were both located on each wall. There was a vase on one of the tables. In the vase were two blue roses. Under Zelda, Ben and the three cops was a long blue carpet, which went up a couple of steps and on two a stage.
On the stage were two thrones and a table in between the thrones with a vase with two blue roses inside. Both roses stood for Saphire and Alaska's parents.
A twenty-one year old women stood in front of them. She had shoulder length, blonde with crystal blue streaks, curly hair. She was wearing an ice blue dress which was long sleeves. She also wore a crown. The crown was made to look like it was made of ice. She was the Ice Princess Saphire. She wasn't happy at all. She was mad at Zelda and Ben. "You two space pirates should be locked up...." she started.
"Locked up?" Zelda asked.
"Don't interrupt the ice princess," Gregory said, also was mad. "Go on, your highness."
"I'm going to put you two in jail for...."
"What are we going to do?" Ben whispered to Zelda.
"Just a little trick I learnt working with you guys...."
"I'm going to sweet talk our way out of this."
"What?" Ben couldn't believe what Zelda had just said. "Captain, no."
"May I say something, your highness?" Zelda asked Saphire.
"What, Zelda?"
"See, because I'm a space pirate, I know other space pirates. And I know this other captain who is really evil...."
"You're not listening to this, are you, princess?" Gregory asked.
"Actually, I am," she answered. She turned her attention back to Zelda and Ben. "If you bring me the other captain, and thier crew, I'll let you walk around as free as a bird."
"Princess, you got yourself a deal."
"Gregory, free them."
Gregory was shocked. "But, princess...."
"Yea, Gregorilena," Zelda said, mocking him.
"Oh, shut up," he said to her.
"Okay, but space pirates rule."
Gregory took the cuffs off of Zelda and Ben.

Magma gave the gil her power of fire, while at the same time, Saphire gave her power of ice to Zelda.
"Now, you may go," both princesses said.

"AWESOME!" the girl exclaimed.

"COOL!" Zelda said.

Olivia's Epiphany

John and his captain walked to a black ship with The Black Velvet painted in white letters on the side. "John, tell everyone the news and tell Blake to start driving the ship," the captain said as they walked up a long, flat board which was leaning against the ship.
"Yes, captain." John started walking a head of her then stopped. "But where do you want me tell him to drive the ship to?"
"I'll tell you to tell him later."
As John left and after the girl was on the ship, two other guys walked over to her. Like Zelda, she was the only girl on her ship and as was said before she's also the captain. Unlike Zelda, this girl had all of her shipmates afraid of her. If they didn't do as they were told then they were dead meat.
Now one of the guy's looked like he actually could of been on Zelda's crew. He had long, blonde hair which was kind of messy. This guy was the idiot on the ship like Peter was on the White Rose.
The other guy was mixed. He had curly hair which was actually a fro. Like John, he also liked the captain, but he could careless.
"Captain," the idiot said.
"What do you two want?"
"Well, something bad has happened."
"Well," the curly haired guy jumped in, "you know Donny."
"What happened to my panther?"
"Well, I think he's space sick," the idiot said.
The girl and the other guy looked at him like he was crazy. "What?" the captain asked.
"You can get motion sickness, and you can get sea sick," the other guy said to him, "but not space sick. That's not even a real sickness."
"I think that he's home sick," the other guy said to the captain.
"He can't be home sick," she said.
"Why not?" the idiot asked.
"This ship is home to him just as much as it's home to us. Now, let me see my baby. It could be that he just missed me."
"Yes, captain," the curly haired guy said.

They went to the bottom of the ship, the wine cellar. Now, the only thing was that there wasn't any wine only boxes and bookshelves filled with water bottles. This was the biggest room on the ship. They walked over to a black panther laying down, sleeping.
The panther was the only thing that the captain treated like family. She didn't do anything or act mean to the animal. It was her baby. The captain sat down next to him and started petting him. "He's not sick, you two," she said as she rubbed his back. "He's sleeping."
"Oh. Right," the curly haired guy agreed.
"Shawn, go get him some raw meat, he'll be hungry when he wakes up."
"Yes, captain." Shawn left the room.

John walked over to a blonde guy, who was going to be driving the ship.
The blonde guy was signing a song which he came up with. It went:

"We're not shy
We won't buy...."

"Blake," John said, cutting him off, "Captain Olivia wants you to get the ship off of the planet."
"Okay. So.... What's the captain want you to tell everyone?" the guy asked.
"Well, you'll find out, I'm waiting 'til everyone's around...."
"Don't tell them," Olivia said, walking next to them and Donny was following her.
"But, captain," John said, turning around, confused, "you wanted me...."
"I know, but I changed my mind."
"But, captain."
"John, I know what I told the princess, but I lied just so we could get out of there alive. We're pirates, and everyone knows that we don't mean what me say.... So.... I lied just to be alive."
John was really confused. "Then what do you want me to tell everyone?"
"That we don't have to worry about those bounty hunters."
"There are more though," Blake jumped in.
"No, because all of the bounty hunters work for the Evil Princess Magma, and I just tricked the princess into letting us live...." Olivia thought about a plan. "But I can capture Zelda and her crew, never mind, John. I will capture Zelda's crew, and bring them to the fire princess, and I will have power to rule the universe." Olivia started laughing.
"That is a good plan, captain," John agreed.
Olivia was petting Donny. "I know it is. Now, where's Shawn with Donny's food?"
Shawn walked over to them, holding a plate with raw meat. "I'm right here, Captain Olivia." He set the plate down. "Donny, come here boy."
Donny walked over to the plate as Shawn stood up, and started eating.


Olivia was in her office, which didn't look any different from Zelda's, except where Zelda's bookshelf, was a little dresser with a book on it and a lamp next to. She was trying to think of a planet that Zelda would go to. Donny was laying next to her feet. "I can't think of a planet that Zelda would land on," she said to Donny. He kind of purred. "Where would she go?"
Someone knocked on the door.
John opened the door and walked in. "Did you figure out a place for us to land on?" he asked.
"Well, I don't know about you, but I think that we should land on the Planet Connie."
Olivia thought about that and remembered that if Zelda was out of rum then she'd go to Connie to get more. She knew that there was a possiblity that Zelda had lots of rum and she didn't need to go there, but she also knew that there was a chance that Zelda was going to need to go to Connie to get more rum. "That's not a bad idea, John."
"It's not?"
"No, it's not. That's the planet that Zelda will land on. That's where she gets her rum. It's a brilliant idea. John, we're going to the Planet Connie."
"Okay, captain."
Zelda, Ben, Jeremy, and another guy were hanging out on the deck of the White Rose, drinking rum. "So, where are we going, captain?" Ben asked, not quite drunk yet.
"Well, first we have to go to the Planet Connie, so we could get more rum," Zelda said, almost completely drunk.
"So, captain," Jeremy asked, just as drunk as Zelda, "will you kiss one of us and if so who?"
"Not in your dreams. That goes for all of you."
"What about me?" he asked.
"Boy, did you hear what I just said? I wouldn't even kiss you if I was drunk enough."
"Who dares me to drink the rest of this?" the other guy asked, really drunk.
"Don't even think about it, Austin Powers. We need it until we go to Connie."
"I always thought that I looked like Mike Meyers," Austin said, joking around. Austin had dark brown hair, which wasn't long and it kind of would stand straight up on his head. He was cute and was about nineteen or eighteen, but Zelda loved him like an older brother. He was one of her drinking buddies. Zelda did have to make sure that he didn't drink all of the rum.
"You wish," Ben laughed.
"Yea," Jeremy agreed. "Well, I'm going to hang out with.... Um.... R.... A.... Y."
"Yea. I think."
"Okay, Germany."
Jeremy walked away.
"I'm going with him," Austin said. He followed Jeremy, trying to walk straight, after he handed the bottle of rum to Ben.
"You know, Benjamin," Zelda started to take a sip of her rum as she spoke, "I always liked you."
Ben was surprised to hear that from Zelda. "Captain?"
"I liked you even before you became my first mate."
Ben was shocked. "Captain?"
"I love you."
"Um.... Captain. Are you feeling alright?"
"I feel fine. Now, I think I'm going to go ahead and go to sleep." Zelda's eyes closed and she fell backwards. Ben caught her before she hit the ground.

The next day, Olivia and her crew had just landed on Connie and got off the ship. "Now," Olivia started, "we're going to split up. John and me are group one, Aaron and Ryan are group two, Drake and Blake are group three, and David and Shawn are group four. Now, remember we're looking for Zelda and her crew."
"Yes, captain," Blake and Drake, the twins of the ship, agreed. They both looked a like, but Blake was a little taller than Drake. Drake was kind of chubby, while Blake was skinny.
"Captain Olivia?" an other guy asked. He had blonde, short hair and was cute as well and he was about eighteen or nineteen.
"What?" Olivia asked, mad.
The guy pointed to a girl who was wearing a captain's hat and was with a bunch of guys. "Is that Captain Zelda and her crew holding rum?" he asked.
Olivia looked at the girl. "Yes, it is, David. Good job. Now, forget the plan everyone and come with me."
They walked over to Zelda and her crew. Zelda wasn't paying any attention, she was too busy talking to her crew. "Now, let's go bring the rum to the ship, then we'll...."
"Well, well, well, if it isn't Captain Zelda," Olivia interrupted.
Zelda was holding an opened bottle of rum. She turned to face Olivia. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Captain Olivia."
"Just as I thought.... You ran out of rum."
John and Ben recognized each other. "Ben?" John asked.
"You know him?" Zelda asked Ben.
"Yea. Remember yesterday when I told you that I had two brothers?"
"Well, this is my other brother, John."
"Oh." Zelda turned her attention to John. "Well, hello, John Jacob Jingle Honor Smit."
Peter started singing:

"John Jacob Jingle Honor Smit
His name is my name too
Whenever I...."

Zelda wanted Peter to shut up. "Benjamin, go shut Peter Pan up."
"Yes, captain." Ben went and punched Peter to shut him up.
"OW!" Peter exclaimed. "What did you punch me for?"
"To shut you up."
"Why?" he asked, confused.
"Because Captain Zelda told me to."
"So, you're here for rum?" Olivia asked Zelda.
"Yea. Why do you care?"
"Because you...." Shawn started.
"Hey, I wasn't talking to you, Curly Fries."
"Always giving nicknames.... Huh, Zelda?" Olivia asked.
"And what would be a good nickname for you, Olivia? Ooo.... I got it.... How 'bout Olive Oyl?"
That made Olivia mad. "What did you just call me?"
Zelda smiled. "Olive Oyl."
"Captain," John said to Olivia, "now would be a good time to capture Zelda and her crew."
"It is a good time," Olivia said, growing angry, "but I want to kill Zelda. Her shipmates can be alive, but I'm going to kill her."
"Yes, captain."
Olivia turned to Zelda and her crew. "I made a deal with the fire princess...."
"Oh.... You mean Lava-Girl," Zelda said, turning it into a joke. "Do you know if she still hangs out with Shark-Boy?"
Olivia was ready to set Zelda on fire with the fire power. "Do you always mock people of a higher status than you?" she asked.
"Actually, I mock everyone really. It's fun." Zelda had the ice power ready. "I'm working for the Ice Princesses Alaska and Saphire, and ice puts out fire. Okay, Olive Oyl."
"Fine," Olivia said, really mad. Now, niether of them knew that ice and fire actually canceled each other out. Fire would melt ice and water put out fire, depending on how big the fire was, and how much water was needed to put out the fire.
"But we are space pirates, so why don't we sword fight instead."
Olivia smiled. "Sure." She pulled her sword out. It was kind of a light saver like in Stars Wars, but it looked more like a sword. "Sounds goog to me, Captain Zelda."
Zelda went to grab her sword. "I thought it would, Captain Olivia." She realized that she didn't have a sword. "Uh-oh."
"Well, it looks like you don't have your sword, Zelda. Oh, well. It'll be easier for me to kill you then."
"Oh, crap."
"Try to find your way out of this, Zelda."
Zelda tried to look for a way out.
"Here, take mine," Ben said to her, offering her his sword.
"No. I have a plan." She turned to Olivia. "Why don't we try and work this out? I mean when people fight there can be a chance of someone dying.... I mean do you really want to take that chance...."
Olivia went to attack Zelda.
Olivia stopped, confused. "What?" She turned around. "I don't see...."
"Let's leave," Zelda whispered to her crew. Zelda and her crew left as fast as they could.
"There's nothing...." Olivia said as she turned back to face Zelda. "SHE TRICKED US! That dumb pirate."
"Actually, we're the dumb pirates.... We believed her," Drake said.
Olivia turned to face Drake, mad. "Drake, you better shut up. I'll kill you," she threatened. "I won't be mocked by that half, dimwit pirate."
Shawn walked over to Olivia, John, and Drake. "What are we going to do, captain?" he asked.
"Shawn," Olivia said, smiling, "I want you to sneak onto Zelda's ship."
"Yes, captain." Shawn left.
"What's the plan?" John asked.
"He's going to tell me what Zelda's planning on doing."
"Oh. So, he's going to be your spy?"
Olivia smiled. "Yes."

