Guardians Of The Gods Chapt 1 'The Beginning'

 It was dark and quiet, just like it used to be, but I felt something odd, it was more quiet and darker than before. This has never been felt. Something is wrong, really wrong. I am Chikato, the Guardian Of Light. There are other guardians out there, we were suppose to find one another, but clueless on where to start. The Guardian Of Darkness, Rukatzu, has rebelled on us, at least that is what I have heard from the Goddess Of Light, Atro. I have this weird feeling that I am covered in darkness ever since the day Rukatzu has turned. Not only did he disobey the gods, he even made a deal with the Demon Lord, Al-Makrox. We Guardians are supposed to protect and kill demons, those who worship Al-Makrox will be damned. As I stand in the middle of an abandoned village, my heart burned with the desire to extinguish all demons, including the ones who made friends with Al-Makrox. 

          This village was once my favorite place to hang out with a childhood friend of mine, Chii Yuni. After I grew up, I went to the divine city of the gods, Diva, to continue my studies on sword fighting ( and with a little help from a goddess), eventually, my sword fighting skills came to the notice of the king and I was made the General. Me And Yuni still keeps in contact, sometimes I would sneak out to accompany her. I treasured her a lot, she was my first friend, first best friend and first love, after I got the notice where my village was destroyed by demons, I immediately rush to check if Yuni was fine, but everything was burnt down to ashes. There were no traces of human beings, except for some burnt marks on the trees near the village, those were not ordinary burn marks, it was made by magic. 

          I followed the markings to an old hut, there was someone inside, I braced myself and opened the door, the next thing I knew, I was blasted 10 meters away by a gust of strong wind. There, standing by the door was my poor injured Yuni, she saw my face and smiled, she mouthed the words: I’m sorry and she collapsed. I ran to her aid and found out that she has high fever, so I brought her back to the city to receive treatment. 

While she was still resting in my room, the king summoned me. The king looked worried, he said, “ Ah, Chikato, there you are. There are some things I have to discuss with you. As you can see, you have been protecting the kingdom like I did when I was still a prince, and as you can tell that I have no one to heir the throne, I figured out that you should be my son, the prince of Diva. ” I was speechless, I bowed down and say that the offer was too much of a reward for protecting Diva, but the King said that it wasn't a offer, it is an order, and the heir of Diva was set. A servant ran and kneels down in front of me saying that Yuni has awoken, I ran the fastest I could to her side. She was feeling better, her face was not as pale as before. She was still weak, but she still can speak. “They took everyone in the village, I manage to hide in a haystack until everything was over. I was too scared to use my magic, after they left, they burnt everything, even the haystack I was hiding in, I ran out as fast as I could and make markings to a hut near the village, hoping that someone could save me, and then you came…” 

          “Shush my dear, rest well, tell me everything once you feel better.” 

          So Yuni went back to sleep, Rukatzu must have known that it was my village he burnt, he wanted to weaken me, but he just made my desire to kill him stronger. I fell asleep unknowingly beside my love. The next day I woke up with Yuni grinning at me, she said that she was glad that I was the one that came to her rescue. She told me everything about demons snatching away all the villagers. Rukatzu is trying to stop all the Guardians from coming together. Then Yuni revealed the truth about her. She was the Guardian Of Air. I stood up and bang my head on the wall, I hadn’t I thought of it. Even though Yuni could control all four elements, she was still the best in air. She could heal herself by using air, only air. She revealed her symbol as a guardian: χριστος, and I revealed mine. Two guardians have been gathered, where is the rest of us...... 


Guardians Of The Gods: Reminiscences 'Light'


