I'm going to kill her I thought as I walked to the office. The reason why is because Brittany Webb the most popular girl in school. She hated me for god knows why I think it might be the fact that I'm dating the star football player and I'm not a cheerleader. I don't let that get to my head though since it nerve wracking to try. My name is Silver Moon i know funny name but my foster parents gave it to me. There last name is Moon, when they saw my eyes they decided my first name would be Silver.
I am beautiful you could say since I have silver eyes, long black hair, pale, tall,and a perfect complextion.I am a vampire so I can run 60 mps, I'm strong, and I drink blood for pleasure. I also have a short temper but that has nothing to do with being a vampire. That is another reason why I am heading this way and hating every excrutiating minute.
"Silv!Wait up" called my friend Silence.We have been friends the minute she arrived here in town in fourth grade. At first I was intimidated by her bouncy looks and personality. She had strawberry blond hair, sparkling green eyes, tall, and tan unlike me. Silence came lunging at me and I staggered back a couple steps ramming into somebody. "Ewww watch out will ya." I turned around and saw Brittany looking at me in disgust. "Shut up Brittany." replied Silence as she jumped off me and glared at her. They glared at eachother for awhile until I pulled her awy she muttered under her breath "Prep." Brittany heard her so she tripped her saying "Whatever Matt is already telling everyone you and him have slept together slut." she giggled so did a couple people that were watching.
Something snapped inside me and I turned around and tackled her, she didn't notice me and fell to the ground. I punched her a couple times before feeling someone wrap their hands around my waist. Looking up, I stare into deep brown eyes and notice it was Jonathan my boyfriend. Jonathan had blond hair, medium height, buff, and is tan. The expression on his face asked if I was crazy, but his eyes were full of lust."That was hot but are you crazy why did you just do that?" "Yes I am hot and a little crazy. I did that because she said some really mean stuff then tripped her I snapped and punched her a couple times then you pulled me away." He fell on the ground laughing and I blushed and looked away remembering Silence I looked for her.I saw her sitting and crying where Brittany had tripped her.
I walked over to her and picked her up carrying her to the girls' bathroom I grabbed a couple papertowels and wiped away her tears."Why are you crying?" "You didn't have to gte in a fight for me." "Umm yes I did your the sister I never had I would do anything for you including beat some prep bitch's ass. Now whats the real problem and don't lie your terrible at it." "I know its just that she said Matt is telling everyone that we slept together." "Well if he did say that he will be regretting it real soon." I sat up after hearing my named called on the intercom. I walked out of the bathroom and headed towards the office. On the way I saw Brittany getting a clue of why I was headin this way.

Where Did She Go

Walking in the office I see the secretary Rhonda."Just to warn you darlin'try not to smart mouth him he is not in a good mood."I smirked and said,"Sure."She nodded and smiled turning back to ehr computer.I took a seat in one of the purple office chairs and rubbed my temples for my headache."Come ini here Ms.Moon."I heard Mr.Green,the principal,call from the other room.I stood up and walked towards the closed door.Feeling nervous not because I might get in trouble cause Brittany but more or so because Mr.Green is a part of the supposed 'vampire council' sent to watch over the vampires in the community.I only had a couple vamp friends if Robin and Harley.They are blood cousins from their mothers side of the family their mothers are sisters.Anyways I walked in and just stood in the doorway while he said"Sit."I didn't and he just stared at me "Are you going to explain to me why you did this or do I have to beleive Brittany?"So I told him everything that ha dhappened.A flicker of amusement flashed in his eyes"Silver you are going to have to learn to contol your temper."
"I know ts just she gets on my nerves and when I'm around her I can't control it."
"Okay well I will let you go this time but if there is a next time I won't make an exeption and I'll have to do something about it."YES!I thought to myself "Okay thank you it won't happen again." I turned to go and he started laughing.When I walked out Rhonda looked shocked"You got him to laugh." "No I didn't he is laughing at himself." Oh well he is laughing none the less that's the point have a good day sweety." I waved bye and walked out of the office.When I got out to the parking lot I see Silence,Robin,Harley,Leon,and Louis.Robin had red hair,light blue eyes,pale,and is tall.She a real perv and laughs when she heres something that sounds perverted to her even if has nothing to do with it.Harley has black hair with purple highlights,dark blue eyes that have a white tint,tan,and is also tall.She is the sporty one of our group she plays tennis.Leon is Robins boyfriend he has blue hair,red eyes(I know wierd color for eyes but he was born with them.),medium skin tone,and is tall.Louis as you can guess is Harleys boyfriend and Leons brother.He has black hair,red eyes,tan,and is tall.Well anyways they were standing in the parking lot by benches.Robin and Harley came up and Robin high fived me saying"Finally we were wondering when someone was going to beat her ass."We laughed and wlked back to where they were sitting I saw Jonathan walking towards us so I ran towards him and jumped on him.We kisse then I looked in his eyes and asked"Wheres Matt at and don't try to proect him I'm not going to hurt him I just want to know if he did say that."
"Well I wasn't going to try and protect him he's not my friend I don't know where he is though you might want to ask Leon or Louis."
I sighed and unwrapped myself from his embrace and walking over to them."Hey guys wheres Matt at?" they looked at each other and said at the same time
"The gym with the rest of the football team."They were also on the football team
"Okay thanks."
Robin came up to us laughing"What?"
"Silence said she was going in." I laughed and so did the guys
"You are such a perv"
"I know oh ya by the way what did Mr.whats-his-name say?"
"Nothing just to watch my temper."
"Ugh I think Silence went to go find Matt."
I sighed "I better go get her before she gets herself into something."
"Hahaha you just said gets herself into something."Leon and Louis laughed as I walked away muttering "such a perv" she shouted back "Thank you."When I passed Harley and told her I'd be right back since she was riding home with me.She nodded her head in agreement.

