Shining Emerald Pathways

Chief, “The nightmares are back.”
Wizard, “Take the emerald to the lake.”
A fox with a spirit tail crosses the chief. The chief picks a purple clover. The wizard laughs hysterically. Purple dust stains his hands.
Wizard, “Ride the pedals of destiny.” The pedals crumble into the lake. The wizard throws a glowing blue shooting star into the water.
The chief dives in the water and follows the starlight. The emerald ignites in his palm underwater revealing a feathered hatchet.
Chief, “The tomahawk of dreams and salvation is forever mine.” The chief turns. The wizard is gone with the light.

Inscriptions to the Grail Bridge

"Rainbows and grails are the march of man."
Grasshopper, "Pick up the chest of angel hearts." The grasshopper sits in a wooden chair.
Boy, "What do I do with the chest?"
Grasshopper, "Open it and close your eyes." Blinding light blasts through the crypt. "Take it out." The boy reaches in and holds the grail of eternal life. "Open your palm." The grasshopper puts a gold cross into the hand.
Boy, "My heart is beating for eternal fountains."
Grasshopper, "Walk down that bridge and you shall fly to eternal highways." The boy sips and walks the narrow path.

The Secret of Saint Peter

An axe flies.
Priest, “Take the dwarfs to the castle. I will grab the statue of Saint Peter.”
Sorcerer ferry, “If your not there in twenty minutes I know you are dead.”
The priest rolls for the statue. A barbarian throws a dagger.
Castle doors rush open with snow-covered dwarfs. The sorcerer breathes pink rose dust firestorms into the snow. The priest rushes out the church. Blood trails the snow.
The statue whispers, “Follow the flames of glory.” The sorcerer soars to the priest, riding his soul to the stars.
Dwarfs crush the statue and take the wand of freedom.


Texte: Daniel Blum
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 03.04.2012

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