Spy on the White Rose

Zelda and her crew still walking around the planet. "Peter Pan, Austin Powers, Ray.... Um.... Ray.... Um.... OOO! Riley, Paula Abdul, and Germany, I want you all to go home.... I mean to the ship," Zelda ordered.
"Yes, captain. But my name's Ray, and his name is Paul."
"I know, Riley, but I can't think of anything better to call you."
"She's always called me, Paula Abdul," Paul told Ray. Paul was the youngest on the crew. He was thirteen while everyone else was sixteen or older. "Okay, Riley," he joked.
"My name's Ray," Ray said, mad.
"OH YEA!" Zelda had just remembered that she had forgot to say someone else on the crew. "I forgot, Scotty, go with them. Benjamin, stay here with me."
"Okay," Scott said. "But, captain, I hate it when you call me Scotty."
"Just go."
"Yes, captain."
Everyone, except for Zelda and Ben, left. Zelda walked over to a dock and Ben followed. "Captain," Ben started, "can I ask you something about last night?"
"What about last night?" She turned to face him, smiling.
"Well, remember last night when you, Austin, Jeremy, and me were hanging out, drinking some rum?" he asked.
"Well, after Austin and Jeremy left...."
Jeremy started to walk back over to them.
"Well, you told me that you liked me...."
Zelda's expression changed.
"I mean even before I became your first mate.... This is what you told me. Do you really like me?"
After Ben asked the question, Jeremy had shown up.
"Actually, I...." Zelda was trying to come up with a lie. "Um.... I tell everyone that when I get drunk. So, don't get your hopes up. See, when I get drunk, I don't know what I'm saying...." She walked over to Jeremy. "Heck, I even told Germany that. Right?"
"My name's Jeremy, and what are you talking about?"
Zelda looked at Jeremy to get him to play along. "Remember, when I was so drunk that I told you that I loved you?"
"Oh yea," he said, playing along. Even though it was a lie, he enjoyed it because he was making Ben mad. They were fighting over the girl and right then Jeremy was winning. Although, it was a lie. "I remember that. Then I kissed you."
Ben was starting to get depressed because of what he was hearing. He believed them. The thought that Zelda didn't like him hurt so bad, but he didn't let it show.
Zelda gave Jeremy a funny look. "You never kissed me. You kissed a broom, and that was a couple of days ago, Peter Pan was there too."
Ben started laughing at Jeremy.
"Oh yea," Jeremy said, embarrassed.
Ben was still laughing. "Yea, Peter told me about that. You were daydreaming about a girl that we know too."
"Can we leave now?"
"Yea, let's go," Zelda said, walking away from the deck, followed by the two guys.

Olivia, John, and Drake were talking on the deck of the Black Velvet. The deck of the Black Velvet wasn't any different from the White Rose's deck. "So, Shawn's spying on Captain Zelda and her crew, right?" Drake asked.
"Yes," Olivia said.
"Um.... Captain?" John asked.
"Yes, John."
"How are we going to know what information Shawn's going to get? I mean what if Captain Zelda figures out that he's spying on them and she locks him up?"
Olivia smiled. "She wouldn't figure it out."
"How do you know?"
"Because she's dumb. I know Zelda, because years ago, we worked from her cousin, Ryoko...."
"Isn't that a name from Tenchi's Universe or something?"
"Man, how would you know that? That sounds like something a little girl would watch."
"My cousin would watch it. Now, sorry to interrupt."
"See," Olivia continued, "Ryoko from that show is based off of Ryoko Zelda's cousin. Well, in a battle between our crew and the bounty hunters, Ryoko was killed. That's why Zelda chickens out when it comes to fighting."
Drake started to feel bad for Zelda. "Well, that would explain a lot."
"No, it wouldn't. See Ryoko wasn't killed by a bounty hunter.... Because I killed her. I enjoyed it too."
"That's why she's against you?" John asked.
"I hate the Griffens.... Working for them is like working for a dumb dog. I hate dogs."

Zelda seen Shawn on the White Rose, but didn't recognize him from her crew. She walked over to him. "Hey, you. You're not part of my crew."
Shawn was down on his hands and knees scrubbing the floor. "I don't know what you're talking about, captain...." he said, acting. "Um.... What's your name again?"
"If you were part of my crew, you'd remember my name."
"I have a hard time remembering names, captain."
"Wait a minute. I know you, you're Curly Fries from Olivia's ship."
Shawn stood up. "My name's Shawn."
"I know, but your hair is curly and it reminds me of curly fries."
"Captain, curly fries aren't hairy," Peter said, in the back.
"Benjamin, go shut Peter Pan up, again."
"Yes, captain." Ben walked over to Peter. "Hey, Peter Pan, if you don't shut up, then I'll go and make you and your fairy, Tinker Bell, go to Neverland."
"My last name's not Pan, and her name isn't Tinker Bell, it's Jazmine."
Ben gave Peter a funny look. "Dude, I was just joking."
Peter faked a smile. "I was too." He turned to "Jazmine". "Sorry about that Jazmine."
Ben was still giving Peter a funny look, then finally walked back over to Zelda and Shawn. "What should I do to you?" Zelda asked.
"Set me free."
Zelda started laughing. "Yea, I'll set you free, when pigs fly." She stopped laughing. "Do you think I'm stupid?"
"No. I think that you're pretty...." he said to her. "Yea, pretty dumb," he said to himself.
"Do you think that I can't hear you?"
"Uh-oh," he said to himself.
"Benjamin, Peter Pan, lock him up."
"Yes, captain," they both said, Ben and Peter brought Shawn to a cell. A wolf with beautiful silver and white fur walked over to Zelda. She sat down next to it and started petting him.
"Max," she asked, looking up at the sky, still petting him, "do you think that Ben likes me because I think that he does?" She already knew the answer, and she knew that Max couldn't answer her because he couldn't speak, but she just wanted to know. She wanted to be sure.
Max licked her cheek.
Zelda smiled. "I guess that's an yes, huh, boy?"

Karaoke Night & Bar Fights

In a bedroom of the ice palace was a rectangler bed with fancy ice blue blankets. Now, a couple places from the bed was a vanity, which had a gold outline to it, and a chair. A girl with shoulder length, red hair was sitting in the chair, brushing her hair. She was kind of overwieght. Now, like Saphire, her sister, she was an ice princess. Her crown was on top of the vanity, next to her make-up kit. Someone knocked on the door.
"COME IN!" she shouted.
Gregory walked in. "Sorry, to interrupt, Princess Alaska, but yesterday your sister set a space pirate free...."
Alaska placed the brush down, mad. "What?" She turned to face Gregory.
"She made a deal with a space pirate.... I couldn't believe it myself, your highness."
Alaska was really ticked. "What space pirate did she make the deal with, Gregory?" she asked, shaking her head.
"Captain Zelda Samara Griffen."
Alaska was passed mad, she was furious. "HER!" she exclaimed. "She's the dumbest pirate there ever was, and besides everyone knows that pirates, especially space pirates, don't keep their word.... I have to go talk to my sister about this." She was now pacing back and forth.
"Okay, Princess Alaska, but she's not here in the castle...."
"Then where is she?" she asked, turning to Gregory, and stopped pacing.
"I believe that she went to visit the graves of your mother and father."
"Oh. Then, I'll talk to Saphire when she gets back.

Olivia and John were in the captain's office of the Black Velvet, talking. "See, now I need to come up with a plan to kill Zelda," Olivia told John. She was sitting in the chair behind the desk while John was standing in front of the desk.
"How are you going to do that?"
"Good question. Shawn hasn't come back yet." Olivia hadn't really thought through the plan before she had Shawn sneak onto the White Rose.
A boy with kind of short, blonde hair walked into the room, holding some kind of device. "Captain," he said.
"What, Aaron?" she asked.
"Well, I made a tracking device just incase Shawn didn't come back, and well, I know where we can find Captain Zelda and her crew."
"Oh really." Olivia was amazed at Aaron's intelligence. He was the smartest one on the crew. "Where are they?" she asked.
"They're at a Buck Ranch on the Planet Era."
"Oh, good. She's drunk, good time to kill her. John, tell everyone that we're going to Planet Era."
"Yes, captain."
"And, Aaron, good job."
"Thank you, captain."
"Now, the both of you leave."
"Yes, captain," they both said. John and Aaron left the room.
"I'll kill the last Griffen," she said to herself. She laughed, devilishly.

Zelda and her crew were in a Buck Ranch, which looked like an old bar which no one went to but pirates. The place was actually reserved for Zelda and her crew and besides Shawn, who was locked up in a gaint bird cage, was a bartender, who was about in his late forties, early fifthies. He ignored them, unless he was pouring rum for them. He let them get away without paying mostly because they were pirates and instead of giving him money, Zelda would give him five pieces of mints. Scott and Paul had just got some rum from the guy and walked over to Shawn.
Now, Paul and Scott looked like they could have been brothers, but they weren't. They both had long, dark brown hair. Scott was tall and Paul was short but he'd wind up growing in the next few years. "Hey, Scott," Paul said, walking. "We got ourselves a prisoner."
"Yea. He looks like a monkey with a fro in a cage."
Paul laughed. "No, more like someone, who was spying on us."
Scott was also laughing. "Yea, but that's the truth.... We need to make in fun of him."
"Oh. Right."
Shawn grabbed two bars, mad. "You guys are going to pay for this."
"No," Scott said, "not really. Just like you, we're also pirates...."
"Okay," Zelda said, drunk. "This next song is a.... A.... A song for.... Space pirates. It's called.... Um.... Um.... Space.... Pirate's..... Wrong."
"You mean song," Ben corrected.
"Yea.... Song.... I mean now everyone join in."
Everyone from Zelda's crew started singing:

"Sailing through space in a pirate ship
With my sword tied...."

Zelda held up her hands to stop them. She had two bottles of rum, one in each hand. She walked over to Shawn. "You can sing too, and here...." She handed him a bottle. "It's the drink of all pirates, unless you listen to Captain Olivia.... She hates the drink, but she'll never find out. Now, take it."
Shawn took a bottle of rum. "Okay." He took a sip. "That is good."
"Sing with us."
"Now, everyone. From the beginning."
Everyone, including Shawn, was singing:

"Sailing through space in a pirate ship
With my sword tied to my hip
Can't wait to walk around
And meet the people on the ground"

Olivia and her crew were outside of the bar, waiting for the right time to attack.
"Captain, should we attack?" John asked.
"No. Not until I say."
"Yes, captain."

Zelda, her crew, and Shawn were still singing:

"Sailing from one planet to another
Each different from the other
Got my gun
For when I'm on the run
Holding onto my rum"

"NOW!" Olivia ordered.
Everyone in her crew went to attack.

Everyone who was inside was still singing:

"That I got from a bum
A pirate's life
Is filled with death and strife
Life can change
No matter...."