Oh Hell Nah

I walked into the school and retrieved my stuff frm my locker heading towards the gym.When I got there rage filled me.Matt had his hand raised about to hit Silence she looked scared but still stood straight.I ran over and grabbed his hand.
"What is going on here?"
"I came in here to ask Matt if he really did say those things he said yes and so I kicked him in his groin he fell on the floor then after a minute or two he stood up his hand and raised it at me then you walked him now we are standing here".
"Umm okay now you Matt what the hell were you thinking trying to hit a girl."
"Well I wasn't thinking of doing it I'm doing it."With that he snatched his hand away and slapped Silence in his face.She fell on the floor from the impact.Without thinking I grabbed Matt's wrist and snapped it "That won't be the only thing I break if you ever come near us or any of our friends again." He nodded his head then I noticed the football players were standing around us."What?You going to go tell the principal cause I don't think he will really care since he hit a girl"
"Well he is one of are best players but since he did hit her we won't say anything."
"Well I think you might have to take him to the ER but I think he'll be fine as long as he stays away from us."A couple guys laughed and I glared at them "What you don't think I can damage him just cause he's a guy and I am a short girl?"One of the guys stepped up and said "How much can you lift I bet you a hundred bucks you can't lift three hundred pounds."Another stepped up and said "I wouldn't bet on it Josh she is pretty strong did you see what she did to Brittany"
"Oh that was her.It doesn't matter Brittany probably doesn't know how to fight"
"Umm hello I'm standing right here and deal." Silence bumped in and said "Silver don't succomb to them it will be really heavy and could fall on you and choke please don't do this!"
"Silence calm down I have lifted way more than this before."She looked reluctant but nodded I stepped up to the bench and took of my sweatshirt.Some guys whistled and some hooted I ignored them and layed back "Load it up guys when they had everything I laughed and lifted it with no effort.All the guys stood there shocked so did Silence but after a second she went to stand in front of the two guys who made the bet and held her hand out.They lookedat her then me and pulled out there wallets each giving her a fifty.I realized I was still holding the weights so I lifted them back up and put them back in place.Silence came over to me and handed me the money I took it and pulled on my sweatshirt standing up.We laughed and left on my way out I heard someone whisper "That was hot" I laughed even harder and ran into someone.I looked up at River getting lost in his eyes after what felt like forever until I heard Silence clear her throat.