         She stands near the edge of the cliff, staring aimlessly into the night sky. All was gone, Mægress has taken away everyone she loves dearly. The night was so quiet . One last try, she thought to herself . One last try to kill Mægress, or the world will truly end. A dark shadow dashes towards her, she unsheathes her Egéryon, the blade of light and dark, and clashes with Mægress. The sound of clashing swords was so loud, louder then any nuclear explosions that you have heard. After parrying each others blows, both fell back breathing heavily. Atro used the last of her power to throw Egéryon into Mægress’ heart. At the same time, Mægress dash towards Atro to deal the final blow. The blades penetrated both of them together at the same time. The two gods fell together. Atro felt her soul leaving from her body. She knew that her time has come to bid farewell to Earth. Before she fell into eternal sleep, she saw a brilliant white light radiating down next beside her, and a form of a tall old man descended down. “Atro, it is I, Creator. My child, you will not perish so easily, when the time comes, you will be reincarnated. Six warriors will be born, and you and the other gods' souls will be mixed with them. This is not the end, Mægress has made a deal with Al-Makrox. He too will be reincarnated. Rest, my dear child. Your revival will come soon,” said the creator of the universe. Creator was old and he couldn't fight, he depended on the seven gods to guard the world, but he did not know that one would ever rebel against him and make a deal with Destructor, Al-Makrox.  

          Her soul woke up looking as young as ever (She looks 17, but she was 17000 y/o). She found herself standing in front of a newborn male child. She was sure that this was the child that will save the earth again. His name was Chikato. The child stopped wailing and stared at her direction. He started smiling with a little giggle, there was a warm feeling in her chest. She smiled and a tear strolled down her cheeks. This was the start of a new era. 

           When Chikato grew older, he was still able to see and hear Atro. He treated Atro as his friend, sister, master, teacher and a mother. Atro taught him a lot about life and she taught him how to sword fight. Chikato soon grew into a teenager. He went to join the army and his amazing swordsmanship made his rank higher and higher, until he reached the top. Such a young and beautiful child, I have taught him well. Atro thought. But these happy days did not last too long. Scouts reported that a boy that look as old as Chikato was killing everyone that got in his way. The boy even took down several castles by his own. Chikato, Mægress have been revived! Chikato knew who was Mægress, for Atro told him stories about the gods that once ruled the Old Diva. Chikato was made to protect his majesty, King Basho, in the main castle of Diva. He was reluctant to leave the village, but he dare not defy his majesty’s order.  

           Chikato always visits his village when he has the time, and sometimes he would sneak out to meet his childhood friend, Chii Yuni. Yuni is the same age as Chikato, but she practices magic instead. She could control and summon all elements, but she was the best in using air magic. Chikato and Yuni grew up together, and their relationship was stronger than everyone else in the galaxy. Chikato treasured her. He would always be with her whenever she needed help. He loved her since young, and his feelings never changed. He hid his feelings from Yuni, but he didn't know Yuni has the same type of feelings too. Atro was happy how Chikato have grown into a young man, but she didn't forget about finding the other 5 warriors with the other gods. Mægress and his host, Rukatzu, is still out there terrorizing Diva. When will this ever end?   



Guardians Of The Gods Chapt 2 'Hell Hunt'


           It was a long night, I can barely sleep whenever I think of my village. Rukatzu is trying to make me insane and weak. I feel the rage flowing in my veins, I will kill him not matter what happens, even if I have to sacrifice myself. I tried to move myself, I turned and saw Yuni’s face. I have forgotten that Yuni and me share the same room. (And Bed, don't make a big deal of it!) Her eyelashes are long, she is really cute when she is asleep. I have to protect her, even if the whole world turns on her, I will not. I have to get Rukatzu, as soon as possible, I hope the other Guardians are all right. 

           The sun rose not long after I fell asleep, I was so worried about the villagers. Today, I will go to hell (literally) and rescue all of them and I will kill whomever that gets in my way. I tried to get up, but found out that Yuni’s right arm was on my chest. I blushed, we hadn’t been so close since when we were 5, now we are 19. I guess time flies. I continued sleeping to not disturb Yuni. She had a rough day and needs more rest than me. 

            I opened my eyes, and what I saw wasn't the ceiling. I was staring into Yuni’s eyes. She panicked, Yuni tried to move away from me, but her hand slipped and she fell on me. Yuni immediately picks herself up and stands beside the bed. I slowly climb up as my chest hurts a bit, she has gain a lot of weight since she was young, yup no shit. She bowed down and apologized. Not to make things awkward, I told her the plans for that day and I intend to go alone, but she protested by saying that her parents were also captured, I have no choice, once this girl makes up her choices, no one can change her mind. I told the king about my plan to save the villagers. The king said that I should bring some men along with me, but it was a dangerous trip and I do not want to lose more of my men. Hell is one of the places where Nasus and Al-Makrox live, another place is called: The Wrong Side Of Heaven, where Dark Angels are born.  

