This is the story of Nadia’s cry to rewind the hands of time, DeNali’s journey of becoming Lovely, and Moet’s confusion. These are the lost girls of our world, who loved and were left behind and only ever wanted to be “Daddy’s Little Girl.”

Think twice about the decisions you make in your life, because they always directly affect someone else’s life. Take a minute to consider the fact that, we have the power in developing the children of our future. If no one cares for them, how will they ever be able to care for anyone else, including themselves?

Meet Nadia, DeNali, and Moet. They are our daughters, wives, sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, and friends, holding on by a thread, looking for love and happiness in all the wrong places.


Chapter 1

There it was, right in front of her eyes. Rage pours through her thick veins, her nostrils flare, and her eyeballs swell. Judy slowly picks up the photographic piece of evidence from her husband Anthony’s briefcase. There posed a teenaged redbone girl, whom she heard rumors of her husband lusting after. Internally Judy cries, but externally she is a wild woman. Ripping his clothes from hangers, and throwing them out of their first floor apartment window, she allows her fury to get the best of her. Scissors come flying out and brims fall off of fitted caps. How could he be so stupid to betray his wife and daughters and to leave cookie crumbs behind? Frantically Judy dials the young girl Kim’s number, once she discovers it on the back of the picture.

Outside Anthony calmly parks his car in front of their apartment, not noticing the pile of clothes out on the sidewalk. He admires himself in the rearview mirror. He still looks like a baby, to be just two years shy of thirty. Before getting out he admires himself in the rearview mirror, then slowly glides out of his car locking the doors. As he steps his foot up onto the curb, he’s instantly aware of the drama that is about to unfold. Grabbing an arm full of his clothes from off the ground, he storms into the apartment.

“Judy? What the hell is going on?”

Words rapidly pop off of Judy’s tongue, “You’re cheating on me, Anthony? Huh? I’m not just your little girlfriend, I’m your wife! How could you do this to me? To our daughters?”

Anthony suddenly notices his briefcase wide open, on the kitchen countertop. Frown marks instantly appear across his forehead and he squints his hazel eyes. “Who told you to go through my stuff? You didn’t have any business snooping around in my personal belongings. And you’re bugging for nothing.”

“Why am I going through your stuff? What? Because you’re cheating on me! Everybody’s talking about it.” With that she throws a pot, hitting him in his back.

“Judy, please don’t make me hurt you. You’re blowing it all out of proportion. She just has a crush on me and she gave me her picture. Yes everybody THINKS they know something, but nobody has seen me doing anything.”

“So why would you keep her picture?”

“Why do you have to go through my stuff?”

“Did you sleep with her? Are you still sleeping with her?”

“How could you ask me that? I’ve always been faithful to you.”

“You're going to stand here and lie in my face? I called little miss ‘Kim’ and I know she’s not lying because she knows the type of cologne and boxers you wear, and she even knows about your black birth mark on your left ass cheek!” She pushes him in his chest.

Unable to lie anymore, disgust pumps through his body. Why couldn’t she just stay in her place? Instead she had to go mess my life up. With hate in his eyes he firmly grabs her neck and pushes her up against the wall. He squeezes tighter and tighter, as she fights for a breath of air. He squeezes and squeezes, not loosening his grip a little, until suddenly a small hand squeezes his left thigh and he instantly lets go.

“Daddy, what are you doing to mommy,” asks Nadia, one of their beautiful four year old daughters. Her twin, DeNali, follows close behind her.

“Nothing baby. Both of you go sit down, and watch tv.”

“Okay daddy,” The twins sing in unison as they race from the kitchen to the living room.

Judy quickly regaining her composure, sneaks away into the bedroom. Once in there, she continues to toss his things around and cries hysterically. She yells with heartache spread across her face, “Get the hell out of my house, before I call the police!” As Judy stumbles past Anthony, toward the telephone, he notices red marks on her neck. When she picks up the receiver, he dives onto her pulling her down to the ground. He then latches onto her hair and drags her into the living room and out of the front door.

“Are you happy now Judy?”

“Why, Anthony? I loved you! I did right by you. I was a loyal wife and you still did me dirty.” Embarrassed from all of the peering eyes, Judy runs into the house and slams the door behind her.

“Okay, the show is over people,” Anthony says angrily to the inquiring minds scattered around outside and jumps into his car. The engine roars when he turns the key in the ignition. With his face in the palms of his hands, he lets the pain escape through his eyes. Why, was the principle question. What wasn’t his wife doing for him that this younger female was? Judy had been conquered. He knew that she would do anything for him. The chase had come to a complete stop. This fresh meat resembled her back in high school, when they first got together. Yes he loves her, but she no longer adores him. She does appreciate him, but no longer feels the need to stroke his ego. That’s where young and impressionable Kim fits in. Damn, how did I let myself get caught?

Anthony shakes his head at the thought of destroying his daughters’ worlds. They are children created from love, that he would quickly give his life for. Through sorrow-filled eyes, he glances back at the apartment window. There through the blinds peer four shiny, big brown eyes back at him; four beautiful, confused, and longing eyes, which belong to his innocent Nadia and DeNali.


















Chapter 2

The noise from the crowd of people is so loud, that Judy can barely hear her case worker. The conglomeration of Egyptian and China Musk


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