Olivia and her crew had broken into the bar. That made Zelda mad. "And.... What's going on...." she started to ask, crawling over to Olivia.
"Well, Zelda, you're drunk," Olivia pointed out.
Zelda tried to stand up. "And.... So, what if I am?"
"This means it's easier for me to kill you."
"Why do you want to kill me? YOU'RE the one, who killed my cousin."
"Yea.... And what are you going to do about it, Captain Dumbrum?"
"First of all, that made no sense, and second of all...." Zelda looked up at the roof, loosing her train of thought. "That's a flying pig, and it's leaving me.... I have to go." She started chasing the "flying pig". "WAIT FOR ME!" Zelda left.
Olivia pulled out her sword and pointed it toward Ben and Jeremy. "Does she always do this?" she asked.
"Oh." Olivia put her sword down.
"She always calls me Germany or Jiminy."
"Isn't your name Jeremy?"
"Yea, but I think that's kind of hot."
"What?!" Olivia asked and Ben exclaimed.
"Did I say that out loud? Oops."
"Wait a minute. I'm talking to my enemies, I must be loosing it." Olivia pointed her sword back at Ben and Jeremy. "Any last words?"
"Yea. Just one," Jeremy said. "CAPTAIN!" he yelled, running away.
Ben followed.
Olivia pointed her sword at everyone else in Zelda's crew. "Anyone else?"
"We better go, guys," Scott told the crew.
"Good idea," they all agreed.
After they left, Olivia noticed that Shawn was locked up. She was mad at him when she realized that he was drinking. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE DRINKING RUM!"
"But, captain, it's good. You should try some."
"I did, and I don't like it. It has a bad taste. Only an idiot would drink it."
"I don't think so."
Olivia shot Shawn a dirty look.
Shawn was afraid. "But I get what you are saying."

Running into Leo

The bounty hunters were in the city on Era, looking for signs of space pirates. "Keaton, Romano, I want you two to go...." Leo started.

Zelda and her crew weren't far away from them. They were going back to the ship, when Zelda just stopped. "Okay, everyone," she said, "but Benjamin, and Peter Pan, go back to the ship."
"Okay," Paul said.
"Captain," Ray asked, he had light brown, long hair, "who's going to be in charge while you three are gone?"
"SCOTT?!" Ray, Paul, and Austin exclaimed.
"ME?! Awesome...."
"Him.... You're leaving him in charge?" Jeremy asked.
"Don't complain. I left you in charge already, Germany. Now, go."
Everyone, but Zelda, Ben, and Peter, went back to the ship.
As Zelda turned around, she seen a bounty hunter getting closer to them. "Oh no." She recognized him. "It's Leo."
"Who's Leo?" Ben asked.
"A bounty hunter.... I guess that Princess Magma doesn't trust space pirates.... Oh no. He's walking toward us...." She took off her hat and held it behind her back. "I hope he don't remember me."
"Who are you three?" Leo asked as he grew closer.
"Oh. I'm Jack Claw," Ben said, "this is my wife, Donna Claw, and her brother, Mike Shark...."
"I'm not...." Peter started.
Zelda stepped on his foot. "Let Jack talk okay, Mike."
Leo gave Zelda and Ben a funny look. "You two look kind of young to be married."
"Yea. That's what everyone says...."
"So, why are you three here?"
"Well, my brother-in-law, is helping us to buy a house.... Because my wife is pregnant and...."
"Yea." Zelda played along, but she was mad. "And my husband here can't wait to be a daddy. Isn't that right, honey?"
"I'M GOING TO BE AN UNCLE!" Peter exclaimed, excited. Now, the sad thing was that he actually believed it.
Ben looked at Peter and smiled as if to say that was good, but Zelda looked at him like he was crazy.
Zelda smiled. "Bring him back to the ship.... I want to talk to him...." she whispered to Ben.
"Yes, captain." Ben turned to Peter. "Hey, Mike. Why don't you come and help me get something to eat?"
"Do you want anything to eat.... I'm sorry, sir, I don't think that you told us your name?" Ben asked Leo.
"Oh, yea, I'm Leo Vigne, and no thank you, I already ate."
"Okay." Ben kissed Zelda on the cheek to make it look like they were really married. "Bye, honey. See ya, later."
Zelda looked at her shoes, shocked. She could feel herself blushing. "Okay."
Ben and Peter left.
Leo started to walk behind Zelda. "Well, it was nice to meet you, Mrs. Claw." He couldn't help but notice that she was holding a hat behind her back. "That hat looks fimilar...." He said to himself. "That's Captain Zelda's hat." He stopped and turned toward Zelda. "So, you think that you can trick me...." he said to her, revealing his british accent. "CAPTAIN ZELDA SAMARA GRIFFEN!"
Zelda's eyes grew wide. "Oh crap," she said to herself. She placed her hat back on her head. "Yea." She turned to face him. "Where's the other three turtles?" she asked, mocking him.
That ticked Leo off. He pulled out his gun. "You better take that back." He aimed the gun at her.
Zelda stared at the gun, afraid to move. Ben showed up and seen what was going on. He took his gun out and shot Leo's gun, knocking it out of Leo's hand. Ben still held the gun toward Leo, mad. "You better leave the captain alone, bounty hunter."
Leo turned to face Ben. "And who do you think you are, space pirate?"
"I'm Ben Skull, Captain Zelda's first mate."
"Oh. So now, you have a crew? Huh, Zelda? Just like your cousin.... What's her name, Ryoko? I'm amazed that you could trust other pirates.... After what happened years ago."
Zelda remembered back to the terrible day, tears filled her eyes, but she didn't let Leo see them. "I just don't trust certain pirates.... Like Olivia. Anyone else, but her. I've ran into her a few times.... I made a deal with the Ice Princess Saphire that I'd capture her and bring her to both of them.... And she told me that she was working for the Fire Princess Magma, or as I like to call her Lava-Girl.... Anyways she's got to capture me and bring me to Lava-Girl."
"So, you're the pirate she wanted to capture. Why didn't see capture you yet?"
Zelda smiled. "I'm a very trickey pirate, Leo. You of all people should know that."
Leo picked up his gun. "Yes. Well, I'll let Olivia deal with you then, Zelda."
Leo left and Ben walked over to Zelda. He put his gun in the holister on his belt. "Are you okay, captain?"
"What did he mean when he said he was amazed that you could trust other pirates?"
The memory of Ryoko's death was back in Zelda's mind. She didn't want to tell Ben, but he had the right to know. "It was years ago...."
Ben could hear the sadness in Zelda's voice, and when he looked into her beautiful brown eyes, he could see the pain that she felt. "Me and Olivia were working for my cousin, Ryoko. Well, one day, it was the battle between us space pirates and the bounty hunters. Well, I had no weapons and I watched Ryoko get killed, but not by a bounty hunter.... A back stabbing pirate.... And the pirate was.... Olivia. I wish that I could of helped Ryoko, but I couldn't and now I feel guilty for not helping her.... She was the last family member that I had that was alive and now she's dead and it's all because of me.... I let her down. Family's suppose to help one another, but I just watched helplessly as my cousin was being killed. It's my fault that she's dead, Ben."
"Is that why you hate Captain Olivia?"
"Yea. And that's why I chicken out when it comes to fighting.... I'm a bad captain.... Heck, I'm a bad pirate...."
Ben placed a hand on Zelda's shoulder. "Don't be so hard on yourself. I think that you're a good captain," he told her.
Zelda gave Ben a funny look. "Really?"
Ben smiled. "Yea. Unlike Captain Olivia, you're like one of us.... You're like a sister to us...."
"Actually, Ben," Zelda started to say, but he hadn't realized that he was day dreaming, "I see everyone but you as a brother to me."
"What's that mean?"
"Well, I don't want to date my brother."
A grin grew on his face. "So, you do like me. SWEET!"
"Just kiss me."
Ben went to kiss Zelda, but out of his day dream. His eyes were closed and he was going to kiss "Zelda".
"Ben.... Ben.... BEN!" Zelda said, snapping her fingers.
Ben snapped out of the day dream. "What's up?" he asked, acting all cool.
"You looked like an idiot going to kiss the air."
Ben was embarrassed. "I meant to do that...." He pretended to laugh. "Just to make you feel better, captain."
Zelda smiled. "Thank you very much, Benjamin."
"No problem, captain."
"Good, now let's go back to the ship...." Her and Ben started walking away. "And, Benjamin, next time you lie about us being married don't lie and say that I'm pregnant, I don't find that funny at all."
"Yes, captain."

Magma Finds Out

Jeremy was on the deck of the White Rose, playing with Max. "Good boy, Max. Good boy. You're a good, protective wolf. Yes, you are. Yes, you are," he repeated.
Scott and Paul walked over to them. "I thought that you hated dogs?" Paul asked.
"I did too," Scott agreed. "But I guess that he only like dogs, because the captain loves dogs, and he doesn't want to say that he hates dogs in front of her."
"Yea. Because he likes the captain, and she likes dogs, and he doesn't want Ben to take his girlfriend."
"I don't like her, guys," Jeremy said, standing up kind of mad.
Peter walked over to them, excited. "HEY, GUYS! Guess what?"
"Ben and Captain Zelda are married, and the captain's going to have a kid.... You guys know what that means.... WE'RE GOING TO BE UNCLES! Isn't that great?"
Jeremy was really mad now. "NO!"
"Well, man, you're late." Scott acted like he felt bad for Jeremy. "Ben got to her before you did."
Ben and Zelda had just walked onto the ship. Paul and Jeremy walked over to them. "So, you two are married?" Paul asked.
"No," Zelda said.
"Good," Jeremy said to himself. "I don't care who the daddy is of the child," he said to Zelda as he got down on one knee and took her left hand, "so, Captain Zelda Samara Griffen, will you marry me?"
Paul's mouth dropped. Peter and Scott just stared at them, and Ben just stood there, shocked.
Zelda, on the other hand, was mad. She took her hand away from Jeremy. "First of all, I'm not pregnant, that was a lie, and second of all, I'm not going to marry you or anyone else on this ship." She turned to face Ben. "This is why I don't like that lie," she told him. She walked into her office, mad.
"Scott, get the ship off the planet. Paul, bring Max some food, then go and wake up Austin and Ray," Ben ordered.
"Yes, Ben," Scott and Paul said. They walked away.

Olivia was in the captain's office of the Black Velvet, talking to John, and she was really mad. "I can't believe that I let her get away again. Next time, I will kill her and I mean it too. I'm not going to let Zelda live...."
"Captain Olivia," John cut her off, "she's an easy target, but she comes up with ways to get out of a fight, if she sees an opening...."
"What are you saying?"
Ryan walked in.
"I'm saying that we should trap Captain Zelda and it will be easier for you to kill her, captain."
Olivia smiled. "I like the way you think, John."
"Please don't kill Captain Zelda," Ryan said.
Olivia's face expression changed. "Why not?"
"Because she could be the one."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, when I'm around her.... I could be myself. And I like that about her."
"It's just that she's so pretty."
John smacked Ryan in the back of the head.
"Thanks, John."
"No problem, captain."
"Why are you mad at me?" Ryan asked.
"John, get Ryan out of here."
"Yes, captain." John pushed Ryan out of the door. "Don't say anything, man. You don't have anything bad to say about the enemy so keep your mouth shut."
"Shut up."
"You're not my mother or father so I don't have to listen to you."
"No, but I can have you thrown overboard."
"Okay. I'll shut up."

Leo was waiting to talk to Princess Magma on Blaze, while Keaton and Romano were joking around and telling funny stories.
"So...." Keaton said to Romano. "When I was a little boy, my dad would take me fishing for birds and hunting for fish...."
"Wait a minute, your dad would take you fishing for birds and hunting for fish?"
"Did it work?"
"Nope, that just shows you that my dad was a real idiot."
Magma walked into the room. "What are ya'll doing back?" she asked Leo.
"Well," he said, walking over to her, "I found out which space pirate that Olivia is going to capture."
"Really. Who?"
Magma had to think. "Zelda? Zelda?" She remembered. "Oh. You mean the space pirate, Ryoko's, cousin."
Leo smiled. "Yes, your highness."
Magma was mad. "YOU IDIOT! She isn't going to capture Zelda.... She's going to kill her."
Leo was confused. "Isn't that a good thing?"
"No, because I want to kill her."
"I want to kill Zelda, and I don't want anyone else to.... Not even you, Leo."
"But, your highness, I'm a bounty hunter. It's my job to kill space pirates."
"I know. But if I tell you not to kill a space pirate, then don't." She was really mad. "And now, I want you to go and tell that lying, no good pirate, Olivia, that if she kills Zelda then I'll kill her instead. NOW GO!"
Leo bowed his head. "Yes, your highness." He turned to face Keaton and Romano. "Come on, you two. We need to go now."
"Yes, sir," they said.
Leo, Keaton, and Romano left. Magma walked over to her throne. She sat down. The throne room of the fire castle looked pretty much like the throne room in the ica palace. There was only one table which was in between the two red thrones and nothing on top of the table. The carpet was red instead of blue. "I knew that I shouldn't of trusted that pirate. They're all liars and cheaters," she said to herself.