          How do we get to hell, no, you do not kill yourself. There is a portal on the mountain of Hollywood. Getting there by plane would take a day, but using Diva’s technologies, you just have to take a few seconds. So there we are, standing below the sign of Hollywood. May the door to Ma’at and to the red god thrive open. Saying that will open the door, but you have to speak in Immortallian, a language spoken by the gods a long time ago. The floor broke, forming a small cave for me and Yuni to walk in. Before arriving in hell, we have to go through a labyrinth with monsters of course, but for my case we just have to blow our way through the sixteen-kilometer high maze.  

           I did not expect sixteen kilometers could be so long, and the material that was used to build the maze was hard, really hard. Let me explain a few things. One, Diva is not connected to Earth. How do we get to Hollywood? Easy, by using a portal. Two, the entrance was built by Greek Gods, and yes, Atro did tell me to not mess with other Gods, but screw them. At the end, I threaten a son of Hades to show me the way (No children of gods were harmed in this book). We made it to the end, but I met someone whom I didn't want to meet. Hades was sitting in the middle of the palace. We went to the wrong realm of hell. I wanted to go to Diva's hell, so the only way is to pass through Hades and a few underground gods. 

           Hades caught us trespassing, but he was stunned when he saw me. “Atro! How long has it been my dear? 10000 years? I see that you have found a new… body.” I was too shocked to say anything. Then something shocking happened. Atro’s translucent body became more solid, until Yuni was able to see her. I did not know that gods could do this, so that was why I was a little terrified. “Looks like we meet again Hades, since the last time I saw you was in the Meeting Of The Gods. ” Atro seems a little annoyed, but she continued on with her magnificent voice (A little different from what I have heard in my mind). 

           “Look Hades, we have a lot of errands to do, if you want anything, I will try to comply, for my world is in danger.” Hades looks like he was about to blow, but calmed himself down. 

           “Alright, I’ll let this puny humans go, just for today, remember what you have said Atro.” Hades scowled at me and ordered us to get out. Atro’s form shimmered and when back the translucent way. When gods fight, it can be really scary. Of course we moved on. Hey Atro, how did you do the translucent to solid thingy? I asked in my thoughts. This is hell, dear Chikato, I can make my soul more visible. Look around, you didn't you notice spirits around you? I really did not notice that those people walking around us are spirits, they look so normal. I noticed Yuni’s eyelids grew heavier and heavier. Traveling into hell takes a lot of time.“ You tired Yuni? Let’s continue tomorrow.” Yuni nodded, she puts her bag down and placed down a small wax house on the floor. She chanted and the little house grew into a bungalow, which impressed me a lot. I did not know that Yuni could do that for I only brought sleeping bags and a tent. We went inside, it was humongous. Food was already prepared for us, we finished dinner and headed towards our own rooms to rest. Yuni and me didn't really talk much that day, I felt really bad for letting her accompany me. I lay down and drifted off to Dreamland.  



Guardians Of The Gods Chapt 3 'Goddess Of Air'


         I have heard stories about the Gods Of Diva, but I have only seen Atro before. I have totally forgotten about Yuni’s host. Victorica, the Goddess Of Air, is always with us. I have heard Yuni talking to her, but never got to see her in person. Well, that was before we were attacked by… I’ll get to that part.  

          I woke up, staring at the ceiling, almost forgetting where I was. Being my lazy self, I wanted to continue sleeping, but when I turned my body to the right side, I found a pair of eyes staring back at me. I fell off the bed. Yuni sat up and started laughing hysterically. “Yuni, you have to stop doing this, we are not kids anymore. What would others think if they saw us like this?” Yes, we slept on the same bed when we were young, no big deal. 