I stood up and walked out of there Silence right beside me.When we got back to the parking lot Robin came up to me and said "What took so long I was starting to get bored?" "She broke Matt's arm and lifted some weights and won 100 bucks." "Silence I don't think they understood any of that let me explain slowly." "Oh sorry go ahead."I told them everything that happened then me and Robin started laughing Harley and Silence joined in after a couple seconds.We all got in my siver Lambourghini when I asked "Who all is comin over to my house."I heard two yes's and one no "Silence why do you not want to come over to my house?"Harley interupted me and said jokingly "You better not be going home to mope he doesn't deserve to be moped over if you do we will kidnap you and take you clubbin." "I wasn't going to mope I was just going to take a shower and get ready since Silv already is takin us clubbin like every other Friday."We laughed and said "True True."We got to Silence's house I asked "Hey can you ask your dad if I can barrow his motorcycle tonight?" "How about I give you his number." "Kay thanks pick you up at eight do you want to use my car tonight or do you want to ride the bike with me?" "No I will take your car you turn to many corner and i feel like I'm going to fall."She hopped out of the car and ran inside of her house.I drove to Robin and Harley's houses they grabbed their clothes,make-up,and cars which are real nice.Robin drives a red Viper which she calls Red and Harley has a yellow Porsche she calls it BumbleBee.When we got to my house Harley was humming which she said "Can the guys come me and Louis haven't been able to hang out because he has had football and soccer practice?" "I don't care I'm not yo momma but be sure to call them and the girls."Since it was girls night everyone had to agree so I looked over at Robin she had an evil grin on her face she nodded her head and we headed inside."My foster mother Alice was sitting down on the couch she stood up when she saw us and said "Are you girls still going out tonight if so then I better tell you that me and your dad are going out tonight and won't be back until the morning." "Ya were still going and okay bye love you."We raced upstairs and got ready I was wearing a purple halter top,black pants,and silver converses.Robin was wearing a red dress that reached the thigh and some sparkly red heels while Harley was wearing a yellow tank top,blue jeggings,and yellow heel-boots.I called Vic Silences dad and he said yes I can barrow his bike we headed over to her house and when we got there I jumped out of the car and got on his bike.Silence got in my car and we picked everyone up and headed towards the club.Everyone that was coming included Ivy,Sage,Star,Ace,Blake,Steven,River,Max,our boyfriends,and of course us.
When we got there I had to park across the street and got off the motorcycle while Jonathan came over and grabbed my hand.He pulled me across the street and inside the club us girls have been coming here since we were sixteen.We knew all the employees and the owner they knew how old we were but didn't care since we 'rarely' got drunk.Robin called over the bartender Lana "Hey ladies and gents what can I get you this fine night?"I said"Can we get some shots they are on me guys since I won that hundred today."River looked at me and said "I saw that how much did you did you lift?" "Three hundred pounds."All the guys choked and us girls laughed at their reactions "Breath guys its not that much."Leon scoffed and said "Not that much are you kidding me for a girl thats alot I meab what are you on steriods?Jonathan I would watch it and not piss her."Jonathan paled so I rubbed his back and laughed "Ya he better oh and Leon shut up you sexist douche you know I am not on steroids."Everyone laughed then Max came up to me and asked "So who wants to dance with me?You know you want to Silver."Jonathan wrapped his arm around my waist and said in an overly protective voice "Go away why don't you go find someone elses girlfriend and ask them to dance." "Oh is that jealosy I hear."Jonathan stepped towards him then I stepped in between them and said "Actually I can't dance with anyone right now I have to go see John so ya Max you can dance with Silence and Jonathan slow your roll I wasn't going to dance with him there is no reson to be jealous."Harley came up and said "Lets go dance."She grabbed Louis's hand and pulled him to the dance floor everyone fallowed them.I walked towards the VIP area.


When I got there there was a knew guard I sighed cause everytime the knew ones questioned me it was annoying.I started towards the back when he grabbed my arm and pulled me back saying "Sorry chicka you cant go back there." "And why exactly can't I,I do have my pass."I lifted my pass getting mad when all of a sudden he snatched it away,snapped it in half and trew it away.Now that pissed me off my eyes glazed over when I said "My name is Silver and you just made a big mistake since I am one of Johns best customers."He looked kind of scared good before I could do anything Harley came over and said "Let her pass"We walked in.We opened the door to see John sitting with two guys "Hey John wassup?" I asked he looked over startled by my entrance.He jumped up and I sniffed the air looking towards the two guys.They looked excited and happy "John whats wrong you look nervous and who are these two they look somewhat familiar."One came up and hugged me I stepped back and asked "Do I know you?" He looked me in the eyes and said "Silver it's me Damen your cousin." "Um ya all my family was murdered when I was two and that is a fact cause they forced me to watch and before you try I don't need your pity."Guilt surged through his face when he stepped back and looked over at John "You didn't tell her did you"He shook his head no.I was starting to get annoyed over not being told something and yelled "What haven't I been told and you better tell me now before I get angrier!"I extented my K-9's when Harley grabbed my shoulder and jerked me back "GODDAMMIT SILV!!!You just exposed us can you at least try every once in a lifetime to control your temper." "Harley they aren't even human smell the air or better yet look in their past." "Oh shit they are vamps like us."John looked alarmed "How do you know that?" "Oh I can see your past which is awesome for me that is everybody else just gets creeped I don't know why."The other guy said "Cool well is he her cousin like he says?"Harley looked over at me and said "Ya he is your cousin hey at least your not as lonely as you thought you were!Ya that came out wrong." "No I know what you meant so awesome I got a cousin wait have you been keeping this a secret from me?Have you been in on this Harley?"She looked at me and said "No I couldn't see into John's past at first it irritated me but then I lett it go since it gave me such a headache." "Oh well do you guys want to come meet everyone else?"The other one looked at me and said "So your not mad?" "No why would I be actually me is actually pretty happy that I have family left." "Well I said that because a normal girl would have burst into tears and a vamp girl would have already attacked." "Well if you couldn't tell already I am not normal."Harley laughed and replied "I'm actually surprised she hasn't already like seriously when y'all looked all nervous and shit I thought she would have lunged at you that would be third one today that she either attacked or seriously injured."We laughed together and the guys looked shocked and kind of scared we laughed at that to "I was goin to but decided against it after I saw how scared they looked." "Did you attack with your fangs or did you use to much strength?" "No and no I never do with humans that is I mean I do have a short temper but I can hold back the vampness inside of me which makes me happy."At that I smiled when the other guy I really have to find out his name asked "Exactly how many fight have you been in? "Not that many about ten but all the people I fight I fight for a good reason like today I faught this chick Brittany for calling my friend Silence a really rude name and tripping her and I broke Silences ex's wrist for saying he slept with her and spreading it around school which wasn't true." "I thought you broke it cause he hit her?"replied Harley "I did it for both oh and guy that is not Damen what is your name and what are you to me?" "The name is Patch and I am not related to you I'm just Damens friend." "Oh then what were you all excited about when I came in?" "Because you hot..."He let out a little grunt when Damen hit him "and Damen here is always talking about his mysterious cousin."Damen and I blushed John cleared his throat and I looked over at him "Well Silver I am your uncle and Damens dad did you have trouble getting in I know how much you hate us getting new guards but the other guy quit."Me and Harley smirked and I said "He snapped my pass in half and when I was about to punch his face in Harley here came and convinced him to let us in with her scary voice."He laughed and dug in a drawer pulling out another pass "So do you guys want to come meet everyone else?"asked Harley "Um ya I guess, bye dad tell mom I will be home later." "Kay"We head towards the dance floor when we pass the guy I hissed and mumbled "Told ya."John laughed and looked at the guy "This is my niece but you should of let her in when she showed you her pass." "Sorry sir it won't happen again"I smirked and head towards the bar.