Trusting Pirates

Saphire and Alaska were in the throne room of the ice palace. Alaska was mad. "I can't believe that you would make a deal with a pirate, and not just any pirate, but the most wanted pirate on this planet. Saphire, what happened to you? Ever since mom and dad died, it's like you changed."
Saphire was confused. "How did you know that I made a deal with a pirate?"
"Gregory told me."
"Yes Gregory."
"I should of known that your boyfriend was going to tell you."
"First of all, he's not my boyfriend, and second of all, when were you going to tell me that you made a deal with Zelda?"
Saphire turned her head away and looked down with shame. She didn't have an answer to her sister's question.
Alask dropped her mouth, really mad. "You weren't ever going to tell me, were you?" she asked.
Saphire still didn't have anything to say.
Alaska started to cry. "Why don't you tell me these things anymore, Saphire? It's like you're someone else, because my sister would tell me if she does something that wasn't good for the kingdom.... But I have to hear it from someone else, because my sister would sink so low to trust a pirate that ain't ever coming back." She paused and shook her head. "I don't want to talk to you about this anymore.... What would mom and dad say about this if they were still here?" She left the room, crying.
Daniel walked in as Alaska left. He figured out what was said. "Princess Saphire, I think that what you did was wrong," he said, "especially because you do talk to Alaska about these things."
Saphire was sad. She was ashamed of herself. "I know, Daniel. But some times, I feel that life is too short and that you should take risk, and that's what I did. I know that there's an one percent chance that Zelda's not going to break the deal, and a ninety-nine percent chance that she's going to break the deal. I made that deal to take a risk.... Not because I trust a pirate, but just to take that chance. What if Zelda keeps the deal?"
Daniel shrugged his shoulders. "Then that means that she doesn't want to be in jail until the day she dies, but what if she doesn't keep the deal?"
"Then she'll be in jail until the day she dies."

Zelda was in the office of the White Rose. She had her head down on the desk, sad. "Why me? Why me?" she asked herself.
Someone knocked on the door.
She lifted her head up. "COME IN!"
Ben walked into the room. "Sorry about what happened earlier."
Zelda leaned back in the chair. "Well, that's okay. I just don't like that lie.... Any other lie, I don't care about, but that one makes me mad.... Especially, because Peter Pan believed it."
"Yea." Ben smiled. "But it was kind of funny."
Zelda also smiled. "Yea. It was kind of funny. Hey, Ben." She stood up and walked over to him. "Thanks for saving me. I don't know what I would have done if you didn't show up."
"No problem, captain."
Max walked into the room and walked over to Ben. Ben patted him on the head.
"Hi, Max. Where you a good boy?"
Max howled.
"I guess that's a yes."
Zelda sat on her knees next to Max and patted him. "Max isn't a bad boy.... He's a pirate wolf.... He's cute too," she said.
Max stuck his long, pink tongue out.
"Yes, you are. Yes, you are," she said to Max, talking to him like he was a baby. "You're mommy's baby. Yes, you are."
Ben smiled. He enjoyed watching Zelda play with Max. Everyone knew that even though Max was an old wolf, older than all of them put together, he was still the baby of the ship. "Well, I'm going to hang out with Paul and Scott. okay," Ben said. He started to leave the room.
"Okay. I'll be out there later."
"Alright." Ben left the room.
Zelda stood up and shut the door. "I like him so much, but I don't know how to tell him," she said to Max.
Max just looked at her as if to ask "What are you talking about?"
Zelda smiled. "I know. You don't need to look at me like that. You're the only baby on this ship, and it's going to stay like that too." She walked over to her bed and sat down. "You know, Max. I see everyone, but Ben, as a brother, well, Germany more like a second cousin twice removed."

Paul and Scott were on the deck, playing a card game. "Do you have any.... Threes?" Scott asked.
"Go fish," Paul answered.
Scott picked up a card. "Okay." He looked at the card. "Crap."
Ben walked over to them and sat on a chair on one side of the table. "What are you guys playing?" he asked.
"Go fish," Scott said.
"Oh. That's a game for little kids."
"We don't care, it's something to do," Paul replied.
"So, what did you and your girlfriend talk about?"
"She's not my girlfriend, and I told her sorry for what happened today.... She probably likes some other guy anyways." Ben kind of had a hard time thinking positive.
"Honestly," Scott started, "I don't think she does. I think that she likes you, but she don't want to say anything."
Ben smiled a little. "I wish."
"I agree with him. You're a funny guy, and girls, like Captain Zelda, like that in guys...."
"Yea. You're also tough, that's something else that they like in a guy. Captain Zelda doesn't want to admit that she's fallin' for a guy on her ship.... Oh yea. And you're romantic and sweet.... Unlike Jeremy, who's kind of a jerk and doesn't know what romance is at all."
"Yea. And you act like yourself around her, while Jeremy acts like some one else."
"But that don't mean anything. She probably doesn't like any of us on this ship.... She probably likes some other guy on a different ship or planet."
Scott started laughing. "Ben, answer this question.... Do you really believe that she likes someone else?" he asked.
Ben's answer made Scott crack up. "Dude," he said, "you don't know, but I've watched her check you out a few times...."
"Yea, right." Ben kind of believed Scott, but he kind of didn't.
"No, I'm telling the truth, man," Scott said as he stopped laughing.
Paul noticed that someone was walking over to them. "Captain at 12 O'clock," he said.
Zelda walked over to them.
"Oh, captain. We were just talking about you." Ben smacked Scott upside his head to get him to shut up. "OW!"
Zelda raised an eyebrow. "What were you guys saying about me?"
Scott and Ben looked at each other, then to Paul, then to Zelda. "We were just talking about...." Ben came up with a lie. "How great of a captain we think you are. Right, guys?"
"Yea," Scott and Paul agreed.
"Can you give me a hug?" Scott asked Zelda, changing the subject.
Zelda gave him a funny look. "Why?"
"Because you're like a sister to me."
"Ok-ay. I guess."
Scott hugged Zeda. "I know who you like," he whispered to her.
"Uh-oh," she said to herself, her eyes grew wide. "No you don't," she said to Scott.
"You like...." he started just talking to her. "MAX!" he said to where Ben and Paul could hear.
"That was close," she said to herself. She broke out of the hug. "Yea. Who doesn't like Max?" she asked them.
"Do you want to play a card game with me and Paul, captain?"
"Okay. What game?"
"Go fish."
Ben stood up. "Here," he offered the chair to Zelda, "captain, you can take my chair."
Zelda sat down. "Thanks, Ben."
Ben smiled at Zelda.

Aaron, David, and Shawn were talking in the kitchen on the Black Velvet. The kitchens on both ships were the fourth biggest rooms and were located under the decks of each ship. The ovens were located on the right walls, the sinks were next to the ovens, the refrigerators were next to the sinks, of course, there were cabnets, and in the middle of the kitchens were the cutting tables.
Aaron was looking at a peice of paper. "Shawn, did you leave that tracking device that I gave you on Zelda's ship?" he asked.
"Yea. You don't need it, do you?"
"No. I wanted you to leave it on the ship anyways."
"Why?" David asked, confused.
Aaron looked at David. "Because that way, when Zelda and her crew land on a planet, we'll know where to find her and we can tell the captain.... It's the perfect plan."
"And it'll work, too."
"I know."
"What if Zelda finds the tracking device?"
Shawn looked at Aaron. "That's right. What will happen if she finds it?"
Aaron's eyes grew wide. "I didn't think of that," he said, worried. "Well, as long as she doesn't know about it then we'll be fine." He turned to Shawn. "You didn't tell her about the device, did you, Shawn?"
Shawn gave Aaron a funny look. "Are you crazy? I'll never say anything about that tracking device to Zelda. Heck, she calls me Curly Fries and I don't like that at all. Now, if the captain called me Curly Fries I wouldn't mind, but Zelda's not my captain."
"I wouldn't want anyone to call me---"
"What are the three of you doing?" Olivia asked, walking in the room, mad, followed by John and Donny. "You guys are suppose to be up on the deck working, not down here talking."
"Yes, captain. We know, but we were...." Shawn said, scared.
"I don't want to hear it. NOW GO!"
"Yes, captain," Aaron replied.
Shawn, Aaron, and David left the room.

Zelda's Secret

Later that night, still on the Black Velvet, Olivia was in her office with Donny. she complaining to herself. "Why are guys such idiots? They don't know what I want. I tell them to do something it never gets done. I have to do it myself. Why can't they do what I say? I mean I am the captain, and when I tell them to do something they should do it. No, I have to tell them over and over again 'til they actually do it. That just makes me so mad. I hate it when they do that to me."
Someone knocked on the door.
John walked in. "Captain," he said in a soft voice.
"Well, me and Shawn were wondering.... Um.... Um...."
"Why is Zelda an idiot?"
Olivia gave him a funny look. "Who cares why Zelda's an idiot?"
"We were just wondering.... Is there anything that you need me to do?"
"No. You can go to sleep if you want."
"Okay." Before John left the room, he looked at Donny and turned to face Olivia, kind of pointing the panther. "He looks tired."
Olivia looked at Donny. She had to agree with John. "He's having trouble going to sleep. I tried what I can to help, but he won't go to sleep. I hope he's not dying. Without him we won't have any energy for the ship." She hid a tear. "I can't let him die. He's my baby."
"He doesn't look like he's going to die, he just looks tired." John turned to face the door. "I'm going to bed. Good night, captain." Then he left the room, closing the door behind him.
"I hope he's right," Olivia said to herself.
Now, none of them knew that Donny was dying. They just didn't notice that after he ate, he would thow up and the only thing that was odvious was that he was losing weight everyday.

Zelda was on the bed sleeping in her office of the White Rose with Max at the bottom of her feet. Peter walked in quietly to get something.

In Zelda's dream, Ben was talking to her. He got down on one knee, and held out a diamond ring. "Captain Zelda Samara Griffen, will you marry me?" he asked.

"Yes, Benjamine," she said, blushing and talking in her sleep. "I'll marry you. I'll be your wife."
Peter turned to face Zelda, shocked at what she had said.

Back in Zelda's dream, Olivia showed up out of no where. Zelda turned her head. "Crap," she said to herself. She turned her head back toward Olivia and she was mad. "And what are you doing here, Olivia?" she asked.
Olivia pulled out her sword and pointed it toward Zelda. "I'm going to kill you."
Zelda looked at the sword, afraid. "Oh, crap."
Ben took out his sword. "Don't worry, captain." He jumped infront of Zelda. "I'll protect you."
Ben and Olivia started sword fighting.
Zelda worried about Ben.

"CAPTAIN! CAPTAIN! CAPTAIN ZELDA, WAKE UP!" Peter said, waking her up.
Zelda woke up, shaking.
"It's okay, captain," Peter said, trying to calm her down. "You just had a bad dream."
Zelda took a breath. "Oh, good."
"Yea." Peter sat next to her. "Hey, did you know that you talk in your sleep?"
Zelda laughed. "I don't talk in my sleep...."
"Actaully, captain, you do."
"Oh yea. Well, what did I say?"
"Well, you said, 'Oh crap,' because Olivia was going to kill you.... And you like Ben apparently," he said.
Zelda's face expression changed. "What makes you say that I like Ben?"
"Well, I guess that in your dream before Olivia showed up, Ben asked you to marry him, and you said, 'Yes, Benjamin. I'll marry you. I'll be your wife.'"
"I probably said something else," Zelda said, trying to think of a lie.
Peter stood up and walked around the room. "I'm pretty sure that I heard you say, 'Yes, Benjamin. I'll marry you. I'll be your wife." He waited for her to respond, but she didn't say anything. "Oh yea. While you were saying it, you had a smile on your face as if he were really asking you to marry him. Why don't you just admit that you like him? You know that he already likes you. So, why don't you tell him how you feel? You never know he might actually ask you to marry him some day." He had a good point, but Zelda didn't want to admit that she liked Ben.
"I don't like him," she lied.
"Captain," he asked, "what if Scott asked you to marry him?"
"No, he's too young."
"You're too much like a brother, so no."
"Good. I would never ask you, anyways. Jeremy?"
"No," Zelda said, blushing.
"You're blushing.... You do like Ben."
"No, I don't."
"Yes, you do. I won't tell him or anyone else if you tell me the truth."
"You promise that you won't tell him or anyone else?"
"Yes. I promise."
"Okay. I.... I...." She froze up for a second. "I do like Ben. If you tell anyone, especially Ben, then I'll have you and your fairy, Tinker Bell, going back to Neverland...."
"Her name is Jasmine."
"Okay. Then I'll have you and Jasmine going back to Neverland. Got it, Peter Pan?"
"Got it, captain."
"Good." Zelda smiled. "So, Peter, is there some girl from another planet or something that you like?"
Now, Peter was blushing. "Yea.
"Captain Olivia."
Zelda's smile turned into a frown. "I don't care if you like a girl from another planet...." She was mad. "I don't care if you like someone from another ship.... I don't care if you like one of the ice princesses.... But, OLIVIA! She's our enemy and I forbid you to like her at all.... Like I said before you're like a brother to me and I don't want to watch you get hurt." She stood up and walked over to him. "You see what I'm saying, Peter Pan." She gave him a hug. "I don't want to see you get hurt or killed."
"Yes, captain."
They broke out of the hug. Scott rushed into the room, freaking out. "Ben and Jeremy are on the deck fighting, captain."
"Thanks for telling me, Scotty."