           We packed our stuff and continue our journey to find where they had kept my villagers. Hell is a really big place. Trust me, it can be bigger than Earth already. There are different parts of hell, for different Gods of other mythology. We have King Yama (Buddhism), Hades (Greek), Anubis (Egypt), Osiris (Egypt) and Satan (Christian). Some of this are good, some of this are really bad. So that is why I do not want to disturb any of the other religions. We reached Diva’s hell. All red, molten rocks and fire everywhere. Everything is in a total mess. We could hear screams and cries of lost and tortured souls. I unsheathed my sword and shield and continue moving forward. Yuni seems to be bothered by something. I got a feeling that something is watching us. Suddenly, a chilling scream echoed above us and more than 16 dozens of Hell Imps jump down, each holding a Hell Fork, trying to stab us. Yuni summoned a gust of strong wind to blow them away, but the imps kept swarming in. I focused my energy on my sword. Atro lend me your power. My blade began to glow faintly and I slashed at the imps. Imps are short, dark red and have two tiny horns stuck to their foreheads. Imps are counted as minions, they are pretty much useless when they are alone, but they always come in swarms. I swung my blade with incredible speed, cutting imps down to pieces, as Yuni was blasting waves and waves of elemental attack trying to help me, but the numbers of imps are increasing. Fine, I admit that the number of imps overwhelmed me. They started climbing onto Yuni and me  (Disgusting, I know). With a howl of anger, I plunged my sword into the ground. Massive rays of light radiated across the place and all of the imps disintegrated. What was that? It was one of my many skills, called ‘Blessing’. Blessing disintegrates low class evil monsters or spirits. Yuni was sitting on the floor, panting. Just as we thought that everything was over, the strong ones appeared. The Seven Princes Of Hell appeared. Why seven? Ever heard of the seven deadly sins? Each of them stands for one sin. WratheusGreedus, Slotheus, Pridees, Lustious, Envyious, and Gluttonyious. These are their names. Al-Makrox has made a good job naming his children. The Seven Princes have their own characteristics, but all of them are red in color. Wratheus is big, very big and he holds a cleaver. Have you ever seen the movie ‘Hellboy’? Well double the size. Greedus is a little smaller then Wratheus, but Greedus uses fire magic instead. Slotheus is short and plump, he holds a rapier. Pridees is tall and slim, and uses a Katana. Lustious is the same size as Wratheus, but it uses claws and fangs. Envyious wears a cloak so I can’t see him properly, that guy has massive horns. Gluttonyious is the same size as Slotheus, but he uses long sharp claws like The Wolverine.  Now introduction’s over, time to defend ourselves (again). I was really not in the mood to fight, especially someone as strong as the stupid seven. I drained quite a lot of energy just to use Blessing. Yuni casted magic walls around us as the princes approach us, but she was already quite exhausted. I readied my sword, preparing to fight an impossible match. The walls broke and I clashed with the seven idiots. Wratheus swung his cleaver at me, I dodge to the left and slice at his abdomen. Gluttonyious dashed at me with incredible speed and blocked my attack. They may be idiots, but these assholes know how to fight.  I jumped back and the next thing I knew, a ball of fire was hurled right in my face. The mini-meteor was only a meter away from me. I had no idea what was happening to me, but my body felt as light as a feather. I was literally flying. Fighting the idiots swiftly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a lady dressed in peach colored armor next to a panting Yuni, her hair swaying gracefully to the right. She was as young as AtroShe is Victorica, the Goddess Of The Air. She is lending you the power of the wind. Atro spoke. I was dancing around the seven, cutting them. The seven idiots tried to hit me, but failed miserably. With the last bit of strength, I summoned the Power Of Light. The blade of my sword was encased with blinding light. I pointed my sword at the Seven Princes Of Hell and a blast of light shot out from my blade. The ball of light hit the seven and they disintegrated slowly. All were screaming except for Wratheus, who muttered, “Our father... will kill you and... torture your soul for eternity…” I dropped to my knees, thoroughly exhausted. I was about to check if Yuni was okay, but she was lying on the floor, with perspiration dripping down of her forehead. I took out the little wax house and place it on the floor, then carrying Yuni into her room. She had used too much of her power trying to protect me. I went to the living room and found that Goddesses were having a nice chat. Atro and Victorica haven’t met for a few millennia. I left them be, and took a shower. I got dressed and ventured out with my armor. I asked the two ladies to take care of the house and went off. I walked towards the palace of the seven idiots and the monsters gave way to me. After searching, I went to the dungeons and found my villagers. They were as thin as ever. I freed them and led them into the gigantic house. The place seems to expand when more people entered it. I provided them new pieces of clothing and assigned rooms for them. Something struck me. My parents were not among them. 



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