New Friends and Old Boyfriends

   We walk towards the bar where Star, Silence, Blake, Steven, and Patch were sitting talking about whatever. Patch was being mysterious as always it was kind of attractive though so I wasn't complaining he was pretty good-looking as well. He was the complete opposite of Jonathan  he was thin and he had muscles they just weren't out there, his hair was brown, and his eyes were a beautiful shade of green. I caught myself staring so quickly looked away to introduce the guys to everybody "Okay guys this is Damen and Tobias, Damen is my long lost cousin not really but John is my uncle! They were hiding it from me like I wouldn't  them I guess." Damen smiles at Silence with a wierd look in his eyes. "Who's she?" he whispers in my ear so she can't hear." Hold up." I start from the end " Okay so those to kissy people are Star and Blake, the fabulous guy right there is Steven, the brooding guy is Patch, and this beautiful little shorty is Silence." Patch smiles his rare charming one and Silence blushes looking up at Damen. "I'm not that short!" "You're barely 5'." She sticks her tongue out at me when Steven interrupts us,"Can you make me sound any gayer?" I smile and retort." You're wearing eyeliner and mascara babe I'm sure they got the jiff." He smiles and flips his bangs then turns away from us scanning the crowd for someone to dance with I guess he finds the lucky guy cause he walks off.

    Silence and Damen went to dance and Tobias was off flirting with some girl across the bar obviously he was a player. I sit next to Patch and sip my drink " Is that a smile I saw earlier?" he laughs " Yes as a matter of fact it was you have a way with words that makes me smile." I smile and blush he clears his throat " So are you and Jonathan doing alright?" I nod confused that he couldn't tell we were always together except right now of course. "Yea why would you ask?" He frowns as he looks over my shoulder I turn and look where his eyes were there in the corner of the room that was usually clouded with smoke I see him and Brittany locking lips. I don't feel angry I feel betrayed and really hurt which I haven't felt for the longest time and I hated it more than anything except Jonathan right now.Patch puts his hand on my shoulder but I look down and pull away.

   "Patch could you do me a favor and go get Harley for me tell her where I'll be and don't worry I'm not going to do anything bad." He looks unsure as I slowly walk to where they were still kissing. I tap on Jonathan's shoulder he turns to me looking confused then really scared but I see no shame in his eyes or remorse. " Silver what are you doing?" I scoff " I could ask you the same question but don't worry I don't have to it's quite obvious. You know I can't believe you are doing this Brittany I can understand but I thought wrong it's over one last quetion though before I really do do something. How long?" He looks down kind of startled I guess from me not raging Brittany looks satisfied but I don't care " It's been a year." He answers flinching when I look at him with full hatred now." We've been dating for three years so you're going to tell me almost a quarter of our relationship was a lie?" He nods as I turn to Brittany " Well you can have him Brittany all to yourself is this why you hate me because I had him publicly and you had to be in the shadows? That must ahve really hurt huh not being center attention like always." she smirks "Silver I already had him before you just stole him for awhile now I got him back."

    I smile evilly and was about to say something she would hate me even more for saying but somebody pulls on my arm. It's Patch with Harley standing next to him she looked concerned he just looked mad I succumb to them and leave those two standing there dumb-founded.


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