Leo's Warning

Ben and Jeremy were fist fighting. Zelda, Peter, Scott walked out of the office and over to them. The other shipmates were gathered around, watching the fight. Zelda was mad. "BENJAMIN! GERMANY! STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS THIS INSTANCE!" she ordered.
Ben took a time out for a second. "But," he puased to catch his breath, "captain. We're fighting over you."
"Oh." Zelda smiled. "Then carry on." She enjoyed watching two guys fight over her.
Ben and Jeremy started fighting again. Ray walked over to Zelda, confused. "You're going to let them fight?" he asked.
"That's not right."
"Well, they're fighting over me."
"Yea," Austin jumped in. "Who cares if they're fighting over you? I mean say if me and.... Paul got into a fight, you'd yell at us."
"Yea," Zelda agreed. "But that's different, he's smaller and younger than you and you two shouldn't be fighting at all. We're part of the same crew."
"Just because I'm younger and smaller doesn't mean that I can't fight...." Paul spoke up for himself. "Anyways, they're part of the crew too and they shouldn't be fighting either."
"They have a good point, captain," Scott said.
"Okay. Fine." Zelda gave in. "BENJAMIN, AND YOU WITH THE FACE, STOP FIGHTING!" she yelled at Ben and Jeremy.
They stopped fighting and turned to Zelda. "I have a name, captain," Jeremy said.
"Everyone has a name. I just can't pronounce yours."
"Ooo.... Germany, it looks like you were trying to put some make-up on," she said, looking at his black eye. She turned to see what Ben looked like. "Ow.... You have one busted lip, Benjamin."
Ben touched his lip with the side of his hand, moved his hand away, and looked at the blood which was now on his hand.
"Hey, captain. Why don't you kiss his lip?" Scott asked, joking. "I'm sure that'll make him feel better."
Zelda turned to Scott, mad. "You better shut up, Scotty."

Olivia was leaning on a wall of the Black Velvet's deck, talking to John. "John."
"Yes, captain."
"I want you to go and get Donny for me."
"Yes, captain."
John went to get Donny, while Aaron and Blake walked up. "Captain," Aaron said.
"What?" Olivia asked, turning to face them.
"Check this out, captain." He handed her a device which was beeping.
"What's this?" she asked, taking the device, confused.
"This is the tracking device that I made and guess what."
"Can I tell her?" Blake asked.
"Yea. Go ahead."
"Zelda has landed on Skullcove."
Olivia smiled. "Good. Blake, I want you to bring the ship to Skullcove."

Zelda and Ben were on Skullcove. The town, which they were in on the planet, almost looked like there wasn't much life on it at all. The town looked like a town from a western. They walked pass a little girl, holding a teddy bear. "I never had a teddy in my life," Zelda said, tearing up.
"Captain?" Ben asked, confused.
Zelda turned around, walked over to the little girl, and took the teddy bear. She walked back over to Ben.
"Captain.... You just stole that bear from that little girl. I know we're thieves, but that was mean."
"I know, but," Zelda started to say, acting childish and hugging the bear. "I never had a stuff animal before."
"But still. That's like taking candy from a baby."
"Oh. I did that before. Bad idea, because the baby's mommy was going to kill me."
Ben just looked at Zelda, shocked.
"Now, let's go before her mommy comes out here."
They left and ran into Olivia and John. "Well, hello again, Zelda," Olivia said.
"Olive Oyl. I see that John Jacob Jingle Honner Smit came with you."
"Of course." Olivia snapped. "Now, look around."
By that time, Olivia's crew was there, trapping Zelda and Ben. Zelda turned around. "Oh crap. We're trapped." She looked at her sword. "But you know," she said, looking at Olivia, "what?" She smiled. "This time," she said as she grabbed the helt of the sword, "I came prepared.
Olivia grabbed her sword, while watching what Zelda was doing.
Zelda pointed the blade at Olivia. "See. I got my gun.... I mean my knife.... I mean my sword."
Olivia pointed the blade at Zelda. "I see that, but are you going to be brave enough to use it? Seeing that this sword is the same one I used to kill Ryoko with, and I'll use it to kill you."
"That has nothing to deal with me fighting. And yes. I'm going to fight you."
"Then, let's fight."
Zelda and Olivia started to sword fight.

Leo, Keaton, and Romano were now on Skullcove, looking for Olivia. "We're going to split up. Keaton, you go that way," Leo said, pointing to his right. "Romano, you go that way," he said, pointing to his left. "I'll go that way," he said, pointing straight.
"Yes, sir," Romano said as he walked away.
"Um.... Which way do I go again, sir?" Keaton asked.
"Oh." Keaton started to walk away.
"Not your right," Leo said, stopping him, mad, "my right."
"Oh, right." Keaton turned around.
"Idiot," Leo said to himself, walking away. He walked over to the crowd of space pirates. "What's going on, pirates?" he asked.
John turned to face him. "Captain Olivia is fighting Captain Zelda."
"I have to stop this nonsense," Leo told himself. "STOP!" he yelled to the two pirates who were fighting.
Olivia and Zelda stopped fighting. "What do you want, Leo?" Olivia asked.
"I need to talk to you, Olivia." He turned to Zelda and Ben. "You two are always together. Are you two really married or was that a lie?" he asked.
"Yes. Leo, did your parents name you Leo because of your Zodiac sign?" Zelda asked.
"Oh yea. That's right, you're named after a turtle."
"If I could kill you right now, I would," he said, mad. "The only reason why I'm not is because I told princess Magma that I wouldn't."
"So I can kill you," Olivia said.
"I don't think so," Zelda replied.
"Olivia," Leo interrupted, "I have to talk to you. Now, come on."
Olivia was mad. "NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO, LEO! Come on, John."
"Yes, captain," John said, following Olivia.
Olivia, John, and Leo walked away from the group. Zelda and Ben were still trapped by Olivia's crew. "So, you guys work for Olivia. Huh?" Zelda asked.
"Yea. I'm Blake...."
"So, I'll call you, Lake...."
"That's my twin brother, Drake," he said, pointing to his brother.
"He's Rake...."
Blake pointed to Aaron. "He's Aaron, the smart guy on the ship...."
Zelda eyed Aaron. "Ah.... So, he's going to be Brain.... Where's Pinky?"
Blake pointed to Shawn. "That's Shawn...."
"Oh yes. I know Curly Fries. He snuck on my ship."
Blake pointed to David. "That's David...."
"David. Hm.... What would be a good nick name for David? I'm going to change the a to an i to make Divid."
Ryan walked over to Zelda like a love sick puppy. "And I'm Ryan," he introduced himself to her.
"Hello, Blondie."
"I like you.... You're pretty."
"Thank you, Blondie. Well, it was nice meeting you all, but Benjamin and me really should be going...."
"But you can't leave me," Ryan said, grabbing Zelda's hand, "Zeda. Think about our children."
"We have children?" Zelda asked, giving him a funny look. His question confused her. They didn't know each other that well and he was talking about "their" children.
"I mean when we're older and married...." He was talking about a life that was never going to happen and Zelda knew it. "And we're on the same ship.... And we have two kids.... A boy and a girl.... The boy will be Ryan Buster Mummy Jr. and the girl will be Gabby Diana Mummy."
Everyone looked at Ryan, shocked.
"I can't believe that he said that," Shawn told Aaron and David.
"It's a good thing that Captain Olivia isn't around," Aaron agreed. "This is like Romeo and Juliet."
"I loved the ending," David told them. "When they killed themselves."
Zelda faked a smile. "Oh yes. Um.... I need to go," she said to Rayn. "I'll be back for you.... My love," she lied to him. "Don't worry." She turned to Ben. "Let's go before Blondie says anything else that I can't get out of," she whispered to Ben."
"Yes, captain."
"Well, it was nice meeting everyone," Zelda told them, "especially, Blondie." Zelda thought of a plan to distract them. "Hey," she said, pointing at nothing, "look here comes Olivia."
All of the guys on Olivia's crew actually looked. Zelda and Ben left.
"That was close," she told Ben.

Olivia, John, and Leo were in an ally, which was kind of dark and a small gray mouse scurried by them. They were too busy talking to notice. "You can't capture Zelda. Okay, Olivia," Leo said, simply.
"And why not?" Olivia asked.
"Because you're going to kill her."
"Yea.... So.... You're a bounty hunter, you kill pirates all the time, so why can't I kill Zelda?"
"Because princess Magma doesn't want you to kill her.... She doesn't want me to kill Zelda.... The reason is because she wants to kill Zelda herself."
"Then I guess that I'll break that deal with the princess," Olivia said, mad.
"Then I guess I get to kill you and your crew," Leo replied. He reached for his sword.
"NO! Tell Magma that whoever gets to Zelda first, gets the honnor to kill her."
"I don't think that's such a great idea, Olivia. How 'bout this?" Leo had another idea. "You capture Zelda, bring her to me, and I'll bring her to Magma.... I'll tell Magma that you captured her and you can be free.... To do whatever. Not just on Blaze, or this galaxy, but this universe. How's that for a deal?"
Leo walked around. "Come on, Olivia. Think about it. Zelda won't fight unless she has to."
"She won't fight at all."
"Well, now. That's hard to believe seeing that I watched the both of you sword fight, today."
"Only because she challenged me and she normally forgets her weapons. Not everyone, Leo, is as smart as a dead guy in dead man valley."
"And what does that mean, Olivia?"
"It means that someone who is ready to die, they already know and they want to get killed. Zelda isn't that kind of person."
"Very well said," Leo agreed, nodding.
"Tell Magma that I'll capture Zelda, and let her kill Zelda. Okay, Leo."
"Come on, John," Olivia said, walking away. "We're going to capture Zelda.... This should be easy seeing that we all ready have her trapped."
"Yes, captain," John said, following her.
They left.

Idiot Bounty Hunter

Olivia's crew was just standing there, waiting for Olivia and John to show up.
"The captain's not going to be happy with us," Shawn told them.
"Why do you say that?" Ryan asked, confused.
"Because, Ryan, we let the enemies escape."
"Yea." Aaron looked at Ryan. "Well, Zelda's shipmate escaped, but Zelda was probably scared off by Ryan."
"Why is this my fault?"
"Because if you didn't get in her face...."
"And tell her about ya'lls future life together, and ya'lls future kids, maybe we could of captured her and her shipmate before they snuck away," Shawn finished Aaron's sentence.
No one noticed that Olivia and John had arrived.
"You better be glad that the captain wasn't here to hear that," David jumped in.
"Hear what?" Olivia asked, walking into the crowd. She noticed that Zelda and Ben were gone. "And where's Zelda?" she asked.
"She got away," Shawn said, really fast.
"She what?"
"She got away," he said again, really fast.
"Say it again. But slower this time."
"She got away," Shawn said, slower.
Olivia pretended to laugh. "Oh. She got away, huh?" she stepped on Shawn's foot really hard. "How did she get away?"
"Captain." Shawn felt the pain in his foot. "Ow."
"She tricked us," David replied.
Olivia stepped off of Shawn's foot. "She tricked all of you? Oh, my gosh. You guys are morons. You all should know not to believe her."
They all looked down in shame.
"Let's go back to the ship," Olivia said, really ticked off.
They went back to the Black Velvet.

Zelda and Ben were walking around the town when they seen Keaton just standing there like an idiot. Zelda stopped. "Uh-oh." She was nervous. "There's Keaton. He's another bounty hunter." She thought about something. "But he's an idiot. I mean he can see me walking around in this captain's hat and it won't even dawn on him."
"What are you talking about?" Ben asked, confused.
"Watch. I'm going to act like his dead sister, who he thinks is still alive. Come on. Follow my lead."
They walked over to Keaton. Zelda gave Keaton a hug. "Keaton, brother, how have you been?" she asked.
Keaton kind of started tearing up. "Sarah. I've been great. How have you been?"
"I've been fine." Zelda faked a smile.
Keaton looked at Ben, kind of funny. "Who's he?"
They broke out of the hug. Zelda winked at Ben to get him to play along. "Oh. This is my husband, Jack. I tried to get an invation out to you.... To invite you to the wedding, but I didn't know where to send it."
Keaton smiled. "That's okay. I was probably working that day, anyways." He turned to Ben. "Jack, can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked.
Ben looked at Zelda for help. "Yea. I guess. Is that okay with you, Sara?"
Zelda smiled. "Yea."
Ben and Keaton walked over to a corner. "Zel-Sarah's," Ben cought himself before he said something that he was going to regret, "told me so much about you. So you're her older brother, huh?"
"Yep. Now, the reason that I wanted to talk to you, Jack, is because I wasn't at the wedding and I need to tell you something. Okay."
"Okay. What?"
"You were going to say something."
"Oh, yea. If you ever hurt my sister in any way, shape, or form.... Remember I am a bounty hunter and I will kill you...." Keaton smiled as if he didn't say any of that. "Okay, Jack."
Ben was kind of shocked. "Okay."
They walked back over to Zelda.
"Now," Keaton said to Ben, "remember what I told you."
"Well, that was more than a minute," Zelda said.
Romano showed up.
"Now, we have a problem," Zelda told Ben.
Romano was looking at a picture. "What are you doing, Keaton?"
"I'm talking to my sister and her husband."
Romano looked at Zelda. "Your sister looks like," he said to Keaton, showing him the picture, "Zelda."
Keaton looked at the picture. "No," he said to Romano, "she don't."
"Dude, your sister is Zelda."
"No, she's," he said, looking up, "not. They left. That was fast."
"Zelda and her shipmate escaped," Romano stated.
"NO! My sister's name is Sarah, not Zelda."
"That's because Zelda is Sarah."
"She lied about being your sister.... Your sister, Sarah, died not to long ago...." Romano took out a picture. "Here's a picture of your sister."
"Why do you have a picture of my sister?" Keaton asked, confused, but mad.
"Because...." Romano tried to lie. "You gave it to me."
Keaton looked at Romano, mad. He changed his expression. "Okay."
Romano sighed in relief.

Scott Knows Nothing About Girls

Zelda and Ben had arrived to the White Rose and walked onto the deck. "Okay, Riley," Zelda told Ray, "I want you to drive the ship."
"Where do you want me to drive the ship, captain?"
"Um...." Zelda had to think. She didn't know what to tell. "I'll tell you later. Okay."
Ray walked way. Scott and Paul walked over to them. Scott was holding a box of video games. "Here you go, captain," he said, handing Zelda the games.
"First of all, Scotty," Zelda said, looking at the games, "we don't have a TV, and second of all, we don't have a video game system."
"We solved that problem," Paul jumped in. "Follow us."
Paul and Scott had Ben and Zelda follow them under the deck to the room for the guys on the ship. They went into the room. Now, this room was the third biggest room on board. The walls of the room had seven beds built in. Three beds on each side wall and one on the wall opposite of the door. There was a small closet, which was on one of the side walls and the TV and video game system which was next to the door. The TV was small and the video game system was a Nintendo 64.
"Well, what do you know?" Zelda asked, looking at the TV and the Nintendo. "We got a TV, and a video game system now. Let me guess you guys robbed E-B Games. Huh?"
"Well, for the video games, yes. But for the TV and game system, no," Scott answered.
"Where'd you steal the TV and game system from?" she asked.
"From some guy's trash," Scott answered.
Zelda looked at him. "You know, Scotty, there's probably a reason why that guy put the TV and the game system in the trash.
"Well, actually. They both work. We already tested both of them. Okay, captain."
"Yea," Paul nodded. "You two can play them if you want."
"Okay," Zelda said.
Paul and Scott went to leave the room.
"Aren't you guys going to play?" Zelda asked, stopping them.
"Actually," Paul replied, lying, "we're going to go hang out with Peter and Austin."
"Yea," Scott agreed. "We're going to tell them about these two hot chicks that we met."
Paul and Scott left the room. Scott closed the door behind him, but him and Paul ease dropped on Zelda and Ben.

Zelda was looking at the video games. "OOH! Super Mario. I love this game." She looked at another game, which caught her eye. "OOH! Zelda and the Quest of Time. I love this game too.... You know my cousin, Ryoko, told me that my parents liked this game as well and this game is where they got my name from.... Can we?"
"Yea. Go ahead."
Zelda placed the game into the system and turned it on.

Scott and Paul were on the other side of the door, listening to what was going on. "So they're playing the game Zelda. Huh?" Scott whispered.
"Yea. That's what it sounds like," Paul agreed, also whispering.
"Oh my gosh. I used to play that game all the time.... I was Young Link going to save Princess Zelda...."
"And now, you're Teenage Scott working for Captain Zelda."
They both laughed.

Zelda was playing the game. "Another reason why I love this game," she stated, "is because you can call the horse with this flute type thing or whatever.... It actually looks kind of like a shelll, anyways, the horse will come to you even if you're far away from her, but that's later on in the game...." She looked at Ben. "Do you want to try?"
"Yea," he said, looking at Zelda.
Zelda smiled and handed the controller to Ben. He took it and started to play.
"Captain," Ben asked, confused, "why did you're parents name you after a guy?"
Zelda laughed. "NO! The princess's name is Zelda, not the boy's. His name is Link."
Ben was embarrassed. "Oh."
"Don't be embarrassed. I thought the same thing, when I first played the game."

"I think that she's flurting with him," Scott whispered.
"No. She'd say something flurty to him," Paul disagreed.
"What are you...." Peter started to ask, confused.
"SSSSH! Captain Zelda and Ben are in there playing video games, and we're listening to what they're talking about, but they don't know." Scott tried to get Peter to be quiet.
"So you guys are...."
"SSSSH! Man, keep it quiet, we don't want them to hear."
"Oh." Peter, finally, started whispering. "Well, what are they talking about?"
"They're talking about the game," Paul whispered with his ear still on the door.

Shawn and Blake were fixing a sail on the deck of the Black Velvet. "I think that Donny's sick," Blake told Shawn.
"Why do you say that?"
"Because when I'm driving the ship, it doesn't feel like there's enough energy to move it.... And the only energy that would be able to move the ship is from Donny, but he hasn't really looked strong enough to do that.... Honestly, I think he's dying. I mean everyday he doesn't move he just lies there and if you notice he hasn't been able to eat. Something's wrong with him."
"You know what? I think you're right. Poor Donny.... Poor captain. He's the only thing that's like family to her.... What's going to happen when he dies?"
"I don't know. I don't know," Blake repeated.
Olivia walked over to the sails. "YOU GUYS ARE DOING PRETTY GOOD!" she called to Blake and Shawn.
"Thank you, captain," Blake said.
"Have any of you seen John?"
"I think that he's in the kitchen with Ryan and David," Shawn answered.
"Okay." She went down to the kitchen.

Before Olivia showed up, Ryan, John, and David were drinking rum. "You know," David said, drunk. "I always wanted to be an animal doctor after watching Doctor Doolittle. I love that movie."
Ryan was also drunk. "I've always wanted to be a chicken.... I remember the first time I seen a chicken was when I was two years old.... Ever since then."
"Okay," David and John said, giving Ryan a funny look.
"That's very interesting, Ryan." David was going to add something else but decided not to. "So, John, I always wanted to be an animal doctor, and Ryan.... Wanted to be a.... Chicken. what did you want to be?"
"A singer."
"A singer, huh? Sing something."
"Okay." John sang "Baby Bottle Pop" the Jonas Brothers' version.
"Okay," David cut him off after the second line. "You can stop now. Isn't that a song off the Jonas Brothers CD?" he asked.
"Okay. Don't sing when you're drunk. Okay, John?"
They heard the kitchen door open. "Hide the rum," Ryan whispered.
Olivia walked into the kitchen. "What's going on, guys?" she asked.
David tried to act normal. "Oh. We're just talking."
"Yea," Ryan agreed.
"I see."
John walked over to Olivia, really drunk. He put his arm around her. "You know, baby, I love you. You're the reason I'm alive. Because of you, I can be a real man."
"Is that rum I smell on your breath?" Olivia asked, mad.
John shook his head, while kissing his pointer and middle fingers, and then wiped them on Olivia's lip.
Olivia was ticked off. "ALL THREE OF YOU ARE DRUNK!"
"Noooo." John was more drunk than the other two.
"Give the bottles to me."
"What bottles?" Ryan asked as if he didn't know what she was talking about. "We know that you don't like rum and don't want it on the ship. So why would we sneak it on the ship?"
"Man." He handed the bottle to Olivia.
"The other bottle, Ryan."
"That's the only bottle on the ship."
"No, it's not."
"Yes, it is."
Olivia gave him a dirty look.
"Fine." He handed her the other bottle, but didn't let go.
"Let go, Ryan."
Ryan didn't want to, but he eventually let go of the bottle.
"I want you three to go up to the deck. NOW!"
Ryan, John, and David left the kitchen.
"Morons," she said to herself. "You must be a fool to drink this devilish drink. One, you'll want more, and a thousand, is never enough. It will destroy you from the inside out. It posions the brain, and damages the heart. Only a fool would fall for this devilish drink."

Ben and Zelda were still playing the game. "Way to go, Benjamin. You got further than I get in this game, and this is your first time."
Ben smiled. "Thanks, captain."
"You see that girl that's trapped."
"Well, that's Zelda."
"Oh." Ben looked at the game, then to Zelda. "I see why your parents named you after her."
"Oh. Why?"

"This is going to be good," Paul whispered.
"Yea," Peter agreed.
"Ssssh, guys. I want to hear this," Scott told them.

"Well," Ben started, "like her, you're beautiful."

"Oh no, he didn't."

Zelda was shocked. "Um.... Um.... Um...." She had to change the subject. "You know what? I want to go check up on Max. He's probably starving by now." She stood up. "Well, I had fun hanging out with you, Benjamin, but I have to go right now."

"We better get away from the door," Paul said.
As soon as they backed away from the door, it opened. Zelda, who was followed by Ben, walked out of the room.
"Were you guys spying on us?" Ben asked.
"NO!" Scott thought of a lie. "It just so happened that we were walking to the room, when the door opened. Right, guys?"
"Yea," Peter and Paul agreed.
Ben and Zelda looked at each other then to Scott, Peter, and Paul.
"Okay. Well," Zelda said, walking past them, "I'm going to go check up on Max." She left.
Scott made sure that Zelda was gone. "DUDE! You never tell a girl that you like that she's beautiful."
"Yea," Paul agreed.
"Why not?" Ben asked.
"Because now she's going to want to hear it more, then after you two get hitched it'll be, 'Does this dress make me look fat?' then you'll have to lie and say, 'No you look fine, honey.'"
Ben was really confused. "Okay. Scott, keep your mouth shut when it comes to this kind of thing."
"Yea, Scott," Peter agreed with Ben. "You don't know what you're saying."
Paul and Scott left.
"Peter," Ben asked, "do you think that the captain likes me?"
"Um...." Peter remembered that he told Zelda that he wouldn't tell Ben or anyone else. "I don't know. I mean that there's a possiblity that she does, but.... Then again she might not." Peter was acting funny.
"Are you okey?" Ben asked.
"I'm fine, I just need something to eat. That's all."
Peter left and Ben just stood there, confused.

Magma Appears on Pluto

Alaska, Saphire, Gregory, Jason, and Daniel were in the throne room of the ice palace. Both princess were sitting on their thrones. "I'm still confused to why you made a deal with that no good pirate," Alaska said to Saphire. "You're the oldest, and if mom and dad were still alive," she started to cry, "then they'd disown you for trusting a pirate. What happened to make you sink so low?"
Saphire didn't say anything, and she couldn't even look at Alaska.
Gregory walked over to them. "What's wrong, Princess Alaska?" he asked.
"It's Saphire.... She's not listening to me. It's like she's someone else. She doesn't act the same."
"Then you two need to work things out."
"Gregory." Saphire didn't look at him when she spoke.
"Yes," he said, turning to face her, "Princess Saphire."
"If Zelda and her crew don't return with the others that she said they were going to capture in a few more days, then I want you, Daniel, and Jason to go and capture her and her crew."
"Yes, princess." Gregory bowed his head.
"You're breaking the deal witht that pirate?" Alaska asked, surprised.
"Well, we didn't say how many days she should be back.... But unlike you, she's not family, and I hate it when you're mad at me. You're my sister and I should of told you about that deal, but I didn't. And now, I feel bad."
Alaska smiled. "Thanks, sis."
"Do you want us to go now?" Gregory asked, butting in.
"No," Saphire said. "I want you guys to wait a few days. Only bounty hunters do that. You guys are space police."
Daniel walked over to them, followed by Jason. "What if Zelda gets away?" he asked.
"Yea," Jason agreed, "because she's a tricky pirate. That's probably why she's wanted all over the universe."
"You know, I'm hungry," Saphire changed the subject. "Let's go to the kitchen and get something to eat."
"I'm hungry, too," Jason said.
"You guys can go, I'm going to walk around the village. Okay," Alaska told them.
Everyone, except for Gregory, who got to the door and stopped, left. Gregory turned to face Alaska. "Can I go with you instead?" he asked.
"Aren't you hungry?"
"No. But I rather be with you anyways...." He thought that he was going to lean against the wall. "I want to talk to you...." He fell. "OW!"
Alaska rushed over to help him up. "Are you okay?"
He grabbed her hand. "Yea.... I meant to do that," he lied.
Alaska laughed. "Okay. Let's go."
They walked out of the room.

Saphire, Jason, and Daniel were in the dining room waiting to get something to eat. Now, the dining room was the second biggest room in the palace. Saphire, Jason, and Daniel sat at the table, which was big enough for ten people. There were ten chairs. Eight on each side and one at each end. There was a chandelier which was hanging over the table. A vase with nine blue roses was in the center of the table. Saphire, Jason, and Daniel were sitting on the right side of the table. "What's up with pirates and rum?" Jason asked.
Daniel laughed. "I don't know. But I think that day that we captured Zelda and her shipmate, who happened to be Gregory's brother...."
Saphire smiled. "Wait a minute. That guy that was with Zelda was Gregory's brother?"
"Wow. I didn't know that Gregory had any brothers."
"Yep. Apparently he has two brothers."
"Oh. Well, he's a cop and his brother that was with Zelda is a pirate. What if his other brother's a bounty hunter?"
"Or like Gregory's other brother, he mght also be a pirate," Jason said.
"Good point."
"I'm going to be right back." Jason left.
Daniel pulled out a ring box, which had a diamon ring.
Saphire looked at the box, confused. "What's that for?" She knew the answer but wished that the timing was better.
Daniel opened the box, revealing the ring. "Saphire," he started to ask, taking the ring out, "will you marry me?"
Saphire looked at the ring, sadden. She knew that this was going to happen. "I would say yes, but now's not a good time. I have to deal with a pirate and I don't want Alaska to be mad.... Ask me again in a few months."
Daniel placed his arms around Saphire and held her close to his chest. He understood why she asked him to wait. He didn't want to force her into saying yes. "I'll wait.... I'll wait until death if I have to."

Alaska and Gregory were talking and walking around the ice village, when they ran into Magma. "What are you doing here?" Alaska asked.
"I wanted to see if there's a certain pirate that you have locked up that I want to kill."
"And who would that be?"
"Zelda Samara Griffen."
"She's not one that we have locked up. She made a deal with my sister though."
"Oh. Really?"
"I will not let you harm her while she's under the protection of us."
"Well," Magma said, walking toward Alaska and Gregory, "you better stay out of my way or I'll turn you into Baked Alaska, and I don't mean the dessert."
Gregory stood in front of Alaska to protect her. "I won't let you harm her."
"You?" Magma laughed. "Don't make me laugh. I have bounty hunters who would kill you with in seconds."
"It's okay," Alaska told Gregory. "She can't stay here for long. It's a cold planet, she's going to need heat."
Gregory understood. He moved over to Alaska, kind of standing a little close to her just in case he needed to protect her.
"Well," Magma said, backing away from them, "I would love to stay, but I have to get going." She left.
Alaska turned toward the palace. "Come on, Gregory. We have to go tell Saphire."
They hurried back to the palace.

John's Childhood Dream

Saphire and Daniel were eating when Jason showed up. Saphire took a piece of bread. "What took you so long, Jason?" she asked.
"Yea, man," Daniel replied.
Jason sat down. "Oh. I had to get something."
"Yea," Saphire asked as she leaned back in the chair, "what?"
"This." Jason pulled out a book.
"Can I see it?" Daniel asked.
"Yea." Jason handed the book to Daniel and sat down.
"How to deal with space pirates for dummies," Daniel read the cover out loud. "Okay. Here you go." He handed the book back to Jason.
Alaska and Gregory hurried into the room. Both of them were out of breath.
Saphire was worried. "What's wrong, Alaska?" she asked.
"I just...." Alaska was trying to catch her breath. "I just...."
"You should sit down. You too, Gregory."
Alaska sat down next to Saphire. "As much as I hate to say this we need to warn Zelda."
"Warn Zelda about what?" Saphire asked, hugging Alaska.
"In the village, Gregory and I ran into Magma. She said that she wants to kill Zelda, and she threatened me.... You made a deal with Zelda, and you should keep it."
"Okay.... Gregory, Daniel, and Jason," Saphire started, "I want you to go and find Zelda and her crew and I want you to warn her."
"Okay." Gregory started to walk away. "Daniel, Jason, come on."
Jason and Daniel started following Gregory.
"Daniel," Saphire said.
Daniel stopped and turned to face both princesses. "Yea."
Saphire blew a kiss to Daniel and he pretended to catch it in his hand.
"Be careful," she said to him.
"I will." He smiled and left.

Gregory and Jason were waiting for Daniel. When he showed up, they left in a flying black and white police car. Gregory was in the driver's seat, Daniel was in the passenger seat, and Jason was in the back seat. The front window was a screen which showed what was going on in front of them.
"So where are we going?" Jason asked.
"I don't know. We have to track...." Gregory started.
"I think that I see where Zelda's going...." Daniel said, cutting Gregory off. "Wait, she's the captain of the White Rose, right?"
"Yea. Why?"
"Because she landed on...."

Aaron was looking at the tracking device and talking to Olivia. "Captain," he said, "Zelda has just landed on the Planet Brass."
"Good." Olivia smiled. "John, tell Blake to land on the Planet Brass."
"Yes, captain." John left the room.
"I'm going to go and check on Donny. Okay, you two."
"Okay," Ryan said.
Olivia left.
"Can I hold that device thing?"
"Yea. Just don't drop it. Okay, Ryan."
Aaron handed the device to Ryan. Ryan looked at it then set it in a bucket of water.
"Why did you put the device into the bucket full of water?" Aaron asked, flipping out.
"Because there was no where else to put it."
"Dude, it's not water proof.... Uh-oh. Now, how are we going to track down Zelda and her crew.... And now the captain's going to kill me...." Aaron was now mad. "But I'm going to kill you first."
"Uh-oh." Ryan pretended to laugh. "You have to admit that it's kind of funny."
That ticked Aaron off and Ryan realized that Aaron might actually kill him.
"I better go. Bye." Ryan hurried out of the room.

John and Shawn were out on the deck talking. "I will never drink rum again," John said.
"I'll drink it again, but not when I'm around the captain."
Ryan ran past them.
"What was that about?" John asked.
"Wanna go see?"
They walked over to Ryan, who was out of breath.
"What's wrong, dude?" John asked.
"Aaron's going...." Ryan was trying to catch his breath. "To kill.... Me."
"What did you do?" Shawn asked.
"Did you say something mean about his mom again?" John asked.
Ryan shook his head. "No," he replied.
"Then," Shawn started to ask, "what did you do?"
"I um.... I um.... I put that device thing that he made in a bucket of water.... I didn't know that it wasn't water proof until he said."
"You are so dead."
"I know."
"Everyone," John said, "knows that things like that aren't water proof. That's like a dog thinking that it's a chicken. You just don't do that, man."
"John has a good point," Shawn told Ryan, then he started talking to John, "but he is an idiot so you have to expect it."
"Good point," John agreed. "You guys know that if the captain finds out," he told Ryan and Shawn, "which she probably will find out, she's not going to be happy."
"We know," they agreed.
"Who's not going to be happy when they find out what?" Olivia asked, walking over to them.
John turned around, shaking. "We were just talking about you, captain."
"Yea," Shawn agreed. "We were just talking about you and...."
"How you will act if John sang something for you," Ryan finished.
John and Shawn looked at Ryan. John was kind of mad.
"You sing, John?" Olivia asked, looking at him.
"Can you sing something for us?"
"Well," he lied, "I don't really like to sing in front of people."
"Yea. I get shy when it comes to singing in front of people." The truth was that he didn't want to make a fool of himself in front of Olivia.
Shawn looked at John as if to say, "That didn't make any since."
"We may be evil," Olivia said, "but we won't make in fun of you if you sing a song...."
"Yea," Shawn agreed. "Come on, dude. You can't be that bad."
"Okay." John started singing:


"Dude," Shawn said, cutting John off. "Sing something that's not childish."
"Yea," Olivia agreed. "I'm pretty sure that everyone here, but Ryan, knows their ABC's."
"I know my ABC's." Ryan started singing:


"Ok-ay." Shawn turned to John. "Sing something that we would listen to now."
"Yea." Olivia nodded.
"Okay. Here's a song from the Jonas Brothers. It's the chourse to When You Look Me in the Eyes." John started singing.
"Wow," Olivia whispered to herself as John sang. "He's got a voice like an angel." She thought about what she just said. "Wait. Did I just say that?"
As John finished, Drake walked over to them. "Captain," he said, "my brother told me to tell you that we're almost landing on Brass."
"Good. John, go get Aaron and tell him to bring his tracking device."
John's eyes grew wide. "Okay." He left.

Zelda and Ben were walking around looking for something to steal. "Remember," Zelda told Ben, "we're looking for a gold grandfather clock."
"Why do we need a grandfather clock?"
"We need a grandfather clock for two reasons. One reason's because I would like to know what time it is.... The other reason is so I can find out how Olivia finds where we are and just shows up."
"Ok-ay." Ben was confused. "I know that clocks were made to show time, but how will it let you know how Olivia keeps finding us?"
"Because they made the grandfather clocks with a thing that can tell you all about a ship and the captain.... It also tells you where the ship has been, and why the captain went there and things like that. Things are made different now days, too."
"Oh. How are we going to get it back to the ship? I mean are you going to be able to help me carry it back...." Ben realized he had put his foot in his mouth. "I mean not that I think you're weak or anything, I just didn't think that you'd want to carry a big clock back to the ship, because you're the captain of the crew so...."
Zelda laughed. "I know what you mean. You don't have to explain it to me.... And the grandfather clocks aren't big. They're the size of Clocksworth from Beauty and the Beast, but they don't have faces, arms, and can't walk or talk."
Ben laughed.

Daniel was walking in the town on the planet, looking for Zelda. "Well," he said to himself, "Zelda should be here. If I had a sister-in-law like Zelda, I'd have her locked up along with my brother. Of course, I'm the only child so I don't have to worry."
Olivia came out of no where with her crew. "Where are you going?" she asked.
Olivia's crew circled around Daniel.
"What do you want, Olivia?" the cop asked.
"Where's Zelda?"
"I don't know. I'm not part of her crew."
"Wrong answer. Shawn," she said, snapping her fingers, "lock him up."
"This is wrong and messed up. Okay. I really don't know where she is."
"I'm going to use you as bate."
"Yea, well, listen to this.... I work for a kid, and now, I'm being captured by a kid."
"You're lucky that you're cute," Olivia said, ticked off, "or I'd kill you for saying that. No body calls me a kid."
"Ok-ay," Daniel whispered to himself, his eyes grew wide.
They went to the Black Velvet.

Gregory walked in front of a store and stopped. He looked around, but seen no sign of Zelda or Daniel and Jason. He waited for Jason and Daniel to show up. "Come on, guys," he said to himself, pacing. "What's taking so long? Why aren't they back yet? Maybe, they ran into trouble. No. They would of called me for back up. Maybe, they were already here, and they decided to leave me here by myself. No. They wouldn't do that. Or would they? It makes since, they're both older than me and they're probably tired of taking orders from a kid."
Jason showed up. "sir?"
Gregory turned to face him. "Jason? I see that you haven't had any luck trying to find Zelda."
Jason was disappointed and he looked at the ground. "No, sir."
"It's okay. Maybe Daniel's having better luck."
"Speaking of Daniel.... Has he shown up yet?"
"No. Which is weird because he'd be here first."
"That's right. My cousin would usually be out here first. He'd be waiting for us. You don't think that something bad happened...."
Gregory's watch started beeping. He looked at his watch. "It's Daniel." He pressed a button. "Let's find out what's going on." He started talking into the watch. "Daniel, what's taking you so long? Did you find Zelda?"
"No, I haven't found Zelda, and I've been captured."
Gregory was confused. "Captured? By who?"
"Olivia and her crew."
"Where are you?"
"Well, I'm in a cell and the walls are painted black and there's spider webs everywhere and.... OH MY GOSH! That spider's going to eat that fly."
"I kind of figured that.... I mean where's the ship located?"
"I don't know. I didn't notice. Sorry, sir."
"Alright. Gotta go." They hung up. Gregory was frustrated. "Great. Now, we have to look for two ships."

Killing Donny

Zelda and Ben were now at a clock store. It was a little shop. They walked in. There were clocks from round clocks to coo-coo clocks. The store was filled with clocks. Zelda made sure that no one heard her before she spoke. "Remember what we're here for," she told Ben.
They went to the grandfather clocks. Zelda started looking at the clocks. "I can't find a gold grandfather clock."
Ben hehld up a clock. "Does it have to be gold?" he asked.
"Because they work better than any of the regular ones...." She noticed that the guy at the counter was watching them. He looked to be about in his 70's. "I think that guy's onto us."
Ben looked over at him. "What are we going to do?"
"Keep looking for a gold grandfather clock. I'm going to go distract him."
Zelda went to talk to the man.
"I hope she knows what she's doing," Ben told himself. He went back to looking for the clock. "That's not what I'm looking for. That's not it either." He noticed a shiny brass clock. "That's not gold, is it?" He picked it up, realized that it was gold. "It is gold. Good. I have to tell the captain." He made sure that no one was watching and placed the clock in a bag. He walked over and told Zelda, but he made sure that the guy couldn't hear him.
"Good. Now, let's go," she told Ben. "Well, me and my...." She lied to the guy. "Husband have to go."
"Yep," Ben agreed. "Cute store by the way, better hope that those space pirates don't rob you."
They left the store.

"Can I see the clock?" Zelda asked.
"Yea." Ben took the clock out of the bag and gave it to Zelda. "I seen it, but I thought that it was brass. When I picked it up, I realized that it was gold."
"Good." Zelda noticed the Black Velvet. "Uh-oh."
Zelda pointed to the ship. "Olivia's here."
"Oh no."
Something started to growl.
"Do you hear that?" Zelda asked.
"It depends.... Did you hear growling?"
"Then yep, I heard it too."
They turned around. Donny stood behind them, growling.
Zelda was freaking out. "Good kitty. Nice kitty," she told the panther. "On the count of three we run," she told Ben.
"THREE!" They both exclaimed. They both started running. Donny chased them, but he started to slow down.
"Is he still behind us?"
Ben looked back. "Yea, but he slowed down."
Zelda looked back and slowed down. "What do you know? Hm.... I wonder why he slowed down?"
Ben also slowed down. "I don't know. Maybe there's something wrong with him."
Donny caught up to them and went to attack Ben.
Zelda pulled out her sword. "NO, BEN, LOOK OUT!" She took her sword and cut Donny on the side of his neck.
"You killed him."
Zelda looked at the blood on her sword. "Um.... Carry him to the ship, Benjamin. I need to think about what I just did."
Ben picked up the dead panther. "Ok-ay."
"Okay." Zelda pointed to the way of the White Rose. "Let's go back to the ship."
They walked back to the White Rose.

Searching for Zelda

Olivia was explaining to her crew what was going on. "Okay, now split up, and remember we're looking for Zelda," she reminded them.
Everyone, but John, left.
"Come on, John. Let's go find Zelda."

Olivia and John went to look for Zelda, when they ran into Leo. Olivia was mad. "What do you want, Leo?" she asked.
"I want to fight."
Olivia raised an eyebrow. "Fight? Why fight? We're working for the same person, Leo."
"I know. I want to see who will win between a younger pirate verse an older bounty hunter."
"Fine. If it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get."
Leo smile. "Good." He pulled out his sword. "Draw your weapon, pirate."
Olivia was already holding her sword. "One step a head of you."
Leo and Olivia started to sword fight.

In the middle of the fight, Leo knocked Olivia out. He went to stab her in the heart, when John blocked the attack with his sword. Leo was forced to move back.
John was ready to fight. "I won't let you harm her, and not just because she's my captain...."
Leo raised an eyebrow. "So you like her?" he asked.
John didn't answer.
"I'll take that as a yes." Leo started walking. "But why? I mean she tells you what to do and she expects you to do it.... Or she'll get mad if you don't." He stopped. "Maybe, you don't care how she treats you. And you'll do anything for her, but she doesn't see it. 'Cause people like her don't see things like that. And of course, I don't care 'cause now I have two space pirates I can kill for the price of one."
That ticked John off. "Shut up, Leo, and fight."
Leo smiled. John and Leo started fighting, when Magma arrived. She wasn't happy. "STOP THE BOTH OF YOU!" she shouted.
John and Leo stopped fighting and turned to the princess.
"You, pirate, don't you and your captain over there have something to do?"
"And you, Leo, I told you not to kill them," she started off talking to where John could hear, but then grew quieter, "yet. If you weren't my aunt's husband, I would have you put to death."
Leo dropped his head in shame.
"You stay," Magma ordered John. "And you come with me," she told Leo.
Magma and Leo left.
Olivia woke up. She looked around, mad. "Where's Leo? When I get my hands on the son of a gun...."
"He left with Magma," John said, cutting Olivia off.
"What? What do you mean he left with Magma?"
"Well, she showed up after you got knocked out...." John decided to change the subject. "I think that we should bring you back to the ship."
"No." Olivia stood up. "I came here to capture Zelda and I'm not going to let a bounty hunter stop me. Now, come on, John."


Zelda and Ben were going back to the White Rose. They ran into Gregory and Jason. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Ed, Edd, and um.... Where's Eddy?" Zelda asked.
"First of all those aren't our names, and second of all," Gregory said, figuring out who she was talking about, "Daniel's been captured by Olivia."
"Oh. So why are you guys here anyways? To tell me that I have to back with the captured pirate...."
"No," Gregory said, cutting Zelda off. "We're here to warn you."
Zelda and Ben looked at each other. Zelda kept her head facing Ben, but her eyes looked at Gregory. "About what?" she asked.
"Princess Magma is after you and she wants to kill you."
"I won't let anything happen to you, captain," Ben said to Zelda, putting a hand on her shoulder.
"I know, Ben." She started talking to Gregory and Jason. "Well, seeing that you two are here, come back to the ship with me and Ben, and I'll tell you guys my plan on how to capture Olivia."
"Okay," Gregory said.
Gregory and Jason followed Ben and Zelda to the ship.

When they arrived to the ship, Ben dropped Donny's body on the ground.
"What's up with the dead panther?" Jason asked.
"Oh, I killed him. Now, Olivia's panther is dead, she won't be happy. I didn't mean to kill him," Zelda said, "but it'll be pay back for what she did to me years ago."
"What's so important about the animals for you pirates?" Gregory asked.
"That's something that you people don't understand about us pirates. You see, Double-D, the animal that is on a pirate ship gives the ship energy. I have a wolf, and Olivia had a panther. Without that animal then the ship is stuck in one place. I didn't mean to kill Olivia's panther but I did. Now, she's stuck on this planet, and I can use that to trap her. See what I'm saying?"
Gregory didn't answer. He looked at her confused.
"I'll take that as a yes. Now, let's go get Eddy, then go look for Olive Oyl." Zelda walked away.
"Who's Olive Oyl?" Gregory asked Ben, confused.
"A. K. A. Olivia," Ben replied.
"Oh. Does Zelda always give people nicknames?"
Ben laughed. "Yea. But I'm the only one who likes mine."
"What'd she call you?"
"Benjamin." He sighed. "When she says it, there's a tone in her voice that I like. It's sweet and...."
"If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you like her."
"That's because I do like her, but I don't know if she likes me."
Zelda walked back over to them, mad. "I told you guys let's go. Now, come on."
"Yes, captain."
Everyone on the ship left. Ben carried the dead panther. Max walked next to Zelda.

Olivia and John were still looking for Zelda, when the rest of her crew showed up.
"We haven't had any luck looking for Zelda, captain," Shawn said.
"She'll show up," Olivia told them. "Believe me."

Battle Time

Zelda was now standing behind Olivia and her crew. "Olive Oyl," she said. "Looking for me?"
Olivia and her crew turned around to see Zelda, her crew, and the three space police. Olivia looked at Max. "I see that you brought your dumb dog," she said.
That made Zelda mad. "He's not dumb. Now, your panther is dumb, or was dumb, or is was dumb," Zelda said, now confused.
"What do you mean was?"
Ben walked over carrying the panther and laid him down in between Zelda and Olivia.
Olivia sat down next to Donny. "Donny. Donny. Mommy's here. Wake up, Donny." She realized that he wasn't breathing. "He's dead," she said, sad. She looked at Zelda, mad. "You killed him. John, I want you to kill Zelda."
Gregory noticed John, who was pulling out his sword. "John, you're a pirate too?" he asked, shocked.
"Yea. I've always been a pirate, Greg." John turned to Zelda, ready to attack. "Now, you're dead." He went to attack Zelda.
"I can't believe I'm going to do this," Gregory told himself, pulling out his sword. He jumped in front of Zelda and blocked the attack from John. "I won't let you harm her."
"And why not?"
"Because...." Gregory remembered the lie that Zelda and Ben told Jason and Daniel. "She's our sister-in-law."
Everyone was shocked. John dropped his sword and walked backwards.
"JOHN, KILL HER!" Olivia ordered.
"I can't. She's family."
Olivia picked up John's sword. "THEN I WILL!"
Zelda pulled out her sword and moved away from Gregory. Her and Olivia started sword fighting. In the middle of the fight, Zelda knocked Olivia's sword out of her hand, picked it up and held both swords to where Olivia was trapped.
Zelda smiled. "Now, who has no weapon to fight?" she asked. "I would kill you, but I made a promise, and I want to keep it." She started talking to the cops. "Do any of you, cops, have hand cuffs?" she asked.
Gregory pulled out a bunch of hand cuffs and walked over to Olivia and Zelda. "These are fire proof." He placed the cuffs on Olivia.
Zelda moved the swords and turned to everyone in Olivia's crew. "Any one else?" she asked. "No. Oh well. ARREST THEM!"

After everyone was gone, Donny's body disappeared.

Baby Donny

Zelda, Gregory, Ben, Saphire, and Alaska were in the ice palace. Saphire and Alaska were stting in their thrones. Zelda and Ben were standing in front of them and Gregory was standing next to Alaska. 
"Zelda," Alaska said, "you have kept your promise, which I have to admit I didn't think that you would, because you're a pirate and pirates don't really keep promises, but you proved me wrong and now you and your crew are free to do whatever."
Zelda bowed. "Thank you, princess. Now, let's go and tell everyone else, Benjamin."
They left.

Olivia was laying down on a bed in a jail cell, mad, when she heard a baby panther trying to roar. She sat up and looked at it. It had a cut on it's neck, oddly in the same place where Zelda had cut Donny's neck. She looked at it's black beady eyes that looked familiar to her. "It can't be." She picked it up. "Donny? It is." She smiled. "Mommy won't let anything happen to you again." She hugged him.

The End


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